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    AAN number

    Any idea on which end our supporters section will be??
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    Pax numbers

    General public tickets were out from 10am yeasterday
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    Urgent: Aan number

    If I was to guess i would say about, 30k Bulldog fans, 15-20k Panther fans and about 5-10k neutrals/ANZ stadium members, a pass mark is about 55k for this one.
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    Roll Call: Bulldogs vs Panthers Preliminary Final

    Bay 112-1 row 13, there will be 12 of us!!!
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    Roll Call: Bulldogs vs Panthers Preliminary Final

    Yeah, I told him that I wanna sort it out now but the guy i got was pretty cool so he did it right away for me
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    Roll Call: Bulldogs vs Panthers Preliminary Final

    Same thing happended to me, I bought 3 family tickets but only received 3 seats. Had to call them and sort it out.
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    Bulldogs Player Movements | Re-Signings | Rumour Mill | 2014 Edition
  8. ByRd

    Bulldogs Grant Barba a Release

    Beale, Moltzen, Coote....I just shudder at the thought, HELL NO to all of them.
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    Bulldogs Grant Barba a Release

    Thank God it's over, don't need anymore drama and he has cause them all year long. I hope this means we have a big name coming in but if not, Morris will do!!
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    Round 6, A bulldog....In the Chook Pen & the Bulldog ARMY!

    If only they played with the passion we showed last night, the crowd was rocking in that first half and then they come out with that sh!t in the second half, oh we, that chant was awesome, went for ages and everyone joined in, any video of it?
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    Round 6 Roll Call: Roosters Vs Bulldogs Roll Call

    Ill be there plus 7!!
  12. ByRd

    Named Bulldogs Team

    Turner and Low will swap 100%
  13. ByRd

    Best Place to watch the Game??

    Ummm at the game!!! Got my tickets when they first came out, can't wait!!!
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    The Where are you sitting Thread? Prelim Final

    12 tickets in bay 104, row 27!!!
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    Pre-Sale Tickets for Friday Night's Clash - Bulldogs v Manly

    Aisle 107, row 13!!! 16 tickets!!!
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    Nine and Fox Sports to retain NRL rights

    This is a good deal, we cant win everything and it will set us up for an even better deal next time now that Fox/9 have lost their first and last rights. Also, if the NRL is smart, it should just move the Sunday 3pm game to a 4pm kick off that way it is live and 9 is happy that it still leads...
  17. ByRd

    Will/Should Hasler rest anyone for the last 2 rounds?

    Resting players in the last round isn't the best idea because if all goes to plan we will have week 2 off in the finals meaning those players would only have played twice in the space of 4 weeks, not the best thing to do
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    The Dark Knight Rises !!

    I caught the midnight session as well, it was just too awesome and insane. I loved every second of it and everything about it was done perfectly. Bane was just an animal and his character was done perfectly, from his strength and power to the intellect in his words and story, i will def be...
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    Dene Halatau - 2012 Discussion Thread

    It is a big loss, he hits the ball and holes at pace and does a lot of work in defense especially helping Reynolds out
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    Next week team

    Hodko played well but Keating has done nothing to be dropped and has been playing well, he will not be dropped anytime soon
  21. ByRd

    Sam Perrett to join Bulldogs immediately?

    If true and everybody is fit next year: Barba Inu Lafai Morris Perrett
  22. ByRd

    Michael lett has quit: confirmed

    This. He was never really that good and just another player people over hype. No big loss at all
  23. ByRd

    Keating v Romelo

  24. ByRd

    Pick your NSW origin team on form

    1. Dugan 2. Uate 3. J. Morris 4. Jennings 5. Hayne 6. Carney 7. Pearce 8. Gallen 9. Ennis 10. Tamou 11. Bird 12. Lewis 13. Stewart 14. Hinchcliffe 15. Watmough 16. T. Williams 17. Sims
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    Titans Team vs Bulldogs

    Should put a score on them if we are being serious, hopefully we show up and smash em
  26. ByRd

    Titans star Jamal Irdris itching to meet old Bulldogs teammates

    I dont mind Idris leaving and good luck to him but if he was still here under Des, he would of been turned into our very own version of T-rex but meh, we will never know. Hope we smash the Titans on Fri night!!!
  27. ByRd

    Brisbane Broncos locked in battle to retain Ben Te'o from Canterbury-Bankstown, South

    Stagg is as good as gone, he wont be re signed imo and i also think Halatau might be let go too.
  28. ByRd

    Round 9 official side v parra

    Stagg on the bench is useless, i like Eastwood starting but Stagg either starts or should not be in the side. Would rather the punch of Marty coming off the bench instead. Also, its good to see Lafai back. He was excellent last year and now he has the chance to cement a spot for himself.
  29. ByRd

    Broncos' Peter Wallace may ride to NSW Blues' rescue after Jarryd Hayne experiment

    Carney is and should be the #6, has been in good form and has that x factor about him. Pearce and Wallace can battle it out for the #7.
  30. ByRd

    Manly Pride At It's Best/ Posted By Conanu

    Ummm no, Dogs fans would get out there and support OUR team, who cares about anything else, Manly fans are just butt hurt.
  31. ByRd

    Bennett mixed on play-killing kicks

    If it ain't broke don't fix it. We are not rugby union to have the ball come back from where it was kicked. It is a good strategy and teams are gonna have to adapt, simple as that.
  32. ByRd

    I'm cheering for Kris Keating anyway so nerrrr ...

    Seriously those bagging him out are just doing so for the sake of it. He was solid, did what he was instructed to do and didn't do anything that made you wanna pull your hair out, he was fine.
  33. ByRd

    Round 1 Team Announced.

    Back line is pretty mehhh apart from Barba & Morris. Rest of the team is as expected but i hope big Marty can force his way into the side in the coming weeks.
  34. ByRd

    Best dogs game/s you've ever been to?

    2004 grand final, wasn't the best of footy games but nothing beats being there watching your side win the GF, will never forget it!!!
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    NBA The Consolidated NBA Thread

    Things are getting ridiculous now, NBA has blocked the trade as they are league owned and the owners of other sides had a sook and vetoed it. It is a complete mess right now.
  36. ByRd

    NBA The Consolidated NBA Thread

    Bynum will be moved for Dwight if that was to happen but we dont know whats going to happen so we gotta wait and see, im so pumped though lol but i feel sorry for Gasol & Odom.
  37. ByRd

    NBA The Consolidated NBA Thread Things are getting crazy, this better be followed up with Howard coming too otherwise losing Pau and Odom is way too much.
  38. ByRd

    Arthur Beetson Dead

    Will always be remembered, an absolute legend of the game, R.I.P mate.
  39. ByRd

    Lebanon enjoy massive win over Serbia

    Italy were leading 18-0 at half time and Lebanon fought back but for the second straight qualifying campaign, Lebanon draws the final game and misses out on f/a, gutted.
  40. ByRd

    Lebanon enjoy massive win over Serbia

    Lebanon and Italy ended 19-19 but Italy goes through on f/a, freaking spewing
  41. ByRd

    Andrew Bogut signs on for NBL stint with Sydney Kings while NBA lockout continues

    Ummm what, he is only playing here while the NBA is on lockout, once the season starts up again he will be on the first plane out!!!
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    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    Absolutely pathetic, no heart or desire as you said, only a few players can keep their heads up, pathetic
  43. ByRd

    Wright and Lett Try celebration

    The dance is called the cat daddy, look it up on YouTube lol
  44. ByRd

    Michael Lett - 2011 Discussion Thread

    Your reply has nothing to do with what was said, it's not a positive thing we are again in the NSW cup final, it shows how pathetic our recruitment has been in recent years cause many of the players were brought here for first grade. And it's not an achievement coming close to the finals, being...
  45. ByRd

    Michael Lett - 2011 Discussion Thread

    Jackson, Finucane, Abou-Sleiman will all be in the NSW cup side next year, these guys had a good year and will only get better by training with the top grade in the off season and stepping up a level.
  46. ByRd

    Michael Lett - 2011 Discussion Thread

    Our success in NSW cup is depressing and not something to be too happy about, most of those players are there cause they won't good enough for the top grade which shows why 15 out of the 18 named this week have played first grade and the team has nearly 800 games between them in the NRL. And...
  47. ByRd

    World Cup European zone qualifying competition will be played in Belgrade

    Farah doesn't want to play either way so that doesn't matter, toughest game will be against Italy. My bro in law is the assistant coach and they are flying out soon, hopefully they can get through.
  48. ByRd

    Canterbury Bulldogs Player Signings, Re-signings & Rumour Mill: 2011 Edition

    Exactly, the AFL dont care and in the last week there have been like 2/3 coaching announcements.
  49. ByRd

    bulldogs head coach superthread

    Like others have said, it will be Stuart.
  50. ByRd

    Sixth Placed Dogs Steady Ahead of Toyota Cup qualifier

    28-12, what the hell has happened in the 2nd half, cost me my multi lol
  51. ByRd

    Sixth Placed Dogs Steady Ahead of Toyota Cup qualifier

    20-12 sharks now ffsss 10 to go
  52. ByRd

    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    Some great saves there, the kid is a freak!!!
  53. ByRd

    Player exodus!!

    lol really, tap me on the shoulder when we win with Keating at 6
  54. ByRd

    Player exodus!!

    Roberts>>>>>Keating/Reynolds and whoever else we play at 6. He may not have been a world beater but was still our best option and did not have a consistent run in the side this year. Was left out for the first half of the season (when we were struggling big time) and only played a few games...
  55. ByRd

    Jamal Idris's Mad Monday form slump

    Wtf lol this is the worst story ever, what pathetic journalism!!!
  56. ByRd

    Hannant Vs Tolman

    Not really true with him at Melbourne, they had the likes of White, Lima etc. who did alot of the hard work, Tolman was good but played in a dominant team then and wasnt the engine room leader. At the dogs, he is our engine room leader and needs to improve his game and become stronger and get...
  57. ByRd

    Hannant Vs Tolman

    Hannant>>>>>>>Tolman right now and its not even debatable. I love Tolman and all the work he does but as people have said he has a high work rate but doesnt have much of an impact. He needs to develop a short ball, off load and some foot work etc. to become a better player and as he is still...
  58. ByRd

    Sione Kite

    Kite will be fine imo, front rowers take time and he has the ability. As people have said, he has been unlucky with injuries but he just needs time and learning under Bellamy will be the best for him. I really hope he does well, he will always be a bulldog and i wish we stuck with him and gave...
  59. ByRd

    Your 2012 Squad

    Eastward lol really...
  60. ByRd

    No Finals Action 2 Years Running

    Its sad that we have missed the finals 3 of the last 4 years, we need to turn things around in a big way next season.
  61. ByRd

    Player farewells today

    Amen brother!!! long live the Moz
  62. ByRd

    Player farewells today

    I thought they could of done more for Hodgo, he was an after thought after Ryan (understandably) but they gave more attention to Tongue retiring then Hodgo, when the players were doing a lap around at the end, everyone was chanting for Bobcat and Hodgo was walking behind with his kids and me and...
  63. ByRd

    Thanks Bobcat for......

    An absolute champion on and off the field, our club is a better place for him being captain and being apart of it. Thanks for the memories.
  64. ByRd

    Crowd Predictions for Round 26

    Well be lucky to crack 20k, i expect about 15-17k.
  65. ByRd

    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    Walcott will be fine, there was way too much hype on him and he is still young. He has already bagged 3 goals this year and i expect him to step up.
  66. ByRd

    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    Either way, its better then the back up choice being Traore lol Gibbs/Santos have good competition for the spot now and lets hope it raises both their games.
  67. ByRd

    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    Ive seen Santos play a few times and he isnt the best defender but if we are taking into his account to get up field and contribute in attack, id have him over Gibbs for sure and Gibbs is hardly healthy anyways lol
  68. ByRd

    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    Santos will start in place of Gibbs imo
  69. ByRd

    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    Yep, agreed with that.
  70. ByRd

    Cantebury Bulldogs aim to use the force as they wear Star Wars jumper

    I think it is a disgrace that Bobcats last game in a Bulldogs jersey is not even going to be in the blue and white.
  71. ByRd

    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    Chezzy Sagna - Vermaelen - Mertesacker - Santos Song Wilshere - Arteta Gerinvho - RvP - Walcott Things are looking much better then they were a few days ago, we have no replaced Cesc/Nasri but our defence is MUCH stronger and we have more depth in the midfield.
  72. ByRd

    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    This strengthens us and each player brought in we needed them as those positions were weak, we have experience in midfield and a tall imposing figure at the back, hopefully we turn our form around and in Jan make a couple of major signings.
  73. ByRd

    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    Pretty happy with those signings, especially Arteta!!!
  74. ByRd

    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    That high line has not worked at all, i dont understand why they persist with it.
  75. ByRd

    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    Well im happy with the 3 that have been brought in so far (Park, Santos, Mer) if we can get a midfielder (or maybe 2), i will give them credit but will still not understand why it couldnt be done earlier.
  76. ByRd

    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    So many rumours flying around, apparently Wenger is in France (lets hope its for Hazard). Young is confirmed, Santos/Mertesacker is pretty much confirmed and then there are still rumours of a number of other players. Not long to go.
  77. ByRd

    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    Cahill should of been wrapped up a month ago, dumb management.
  78. ByRd

    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    Santos is a solid signing, would have him over Gibbs. Just get Cahill and another midfielder and we will be looking ok.
  79. ByRd

    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    Yeh i know that but them selling him has to mean he is bringing someone in but anyways Traore is a waste of space and doesnt deserve to wear an Arsenal shirt.
  80. ByRd

    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    Screw Traore anyway, the guy is RUBBISH.
  81. ByRd

    ATTN: Jim Dymock

    haha imagine that, lets do it this Sunday!!!
  82. ByRd

    ATTN: Jim Dymock

    This is freaking awesome!!!
  83. ByRd

    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    I don't even know what to say, just a pathetic and embarrassing performance, no excuses. Credit to our fans at the ground, even down by 4-5 they were making noise, enough is enough and we need to spend ASAP. I was expecting a loss but am lost for words at that.
  84. ByRd

    Sydney Kings reject now an LA Lakers player

    Good luck to him but he wont make the final squad for the next season and i doubt he ever suits up in a Laker uniform
  85. ByRd

    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    As you guys have said, he did nothing wrong but was there really a point in commenting on the fans, pretty stupid on his behalf and i hope the fans rip into him when we play them at home. Now that we are in the CL, lets hope this gets us a couple of signings asap.
  86. ByRd

    Jim Dymock - 2011 Discussion Thread

    I would put Hasler with Bellamy/Bennett but the rest are way behind those three.
  87. ByRd

    Bayssari announces Lebanon train-on squad

    He doesnt wanna play and like you said, he has chosen to play for Australia/NSW so no point in arguing over him.
  88. ByRd

    Bayssari announces Lebanon train-on squad

    Farah does not want to play for Lebanon.
  89. ByRd

    Bayssari announces Lebanon train-on squad

    Farah will be the Aussie backup. On the Lebanon squad, its not that bad. My brother in law is part of the coaching staff so i hope the boys do well and in a couple of weekends there is a Lebanon rugby league fundraiser on at the Westella to help support the boys going across.
  90. ByRd

    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    This has been an off season from hell and imagine we get knocked out tomorrow, i cant even think of what would happen. If their only concern is making money and not going after the best and winning, then we are in for a long season and finishing in the top half would be an accomplishment.
  91. ByRd

    Signature Request

    haha no bandwagon here, been a fan for a long time and whats up with the Fields love lol
  92. ByRd

    Signature Request

    haha Fields, his a solid player but please, Laker for life right here!!!
  93. ByRd

    Soccer The Gunners Super Thread

    Lol let's hope he remembers that when he gets older