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  1. Baseball Furies

    TripleM Saab asks for release from Dragons?

    Thanks for the heads-up, I am one of “those” people who hammer Meaney for being scared of contact, so this is good advice. A no from me for Saab based on this scouting from @Haddaway!
  2. Baseball Furies

    Opinion Full Metal Racket // Short Fast Loud

    For the AIC fans, this is essential viewing, an absolute legend and freaking cool guy to boot. Oh and that vinyl collection....
  3. Baseball Furies

    Official Round 13 - Bulldogs vs Storm - Discussion Thread

    Absolutely agree @Baby Blues I’m also a big fan of Hynes, I like his balance and with a background in the halves, has great ball playing ability. I think with a decent go in first grade could be a star for sure! Will be a challenge being thrown in this weekend without games under his belt though...
  4. Baseball Furies

    Quick Tap Tolman.

    T.A.R.T Tap And Run Tolman
  5. Baseball Furies


    I actually thought it was Thompson who instigated the challenge, you see him at the play the ball yelling at Jackson, could be wrong but that’s how I read it.
  6. Baseball Furies


    I absolutely would’ve feigned concussion...
  7. Baseball Furies

    3-2-1 Rd12

    3 Dallin 2 Watene 1 Zelezniak
  8. Baseball Furies


    Yeah mate, the left > right passes on those occasions let him down a little but otherwise, he just gives us a bit of spark, which we lack with JMK.
  9. Baseball Furies


    This guy is coming along way better than what I thought, some real slick dummy half runs and general play and also some strong carries when he got pushed out to the forwards! I thought he did really well again... Should’ve had more minutes also, SG has inherited Pays horrendous interchange...
  10. Baseball Furies

    Official Round 12 - Bulldogs vs Eels - Discussion Thread

    Katoa needs to be starting
  11. Baseball Furies

    Official Round 12 - Bulldogs vs Eels - Discussion Thread

    I notice Meaney is still scared of a collision. Fuck, we’re short of backs, absolutely terrible.
  12. Baseball Furies

    No Source Matt Burton

    Brooks to me is in the Top 5 current crop of players who have never lived up to the hype/potential....
  13. Baseball Furies

    Official Supercoach, Fantasy & Tipping Discussion 2020

    Ha ha, didn’t even read your post before I posted mine, Rapana a big yes.
  14. Baseball Furies

    Official Supercoach, Fantasy & Tipping Discussion 2020

    I’m trading in Jordan Rapana this week, nice and cheap now and has the ability to score well. + I’m throwing a bit of a Hail Mary to chase points.
  15. Baseball Furies

    Official Round 12 - Bulldogs vs Eels - Discussion Thread

    #Payout.... Oh, wait a minute....
  16. Baseball Furies

    Official Laundy Hotels announced as Major Sponsor of the Bulldogs

    Outstanding!!! To come out and support the club when our “brand” has taken a battering says a lot to me about Arthur and his family. To me it signals loyalty and I for one have a very long memory and this support will not be forgotten. Will be pumped to purchase a new jersey with their logo...
  17. Baseball Furies


    Meaney = No He looked good yesterday as it was a dour affair and he didn’t have to do too much (did take some nice high kicks under pressure) and it suited his strengths, safe and decent positional play. He lacks a physical presence and doesn’t look like breaking the line and gets rag dolled...
  18. Baseball Furies


    I’d like to see Cogger get a run, I said it last week and I’ll say it again this week, we desperately need a “game manager”, that last 30mins we should’ve closed that game out. Lewis was shit....again and Wakeham wtf. Horrendous interchange management by SG.
  19. Baseball Furies

    3-2-1 Bulldogs vs Knights

    3. Foran 2. Katoa 1. Montoya
  20. Baseball Furies

    Official Supercoach, Fantasy & Tipping Discussion 2020

    I forgot to add Matterson to my team from the bench this week... The SC gods are smiling upon me....
  21. Baseball Furies

    News Bachelorette to Belmore: High-profile pub barons pour millions into Bulldogs

    It’s amazing how a few “good news stories” can turn the tide, even the media have been writing some positive stuff. Media = bipolar
  22. Baseball Furies

    News Bachelorette to Belmore: High-profile pub barons pour millions into Bulldogs

    You’d have to think one of them would look nice on the board? Assuming that’s kosher...
  23. Baseball Furies

    News Canterbury’s off-contract stars will use next 10 games to impress new coach Trent Barrett

    Will be interesting what happens with Tolman, I don’t think he has a future with us at all but for some reason I can see the club offering him something... He just doesn’t suit the modern game and hasn’t done for some time. Need to put him out to pasture...
  24. Baseball Furies

    Replacements for CHN ?

    Hess mmmmm, was watching him the other night and thought how much he has regressed, needs a change of scenery that boy.
  25. Baseball Furies


    Agreed mate, It’s great hearing players talking about his footy brain and he’ll have a point to prove also I’m sure.... Also love that he’s gone away and learned from good structures like the All Blacks, that can only be a good thing. Title of the thread made me wonder where he thread was...
  26. Baseball Furies

    Official Supercoach, Fantasy & Tipping Discussion 2020

    Agreed but if you’re anything like me, I’m burning through the trades as usual (ADHD), so will need some up my sleeve later... This potentially will save me one also.
  27. Baseball Furies

    Official Supercoach, Fantasy & Tipping Discussion 2020

    Yep, Cook straight into my team and will keep title end of year now. Don’t trust Bellamy resting CS9 later in the year...
  28. Baseball Furies

    News (SMH) Barrett to become Bulldogs coach in three-year deal

    And “today” or “tomorrow”, but not “next week” or “Monday”...
  29. Baseball Furies

    Barrett planning Sea Eagles raid - who should we target ?

    Cartwright as his assistant also - now that’s fucking juicey! Liking this more and more each day.
  30. Baseball Furies

    Official Lafai signs for rest of 2020

    Two of my mates that are mad Dragons supporters both said he was one of their favourite players last year - was a “beast in defence” was a quote from one. Admittedly I watched bugger all of their games but it was interesting to hear them talk of him so high!
  31. Baseball Furies

    Official Nick Cotric signs three year deal with the Bulldogs

    Is “today” the new “tomorrow”?
  32. Baseball Furies

    CHN - He'll Only Play For Barrett

    You’d think he did nothing wrong reading these articles. Sure, they might have handled it a bit differently if they had their time again but fuck me, the guy screwed up and I have not seen one ounce of ownership or contrition from him. I’ve got some concerns about Corey’s moral compass...
  33. Baseball Furies

    News Why Trent Barrett is ready to be Canterbury Bulldog’s next coach

    I like the fact it has been mentioned on several occasions how much of a good footy brain he has. I just never saw that with Pay, more a good man manager maybe, but not footy nous/tactics/strategy.
  34. Baseball Furies

    Official Supercoach, Fantasy & Tipping Discussion 2020

    Anyone else trade out Ponga and not play Bradman Best? FMD
  35. Baseball Furies

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    I swear I was just about to post that he’s had a good day today but knew I had to wait till the 80th minute before cursing him/us... FMD
  36. Baseball Furies

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    Soooo many chance to close that out, lack of game management in our team...
  37. Baseball Furies

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    Let’s see how he goes this week at fullback where there’s nowhere to hide... So critical to come out of your own 20 with purpose, I have no confidence in the bloke...he’ll take some high kicks but I want to see how he brings the ball out.
  38. Baseball Furies

    Luke Thompson Fronts Up In Bulldogs Debut

    Agreed mate, I think people forget the competitiveness we had with Graham, Ennis and Reynolds together, they’d get under teams skin and they’d make errors off the back of it. Very pumped up to see the influence he’ll have over the group and it will set him/us up nicely for 2021.
  39. Baseball Furies

    News Johnathan Thurston blasts Des Hasler over Canterbury Bulldogs 'mess' in stunning spray

    Nice to see someone publicly outing Hasler who seems like a protected species in the media! Love your work JT! And if you’re looking for a gig coaching halves....
  40. Baseball Furies

    Official Nick Cotric signs three year deal with the Bulldogs

    I hope he’s as good as everyone says he is, I’ve seen a bit of him and he looks ok, but I’m not totally convinced and most have probably never seen him play at centre either. Hope he doesn’t go all Reimis on us....
  41. Baseball Furies

    Opinion Hooker

    I’d love Grant/Smith but hard to see it happen but I mentioned it before and will again, Havili would be an absolutely astute purchase. He’s a beast, super crisp service and stiffens up the middle with his defence.
  42. Baseball Furies

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    Is there also a “Scared to make contact” tracker also? To be fair, it’s not his fault, it’s our fault that we have to play him there as our recruitment team rolled the dice on him and he has been average.
  43. Baseball Furies

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    But Averillo runs with purpose and isn’t terrified of contact like Meaney, he’s a reserve grader, it just shows how bad our depth is.
  44. Baseball Furies

    Let’s have a chat: Bulldogs officials keen to meet reinstated pair

    Caps lock hurt my eyes... Definitely some momentum gathering to get them back playing for us and some subtle digs at the handling of the situation, no doubt placing a bit more pressure on the board to get this right...
  45. Baseball Furies

    2018 Anderson ticket - 9 Pillar Plan

    I’d like to see a whole new board with no ties to the current or previous boards, a group of astute businessman who understand the game, can formulate a strong business plan, understand financials and know how to navigate the player market.
  46. Baseball Furies

    News Coach, but don't poach: Panthers warn Barrett

    Remember all of the Manly players Des “poached” for us when he left...
  47. Baseball Furies

    Official Dean Pay quits

    Crazy times at our club, hopefully this is the start of the path out of the shit!
  48. Baseball Furies

    My First Born

    Congratulations mate, easily the best day/s of my life when the kids were born, such an awesome feeling. Enjoy the time together bud.
  49. Baseball Furies

    No Source Matt Burton

    You always post quality mate, giving us great updates on the juniors also, I really appreciate that as I don’t get to see any junior games!
  50. Baseball Furies

    Combined Napa and Zelezniak value plus!

    Whilst I agree with the majority of your post mate, particularly the Napa analysis, just woeful, you do realise it’s not Pay necessarily making signings? It’s a recruitment/retention team and I’d be surprised how much air-time (if any) Pay gets in regards to this.... My understanding is back...
  51. Baseball Furies

    News Thompson's mongrel pedigree breeds confidence at Bulldogs

    "To be honest, I always followed the Bulldogs as a kid." Favourite part of the article, when it’s in your blood, it’s in your blood..
  52. Baseball Furies

    News Remis Smith charged & Thompson free to play

    Hope the club don’t spend the money to fight Reimis’s charge, the way he is playing, will make jack of a difference...
  53. Baseball Furies


    Or is an esteemed Kennel member ;) I’m all for change and think we need to move Pay on for a bunch of reasons, our brand has been taking a battering for some time and we need to do something proactive, so agitating for change I do get BUT these articles are growing tiresome...
  54. Baseball Furies

    Opinion Do we need a Ricky Stuart style clean out?

    I posted this exact same thing a couple of weeks back mate, I’m a big fan of bringing in the Ricky Stuart “whiteboard”. We have so many players that are absolute plodders that should not be re-signed and a few we should be doing everything in our power to get other clubs to take from us...
  55. Baseball Furies

    News Bulldogs-bound Lafai to become next Dragon to depart

    Yep, unbelievable, was looking for the FMD button to reply to your post - lol
  56. Baseball Furies

    News Barrett

    I never thought I’d say this, but I’m ok with Barrett being our Head Coach.
  57. Baseball Furies

    Official Round 9 - Bulldogs vs Broncos - Discussion Thread

    FMD - if you want to have every kick return start on the back foot - go ahead!
  58. Baseball Furies

    Official Round 9 - Bulldogs vs Broncos - Discussion Thread

    I literally cannot fucking stand Meaney....
  59. Baseball Furies

    Official Round 9 - Bulldogs vs Broncos - Discussion Thread

    Thanks mate, SC shuffle needed.
  60. Baseball Furies

    Andrew Webster (SMH)

    For some reason I’m expecting some low-key signings next week to deflect from the pressure-cooker the board are under!
  61. Baseball Furies

    Official Supercoach, Fantasy & Tipping Discussion 2020

    So does Teddy’s score this week mean he’ll be over $1million next round? Thankfully had him from the get-go and the c on him again tonight... The beast of beasts!
  62. Baseball Furies

    No Source The Husk

    Got to be kidding...
  63. Baseball Furies

    Official Supercoach, Fantasy & Tipping Discussion 2020

    Yeah, I don’t trust Gutho, he’s not a lock like Teddy and TTurbo. I’m going to hold KP for 1 more week to see if Knights do tweak that attack to get him more quality ball. They’ve shoe-horned Hoy in at the expense of letting KP drift behind and play both sides of the ruck - weird.
  64. Baseball Furies

    Official Supercoach, Fantasy & Tipping Discussion 2020

    Did Ponga pick up a knock? Also heard someone say the Knights have changed up the game plan and it’s not suiting him, Tex Hoy getting the ball more instead of him... Thinking Gutho trade also, I don’t know though, he’s surely due some inconsistency!
  65. Baseball Furies

    No Source Michael Chee-Kam

    “Aaron burst onto the League Scene” LOL
  66. Baseball Furies

    No Source Stephen Chrichton

    Hard to see them letting him go, Gus said they let Waqa Blake go to the Eels as they had Crichton coming through... World is crazy though, so who knows!!!
  67. Baseball Furies

    Return of Corey Harawira-Naera should be at Belmore

    I’m sure if you felt let down by your employer (and publicly too), you’d have to think it’s the last place you’d want to come back to...you’d go to a new employer and start afresh. He’d been shitting himself going to every away game, concerned someone could throw him under the bus. This one has...
  68. Baseball Furies

    Kerrod Holland

    I know it’s probably in the “visionary” basket but how about during the game, if needed, replace a key position on the field - hooker (player who touches the ball the most) with another hooker? Could be me or maybe I’m going a little rogue with that suggestion?
  69. Baseball Furies

    Dallin Watene-Zelezniak makes shocking captain’s call as Bulldogs downed by Rabbitohs

    Shitty headline, he fumbled the ball on the return and they scored on the next set, happens all the time, tried our luck deep in the game with the challenge, didn’t work. Get over it.
  70. Baseball Furies

    Official Round 8 - Bulldogs vs Rabbitohs - Discussion Thread

    We actually don’t even have that mate, the inability to get the ball to land between the dead ball line and try line is nigh on impossible for us... Opposition always get the ball on the 20m, immediately putting us on the back foot...
  71. Baseball Furies

    2 negative emoticons gone

    Said it before and will say it gain mods, add a bloody “thanks” emoticon...
  72. Baseball Furies

    No Source Matt Burton

    Yep, what @NPC83 said
  73. Baseball Furies

    No Source Matt Burton

    Yeah, similar style and frame to Campese. Good halves are to hard to find yet Panthers have 4 - seriously wtf?
  74. Baseball Furies

    No Source Michael Chee-Kam

    I remember him being one of the most highly-touted juniors coming through... Haven’t seen a huge amount of him but we need some speed and agility on the edges. Have I mentioned how much we miss CHN!
  75. Baseball Furies

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield New Zealand Warriors target Jackson Hastings with Wigan’s John Bateman deal close

    I won’t - you know Havili is right there for the taking...will be loads cheaper than both and realistic of happening. Although Smith is an animal and would be amazing for us, I just can’t the Storm letting him and Grant slip through their fingers...
  76. Baseball Furies

    News NRL rivals circle Adam Elliott after Bulldogs’ ‘low-ball’ contract offer

    That’s in my top 3 Seinfeld episodes man, hilarious! Elaine’s dad in that episode also :tearsofjoy:
  77. Baseball Furies

    Opinion Great BritanTest Centre

    Ahhh shit, another cracker!
  78. Baseball Furies

    News NRL rivals circle Adam Elliott after Bulldogs’ ‘low-ball’ contract offer

    It’s time to get out the Ricky Stuart “Whiteboard”....
  79. Baseball Furies

    News Thompson will make final call on Bulldogs debut, says Pay

    If he gets a start on the bench, Pay will probably forget he’s there and not use him anyway... That’s usually how his rotations work...
  80. Baseball Furies

    News Thompson will make final call on Bulldogs debut, says Pay

    Always like Sterlo’s pragmatic take on things, makes sense and I agree...although I don’t think we’re expecting miracles, I’m personally hoping he has a very positive impact on the team...
  81. Baseball Furies

    News We won't make a rash call': Bulldogs boss opens up about Pay's future

    We can’t even work out 2021 let alone thinking ahead to 2921 - is that how long the rebuild is going to take?
  82. Baseball Furies

    Opinion Great BritanTest Centre

    Agreed, like Tonkins and Watkins, both epic fails particularly Tomkins - he was useless!
  83. Baseball Furies

    John Bateman

    There’s clearly some logistics to work through with his daughter, but as mentioned previously, if the “family” club can’t get this done, I’ll consider it a pretty big black mark against the recruitment team. This guy will bring some sting to the forward pack as well as being a genuine attacking...
  84. Baseball Furies

    News Thompson will make final call on Bulldogs debut, says Pay

    Pay spent plenty of time around Josh Hodgson and Canberra's British imports when an assistant at the Raiders, and was grateful he could understand Thompson. Journalistic gold! do these guys get paid? Must’ve been trying to pad-out the word count....or a sly dig at Pay’s intellect?
  85. Baseball Furies

    Official Round 8 - Bulldogs vs Rabbitohs - Discussion Thread

    Is this officially rock-bottom?
  86. Baseball Furies

    WWOS MOLE Jackson Hastings

    Shit yeah, go hard for Havili, he’s basically Brandon Smith but not as good...lol Would be cheapish and we can give him a starting role...
  87. Baseball Furies

    No Source James Tamou

    We can do better, I’d rather try and snag a younger guy (I’m a fan of Rhys Kennedy at the Broncos or Guler etc.) for less $$ who has more long-term upside.
  88. Baseball Furies

    Opinion The board

    Absolutely will not happen DD, I concur, more likely is a tap on the shoulder. I guess what I’m saying is right now we have one of the most fractured supporter bases I can remember and we need something to galvanise us and if Pay were to step down or get sacked, ultimately it will bring us...
  89. Baseball Furies

    Opinion The board

    Napa yes but DWZ definitely not, bloke busts his arse each week, sure he has some handling errors in him but it’s from having a red-hot go, compare him to Meaney who has 0 errors but plays like a pea-heart each week.
  90. Baseball Furies

    Is it Pay's fault?

    Oh and you make some very valid points, desperately need a new coach to (at the very least) seem like a good proposition to potential recruits!!
  91. Baseball Furies

    Is it Pay's fault?

    Mate, that’s easily the best formatted post I’ve ever seen on TK - outstanding!!!