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    Opinion Let Foran walk and chase Widdop

    For the record I think a very green/rookie halves combination is a disaster. It’s quite amazing, after four years of dog shit and saving up for a phenomenal ‘war chest’ we will probably still have the worst spine in the comp. go figure.
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    News Foran wants future sorted soon

    Unless there is someone more experienced and BETTER available would much rather see us keep Foz I’m happy for him to not even kick long/general play. between another good half and a great Hooker that shouldn’t be too far fetched. Maybe he can just do some shorter more attacking kick. We look...
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    News 'No scattergun approach': Cashed-up Dogs happy to wait for key targets

    Clarke would be my pic at hooker, he could be a real revelation over here. Would definitely generate some attacking spark. Surely you could get him over for a year on 600k? See how he goes.
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    News 'No scattergun approach': Cashed-up Dogs happy to wait for key targets

    Hit the nail on the head mate. Someone mentioned ‘rockstar’ before. I would love some rock star signings. Everyone else has numerous; we don’t have one. With the three years endured and our current roster it should be zero surprise if we retained who we wanted and added -Walmsly, Clarke, I like...
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    Social Media Adam Elliot

    Contract cuts? Pretty much been a minimum wage player since he’s been with us and pretty fortunate to be in the NRL (wouldn’t make many other NRL starting 17) so don’t think the club has used and abused him whatsoever. Should be grateful to be fair.
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    Gus urges caution with the Bulldogs' salary cap

    Do people not realise you HAVE to spend 95% of the salary cap?
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    News (SMH) 'They're running last': Barrett's manager admits huge task ahead at Bulldogs

    Maybe I’ve been supporting the Dogs for too long but I don’t see the current board who started their tenure making excuses before a ball has been kicked off and had us not competing for three years a good start. So the redemption path of acquiring a sponsor, signing a kid that plays wing for...
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    Opinion Daryl Clarke must wear the Blue and White

    Going off reports we have roughly 2.35m left. Could divide well into these three players -Clarke -Maloney -Payne Hass or TP That should definitely us in the 8 if the Bulldog aura comes back.
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    Gus urges caution with the Bulldogs' salary cap

    To be fair-this is incredible. Turns the club from bankruptcy to a healthy profit. Gets the Panthers competitive almost immediately. Leaves them in a position of envy for many years to come.
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    Hit list 2021

    Can’t believe people still want R. Smith. I would much rather Meaney (yes even on the wing) than Smith and that’s saying something. I’d be letting him go. Poor attitude.
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    News Barrett Recieves Contract

    If the board’s big plan and reveal is signing Barrett and Cotric I will be gutted. We’ll pinned at the bottom of the ladder for a long time yet.
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    How would we have performed today under Pay ?

    What was the score against the Dragons last time with Pay 22-2 from memory?
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    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    Why? Cause Georgalis is a super coach?
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    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    Just LOLLOLLOL at peeps that don’t want Foran on a reduced contract. Going off this second half he easily worth 500k a year, minimum
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    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    That was JMK’s fault. He kinda borked him with Thompson. Still could’ve caught it but ultimate JMK’s poor pass selection.
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    News Enjoyment and fun the focus for Georgallis

    Lol. Took the words right outta me mouth. As long as they don’t forget to ‘look up.’
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    Official Nick Cotric signs three year deal with the Bulldogs

    I’d rather fuck off R. Smith all together. His attitude stinks and he has that stupid sour face all the time. I know Meaney is not exactly a gun but has a way better attitude and to be frank is a much better player this year and last.
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    Official Nick Cotric signs three year deal with the Bulldogs

    Like it but Only One 1m half Foran on the cheap And 1m Hooker
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    News Barrett to sign Canterbury deal... but struggling Dogs won’t get their man until 21

    This club is going so far down hill in such a rapid manner. Barrett?? What a joke. Expect more years of shit. We are a horrible club at the moment.
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    Official Dean Pay quits

    Seriously dude, which teams in the 8 have a worse roster than us???
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    Dear board, Sign Neil Henry as Head Coach

    Not sure about Henry but quite obvious he’s a way better option than Barrett, not that that’s saying much
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    The Board

    Pretty sure I smoke you in every aspect of life, you come across as the moron here. Did you not watch all the rugby league shows completely rubbishing the Broncos all week. They’re job is to create drama, ya stupid fucken dope.
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    News Sunday Footy Show

    None of those callers offered anything of quality. Makes the Dogs supporters sound like simpletons. Mbye and woods being moved on was great. Mbye is below average and single handily conceded four tries the other night. Reynolds 400k for 2 seasons would be a big mistake, so I’m glad the board...
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    The Board

    I’m sick of people blaming the media We are an easy target. Our most loyal fans are disgusted with the way we play. Of course neutral commentators aren’t gonna praise us. We’re rubbish. People say Brisbane are the darlings of the NRL and the were copping it baaadd. If you’re shit, you’re shit...
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    The Board

    Some solid and accurate points RE the new board. Agree with everything you said but just cause Dib and Co were better than these assholes doesn’t make them worthy. Dib is not the answer, we need the best.
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    News Barrett

    40% win rate with a wayyyy better roster. Finished 15th in 2018 with arguably a stronger roster than when Des took over. Des got Manly into the second week of the semis, were quite hard done by, had Tommy T out most of the season and still would not of looked outta place in the GF. Either Des is...
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    The Board

    Not defending Pay as I simply don’t know the ins and outs but wouldn’t be surprise me if he’s a straight up puppet and face of the coaching with someone else pulling all the strings and micro managing him to death. Either way it’s doom and gloom.
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    I found wakehams twin

    Agree I think this is our most dire loss ever.
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    The Board

    Need to go now. Been making excuses ever since they were elected. There is no excuse. Should be aiming to win a Como every year. They have instilled a loser’s mentality since day dot. I understand our roster is shit but have always maintained we didn’t have a good ROSTER with Des in charge...
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    News Barrett

    Without sounding like a dick I have predicted each and every shit show since I’ve been posting. I am willing to put 10k against anyone at $2 odds that Barrett will be a fucken disaster. He is a horrible head coach prospect. This board need to go first and foremost.
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    Opinion Meaney vs. Smith

    This guy is pathetic. My most hated player since Lichaa.
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    Official Message from Andrew Hill

    I was most baffled about Luke Thompson’s ‘training hard’ quote. Must still be training in isolation.
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    News Daley urges Cotric to stay at Canberra for less

    If we sign him for 750k everyone involved has to go (if they don’t already)
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    Bulldogs ready to swoop on cap-strapped Broncos

    A big fuck no to bird and Milf.
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    New coach

    Either Barrett is a horrible head coach or Des Hasler is the best coach ever. With Toovey a close second. Barrett is a fucken rubbish head coach. Go through all of Manly’s results on either side of his rein and this is well highlighted. He is not a head coach. Bellamy and Robinson would...
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    Opinion Meaney vs. Smith

    Agree that he should be fullback over DWZ. But a straight up poll. When Hoopa is back who would you prefer on the wing Smith or Meaney. I’d prefer Meaney personally. Better player, attitude and more effort in my opinion. Kicks goals too. Neither is not a selection.
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    News Readys mail

    I don’t think they’re related- which is another bonus.
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    Ryan Girlder on Triple M

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    Gus on Six Tackles with Gus regarding Bulldogs recruitment and development

    Only on here by fans who have zero idea. I couldn’t stand him from day dot, and still stick by he is far and away the worst hooker I’ve ever seen.
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    Gus on Six Tackles with Gus regarding Bulldogs recruitment and development

    I thought Keary won a premiership with Souths? I’d say he was at least second tier at the time they purchased him..
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    Opinion Holbrook was the one (Heads must roll)

    Hmmm we lost by 2 against Cronulla, Titans lost by 30 in their own backyard with a better roster. Holdbrook=myth.
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    Ryan Girlder on Triple M

    That’s some absolute rubbish signings for a war chest!! I don’t think we’d even make the 8 with all the BS surrounding the club if we got all of ‘em. Are we not entitled to any superstars? As I’ve stated before when was the last time we had an Australian spine player?
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    I don’t ‘admire’ any other clubs like certain chair people but despite all the shit and limited resources and shit they’ve gone through Manly always seem to perform and have more tenacity and spirit in their pinky than this entire outfit at the moment. I never laughed at Manly but the rest of...
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    WWOS MOLE Jackson Hastings

    Definite no.
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    News NRL rivals circle Adam Elliott after Bulldogs’ ‘low-ball’ contract offer

    Again, his defense is pretty bad and always seem to be the culprit of missing crucial tackles.
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    News NRL rivals circle Adam Elliott after Bulldogs’ ‘low-ball’ contract offer

    The Jackson contract was a huge mistake. I don’t think he’s worth more than 400k and that would be showing loyalty. Another decision by the current board that will come back and bite us. Just lol. All you can do is lol.
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    News NRL rivals circle Adam Elliott after Bulldogs’ ‘low-ball’ contract offer

    Strongly disagree and I predicted all the other ones (evident in my previous posts) He’s just an average forward.
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    Gus on Six Tackles with Gus regarding Bulldogs recruitment and development

    Hmmm I generally agree with Gus but isn’t it good to weaken other team’s rosters?? Seems like a positive to me.
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    News NRL rivals circle Adam Elliott after Bulldogs’ ‘low-ball’ contract offer

    Honestly wouldn’t pay more than 350k If we had a system and coach like the Roosters n Storm we should be able to get a junior on minimum wage playing better than this bozo in a year. Ps- he misses a lot of crucial tackles. Seems The Kennel doesn’t pick up on this. Anyway wasting big bucks on...
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    News We won't make a rash call': Bulldogs boss opens up about Pay's future

    Too many excuses = no excuse. This whole ‘rebuild’ is beyond a joke now. I hate to sound rude but they are just way too old and clueless. They’re really out of touch. Sad but true.
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    How we conceded tries against the Tigers

    Hmmm.. pretty sure we’re not putting a beano towards Reynolds.
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    Opinion Absolute madness

    I bought this up many years ago when we actually made the finals. I anticipated this in my initial the post. I still believe we had a bottom 8 team on paper with Des but think he actually over achieved. There’s no way our roster was ever like a Roosters, Easts, Souths etc When was the last time...
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    Official Round 7 - Bulldogs vs Tigers - Discussion Thread

    ‘Probably do now’ Ummm it’s safe to say we play A LOT worse.
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    News Dean Pay pleads for Bulldogs fans' faith as club eagerly seek roster improvements

    He’s actually the Australian hooker so pretty much the best in the world after Smith and will have a mortgage on the green and gold 9 jersey for at least the next five years.
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    SNAFU: We are last on the table

    The board needs to go. Straight up unacceptable.
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    Pay to be spared the axe for now... but Bulldogs’ $3m headache remains

    So essentially Dib n co put our whole future on deuce/seven off suit (and over extended themselves with even that) while other clubs were dealt bullets or pocket Kings and didn’t make excuses or write off their next five years. What a monumental fuck up.
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    Pay to be spared the axe for now... but Bulldogs’ $3m headache remains

    Definitely a bit over this ‘all in’ notion. We must be the dumbest organization alive cause when we were ‘all in’ our roster was lucky to be top 8. Besides Barba in his breakout year we didn’t have one super star. Even Barba didn’t play for Australia or even origin! (Not including PM squad cause...
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    Pay to be spared the axe for now... but Bulldogs’ $3m headache remains

    I’m definitely not feeling Bennett. Look at last night.. still a better team than we will have next year on paper. They weren’t in the fight at all. Bennett would be a big mistake. Left too many clubs in despair. Bellamy is the only one for me. I think if we came next year we’d be close to a GF...
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    $7 Million

    I gave it the thumbs up, as it was informative. But this is also quite alarming [emoji44]
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    Our squad and what we have to recruit to be a top 8 team

    Well we need to figure it out, simple. Why should Roosters had (Keary/Cronk) last year and other teams having constant guns in key positions. Are we not entitled to at least one gun in the halves. Is that how pathetic we have become? We can’t have a top line half?
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    Our squad and what we have to recruit to be a top 8 team

    Worst halves pairing in the comp. With a ‘war chest’ I’d expect a minimum of one DCE, Munster, Cronk caliber of player. Not a rookie 7 and troubled NRL reject who couldn’t even get picked up as a utility.
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    Our squad and what we have to recruit to be a top 8 team

    It seems pretty simple to me. Another huge problem with the Dogs-at LEAST twenty of our current top thirty hardly deserve the 120k minimum wage ( there is also development contracts which are less than the 120k allowed in the top thirty) Whole thing is bizarre. Even when we got to two GF’s...
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    Jmk needs to go

    Disagree, Didn’t go backwards. Lichaa was far worse than JMK, I honestly have never seen a worse hooker. JMK is pretty terrible but looks like Cam Smith in comparison. But new Hooker is obviously priority.
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    Reimis Smith

    Seems like his attitude stinks too. Well obviously he’s a selfish fuck wit insisting that he’s a centre. Couldn’t care if he’s dropped completely.
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    Official Round 6 - Bulldogs vs Sharks - Discussion Thread

    I remember Twin Turbo having a go at me for suggesting we paid Josh Jackson 300-400k a year. He is way past it. Even@300k I’d have my reservations. SOS Bellamy. At this rate we digging ourselves deeper and deeper.
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    Official Round 6 - Bulldogs vs Sharks - Discussion Thread

    In the context of our team Holland is definitely an ok utility.
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    The coaching shortlist

    Going off simple logic Holdbrook is far more rubbish than Pay. Better roster than us, sitting lower than us, flogged bu a team we just flogged. No, no and no. I’m starting to think the only way out of this horrendous mess is Bellamy. Bennett is past it. Griffin and Toovey pretty much the best...
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    Opinion So the Morris Twins not good enough for Bulldogs Board ..geniuses

    I don’t want to see the Roosters win a Comp under any circumstances. I couldn’t care if Terry Lamb and Steve Mortimer went there as their new halves pairing. Fuck the Roosters.
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    Craig Bellamy: Bulldogs prepare mega deal for Melbourne Storm coach

    To be honest-with this board, situation etc I think this is the only scenario that can rescue us. We will be the most dominant sporting club in Oz if he comes on board. They have to make it happen. Even if they pay him 2m for the next ten years. If it doesn’t I can’t see any way out. Even the...
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    Opinion So the Morris Twins not good enough for Bulldogs Board ..geniuses

    Why would we lose someone who would be on a development contract and is only now easing his way into first grade? I thought it was a thirty man squad [emoji848]
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    Has there been a worse time for our club?

    Both make valid points but I disagree with Wakeham. I think you play your best team no matter what. Don’t make the fans endure the absolute rubbish Lewis coughs up every week just to prove a point. That’s pretty irresponsible.
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    Has there been a worse time for our club?

    Yeah 575 points under Folkes from 760 is a rapid decline. No doubt we needed some kind of shake up at the time. I didn’t know the ins and outs of Folkes’s coaching habits then (and wasn’t too concerned from memory) but knew our roster certainly needed a change.
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    Has there been a worse time for our club?

    That’s the problem. It feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. It doesn’t make things any better when we are constantly kept in the dark. This is by far our worst period post 1980. We have never missed the top 8 four years in a row. It’s not even a top 5 it’s a freakin top 8 and...
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    Opinion What the Bulldogs really need immediately!

    Maybe he did but there’s an age old saying ‘money talks and bull shit walks’ Plus the NRL is nothing but shutting down rumours that eventuate. Just look at the recent Wayne Bennett and Latrell Mitchell situation. Like the Circle Jerks said ‘Deny Everything’
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    Opinion What the Bulldogs really need immediately!

    Sounds very vague. And even if he did was probably just shutting down speculation. Would love a fact checker on every post on the kennel.
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    Opinion What the Bulldogs really need immediately!

    Our style was old and out dated at that time. We were a very slow and boring team. We needed a shake up. We needed speed. Didn’t have to completely re-write ourselves and if the club did that with one opinion on a television screen without any professional consultation well fuck.
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    Opinion What the Bulldogs really need immediately!

    When? Where? I haven’t heard those exact words. Do you have a recent link? Would be interested in checking it out.
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    Opinion What the Bulldogs really need immediately!

    Made the thread quite a while regarding Gus and he (and I) got slagged by many experts on here. When he talks people listen. I can’t fathom why the club is sitting on their hands in finding any outside help that we obviously need. Like many others I’m sick of these questions, it’s like banging...
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    Opinion Would Sailor be a good acquisition for our club??

    Why would we want to sign someone who has hardly played any first grade? Better off to breed average backs and save our money for seasoned first graders/guns who are arguably the best in their position. With exception to players like Grant and B.Smith who are not far off being top tier or at...
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    Opinion Foran announcement

    I agree with what you are saying but Milford is a terrible idea. He seems pretty toxic and lazy to me and Hoppa can do the job at the moment. If we had Appi (I know we don’t), a fit Foran, Wakenham in the halves and mid season Bateman, Thomson no doubt we’d be a top 8 side. Which given the...
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    Reimis Smith

    You’re right. I wasn’t thinking straight. My head is still reeling and I was typing on my phone in disbelief from the debacle I just witnessed.
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    Reimis Smith

    Possibly. I should’ve phrased it better. Is there a worse first grade centre who is not at the Bulldogs!
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    Reimis Smith

    Was an acceptable winger in a pretty terrible side, but honestly, is there a worse centre in the Comp? I’m not being negative but I think he is clearly the worst, thoughts?
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    Official Round 2 - Bulldogs vs Cowboys - Discussion Thread

    One thing is for sure. Meaney is a wayyyy better winger the R.Smith is a centre. Lewis’s pass selection is shocking. Just dumb football.
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    Polly - One of the most underrated.

    What a running game. He knew how to bust a tackle!
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    Dogs should pay win bonuses in 2020 instead of recruiting Dugan etc

    The 'bonus' is playing for the Bulldogs, that's the only incentive any Bulldog player should need.
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    Great ending to the year

    Going off how stoked DWZ is it seems like we'd pretty much be the number 1 Sydney club to sign with..
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    Great ending to the year

    I'm not against signing marquee million dollar players, not only do they strengthen your team immensely they effectively weaken the opposition. Imagine the Roosters with no Cronk (they don't win the comp last year) Souths without Cook (No top 4) Manly without Turbo Melbourne without...
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    Dogs should pay win bonuses in 2020 instead of recruiting Dugan etc

    I really don't think we'd sign Dugan. If we do I'd be so confused. He seems like a walking contradiction to where I THINK and can now see glimpses of the direction the club is heading.
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    Opinion Team for 2020

    I think DWZ can develop this. He IS a ROCK STAR fullback. It's not his ability, but his positive attitude, enthusiasm. I think these things can't be appreciated enough. By reflecting on DWZ you can see what the Dogs/Pay are doing and I like it. I'd be hard up to swap for anyone in the world at...
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    News Players let go at end of season confirmed

    Possibly, but definitely won't be playing NRL!
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    Nathan Peats

    I Luke played well today wouldn't mind him for a year for around 200k Would prefer JMK/Cogger with an off season and some specialised Hooking coaching could do these two wonders.. What's available now I see Luke as the only option. Would prefer JMK/Cogger over these other suggestions Rein,Peats...
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    Rd 25 vs Broncos 3-2-1

    PS- I'm not a fan of 'Tolman on the 4th' but pretty much every club has a forward settle on the 4th these days, why I don't know.