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    OFFICIAL | PRE-GAME Rd 20 | Cowboys vs Bulldogs| 6.15pm Sunday @ Townsville

    Hopoi was been unbelievable in the first half of reserve grade.
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    Official Mitchell Woods Makes Australian Schoolboys team

    I watched the games and Woods was well below his best throughout the tournament. In saying that he played in a terrible side that couldn't hold the ball. He is a star no doubt but if he's judging it from the tournament he's got no idea.
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    News Max King could possibly be out for 8 weeks!

    It's a new injury to what he had earlier in the year. Had surgery on his right wrist and it was his left heavily strapped last time. How many training injuries does this club get.
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    News Max King could possibly be out for 8 weeks!

    Huge out. I think Ciraldo will go with Patolo. He doesn't trust Poasa defence. Real shame Todd is injured would of been a perfect replacement
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    Ch 9 News (inc DannyW) Big NASty

    I would sign RCG on a 1 year deal if Parra chip in.
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    OFFICIAL | POST-GAME Rd 18 | Bulldogs vs Warriors | 3pm Saturday @ Accor

    That penalty awarded against Morring on half time is the worst penalty awarded this year.
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    OFFICIAL | POST-GAME Rd 18 | Bulldogs vs Warriors | 3pm Saturday @ Accor

    Hope Todd comes onto the bench instead of Hopoi. Hopoi has been solid but Todd was way ahead before his injury. Adds much needed Size aswell and can play big minutes.
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    Team vs warriors

    Our best team with everyone available should be; 1. Tracey 2. Fox 3. Xerri 4. Critta 5. Kiraz 6. Burton 7. Sexton 8. King 9. Mahoney 10. Hughes 11. Kikau 12. Preston 13. Hayward 14. Mann 15. Salmon 16. Curran 17. Todd
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    Official Ciraldo Discussion

    Our attack is so much better when Preston plays. He is our only forward who knows how to hit a hole on the edge. Creates space for others as well.
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    OFFICIAL | POST-GAME Rd 17 | vs Sharks | Friday 8pm @ Accor

    Kiraz or Wilson should play fullback. Drop Taafe. Hayes on the bench. Can cover forwards and backs if someone goes down. Hayward can be backup hooker.
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    Team vs sharks

    Close but don't think Taafe will play. He didn't even play fullback in reserve grade yesterday.
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    OFFICIAL | POST-GAME Rd 16| Roosters vs Bulldogs | Saturday 5.30pm @ Gosford

    Burton will defend at centre and still be able to kick for us. Clark is not up to it.
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    Official Congrats on the three bulldogs making u19 state of origin

    Woods is a prestigious talent. His running passing and kicking game are top class. He needs at least the rest of this year in Flegg and most of next year in Nsw cup before being considered for first grade. He is not up to it physically
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    Opinion Bailey Hayward

    Must say didn't have high hopes for him coming through the grades as a half. His change of position has been a master stroke and looks extremely comfortable in first grade.
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    OFFICIAL | POST-GAME Rd 13 | vs. Knights | Friday 8pm @ Newy

    What happened to Sam Hughes. Only played 15 mins ?
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    Jacob kiraz

    Kiraz and Curran changed the game for us.
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    OFFICIAL | POST-GAME Round 11| Raiders vs Bulldogs

    I think the difference in this game should be the kicking game. I don't see a recognised kicker in the.Raiders side.
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    Official 2024 SG Ball, Harold Matts Squads , Scores and Team News

    Seve, Woods and Alatini will be promoted. Don't think any others will. Conti might get some time
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    News Jackson Topine takes Bulldogs to court

    Can you believe a reserve grader could potentially destroy rugby league. Unbelievable
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    News Jackson Topine takes Bulldogs to court

    Someone mentioned on social media to remove his player number from the history books. I'm all for it . Put an * next to the number and remove this imposter from the history of the club.
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    News Jackson Topine takes Bulldogs to court

    My biggest hope for this year is that we pump the dragqueens , Nu Brown and RFM they are the ringleaders behind this shit. Grubs.
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    News Jackson Topine takes Bulldogs to court

    This is laughable. Absolute pussy.
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    News The young gun “with the world at his feet”

    O Neil is going good. Don't think he is anywhere near as good as Woods. The club have showed their hand by dropping BBO and leaving O Neil in NSw cup. Opening up a spot for Woods in Flegg once Sg ball is over.
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    Official 2024 SG Ball, Harold Matts Squads , Scores and Team News

    Just watched the game. Seve was the difference. Roosters couldn't contain him. Oliver Smith is also hugely underrated. Big motor and great late offlaod playing a year up. Conti had a blinder and Woods was great. Both backrowers were damaging. Mitchell Rodgers the hooker who looked ordinary...
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    Phil Gould and Bulldogs land signature of 'lightning' nephew of Kiwi legend

    Watched him play for the first time on the weekend. He was very impressive. Good athlete. Looks like he has been playing fullback but was on the wing this week.
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    Hayward - What's Ciraldo's plan here?

    He is not an option at 7. He has been underwhelming in the half back role in the last couple of years. Seems to have found his spot in the hooker / lock role. As others said he will play the Kurt Mann role when he's out and eventually when Man retires
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    Official Injury updates

    Possibly Max King. If he was a chance for this week would have to think he might play
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    Opinion Taffee vs Tracey

    1. Tracy 2. Fox 3. Xerri 4. Critta 5. Kiraz 6. Burton 7. Sexton 8. Patolo 9. Mahoney 10. Hughes 11. Curran 12.kikau 13. Hayward 14. Taafe 15. Farmasili 16. Morrin 17. Kataga If King is back he will replace farmasilli
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    OFFICIAL | GAME DAY Round 6 | Storm vs Bulldogs | AAMI Park

    Harry Grant will terrorise our middle fowards without King there. That's were the game will be lost
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    Official NSW CUP Jersey Flegg Ron Massey Scores ,Squads and Team News 2024

    No worries. The only problem with Joash is he is dodgy under the high ball much like Taafe rest of his game is great. Might be worth brining off the bench later in the year for a taste of first grade. Tia has all the skills and a.great kicking game. Appears to have more upside than O neil in my...
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    Official NSW CUP Jersey Flegg Ron Massey Scores ,Squads and Team News 2024

    Some bad errors from the dogs after making some line breaks. Todd and Papalli stand outs so far from the dogs. Skelton rocks and diamonds performance. Damon Marshall going well off the bench.
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    Official NSW CUP Jersey Flegg Ron Massey Scores ,Squads and Team News 2024

    He's a goer but way to Small. I think Underhill has more upside
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    100 % , great hole runner
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    Kurt Mann is so underrated

    Salmon is ordinary in attack but great defensively.
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    Rd 3 vs Titans 3-2-1

    Curran Kiraz KIKAU Mahoney Don't care what order.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    I have no doubt they have improved massively on last year and are playing for Ciro. My biggest concern is how long will the effort last while they keep loosing.
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    Rd 1 vs Eels 3-2-1

    Didn't anyone notice that knock on from Guterson in the tackle before their 2nd try ? We cannot get a call
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    News The Mole: Seven new Bulldogs tipped to make team after Phil Gould axes 'dead wood'

    I think Fox should be moved on after this year. Trade him for a quality front rower. He is not much better than Wilson imo and his best years behind him.
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    Your Round 1 Team?

    1. Wilson 2. Ado Carr 3. Xerri 4. Crighton 5. Kiraz 6. Burton ( running out of chances ) 7. Sexton ( need a right foot kicker ) 8. King 9. Mahoney 10. Poasa 11. Preston 12. Kikau 13. Curran 14. Salman 15. Tracy 16. Hughes 17. Morrin
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    Opinion The Work Behind The Scenes

    Thanks for the update. What is happening with the Centre of excellence Wasn't it meant to have starting being built by now ?
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    Opinion Pre Season Training

    Anyone know who this is ?
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    2024 starting 17 .... who's in your team?

    1. Wilson 2. Kiraz 3. Xerri 4. Crighton 5. Ado Carr 6. Burton 7. Sexton 8. King 9. Mahoney 10. Knight 11. Preston 12. Kikau 13. Curran 14. Toukiaho 15. Sam Hughes 16. Mann 17. Salmon 18. Patolo 19. Morrin 20. Hutchinson 21. Taafe
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    Ryan Sutton Defence

    I thought his performance was shocking watching it live. It was worse than I thought on reply. He's got to go.
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    Your team for round 22 vs Dolphins?

    1 . Wilson 2. Skelton 3. Kiraz 4. Averillo 5. Fox 6. Burton. On his last legs. Should be dropped 7. Sexton 8. Hughes 9. Mahoney 10. King 11. Preston 12. Kikau 13. Sutton 14. Topine 15. Tpj 16. Pele 17. Rfm
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    Has Ciraldo done anything to improve the team?

    I saw improves in the first 10 weeks of the season for sure. I think a combination of the early season injury toll and players being told they aren't wanted has contributed to the performances in the last month. Kiraz and King were our best players to start the year and haven't been the same...
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    Some bloke on triple m today said if Perham was a animal you would shoot him and put him out of his misery. Hard to argue.
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    Will the Bulldogs Retain Paul Alamoti

    If I'm being honest I don't think he will be the superstar most thought he would including me. In saying that he is much better as a right centre and the loss of Ado Carr affected him alot. I would definitely keep him but we will move on if he goes.
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    NRL corrupt

    Makes no difference if he touched it anyway. Wasnt played at and it wasn't a pass from the Titans so ridiculous decision either way. Disgusting corruption.
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    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Hame Sele

    Who is the young forward mate and what club does he play for ?
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    Rd 12 Press Conference

    Next week team should look like this. 1. Kiraz 2. Fox 3. Alamoti 4. Averillo 5. Wilson 6. Oloapu 7. Burton 8. Hughes ( King needs time off he's busted) 9. Mahoney 10. TPj 11. Preson 12. Waddell 13. Edwards 14. NU Brown 15 . Pele 16. Okonbor 17. Morrin / Sutton Dropped- Perham / RFM...
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    Oloapu, is he ready?

    He will handle the step up physically no doubt. His decision making needs a bit of work but he's 18 and will come with time. He only needs to play a simple role to start run the ball and put in an occasional kick. I say put him in.
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    Extending Corey Waddell

    I have been his biggest critic for years. I have to say he's our most improved player this year. I would extend him for another season.
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    Rd 7 Vs Eel

    Team I would go with. 1. Perham 2. Skelton ( they will pick Burns due to experience) 3. Averillo 4. Alamoti 5. Kiraz 6. Burton 7. Oloapu 8. King 9. Mahoney 10. Hughes ( big body to start the game ) 11. Kikau 12. Preston 13. Rfm 14. Topine 15. Tpj 16. Waddell 17. Sutton / Morrin - Sutton has...
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    Official Round 6 Bulldog V Sutton & Rabbitoh

    I rate Hughes highly although these are tough circumstances to make a debut. He's played 30 mins of Football in 9 months
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    All Hail The King..

    He's a legend . So underrated and tough as nails. Carrying a foot injury too.
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    Official Round 4 Vs Warrior

    Max King will be out. Gould said we have 5 now 6 Front rowers out on his podcast. I'm assuming that means. TPJ, Patolo , Thompson, King, Hughes And Pele . We are screwed.
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    Official Round 4 Vs Warrior

    Where is Pele again ? That is pissing me off no explanation from the club.
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    Opinion New Attacking Structures

    The difference between Ciraldo compared to Hasler/ Barret / Pay is the ability to get average players to play to there potential. For example Perham.
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    Official Round 2 vs Storm Match Discussion

    Hasn't been mentioned much but I thought Alamoti was great last night in attack and Defence. Definaltley got the better of Reimis Smith
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    Round 1 Bulldogs Vs Manly

    Just watched the replay. Perham - was very solid looked threatening on a number of occasions. Kiraz - outstanding best outside back on the field. Averilo - such a cat, can't beat a tackle and just surrenders so easily. Bombed a certain try at a crucial period of the game. Alamoti - Solid on...
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    Round 1 Bulldogs Vs Manly

    Thanks for the update. Was Paul Alamoti training ?
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    Round 1 Bulldogs Vs Manly

    Not even round 1 and have 3 of our best front rowers out. Unbelievable
  63. J


    Spot on assessment. Exactly how I saw the game.
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    Opinion Averilo

    Shocking let in 3 trys early in the 2nd half. I have been a big supporter of his but his days are numbered. Massive cat
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    Official Bulldogs vs Sharks Pre-season Challenge - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    Positives - Preston, Nu Brown , Kiraz. Negatives - Averillo , Perham , Flangan 2 spine positions a major issue. Mahoney is a great player but was ordinary today.
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    Official Bulldogs vs Sharks Pre-season Challenge - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    Settle down. They have scored 2 tries off kicks. Goal line defence much better. Attack in trails means nothing.
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    Opinion Karl Oloapu

    What role is Preston playing mate. Do you think he will be part of the round 1 team from what you saw. Considering Kikau is back?
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    Official Bulldogs vs Sharks Pre-season Challenge - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    Might have something to do with Jersey numbers. Wadell and Davey wore 16 and 17 last week .Skelton 19 and Topine 20 they all remained the same. Bench numbers don't mean anything in a trial.
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    Official 2024 SG Ball, Harold Matts Squads , Scores and Team News

    I went to the game. Fanafoua seve big front rower was outstanding in sg ball. Micheal Gabriel looked dangerous with every touch. Mazone scored 3 run away tries and is lightning quick, although he gets bashed bringing the ball back
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    News Spencer Leniu “As good as done”: Penrith enforcer set for surprise club switch

    Hi mate saw a video and Kiraz looked injured. Was he training ?
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    Opinion Karl Oloapu

    Just saw the yktr podcast with Mason. He said he is unbelievable for his age and has come into training and is smashing blokes and his skillet is insane. Said they will build the club around him he's that good.
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    Opinion Karl Oloapu

    That's Joash Papalli
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    News Franklin Pele article

    Got a feeling something has happened to him. Has not been seen since the Christmas brake and Gus refusing to answer questions as to what's happened to him on twitter. Anyone know anything ?
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    2022-2023 Bulldogs Pre Season Thread

    Haven't seen Kiraz in this week's photos and videos. Hope he's not injured ?
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    New jersey leak

    These are the best looking jerseys in years.
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    News ‘It’s a fairytale’: Reynolds ready to become Prince of Belmore again

    Reynolds is clearly past it. However still a better option than Flopagan. Any chance of making the 8 is gone is he starts at 7.
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    2022-2023 Bulldogs Pre Season Thread

    Who is the bloke Mariner is holding onto. Rob Toia from the Roosters ? Gun centre
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    Give us your best 3 or 4 signing predictions

    Aaron Warbourton has just flown to Manchester. Must be going to finalise a signature?
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    2022-2023 Bulldogs Pre Season Thread

    BBO injury is going to bite us. Provided half and hooker coverage . No pressure on Flopagan now.
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    News Khalil Rahme

    He got player of the year for the whole Qld under 20s comp. Must be a talent.
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    News Wests Tigers face fight to keep Daine Laurie and Bulldogs ready to pounce

    I wouldn't be signing a fullback. Unfortunately Averillo is a stop gap until Joash Papalii is ready.
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    News Mario Fenech endured Footy Show taunts despite the onset of early dementia

    I feel for the bloke and clearly has an issue. However his wife annoyed me and played up a bit for the camera. Made out as if he couldn't shave on his on but the next second playing a round of golf. She kept cutting him off aswell.
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    Opinion Khaled Rajab

    Great player. My only issue is will he be good foil for Burton ? Both left side players and Ball runners.
  84. J

    Opinion Khaled Rajab

    Looked good in Nsw cup today. Might be an option for next year with BBO going down
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    Official Andrew Davey confirmed

    Does anyone knows Morrins contract status ? Hope he's signed been outstanding all year.
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    Official Andrew Davey confirmed

    Any idea who it is ?
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    Opinion Our Fullback

    100 100 % correct.
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    Official Jacob Preston Scored the match winning try today and a couple of other nice touches. Looks like a great signing.
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    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Canterbury Eye Gun Rookie

    Isaiah Iongi panthers Nsw cup fullback from QLD ?
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    Jersey Flegg Round 23

    How do the Johannassen brothers go. They seem to have some big raps on them ?
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    Dogs V Parra NSW CUP

    Morrin MOM outstanding in attack and defence. Should be Back in first grade on that performance.
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    Opinion 2023 Squad

    On Twitter some guy is saying Flegg hooker Brandon Clarke has signed a 3 year top 30 deal .