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    The NRL has turned into the English Super League

    There is next to no defense anymore, blow out score after blow out score, most games over by half time. As a result of the NRL trying to get ratings up, injuries in particular serious injuries have gone through the roof. What a mess the NRL has turned the league into. All this for TV ratings...
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    So much work to do

    A win is a win and it feels really good. We scored 3 tries off kicks. Tries off kicks can come off real skill and sometimes just pure luck. Tonight all our tries off kicks were from pure luck. When the ball goes up the ball bounces off shoulders, heads etc etc with a loose ball etc etc. The...
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    All you need to know about this team

    Just after Foran made the half break where he passed it to Thomspon, the Titans defensive line was all scrambled and out of sorts. What do we do? Pass to Tolman 1 out where he then steps right into the thick of the Titans defense. Instead of looking to pass or even try and run to where the...
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    Josh Jackson is to us what Darius Boyd is to the Broncoc

    Sad to say, but he looks like someone who would prefer to be somewhere else. He got steam rolled for 2 tries on our goal line. With a team lacking in talent, he should be leading the way and should be a blue chip in terms of being someone who would be able to give us a consistent 7.5 a week...
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    I have watched Rugby league for 35 years AND

    I will say, i have never in my entire life seen a WORSE defender than Jake Averillo. Has absolutely no fucking idea what is going on. Looks beyond clueless. What do they do during the week? Honest question, what do they do? How can someone be so inept at something?
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    Josh Jackson needs to be dropped

    No question about it. Looks so stale, wants nothing to do with with rugby league. Just collecting a cheque.
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    Fitness is a major concern

    In our last 3 games, in the final 20 of all games, we hit a wall. I notice that it effects our attack the most. It seems very very lethargic in this final phase. Doesnt matter if we are winning or losing. Today in the final 20, the possession was 70-30 our way yet we just had no energy when...
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    Can someone explain to me

    Can someone explain to me the history between Phil Gould and the Andersons? I keep hearing there is bad blood. What exactly happened?
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    What has happened to Josh Jackson?

    I love the guy, but i cannot even describe what has happened to him. On offense he does not bend the line. Under Des, he had a little bit of ball playing on that right edge, now that is gone. He blew a simple 2 on 1 last night from a bomb last night. On defense he seems to be missing tackles...
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    Next season wont be any different

    Sure we have close to $3 mill to spend but there needs to be talent to buy. First and foremost we need a hooker. The ONLY one that could possibly be on the market is Harry Grant. If we do not get him, then who? I have heard he will be going to Melbourne no matter what. This is not NBA 2K where...
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    This season is the biggest joke

    This season is an absolute joke. The rules were changed after 2 rounds which greatly altered the fabric of the game. Some teams (Warriors and now Storm) are consistently on the road and cannot see there family and friends. Maybe even for up to 5 months. Some teams can play at there home grounds...
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    The NRL season just became a lottery

    It appears that if the NRL season was to resume, then it will be split into 2 conferences of 8. The season will be 7 weeks long, 3 weeks of semis and a GF. This all of a sudden turned the comp into a genuine lottery. Any team including us (just look at the back end of last season) can catch...