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  1. Hulk76

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield BIRD TO THE DOGS

    Probably laying down position waiting for the medi-cab to cart him off ! Ffs, with the alleged war chest we have, why are we looking at risking that coin with more injury prone players? If doesn't work out, it will only set us back further.
  2. Hulk76

    Next year ! I know it’s been done

    Not bhed buddy.
  3. Hulk76

    Official Round 13 - Bulldogs vs Storm - Discussion Thread

    He needs a couple of weeks to sort out how he will right off the boats and houses the storm gifted him without the nrl noticing.
  4. Hulk76

    Official Round 13 - Bulldogs vs Storm - Discussion Thread

    If ever there was a chance of an upset, this is it. No Smith or Papsmerehowzen, leaves them short of experience around the ruck and strike out the back. Their back line looks vulnerable and could leak some points. We just need to better in opposing 20. Dogs by 2
  5. Hulk76

    News Foran wants future sorted soon

    Pay him his $600k per year. But have a clause that he needs to play 80% of games or it drops to $300k. Problem solved ! Lol
  6. Hulk76


    Fitness is his issue. Sorts that out, and we have Solomon Haumono mark 2
  7. Hulk76


    What I don't get is why can't the dummy half just grab him quickly and stop him from playing it the wrong way? Foz could've stopped it if he was paying attention.
  8. Hulk76


    Wtf. MIA? How about you guys watch the game again and see how much our dud forwards get in the way, as well as Lewis who keeps calling for it and also gets in the way. Every time Foz did get the ball, we looked dangerous . Yes, he is not worth the 1mill price tag, but he is definitely our only...
  9. Hulk76

    No Source 100%

    If a player is being loaned out to another team, then that suggests he is not in that teams top 17. I like the way hetherington plays. He also has a bit of pace for a front rower. He will only get better. I would like to see us have a crack at him !
  10. Hulk76

    Official Round 12 - Bulldogs vs Eels - Discussion Thread

    Either Smith comes in for Montoya, or swap Montoya with Holland. Holland although not much better than Montoya, does offer that little bit more in bringing the ball back. What have we become that we now can only replace average with bog average ffs
  11. Hulk76

    Social Media Adam Elliot

    Not fussed if he goes, but it is a shit go if the club didn't up his next deal if in fact he was taking pay cuts to ease cap pressure. No reward for loyalty doesn't sit well with me if true. However, he is not worth more than $400k or so.
  12. Hulk76

    No Source 100%

    Jarrod Mc CRACKen ?
  13. Hulk76

    No Source Bryce Cartwright

    Yeah nah
  14. Hulk76

    Opinion Okunbor

    Full stops and a comer here and there wouldn't hurt buddy lol. But yes, he should be given a go. I reckon he will go harder of given a chance this time around. Funny thing second chances.
  15. Hulk76

    Opinion Isaiah Papali'i

    Settle down Erin Molan lol
  16. Hulk76

    Adam Elliot Injury - Out for the season

    I reckon $350k-$400k tops. He's not worth much more than that. He is an average forward looking good in a very bad side.
  17. Hulk76

    WWOS MOLE Albert Hopoate

    We are getting sponsored by Canterbury hospital. Why not sign every injury prone player when it's a two minute walk to the hospital lol
  18. Hulk76

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield BIRD TO THE DOGS

    The guy just needs to stop skipping leg day in the gym lol
  19. Hulk76

    Opinion Montoya

    He's just a panic footballer. He looks lost and scared. He couldn't beat an egg with an electric egg beater, let alone beat a defender. Im over our park footy players running out in first grade. Just keep signing some decent players ffs
  20. Hulk76

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    Our fitness is a concern. We gas hard in second halfs.
  21. Hulk76

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    If a team loses a player due to foul play, he has to go to the bin and on report. Now we are one key play maker down, and no advantage us with their player still out there. NRL needs to review this bullshit.
  22. Hulk76

    Official Nick Cotric signs three year deal with the Bulldogs

    He could be our next JMoz. We signed him as a young up and comer who was stuck behind Gaz and Cooper. Could be anything this guy. Let's hope its all but sealed.
  23. Hulk76

    Okunbor/CHN megathread

    Not true. They have a contract with us, which we then run by the nrl and if they agree it be ok, the nrl register it. The thing is, if we didn't terminate their contracts before the nrl de-registered them, they then would be free agents if the nrl registers their contracts again like what just...
  24. Hulk76

    Bulldogs squad would welcome back Okunbor and Harawira-Naera

    I will be livid if both don't come back and play with us. If only to piss the nrl and Pay off. But I wouldn't complain if it were only CHN we get.
  25. Hulk76

    News Barrett to sign Canterbury deal... but struggling Dogs won’t get their man until 21

    How about we wait and see if it actually eventuates, then maybe give him a full pre-season and the first few rounds of 2021 to see what he can do and if he has learnt from his mistakes at Manly. TK blows up everyone before people even get a chance. Some of the nutters on here are not much better...
  26. Hulk76

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    Don't mind this side as long as Averrillo comes in for Montoya. I think Holland offers slightly more than Montoya. Forward packs looks ok, so will be interesting to see how he uses the bench rotation. Hopefully Katoa gets more of a run at hooker with some freedom to try a few things rather than...
  27. Hulk76

    Official Dean Pay quits

    The season is a right off. So i would think Georgalis becomes caretaker till end of the year regardless of who we sign as coach. Club saves money, and Georgalis gets a shot. Can't see Barrett being let go this season whilst Panthers are doing well. They would be stupid to let him walk mid season.
  28. Hulk76

    Opinion Averillo??

    So can someone tell me what is going on with him? I can't be bothered reading every post to find out.
  29. Hulk76


    The king of stifling any attack or momentum. He trys hard, but he's got nothing. The game has passed him two years ago, and Napa is out of his depth with the speed of the game also. We need more mobile metre eating forwards.
  30. Hulk76


    Please enlighten me and everyone on the kennel, and tell us who is the better option on our player list? And please don't say an untested at half Averrillo.
  31. Hulk76


    I think it must be school holidays. You are at the top of the clueless food chain. Good night [emoji106]
  32. Hulk76


    Read my post buddy and try to understand what was said. Who else is there? Who is supporting him apart from RFM? Our back line is woeful.
  33. Hulk76


    A hand in all of our only tries. Can't believe some people post crap like this when it is obvious he has no one around capable of running good lines or breaking a tackle. He may not be at his best, but fark me he is better than any other half we have.
  34. Hulk76

    Ch 9 News (inc DannyW) David Fifita is gone’: Broncos look ready to lose superstar forward as cap hole deepens

    You would definitely need to improve your literacy skills buddy 1[emoji12]
  35. Hulk76

    News Loyal Dog: Faitala-Mariner set for new deal after sniffing around

    I rate him and am happy we are looking to extend him. He definitely has the ability to be more explosive.
  36. Hulk76

    Bulldogs ready to swoop on cap-strapped Broncos

    Looks like fafita has back flipped on going to the titans. I rate him and Paas only. TPJ has brain explosions.
  37. Hulk76

    Sione Katoa

    Which jab? The flu one or the rear ended one from Pay?
  38. Hulk76

    Return of Corey Harawira-Naera should be at Belmore

    Let's hope that was the club asking him to so we can distance ourself from that situation till we find a sponsor or save the ones we were close to getting. Im only hoping this as I see him as a major loss. If there was a way the club could've supported him and not sack him and we didn't do that...
  39. Hulk76

    Return of Corey Harawira-Naera should be at Belmore

    The club had no choice bro, as the nrl was de-registering him anyway. They made the decision for the club. I'm hoping behind closed doors we were supportive and have still maintained a good relationship with him. He was our only real gun edge forward. Spewing we lost him.
  40. Hulk76

    Official Round 8 - Bulldogs vs Rabbitohs - Discussion Thread

    It's not easy when he has no one to pass to and no one that can hit a hole or at the very least run a decent line. We are lacking in all departments.
  41. Hulk76

    Elliot video circulating

    Bet my left nut the club has had the video for 5 years under lock and key, but now that Elliott wants to look at his options, boom it's fukn leaked! Corruption is everywhere people. Now other clubs re-consider making a play for him, and we come out and say hey Adam,we will support you, just sign...
  42. Hulk76

    Official Hopoate to undergo surgery

    You're kidding right? I acknowledge that he looks like he has checked out this season, but his last two seasons on the wing he showed he can score tries, break tackles to get there, jump high and also showed his speed at times. Do you not remember the jizz factory on here when we all thought he...
  43. Hulk76

    Official Hopoate to undergo surgery

    I think we should give Smith a crack at fullback. He has all the attributes in regards to ability, size, speed and strength and great under the high ball. He will just need to use his brain more, so this could be a good test for him. Could be a smoky to solve our fb problem for now. It might...
  44. Hulk76

    News Dean Pay pleads for Bulldogs fans' faith as club eagerly seek roster improvements

    I bet you all I know the sales pitch he will use to the 2-3 top players he us trying to lure in to play for us. Pay - Now just imagine this. It's the 4th tackle and we are in the opposition 20, and Tolman takes the hit up.Boooooom, mind blown away, the new player signs with us for much less than...
  45. Hulk76

    WWOS MOLE EXCLUSIVE: Struggling Bulldogs consider move for England rugby coach Eddie Jones

    Keep writing this shit up to stir up the coach and kick us while we are down. Fucking parasite journos.
  46. Hulk76

    Team going forward

    Have you ever seen him pass a ball? No thanks!
  47. Hulk76

    Fukd if you do, fukd if you don't!

    JJ will always defend relatively well. He is lacking in a attack now and should be moved to the middle. He was ok tonight and one of our better players. He does try hard week in week out. I would say hoppa, dwz, foran, rfm and Elliott are the only others I see putting in every week and look like...
  48. Hulk76

    Fukd if you do, fukd if you don't!

    I know Pay is yet to really shine as a coach and some of his changes and bench rotation are questionable, however, does he really have the cattle to prove what he can do? For example, he picks Lewis in the halves as more of a defensive decision, but we don't score enough points. He then has the...
  49. Hulk76

    Official Round 7 - Bulldogs vs Tigers - Discussion Thread

    Has anyone mentioned how shit Holland is yet?
  50. Hulk76

    Official Round 7 - Bulldogs vs Tigers - Discussion Thread

    Where's Nasheed to defend his man crush now?
  51. Hulk76

    Thoughts on a Cody Walker, Jake Averillo swap?

    If we gave Nasheed fly buys on every thread he started, the fucker would be in first class on round the world trips!
  52. Hulk76

    Roger Tuivasa Sheck

    I was literally just thinking the same thing. I think we would need in excess of a mill to pry him away from there.
  53. Hulk76

    Who are our top 5 MVP's?

    Agree with you. I think RFM is probably at 4. He adds some punch and is the only forward who looks likely to punch through the line. We are desperately missing CHN [emoji22]
  54. Hulk76

    Who are our top 5 MVP's?

    The Hulk here. I just want to know how you get internet living under a bridge???
  55. Hulk76

    Team for next week

    I do agree to an extent, but I think our defensive structure of up and in and also umbrella defence plays it's part.
  56. Hulk76

    Team for next week

    I think Chrichton would be hard done by not to snag a wing spot. He is getting better each week, and his carries are very strong.
  57. Hulk76

    Opinion Set Restarts

    Agreed. Uncle Nick Politis is worth an estimated $590 million. With that kind of sauce, you have a lot of power and influence, so you can tend to get things go your way just quietly.
  58. Hulk76

    Opinion Set Restarts

    It is designed to allow the refs and NRL to dictate the momentum in games and when to apply. Pretty clever actually lol
  59. Hulk76

    Official Round 6 - Bulldogs vs Sharks - Discussion Thread

    * ffs Deano, not did !
  60. Hulk76

    Official Round 6 - Bulldogs vs Sharks - Discussion Thread

    DWZ to the wing. Just tell him he is a machine there and he will also learn how to be better under the high ball, which in turn makes him stronger when he is back at fullback. Averrillo back at centre, and fuck off Holland and just put a katoa on the bench as he is a fukn hooker. Did Deano...
  61. Hulk76

    Nick Meaney

    I thought Chricton was strong tonight. Had some good carries. Meaney should be a straight swap for Smith. Who kicks for goal though? Hopefully not Foz lol
  62. Hulk76

    Official Round 5 - Bulldogs vs Roosters - Discussion Thread (postponed till Monday night)

    40 missed tackles from us, 18 from rorts. We give teams way too many opportunities and second phase play. It's killing us ! For a basic team, we can't even get the basics right. It's painful to watch. Feel sorry for the odd individuals in the team that put in 100% and try their hearts out...
  63. Hulk76

    Official Round 5 - Bulldogs vs Roosters - Discussion Thread (postponed till Monday night)

    Harper to centre, Lewis off and Averrillo to 5/8. That's what pay should've done ffs
  64. Hulk76

    Official Round 5 - Bulldogs vs Roosters - Discussion Thread (postponed till Monday night)

    Relax everyone. We are missing our xfactor Tolman [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  65. Hulk76

    Official Round 5 - Bulldogs vs Roosters - Discussion Thread (postponed till Monday night)

    We should've kept our captain's challenge for when the game is in the balance at 24 all with two mins to go hahaha
  66. Hulk76

    No Source Will Chambers?

    Sounds like titans are trying to make room for someone. Money talks, so I'd say Bateman is on their hit list.
  67. Hulk76

    John Bateman

    I don't read your posts unless it starts with Nasheed here! How else will I know it's you???
  68. Hulk76

    No one outside the club wants to play under pay

    It's hard these days for any club to pull more than 2 or 3 great signings in a season. I agree though, it's needed and I don't see him convincing marquee players to join the dream lol
  69. Hulk76

    No one outside the club wants to play under pay

    So Thompson is 1, do you mean 2 more?
  70. Hulk76

    Official Round 5 - Bulldogs vs Roosters - Discussion Thread (postponed till Monday night)

    I'm calm buddy. I agree, fuk the filthy rorters. I just know that when we have let players go in the past, they all couldn't wait to play us and come back and haunt us. Let's hope not this time !
  71. Hulk76

    Official Round 5 - Bulldogs vs Roosters - Discussion Thread (postponed till Monday night)

    If Pay actually had that thought process, then why split the Holland / Smith combination that was successful for two years at the backend of those seasons? Pay has a jigsaw puzzle that he doesn't even know where to start from, let alone put it together.
  72. Hulk76

    Official Round 5 - Bulldogs vs Roosters - Discussion Thread (postponed till Monday night)

    Moz twins will be on a mission. 18 points won't be enough from us. If we defend well, dominate their forwards through the middle and rorters cop an injury or two, then we are half a chance.
  73. Hulk76

    Ennis’ all-time Bulldogs team

    Im thinking only Mason, Vagana and Pricey are stiff not to be there.
  74. Hulk76

    Tuesday Treats: Jarrod McCracken

    Nah mate. He was legit pussy whipped and left to go find her. Choc had to go bring him lol. He also nearly punched on with a couple of well known people because of her. Can't say their names, but one is in the boxing industry, and the other in the mortgage/lending industry. Big enough clues...
  75. Hulk76

    Rd 1 Dogs vs Eels 3-2-1

    Only RFM stood out for me. He was the only one that looked like doing anything in attack. Points will be hard to come by for us this year.
  76. Hulk76

    Social Media David Fifita

    Fair enough. Everyone at times sees things differently. Let's see what he does this year.
  77. Hulk76

    SBW secret hand shake to play for bulldogs in 2020

    Footage has been released of that meeting and secret handshake. It shows a smirking SBW crossing his fingers on his left hand behind his back. Only Uncle Nick knows how the real secret handshake goes !
  78. Hulk76

    Social Media David Fifita

    Funniest post I've read for a while. IM guessing you haven't seen him play? The guy is a wrecking ball. He is damaging through the middle and on the edges. Watch him play the last few rounds last year , then eat your below words.
  79. Hulk76

    Addo Carr

    How much you know about footy, you can fit in the knuckle of a canary. Wingers are your match winners in this modern era. Yes you need a good spine and a decent pack, but the finishers these days are your wingers. The last time we had two decent wingers (el masri & utai) was the last time we had...
  80. Hulk76

    Three halves

    Just letting you boys know that trex is coming back and he and Tolman will have first crack in the halves to steer the team around in 2020. But don't worry fellas, I'm likely to change it up towards the end of the season and give one of you a run.
  81. Hulk76

    Chris Smith Re-signs

    Rorters must be spewing we have locked him up for a few more seasons. FMD !!!
  82. Hulk76

    News Canterbury boss chases two English Super League stars

    Cooks river is looking good these days [emoji12]
  83. Hulk76

    Lewis is the worst half to ever play any form of football for 125 years

    He is already showing some promising signs. He occasionally goes right to the line before passing and draws players in. I can see Foz is working with him and guiding him. Give him next season with a full off season to train at 7 and also play there from the get go. I think we will see some...
  84. Hulk76

    Dogs want to sign Joey Leilua

    He got injured and ruled out for the season. He was getting picked before that.
  85. Hulk76

    Apparently bulldogs are in talk with semi radradra?

    Is there something wrong with your ability to comprehend what i just said? How is my post anti Latrell in any way? I would love him in a dogs jersey. What I'm saying is when you consider factors such as money, potentially fitting in and consistency, Manu is the better option. Not suggesting...
  86. Hulk76

    Apparently bulldogs are in talk with semi radradra?

    Joseph Manu is who we should go after. He wouldn't command ridiculous marquee money, and i actually believe he is an elite centre in the making. He is already more consistent than Latrell, and also a lot younger than Semi. If it's youth and the future we are looking at, then that's who we should...
  87. Hulk76

    Social Media Josh dugan

    Wing only and they park half his freight
  88. Hulk76

    Absolutely NOTHING between the ears

    Tolman is our biggest attacking problem. He just constantly gets in the way. Fuck him and Elliott off and replace them with slight upgrades that stay away from the ball in attack on the 4th tackle, and we will get another 20-30 geniune cracks at teams especially inside the opposing teams 20...
  89. Hulk76

    Official Round 24 - Bulldogs vs Cowboys - Discussion Thread

    Just replacing size with size not talent lol. Expect wiki leaks down that side if Okunbor hasn't worked on his reads in D.
  90. Hulk76

    Talkin Sport Tyson Frizzel unhappy at Dragons

    Imagine Frizell on the right edge and CHN on the left edge with RFM creating havoc through the middle third. I'm on my way to the jizz factory just thinking about it [emoji12]
  91. Hulk76

    Recruitment Suggestions - Consolidated Thread

    Would love Fafita and a more dominant front rower to partner Napa. Would much rather J Manu, Staggs or Xerri over Mitchell. I'm not sold on Api as a long term hooker. Would much rather look for someone we can develop long term who has potential right now, but happy to persist with JMK.
  92. Hulk76

    Team for next week

    Lewis just needs to let the ball go earlier. He reads the play ok,but just hesitate and drifts across field before passing and putting x player into space. Plus his passes are pretty slow lollipop passes. The defense gets up on us by the time he lets it go. He needs to be more crisp with his...
  93. Hulk76

    Quiz: what's the common factor in our last 3 games?

    We are now drinking bulldogs blood so it's literally in our DNA !
  94. Hulk76


    What the fark is wrong with people's England these days! There (they're) they are. His (he's) he's shit. There (their) that's their problem . What do kids do in school these days ! Ffs. Back on topic, he is or he's getting better. I really think he needs to work on his match fitness because he...
  95. Hulk76

    Official Dean Britt official with us for 2 years

    He can start by eating chicken in belmore daily and bulk the fuck up.
  96. Hulk76

    Best prop we have had at our club

    Jarrod Hickey lol
  97. Hulk76

    Round 17 Injuries - Tolman and Sue

    Napa played some big minutes and looked gassed. Agreed, Tolman just gets in the way. I've always said he should be on the bench and only come on in the last 15mins of each half to shore up our defense in the middle.
  98. Hulk76

    Social Media She Rex to make return

    I often bump into him at a place in Lidcombe (id rather not say where so you all dont go there for autographs lol) but he is keen to play again and he was looking pretty lean. He is very quiet and humble. He just lacked any mongrel or aggression to throw his weight around. I had high hopes for...