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  1. Owey

    Why SBW won't be a Bulldog in 2021 - BLAH BLAH BLAH

    Grubby Money Bill Williams isn't worth a tenth of that $900,000 now. Roosters can have the hypocritical washed up prick now, next year and beyond for all I care.
  2. Owey

    Official Round 12 - Bulldogs vs Eels - Discussion Thread

    Nah just been a lurker for years, just rarely post is all.
  3. Owey

    Official Round 12 - Bulldogs vs Eels - Discussion Thread

    Haha yeah true. The chances that Parra win with a field goal with Moses, Brown or Gutho are high, and it's the same result with them getting the 2 points. The difference is we would be in the position to win with a field goal rather than rely on scoring a try. I think we agree that it was a...
  4. Owey

    Official Round 12 - Bulldogs vs Eels - Discussion Thread

    Certainly cost us a draw at the very least though. Chances or not, we could have kicked a field goal to win it once drawn. Was a stupid stupid thing to do and the fact he made about 7m on a quick tap shows how stupid it was.
  5. Owey

    Forum upgrade

    App seems to be working again now!! [emoji322][emoji322]
  6. Owey

    Forum upgrade

    Cheers Nate, missing my quick check ins
  7. Owey

    Forum upgrade

    I haven't been able to log on with the App since yesterday, tried reinstalling the app but still nothing.
  8. Owey


    Haha. Nice still frame. New profile pic
  9. Owey

    How many ducks in the picture?

    15. There's a little duck up the top too next to the snapchat icon.
  10. Owey

    Team photo

    Reckon it's meant to be only team
  11. Owey

    RIP Kobe Bryant

    Had to Google this to confirm if true of not...... Fuck. RIP. Was one of the greatest.
  12. Owey

    Did Iran do it?

    You might be onto something Bob dog..... [emoji1787]
  13. Owey

    News Burgess shoulder

    And no doubt Sam Burgers will end up with a well paying job with Souffs and the NRL plus lucrative media jobs to go with his $3.6 million payout.
  14. Owey

    What is your favorite Chocolate, Lolly, & Cake?

    Fuck yeah, Darrell Lea rocky road is the best.
  15. Owey

    Nelson Asofa Solomona

    https://www.thekennel.net.au/forum/index.php?posts/3634014 Yeah it isn't the same bloke apparently. The pic shows a bloke after a glassing.
  16. Owey


    Will it fit in the Camry???
  17. Owey

    News Flanagan cleared for return as assistant coach

    Only issue I see is he can't be a full time coach until 2022. If Pay had a good year next year, with Flanagan as assistant, would he take on just a one year contract? If he had a shit year, who's gonna take a one year gig until Flano is available...
  18. Owey

    News Flanagan cleared for return as assistant coach

    https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/09/20/flanagan-cleared-for-return-as-assistant-coach/ Former Cronulla Sharks coach Shane Flanagan will be eligible for registration as an assistant coach at any NRL club for the 2020 and 2021 seasons after meeting with NRL CEO Todd Greenberg on Friday...
  19. Owey

    Champagne, Anyone?

    Even if we lost this game, it's just great to see them be competitive and putting in the effort. To get the win was the cherry on top. #3inarow
  20. Owey

    Do you wear a watch? Is it time that you do? (Excuse the pun)

    I used to wear a belt made of watches, but it really was a waist of time!! [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  21. Owey

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Holbrook, Hill and Coach Consolidated Mega Thread

    Is this legit @ASSASSIN? Fuck I hope so. Please say it's so...please
  22. Owey

    News Folau case may send Rugby Australia broke.

    Yeah I get what you're saying, but people can spend their money how ever the fuck they want. Fucked if I'd give them any of my hard earned, but if others wanna then they are entitled to. Give to worthy causes I say.
  23. Owey

    TripleM Kieran Foran

    That's fucking depressing
  24. Owey

    Soccer The Liverpool FC Super Thread

    Fuck yes
  25. Owey

    Question for plumbers (re dual flush dunnies).

    If you can, take the lid off the top of the cistern and press either button, watch how far the level drops and then do the other. Note which drops most for your answer...
  26. Owey

    Round 4 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Correct. 94 GF against the Raiders.
  27. Owey

    Try not to laugh

    The link didn't even work for me. No idea what all the drama's about.
  28. Owey

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you all and your families, be safe and happy with lots of food, drink and laughter. Yayyyyyy for 2 Christmases!! [emoji318][emoji318]
  29. Owey

    YouTube rewind so empowering

    Was good to see Primitive Technology get a run during the credits. But yeah the PSA was so fucking cringe as was the fortnite shite, and doesn't ninja do most of his stuff on YouTube's competitor twitch?
  30. Owey

    Official 2019 Jersey

    Yeah the blue looks a little light
  31. Owey

    Official Cronulla release Valentine Holmes to pursue NFL dream

    Sharkies have got space under the cap to sign Klemmer now.
  32. Owey

    Computer/Console Talk/Gaming Super Thread

    Happy to take any tips you can give Mr I.
  33. Owey

    Computer/Console Talk/Gaming Super Thread

    Cheers Mr I. Good feedback.
  34. Owey

    Computer/Console Talk/Gaming Super Thread

    Cheers Wahesh. I'll check them out.
  35. Owey

    Computer/Console Talk/Gaming Super Thread

    I'm also looking for some advice on setting up a new gaming PC, mainly for the teenage kids but also for me. Its been ages since my last build and I'm now old and have no clue to what's what anymore. I reckon I'm looking around 3k also, including monitor, as I currently don't have any PC at all...
  36. Owey

    20 years today since classic prelim final v eels.

    Yeah I can, was the day after my wedding day. We all went down the pub n watched it drinking <insert colour here> jugs. Just took it in turns of picking a colour and getting jugs of whatever. One of the best days indeed.
  37. Owey

    Wish me luck - Tanks Coaching Thread

    Screw the PC world and give it to those that deserve it. Don't deminish the achievements of those kids that earned the accolades. My 2¢.
  38. Owey

    Team of Photographers deployed by Telegraph to ambush the Dogs.

    And since they didn't, since they folded and let the players down, I'll be handing mine and my daughters back in. Foxtel also being canned.
  39. Owey

    Bulldogs sign Corey Harawira-neara

    What kind of money did he sign on for?
  40. Owey

    Sign the beast for 1 year on minimum wage

    As much as I loved him playing in the blue and white (and was glad when he came back), his best is in the past now. Having said that, if he signed on for minimum wage for a year (with what he reportedly earned this year, he should have some cash behind him), his experience and leadership...
  41. Owey

    Am I beautiful or ugly site

    Only 45% ugly......? Fuck off. That's 110% ugly.
  42. Owey

    News Raiders Jack Wighton in nightclub incident - Update: Suspended Sentence and Fine.

    I heard last night that he's looking at 6 months in the slammer.
  43. Owey

    Did Andrew Hill lie to us?

    Pretty sure Hill said they wouldn't be approaching other clubs selling players off. IF another club approached them, then that's a different story and then negotiations are on the table.
  44. Owey

    Steve Folkes passes away aged 59.

    This news saddened me deeply. Condolences to the great man's family, friends and the club.
  45. Owey


    Merry Christmas to you all. Stay safe and keep well. Doggies 2018!!!!
  46. Owey

    Keep Assassin Smiling - Get Well Soon

    Fuck. Thinking of you dude. Hoping for all the best mate.
  47. Owey

    2018 Jerseys

    I know sponsors are important, but how shit does Kia look on the jumper. It would look so much better in blue.
  48. Owey

    Fat people.. why cant they get their act together?

    This is exactly my situation also.
  49. Owey

    Official - Hasler sacked

    Fuck yes!
  50. Owey

    Official - Hasler sacked

    Fucking yes!
  51. Owey

    Josh Reynolds asked to leave Northies on Friday for being too drunk

    When's he meant to hit the piss then?? The day before a big loss?
  52. Owey

    The Bulldogs Member Forum Thread

    Cheers for that OD
  53. Owey

    Who is your favourite Dogs Player

    Tend to agree with Assassin here - since he got the captaincy, Graham has played the game without the same intensity. Still in my top 2 though. For me its Klemmer, Graham then Morris twiins
  54. Owey

    Kennel Upgrade

    Haven't been on in ages due to various reasons/off season but was so surprised to see the changes. Too early to tell if I like them yet, but it certainly is bright but it does look good and is easy to read/navigate around the pages.
  55. Owey

    The Facial Hair Thread

    Yeah she wants it gone, but short was good enough from where it was.
  56. Owey

    The Facial Hair Thread

    Just shaved my down to a short beard, long stubble on Tuesday - missing it already but has been worth it as I have already got more action with the wife this week than the last 3 months.
  57. Owey

    Who currently plays sport?

    Play masters Rugby League a few times a year - anyone else here play or going to the Runaway Bay Masters Tournament in March this year (every year). Occasional hit of golf but thats it now a days.
  58. Owey

    Summernats 2012

    'Summernats phenomenon' delivers 50pc spike in sales at sex shops as tourists flock to Canberra car festival By Alkira Reinfrank Many of the 100,000 visitors to Australia's biggest car show, Summernats, are ditching the burning rubber and heading to Canberra's sex shops. This weekend marks the...
  59. Owey

    Merry Christmas mega thread

    Merry Christmas to all doggies fans and lets have a successful 2016.
  60. Owey

    2015 Grand Final Discussion Thread (All Grades)

    I'm with you there, can go wrong with Julie.
  61. Owey

    Hasler compared to other coaches since 2012

    The thing that concerns me is the amount of high profile players Des has been able to attract to the club, or lack thereof. Obviously B Moz was the most prominent, but there has really been a lack of big name signings in recent years.
  62. Owey

    Corrupt nrl

    I'm ****ing done with watching league. It's the same costly errors from referees week in week out but they are a protected ****ing species and the nrl can **** right off
  63. Owey

    NRL Finals Week 2: Bulldogs v Roosters Team List & Discussion Thread

    You got to be ****en kidding me the ****en cheating pricks refs.
  64. Owey

    NRL Finals Week 2: Bulldogs v Roosters Team List & Discussion Thread

    I hope someone take his fricken head off tonight.
  65. Owey

    The Consolidated Cricket Thread

    Yeah the bowling has been great - and now Stokes is gone it will be over fairly quickly.
  66. Owey

    Flanagan -v- Hasler

    No, no it won't..... Who is this Plodko you speak of, forgotten him already.
  67. Owey

    NRL FINALS WEEK 1 - Dogs vs Dragons Team List and Game Thread

    FFS - my nerves a bloody shot. Watching at work with one eye on the game and the other on some major issues at work both which were touch and go. Luckily both ended up with positive results. I didn't watch the game closely, but the dragons seemed to defend really well. It should be a different...
  68. Owey

    Which team should you support

    I got the Dog's and had Drink beer Big stadiums Arana played Relaxed for finals Go for the try Soak up the rays Mascot doesn't have to be fierce Defence Aussie Rock The Burbs
  69. Owey

    We are all happy little

    That's the big question Chris - we know we can lift for these big games but tend to struggle for intensity in games were expected to win.
  70. Owey

    Gold coast nightlife

    The Avenue, just off Cavill Ave isn't too bad, not full of the younger generation from my point of view. And around the corner from there, is Melba's which gets pretty big crowds in.
  71. Owey

    The Consolidated Cricket Thread

    We have a batting coach?? Surely you're joking.
  72. Owey

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    Yeah, I just started watching this last week with the wife and daughter. Loving it too.
  73. Owey

    Adam Goodes saga - whats your opinion?

    The people calling him ape and monkey and get to back to the zoo are racist pricks that deserve to be called out. The booing is more to do with the way Goodes plays the game and the way he carries on in life by whinging. I would boo Justin Hodges at a game, not because he is black, but because...
  74. Owey

    Unexplained Bruises

    I reckon that's why I wake up with a boner every morning!! Bloody rapey ghosts.
  75. Owey

    Popcorn Time

    Anyone used Merdb website - it streams movies and tv shows apparently. Looked at it yesterday but haven't used it yet.
  76. Owey

    Trent hodkinson coming good?

    Correct decision has been made. His best is behind him, and we will see him return to his normal form in coming weeks.
  77. Owey


    Hey man, welcome aboard. What you doing out in the pacific on a rock? Catching plenty of fish I hope.
  78. Owey

    Round 19 - Dogs vs Eels - NRL / NSWC / NYC Team List & Discussion Thread

    WOW! Who would have thought it. Hokko with a show and go.
  79. Owey

    Keeping whinging about refs, and other conspiracies against the dogs.

    Really?? Even when the referees are totally onside and call shit calls? Happens from time to time, even from such high quality referees from the NRL.
  80. Owey

    Round 18 - Dogs vs Broncos - NRL / NSWRL / NYC Team Lists and Discussion Thread.

    Yep, last year before origin, he was being touted as a outside chance to make the side. Now he needs to go back to park footy.
  81. Owey

    Round 18 - Dogs vs Broncos - NRL / NSWRL / NYC Team Lists and Discussion Thread.

    And with Graham coming back, you would think it would lift the boys up for a good effort. Maybe it had the reverse effect and they all thought "King Graham is back, we can take it easy tonight". Well a few of them should be taking it easy in fuking reserve grade. FMD!
  82. Owey

    Round 18 - Dogs vs Broncos - NRL / NSWRL / NYC Team Lists and Discussion Thread.

    Totally agree - no effort put it, stupid mistakes, poor kicks. Sh!ts me to tears.
  83. Owey

    Bulldogs need a decent half !!!

    How hard can it be to get to the kick, fmd it's basic footy. So frustrating!
  84. Owey

    Round 18 - Dogs vs Broncos - NRL / NSWRL / NYC Team Lists and Discussion Thread.

    Listening to the first half coming home, the kicking game sounded atrocious. It has been a major issue for a few years now.
  85. Owey

    Kenneler of the Year **VOTING PHASE**

    Round 2 Group 3 CroydonDog blah Rodzilla CK
  86. Owey

    Who knew building a children's slide would be so hard

    You've got it all ahead of you Ecca, wait until you need to assemble a large trampoline on Christmas eve, after the kids go to bed (which is always late cause their so excited). Not to mention the 5 or so beers I had already had and then some more while assembling it. Not something I want to...
  87. Owey

    The "R U OK ?" Thread

    Oh yeah that's right, your down in Canberra aren't you. Would have frozen ya nuts off.
  88. Owey

    The "R U OK ?" Thread

    Yeah boy! Kids today...
  89. Owey

    The "R U OK ?" Thread

    Hahahaha, new meaning to plastic titties! Did you fill the cups with milk too? I'm guessing the carrots were the nips then. The things you do when you've had a few. Did you and the missus get dressed up to?
  90. Owey

    The "R U OK ?" Thread

    Any stories to share?
  91. Owey

    Foran deal scuppers Manly's bid for Reynolds.

    Toovey is looking for a gig next year...... Lol Or possibly one A Johns, can't imagine Barrett wanting to keep the drug plucked immortal around.
  92. Owey


    Oh and awesome cake SoH.
  93. Owey


    Well have a great day everyone, so very jealous I couldn't make it due to work. If someone can take pictures of the day and post them up, atleast I can imagine how awesome it would have been to meet Assassin and every one else today.
  94. Owey

    AFL Adelaide Crows Coach Phil Walsh murdered

    Same, I said the same to my work mate. Whatever the reasons, it is a terrible thing to happen to any family. My thoughts are with them.
  95. Owey

    Ecca and Blue&White

    Thumbs up x 1,000,000