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  1. Donkey Slayer

    News Lewis optimistic after going to 'dark place'

    You seriously need a couple nights in nut house with some others ... bunch of myth busters here aye
  2. Donkey Slayer

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Bulldogs reportedly chasing SBW for 2021

    We can go for Ardie Savea TPJ or offer Taumalolo a deal over this walk out
  3. Donkey Slayer

    Opinion Let Foran walk and chase Widdop

    Foran brah
  4. Donkey Slayer

    Averillo Try of the year

    Tune into the fan ... David Fifita special shows the old game between parra wests and keebra final wakeham passes to averillo to score the match winner that’s gold keebra had hass and more good players devontai following year played and they beat parra
  5. Donkey Slayer

    Official Round 13 - Bulldogs vs Storm - Discussion Thread

    Good work big Stevie G the wogness is showing Just add Reimis debut doorey finally drop tolman To finish off
  6. Donkey Slayer

    News Lewis optimistic after going to 'dark place'

    Hey guys look trent didnt call burton or cogger
  7. Donkey Slayer

    News Lewis optimistic after going to 'dark place'

    Yeah where is dean pay now which club willing to offer him head cock job
  8. Donkey Slayer

    WWOS MOLE John asiata

    Nahh taumalolo much better
  9. Donkey Slayer

    Quick Tap Tolman.

    Thompson needs to be moved back to prop
  10. Donkey Slayer

    Quick Tap Tolman.

    Is Renouf back soon ? Lets fuck tolman and Jmk off now .. and play Doorey , Katoa at 9 and then put chris smith in or Renouf
  11. Donkey Slayer

    Quick Tap Tolman.

    I call3d for this shitcunt to be dropped last 2 games and see what happens still
  12. Donkey Slayer

    Official Round 12 - Bulldogs vs Eels - Discussion Thread

    Relax cogger wont do shit for you
  13. Donkey Slayer

    Quick Tap Tolman.

    Enough is enough with this fucking toad Goodbye
  14. Donkey Slayer

    Official Round 12 - Bulldogs vs Eels - Discussion Thread

    Fuck marshall king you dumb piece of shit
  15. Donkey Slayer

    Official Round 12 - Bulldogs vs Eels - Discussion Thread

    Thats why Meany and Marshall are shit
  16. Donkey Slayer

    Official Round 12 - Bulldogs vs Eels - Discussion Thread

    c*** is fked not picking Reimis he must be laughing in his face Drop kick can follow dean pay
  17. Donkey Slayer

    Future Bulldogs

    Lomi looks big as ... Solo looks like latrell clone with mongrel the talent isn't far away
  18. Donkey Slayer

    Moorebank Rams Sydney Shield

    Mosese Pope would be 200cm tall Giant High hopes And Iverson Fautimau i hope he kills it
  19. Donkey Slayer

    Social Media Adam Elliot

    Get back to your wagon out there where ever you are country boi
  20. Donkey Slayer

    Social Media Adam Elliot

    Get over all the 2016 duds seriously We have 5 6 young skilled forwards that are better stop living scared like the rest i rather have money for them Dean pay fault we are so behind he didnt breed any but bought $$ shit players .. put the goggles on and pack elliot's bags
  21. Donkey Slayer

    News Adam Elliot on Inside The NRL

    Is hass going to magically come out of someone's ass?
  22. Donkey Slayer

    News Adam Elliot on Inside The NRL

    I love Taumalolo
  23. Donkey Slayer

    Official Laundy Hotels announced as Major Sponsor of the Bulldogs

    Surely we can get Adidas to sponsor us with the stripe shorts its going to match heaps good Get it done please for god sake
  24. Donkey Slayer

    Social Media Adam Elliot

    It took 7 years for Taumalolo to get 1m contract Not only is he worth it but every week is a wrecking ball for it Elliot 1st year he dropped every ball that came to him This year his out with injury and other year injurys to 5 years total and he wants is 400k off Taumalolo for a few good...
  25. Donkey Slayer

    Social Media Adam Elliot

    I thought this meant our actual teens just elliot haha
  26. Donkey Slayer

    We desperately need another half!!!

    Im happy with lewis wakeham foran and big BBO
  27. Donkey Slayer

    Official Round 11 - Bulldogs vs Knights - Discussion Thread

    No no montoya run over for them to score 1st
  28. Donkey Slayer

    Official Round 11 - Bulldogs vs Knights - Discussion Thread

    Why is it our coaches that cant just play our normal decrnt fucki g side Playing holland and Montoya comon dickhead Just slap in the face now
  29. Donkey Slayer

    Bulldogs and Corey Harawira-Naera agree to secret ‘play nice’ deal

    Can you add c*** on the end to possibly ?
  30. Donkey Slayer

    News Bulldogs’ Biondi-Odo to line up in Lightning Challenge

    If anyone doesn't know thats Seumanutafa in 4th photo with the gold hair ... Beast No burton needed dickheads Bbo Wakeham for me with a mean forward pack
  31. Donkey Slayer

    Opinion Andrew Johns, Brad Fittler pick club to resurrect Jack Bird's career

    He is a fucking snake to us as is his brother fuck them both seriously saying for us to sign this c*** is a joke they would suggest this so they can rip Averillo from us there scum buckets snakes seeping around the comp
  32. Donkey Slayer

    News Bachelorette to Belmore: High-profile pub barons pour millions into Bulldogs

    Very lovely time Main sponsor Bulldogs fan Head coach Bulldogs fan Young Wakeham Bulldogs fan Triple Whammy
  33. Donkey Slayer

    Official Major Sponsor - Laundy Hotels

    Looking at parras Jersey all they have is ALAND front and back top shitcunts haha
  34. Donkey Slayer

    Replacements for CHN ?

    This is the story of our lives , management people are fkd in the head
  35. Donkey Slayer

    Club statement on CHN release

    The fuck is actually going on here We let this c*** leave early at least sit him down till starr of 2021 fuck him he has a contract Fuck anyone siding with Corey you little fucking bitch And Okunbor fuck him off he is the cause to this His a shit player sucking up to us to stay Wake the...
  36. Donkey Slayer

    Official Major Sponsor - Laundy Hotels

    How many years they want us not buying a Jersey if there is no new sponsor that is a better look i wont buy and classic anyway its a fucking joke ... there fkn done with me 4 years to scrap what we had to wear plain shit good job
  37. Donkey Slayer

    Official Trent Barrett to coach the Bulldogs for the next three seasons

    2012 reverse 12 to 21 bit of a omen here Good sign 2011 we didnt get the spoon
  38. Donkey Slayer

    News Harawira-Naera reportedly released

    Taumalolo and Fifita or Taumalolo and TPJ haha I cant take anymore elliot
  39. Donkey Slayer

    News Barrett a done deal as Bulldogs begin roster overhaul

    You need to stop posting this shit
  40. Donkey Slayer

    Opinion Tass and Katoa

    Wyatt Reybolds is like a replica of Luke Thompson and wears headgear looks like a wrecking ball just needed to get comfy with contact same as the others they should be thrown in now all of them some aren't in the bubble
  41. Donkey Slayer

    News Cotric wanted to join the chooks

    Haha aww thats cute rona over R smith
  42. Donkey Slayer

    Adam Elliot Injury - Out for the season

    Maybe also cost the club 250k ? With sweet caroline
  43. Donkey Slayer

    News Cowboys set to axe coach Paul Green

    Hahaha so we tell our off contract dickhead coach no more and they come like the wolves. But this is another level, there you go 360 Go hard tonight
  44. Donkey Slayer

    News Canterbury keen on Penrith’s Matt Burton

    Tell this little imbreds the truth How many games is burton anyway 2 or 3 hahaha Hahah ha ha
  45. Donkey Slayer

    News Canterbury keen on Penrith’s Matt Burton

    Yeah fuck burton and fuck bird and fuck evryones shit picks haha
  46. Donkey Slayer

    Opinion Lewi

    Hahaha stop talking shit your dumb c***
  47. Donkey Slayer

    Opinion Lewi

    He should play 9 i dont see why it wouldnt work
  48. Donkey Slayer

    Opinion Lewi

    Captain Dickhead here
  49. Donkey Slayer

    Aiden Tolman needs to retire ASAP

    Time for Renouf to 8 Chris Smith back and maybe Doorey a Start on bench
  50. Donkey Slayer

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    Tolman needs to be hooked last game for us ever again i cant take it seriously
  51. Donkey Slayer

    Opinion Holland

    I hope he gets dumped on his head
  52. Donkey Slayer

    Okunbor/CHN megathread

    Thats weak all the trouble when they can just sign addo carr and keep chn or trade him for another c***
  53. Donkey Slayer

    Harry Grant

    Melbourne Storm 3x Hookers Operating at 100%
  54. Donkey Slayer

    Other News Source Walker Brothers Warriors new coaches

    So how does the pay work do split the 1 wage haha
  55. Donkey Slayer

    Official Nick Cotric signs three year deal with the Bulldogs

    DWZ either plays wing and cotric plays centre Or Cotric plays wing DWZ centre Seeing how shit DWZ has been they may want him on the wing but i think he can be strong at centre
  56. Donkey Slayer

    Luke Thompson Fronts Up In Bulldogs Debut

    I think melb and Canberra gf bellamy vs ricky Roosters karma going to bite them in the ass Eels really close the c***
  57. Donkey Slayer

    Official Nick Cotric signs three year deal with the Bulldogs

    Farr you serious addo carr was way better
  58. Donkey Slayer


    His got heaps of qaulity still and probs more cash haha R Papenhuyzen C munster C Smith B Smith H Grant NAS F Kaufusi Bromwich brothers J Hughes M Seve D Finucane And younger blokes that look good
  59. Donkey Slayer

    Jake Averillo

    2022 Averillo Addo Carr Schouup DWZ R Smith BBO Wakeham
  60. Donkey Slayer


    Yeah true lol
  61. Donkey Slayer


    Yeah possibly sign another exp player for props Either Jordan McLean 2years Kiwi rep i would take can rejuvenate his career here just like Taumalolo can, Darryn Schoing melb player looks good and lean replace dean britt at least the puff breaker Young guns 1st grade material Look at...
  62. Donkey Slayer

    Okunbor/CHN megathread

    Nah haha they will have people monitoring him Like his a smooth criminal
  63. Donkey Slayer

    News EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Johns and Brad Fittler reveal plans for fixing broken Bulldogs

    5 years timeframe is so his knights can be top 4s They both dont know shit Just wait buddy 2022 we could win the premiership if everything done right
  64. Donkey Slayer

    Opinion Thank You Brent Read

    Kentys all about the headjob guys his blowing matty as we speak
  65. Donkey Slayer

    News Leadership starts at the top': Tolman wants clear decisions from Bulldogs board

    Tolman good man good leader Fkn shithouse player fuck me
  66. Donkey Slayer

    Okunbor/CHN megathread

    Honestly should give NQ a call and shift our big boys CHN and Elliot for a juicy swap for big Taumalolo
  67. Donkey Slayer

    Paul Kent: Dean Pay walked out on the Bulldogs with his dignity

    You have to admit nrl 360 c*** drunko and boldy What a bunch of nobody's getting there tv time
  68. Donkey Slayer

    Opinion Media Laying the Boot In

    Haha exactly
  69. Donkey Slayer

    News Fourth tackle hit up

    My teeth are grinding.. his performance last week was diabolical how could they even
  70. Donkey Slayer

    Hit list 2021

    Temp big Taumalolo 1.4m to leave that shithole
  71. Donkey Slayer

    No Source tim lafai

    Has morgam harper left because his in manly gear haha wtf
  72. Donkey Slayer

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    Would you like to go back to the days when you cry wahh cant get any repeat sets wahh
  73. Donkey Slayer

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    He can pass go and ask him not me
  74. Donkey Slayer

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    You do realize that his played only 29 nrl games spread over 3 years thanks to pay chopping changing i would like to see him in hooker and we still keep wakeham in 7
  75. Donkey Slayer

    Barrett warned he could destroy his career at Bulldogs, Pay's final straw revealed

    Yeah bro 100% triggered bunch of pussies everywhere
  76. Donkey Slayer

    Other News Source Bulldogs sign new head coach on 2 year deal

    Ive got some BBQ sauce for big sammy if he wants to come back
  77. Donkey Slayer

    Steve James

    Keep him away from Averillo he doesnt need that shit drill coaching
  78. Donkey Slayer

    Consolidated Pay Thread

    Matty johns reckons Bellamy would only take us up a couple spots if we got him hahah Yeah keep talking up your cockheqd knights who cant beat shit When were back there all gunna hate it
  79. Donkey Slayer

    News Sunday Footy Show

    Anyone catch luke Thompson comments after the game ... bloke deadset told it how it was they were fucking rubbish dean pay sitting any crying about his job his fucked up badly Bring jammer over here for assistant coach asap Ennis and Graham coaching team would be amazing but maybe not yet