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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Tetevano & Topine have already been released & Woods, Hayward, Amone & Sitili have been added to next years top30 making 29 leaving only one spot open for perhaps Patolo or Skelton. But Gus does like the off season tap on the shoulder so maybe Sutton, Hutch etc may free up a spot.
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    Zane Tetevano signs a one-year deal

    Deadline July 1, Easts & Titans got their rugby recruits early on the last transfer day being yesterday.
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    Ch 9 News (inc DannyW) EMRE GULER Requests Release From Raiders on compassionate grounds

    Ah Condells also from many years ago, Watsup Brothers is near the cnr of Eldridge Rd & Edgar St with very tasty food & friendly smiling Turks.
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    No Source Corey Horsburgh

    Horsburgh has only played 2 NRL games this year & has not played since Rd5
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Also does not show Sexton's 2025 contract & should delete Topine for 2024, to make top30 not31.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    You should read the Bulldogs website, this signing was announced 25Oct 2023. Winger Blake Wilson Awarded Extension AuthorCaitlin GlanvilleMedia & Communications ManagerTimestampWed 25 Oct 2023, 10:21 AM Share on social media Noosa Pirates junior Blake Wilson has inked a new deal with the...
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    Official NSW CUP Jersey Flegg Ron Massey Scores ,Squads and Team News 2024

    Probably next game Vs Roosters when JAC, Preston, Mann, Burton & Crichton are missing.
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    OFFICIAL | POST-GAME Rd 14 | Bulldogs vs. Eels | Monday 4pm @ Accor - #HABS#

    The king plays his 200th NRL game on the King's Birthday holiday, not a good omen, ouch.
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    Kikau Injured?

    Four fingers & a thumb is not that uncommon.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Both Woods & Hayward have top30 contracts in 2025
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    Official NSW CUP Jersey Flegg Ron Massey Scores ,Squads and Team News 2024

    Jesse Marschke at 5/8 is also a former Bulldog.
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    Opinion Liam Knight

    Dogs stopped paying Topine's contract 31 Oct 2023 & removed his photo profile from Dogs site. They notified NRL but unfortunately he is still listed on signings tracker showing Dogs have a top 31 player list.
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    Time for Ciro to be BRAVE !!!

    Problem with Woods at the moment he hasn't goy a mature NRL body, he has to jump into the pool twice to make the one splash.
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    Official NSW CUP Jersey Flegg Ron Massey Scores ,Squads and Team News 2024

    Wakeham is named in Manly's 22 man squad to play in Magic Round but press release states former Wests & Bulldogs player arrested.
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    Official NSW CUP Jersey Flegg Ron Massey Scores ,Squads and Team News 2024

    If the Dogs beat the Roosters we go to the top of the comp.
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    News Jackson Topine takes Bulldogs to court

    Andrew Davey was released 3 months before Topine's wrestling punishment & most likely only eye witness's will be called to give court evidence.
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    Rumour BBO

    Townsville Blackhawks are linked with the Sydney Rabbitohs not Cowboys.
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    Official NSW CUP Jersey Flegg Ron Massey Scores ,Squads and Team News 2024

    Maybe Rajab asked for a release because he got pissed being demoted to Massey Cup after being a starter in NSWCup last year.
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    Rumour BBO

    How did he get injured being 18th man sitting on the bench vs Knights, a severe case of splinters perhaps?
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    OFFICIAL | PRE-GAME Round 9 | Pre game | Bulldogs vs Tigers

    Wilson might only play till halftime & then be 18th man in NRL??
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    Official NSW CUP Jersey Flegg Ron Massey Scores ,Squads and Team News 2024

    BBO not selected in any grade after being named at 5/8 but dropped to 18th man on game day in NSWCup 2 weeks ago.
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    IMB is playing Massey cup today 12pm, check your teamlist again.
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    OFFICIAL | PRE-GAME Round 7 | Pre game / Game Day | Bulldogs vs Knights

    Poasa & Turpin playing NSWCup means Hayward, Taffee Morrin, & King playing NRL
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    Official 2024 SG Ball, Harold Matts Squads , Scores and Team News

    Dogs Matthews Cup team & Easts SGB team were both undefeated till today & both had not played for 3 weeks, crazy.
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    No Source Trey Mooney

    Trey is an old Aussie slang term for a Threepence & a Zac was Sixpence & a Dina was a Shilling etc
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    No Source Trey Mooney

    My maximum amount of $195k is what is left from the $650k Supplementary cap. 6 players x $80k min plus Morrin, Poasa & Hayward $3k/game bonus subtract approx $40k for Edwards release.
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    Official NSW CUP Jersey Flegg Ron Massey Scores ,Squads and Team News 2024

    Huge prop IMB making his long awaited comeback in Massey Cup on Sunday after more than 12 months out with injury.
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    No Source Trey Mooney

    True, but can't buy much for $80k to $195k max Supplementary contract. Please check my arithmetic.
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    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Edwards to Cowboys

    Edwards got Supplementary (old Development) deal when Gabrael went to Sharks.
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    Official Injury updates

    Add Jake Turpin to your list.
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    Official NSW CUP Jersey Flegg Ron Massey Scores ,Squads and Team News 2024

    Poasa & Patolo should drop back from NRL extended bench
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Hopefully he didn't give Potter those black eyes as per Titans game coaches box behind CC.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Ask Gus what has happened to Jeral Skelton after finishing his last game vs the Jets on 15 March.
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    Do you mean like Robert Shaw in Battle of the Bulge Movie
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    Official NSW CUP Jersey Flegg Ron Massey Scores ,Squads and Team News 2024

    Lachlan Vale 2023 Bulldogs Jersey Flegg player of the year.
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    Another Backrower - Jirah Momoisea - outside top 30

    Yes Jirah Momoisea played 50mins in Dogs Massey Cup who lost on the bell 22-18, equal tries but only kicking one conversion.
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    Rumour Some new bloke

    Gus might have to release someone from top30 before Jirah Momma-mia is officially announced, although I noticed Topine's photo was removed from Bulldogs Team page during the week.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Very strange Bulldogs Teams Top30 photo selections, BBO is not in top30 & Poasa Faamausili has a Supplementary (development) contract & Daniel Suluka-Fifita is not listed, also player JT recently removed is still listed on Signings Tracker
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    News Bulldogs star Karl Oloapu breaks silence on career defining spinal surgery, rehab, Anthony Minichiello’s advice

    Who said we are getting salary cap dispensation for KO? Usually only applies if injury happened in a rep game. Maybe Gus will use his Top30 spot this year like he did with BBO last year & promoted Hoffman.
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    Official NSW CUP Jersey Flegg Ron Massey Scores ,Squads and Team News 2024

    4July 2023, The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs are pleased to announce the signing of Toby Sexton effective immediately and until the end of the 2025 season. Signings Tracker have been wrong this year also not showing Blake Wilson's 2025 contract.
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    Official NSW CUP Jersey Flegg Ron Massey Scores ,Squads and Team News 2024

    As yet O'Neill does not have a contract for next year whereas 4 halfbacks in Hutchison, Sexton, Hayward & Woods all have top30 deals for 2025.
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    Official NSW CUP Jersey Flegg Ron Massey Scores ,Squads and Team News 2024

    Only 7 out of 17 players from Dogs winning JF 2023 grand final team are in the team to play the Eels, a couple injured, some left & others elevated to NSWCup.
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    News Teams Tips Vs Parramatta Updated

    I have a dream one day the Bulldogs will rise up, I have a dream... sounds familiar... MLK.
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    Zane Tetevano signs a one-year deal

    Zane Tetevano added to official Dogs Top30 list but BBO removed, so 29 including Jackson Topine.
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    Lets Trot Show - EP 19 The Fox is Back! Lets Trot with Josh Addo-Carr

    JAC missed the Dogs season launch last night or he is extremely camera shy.
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    2024 Bulldogs AGM

    They said at the AGM they were going to announce the top30 tonight at the season launch, maybe no Topine?? The NRL requires a min 28 players signed to top30 contracts by March. Dogs currently have 29 listed on including Topine.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Has Gus forgotten about KO's neck surgery, rehab & possible return date?
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    OFFICIAL | PRE-GAME Trial No. 2 - Bulldogs vs Sharks - Friday 8pm BSG

    BBO came back long before the finals, he played the last 9 games & steered the NSWCup team to only one win.
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    Your Round 1 Team?

    O'Neill, Hayward, Papalii, Morrin, Faamausili & Edwards are Supplementary (old development) contracted & are NRL available from Rd1 NSW contracted & train & trial contracted have to wait till Rd11.
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    Official Nsw Cup trial Team List

    Zac Hetherington has signed with Wynnum Manly Seagulls
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    2024 Bulldogs AGM

    Buzz hitting back at Gus for saying his paper is a f------ rag. Buzz: Wrestle-Gate creates cap drama for Dogs The Bulldogs have a salary cap problem with a player who walked out on the club last year no longer being paid despite the NRL listing him in the top 30.
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    News Canterbury Bulldogs chairman John Khoury set to step down

    Looks like 2 Broncos on the same horse, One asks Y'up? other answers Y'up.
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    OFFICIAL | GAME DAY Game day Thread vs. Storm: Trial 1 @ Belmore, 7pm

    Don't forget this team didn't play Tracey, JAC, Crichton, Perham, Kiraz, Oloapu, BBO, Sutton, Turpin, Patolo, Kikau, Curran, Mann. Reserve Edwards
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    Official Nsw Cup trial Team List

    This young Prop comes to the Western Clydesdales after debuting in the Hostplus Cup in 2023 with the Central Queensland Capras. Leard-Lamont has been signed by our NRL affiliate, the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs and will spend the 2024 season with the Western Clydesdales. Young and dynamic with...
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    News Signed 2 years. Suluka Fifita

    Are negotiations still ongoing or did he fail his medical?
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    Official Nsw Cup trial Team List

    These guys will drop back to JF & Massey cup when the comp starts
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    Opinion Pre Season Training

    JAC, Curran & BBO out of Sharks trial but selected for Indg v Maori
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    Trial v Sharks

    NSWCup trial Dogs v Norths (Storm) 15 Feb 5.30pm Belmore
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    Your favourite Bulldogs GF win & why?

    Every Dogs Grand Final year was great just a fantastic ride to share.
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    Official RFM granted immediate release

    Still a little confusing, lists 30 including Topine & Montgomery but missing RFM. Team photos lists 31 includes all 3, but Gus says spots available, so omitting all 3 leaves 28 equals 2 spots available, SIMPLES!!!
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    Official RFM granted immediate release

    Gus tweeted Zac Montgomery left the club before Christmas & he is still shown on the photo/profile page.
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    Opinion Harrison Edwards?

    Gus tweeted Harrison Edwards is on a Supplementary deal this year.
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    Opinion Pre Season Training

    Cash could be the difference, Top30 min wage is $130k & the 6 Dogs players on Supplementary deals have the $650,000 cap divided between them with a min $80k each. One paper report states Woods is also on a Supplementary deal in 2024 making 7 which would mean an even smaller piece of the pie.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    2023 jersey, different minor sponsors this year eg Future Form replaces Sydney Tools etc
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Maybe we are also Shark-Dogs as Xerri, Salmon, Samrani, Hughes & Tracey all played Shark's juniors & even JAC played 2 years for the Sharks NYC team.
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    No Source TPJ Rumours seem Legit ..

    $750k is for a 12 months contract, if he does not sign till May its only for 6 months so about $300k is ok.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    You spotted Montgomery missing form training & now Gus had to bring the top31 down to 30 but I am hearing is now 29 to sign another NRL prop for 2024 so maybe Topine or KO are now a train & trial like BBO last year???
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Ask Gus how huge prop Isaac Matalavea-Booth is also recovering from March 2023 surgery.
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    News NRL 2024: Strengths and weaknesses of Canterbury Bulldogs’ forward pack

    If he has that would make our top31 an NRL compliant top30, plus 7 or 8 supplementary contracts.
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    Official Mitchell Woods secures future at Belmore

    Papali'i Supplementary 2024 & 2025, Todd Train & Trial 2024 as of last Nov1 & as Gus says players & contracts change as circumstances change.
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    Opinion Pre Season Training

    Probably have to wait till second trial v Sharks due to Indig v Maori to see Curran & JAC
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    Opinion Pre Season Training

    So far the jury is still out.
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    Opinion King & Knight are an upgrade on TPJ & Thompson

    By his own admission Knight was sacked by the Sea Eagles, Roosters & Raiders for alcohol abuse & only managed 24 games in his last 3 seasons at Souths due to injury he believes he has had a somewhat wasted career. I believe he will have a big year because at almost 29 the Bulldogs are his last...
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    Opinion King & Knight are an upgrade on TPJ & Thompson

    5 of Liam Knights 10 NRL games were played with Souths.
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    Opinion Pre Season Training

    Twin Turbo told us this fact months ago
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Not a swap deal just swapping clubs.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Rumour in the Shire Hamlin-Uele will be the swap for 2025.
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    WWOS MOLE Terrell May

    Hardly whispers, Joash Papalii to be tried in multiple positions was stated by GM of Pathways Adam Hartigan on Bulldogs site on 11 Oct 2023.
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    2024 Bulldogs Finals Bound!?

    How can you say our middles are worse than last year? Because of injury Hughes & Knight only played 5 games each, Thompson 4 & Patolo 2. As Gus said our middles will surprise this year.
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    Rookie Watch 2024

    Sexton signed till end 2025, as per 4 Jul 2023
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    Kenty may not do nrl360 for a while

    Kent could not be found guilty of choking his girlfriend as he didn't use his hands.
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    No Source Why is Manu not Re-Signed?

    Wonderful to see the new Roosters Rugby recruit has agreed to the Roosters miserly code of accepting $300k less than the Rugby Union offer.
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    Opinion What Position Will Tracey Play

    Sharks confirm 3y Top30 contract for Connor Tracey swap player Michael Gabrael.
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    Opinion What Position Will Tracey Play

    Maybe Dick Tracey came from the Broncos but Connor Tracey is a Sharks junior & played in the halves before joining Souths.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Is that the Fuzz with bleached hair???
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    2024 NRL Signings

    By signing Connor Tracey the Bulldogs now have top31 as per Signings Tracker
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    2024 NRL Signings

    Gus tweeted IM-B is currently on a train & trial contract while still rehabilitating his badly injured lower leg sustained in JF rd2.
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    Opinion Pre Season Training

    Everyone knows RFM is a top boke that is why the Dogs gave him a new 3 year contract & made him cub captain, but he didn't realise he should have put the club & team first & not the young whingers.
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    Klemmer back to the dogs?

    Still a bit younger than SST who turns 32 in January.
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    News Jayden Tanner

    Tanner played lower grades at the Panthers before joining the Dogs so has gone back home to the riff. It would be a brave or stupid man who would suggest he is going to be Leniu's replacement.
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    Sio Siua Taukeiaho Signed

    Edwards is not top30 or Supplementary (Old development) at this stage, but maybe train & trial or NSWCup contract so no NRL till Rd11
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    Opinion Update on Signings

    TPJ photo removed from TEAMS NRL but Burns, EQW & Okunbor etc still on NSWCup page
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    News Siosiua Taukeiaho will NOT be at the Bulldogs in 2024. He has not been released by Catalans and he failed a medical

    Faamausili has replaced Pele & Knight has replaced Thompson & TPJ will be replaced soon so in the mean time try not to panic.
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    Opinion Update on Signings

    Probably just overlooked TPJ, same as NSWCup page with Burns, EQW, Okunbor etc still have their photos listed.
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    WWOS MOLE Terrell May

    Maybe uncle Nick gave the 'manager' an offer he couldn't refuse?