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  1. The_Chimpster

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    I think the point is they are both almost as bad as each other, the trump cultists being lead by that gay skinny dude being slightly more batshit insane, but it's a close call. I have indeed. I gave up treating it as a show to be taken at all seriously after the first season, now I watch it to...
  2. The_Chimpster

    Social Media Adam Elliot

    Your titties by the sound of it
  3. The_Chimpster

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    Definitely a comedy. Only reason why I watch AHS is to laugh my arse off. I recommend watching the latest season, 1984 it's beyond hilarious
  4. The_Chimpster

    Social Media Adam Elliot

    What is it with people referring to their mates or friends as brahs, do they try out different training bras together or something?
  5. The_Chimpster

    Full strength team you'd like to see before season ends

    The fact that anyone with half a brain agrees with you
  6. The_Chimpster

    No Source 100%

    Your mail has been pretty shitty Dave, so it's hard to take you seriously. At least you give it a crack
  7. The_Chimpster

    CHN has disrespected the club

    Yep, in all his glory (minus the thong thankfully)
  8. The_Chimpster

    News Keary set to take less to stay at the Roosters

    He doesn't like to be proven wrong and when he has (very rarely) no answer to an argument.... Radio silence
  9. The_Chimpster

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    I'm actually a fan of most of the cast. Bill burr is perfect as frank Sam Rockwell is great as Vic Justin long is good as Kevin And David koechner is awesome as Bill Pogo, I love that character and known a few people just like him :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
  10. The_Chimpster

    CHN has disrespected the club

    She probably forgot something else too
  11. The_Chimpster

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    Seen him in three different things and I honestly don't think the guy can play a convincing character to save his life. Agree to disagree
  12. The_Chimpster

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    That daveed diggs guy annoys me. Plus I heard the movie was much better
  13. The_Chimpster

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    Took awhile for me to warm up to it, but after a few episodes I see the appeal. Overall a great animation with a fantastic voice cast and I'd say a fairly accurate portrayal of family live in the 70's
  14. The_Chimpster

    Movie Discussion

    Beat me too the punch scoob. I was gonna say the same thing, still smoking now. I've had many a naughty dream over Ms Connelly :hearteyes:
  15. The_Chimpster

    News Barrett quits key role at panthers

    So Jim Jones is back from the dead and working for the panthers. Makes sense :tongueclosed:
  16. The_Chimpster

    Guys or girls, who got it easier?

    Seems like it. So this is right at home (especially in a nasheed thread)
  17. The_Chimpster

    News NRL 2020: Who is the NRL’s highest paid coach?

    Who the fuck cares how much nrl coaches make?
  18. The_Chimpster

    PSA Luke Thompson on 100% footy in next few mins

    So just like 99.9% of all athletes that do press
  19. The_Chimpster

    The Funny Picture/Meme Thread

    Absolutely. Eternal damnation for all of that Nylon and Lycra (especially on the fatties) :tongueclosed:
  20. The_Chimpster

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Bulldogs reportedly chasing SBW for 2021

    They already do in a big ball pit containing jelly and uncle Nick, Gus, greenturd and kunty kent all watch with great intent and place bets on who can pin the tail first. The winner gets a buzz pork roast special
  21. The_Chimpster

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Bulldogs reportedly chasing SBW for 2021

    Ffs this shit is beyond ridiculous (even for TK) Can an automatic ban/lock be used on any thread that mentions money mill to us?
  22. The_Chimpster

    No Source Bryce Cartwright

    He would be a terrible signing, worse than Sharon, she-rex and napa
  23. The_Chimpster

    I found wakehams twin

  24. The_Chimpster

    Replacements for CHN ?

    Look who the post is from So you know it's not happening
  25. The_Chimpster

    Club statement on CHN release

    That doesn't happen around here. If he goes on and does well at the faiders there will enivitabley be a thread (or several) saying how he "got away" and f*** the club by not doing more to retain him" Is TK way
  26. The_Chimpster

    No Source Matt Burton

    I still think wakeham has a lot of potential. Sure, he's been dogshit in recent performances, but same can be said for the majority of our squad. We should definitely retain him imo
  27. The_Chimpster

    Opinion Reimis Smith is the Worst

    From what I've seen this year, he's lazy, has a shit attitude and doesn't seem to give a fuck. If any club enquires about him, see ya
  28. The_Chimpster

    Paul Kent

    Okunbor strikes again :tongueclosed:
  29. The_Chimpster

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    Just finished don't f*"k with cats Just solidifies my belief that people are seriously demented and that applies to both sides of the camp, just one slightly more than the other
  30. The_Chimpster

    News Hands off: Panthers’ plan to keep young stars away from Barrett’s Dogs

    You can't keep em all fletcher and co. We should and will rightfully have first crack at any prospects who can't get a consistent run in FG
  31. The_Chimpster

    Official Round 11 - Bulldogs vs Knights - Discussion Thread

    Lewis again fmd :weary: And I'm guessing the reason why Holland keeps his spot is due to lafai not being match fit? Otherwise it makes no sense
  32. The_Chimpster

    Official Lafai signs for rest of 2020

    Happy enough with this. So barring injury, does that mean dutchey has played his last game for the club?
  33. The_Chimpster

    News Cowboys set to axe coach Paul Green

    Just read an article linking available coaches to the role and of course Pay's name came up. Best they could say about him was: "he'd provide a bit of defensive resolve" Take the punt cows ;)
  34. The_Chimpster

    John Cartwright

    He was his assistant at manly, plus I think he still has links/contacts at the panthers
  35. The_Chimpster

    Dean Pay Tribute

    https://www.reddit.com/r/nrl/comments/htxvuz/dean_pay_tribute/ VIDEO HERE - https://streamable.com/c88axa
  36. The_Chimpster

    Official Nick Cotric signs three year deal with the Bulldogs

    Piss off back to your crack-bunker nasweed. Good thing school is back next week
  37. The_Chimpster

    Tolman and Napa

    Yep. Next
  38. The_Chimpster

    Toe blow for Foran adds to Bulldogs’ woes after fightback from Dragons

    His body-duct tape snapped. Can't help but laugh at this point
  39. The_Chimpster

    A schoolboy halfback would have closed out the game today.

    To lewis's credit, he wasn't terrible in the first half with foran organising everything. When he got injured though it was a fucking horror show. Wakeham plays instead, we win imo
  40. The_Chimpster

    Hooper: Fuming Dog demands immediate release after ‘car crash’ attempt to woo him back

    Not for all the money in the world. Besides, all this talk about fucking is what got chn and cocknbour in trouble in the first place ;)
  41. The_Chimpster

    News The Zoom call that put Barrett in the box seat for Bulldogs job

    He's out of contract end of 21 and Roosters won't let him leave early, plus he doesn't want to apparently
  42. The_Chimpster

    Nick CANNON

    Isn't his biggest (and only) claim to fame porking and marrying Mariah Carey?
  43. The_Chimpster

    An itty bitty engagement ring...

    With you, it's almost guarenteed that he would
  44. The_Chimpster

    Turn ons and turn offs of the opposite sex?

    Unless it's in the sack, then anything's fair game :p
  45. The_Chimpster

    Jack Cogger

  46. The_Chimpster

    News Enjoyment and fun the focus for Georgallis

    Cool Spotted our latest training run (the players are working on "skills drills" in the jumping castle)
  47. The_Chimpster

    Bulldogs pay out coach Dean Pay’s contract in full; six-again sinners and winners

    So they're paying him a black screen. That seems to be about what he deserves
  48. The_Chimpster

    News Why Barrett appointment could influence Harawira-Naera future.

    2010 round two I think that was. I remember watching it at a bar in Hong Kong We were torn a new arse hole that day, with barba scoring our only try. Finished 26-6 :unamused:
  49. The_Chimpster

    Gladstone Park police shooting: Man shot dead in Melbourne park

    fluoride in the tap water iT RoTs YoUr BrAiN :tonguewink:
  50. The_Chimpster


    Not that it's going to happen but I'll take Saab and sailor for chn. Seems fair
  51. The_Chimpster

    Opinion 2SM Talkin’ sport

    Des Or has-lice as I like to call him
  52. The_Chimpster

    Okunbor/CHN megathread

    Just a hunch, but I think CHN is headed to Canberra. Apparently he's really tight with a few of the guys there and they've been in his ear. Makes sense imo
  53. The_Chimpster

    No Source tim lafai

    And a fairly average player
  54. The_Chimpster

    Who is the best player in the game right now?

    Nasheed can't admit defeat. Just like bradyk, but two different kettle of fish completely, at least his posts a legible
  55. The_Chimpster

    News EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Johns and Brad Fittler reveal plans for fixing broken Bulldogs

    Couldn't be stuffed reading the article. If it's Joey and Freddy at the helm, any "fix" involved will contain blow, pingas and cupcakes
  56. The_Chimpster


    I have a better chance of a three way with Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Allison Brie than this happening
  57. The_Chimpster


    We've got one in Thompson
  58. The_Chimpster

    An itty bitty engagement ring...

    All this talk about money makes me compelled to post these. Sorry scoob :tongueclosed:
  59. The_Chimpster

    News Senior Bulldogs put the blame back on players following Dean Pay exit

    When they get requests for interviews then say nothing they end up getting fined by either the nrl, club or both. So it's always the same generic answer
  60. The_Chimpster

    An itty bitty engagement ring...

    What the actual f*** are you on? Bathsalts or something heavier?
  61. The_Chimpster

    Coach killers

    He absolutely 100% should Never be fullback again Ever
  62. The_Chimpster

    News Senior Bulldogs put the blame back on players following Dean Pay exit

    Jackson's response: "but but but if I did that, I couldn't maximise my earning potential because I've been on the decline since 2018. No other club would offer me half of what I'm currently on other than the dogs" Or something like that
  63. The_Chimpster

    News Senior Bulldogs put the blame back on players following Dean Pay exit

    What else would they say? "he's clueless, rudderless and couldn't devise a solid game plan to save his skin. Had he played players in their preferred positions, we might have had a chance"
  64. The_Chimpster

    Paul Kent: Dean Pay walked out on the Bulldogs with his dignity

    How many threads on the same crappy article do we need?
  65. The_Chimpster

    Opinion Who do you want the coach to be at the Bulldogs?

    I'm not on twitter but a few of those choices are pretty average imo. If I had to pick, I'd go with a Griffin and Barrett combo
  66. The_Chimpster

    News SBW wants to come back to NRL

    35 years old and injury prone. The state of the club atm It actually wouldn't surprise me if that's the kind of player we're aiming to throw our whole supposed war chest on
  67. The_Chimpster

    Recruits on Pay's watch

    What the hell is refruiting evidence, Fruit that became evident in some way?
  68. The_Chimpster

    Has Australia Post spontaneously combusted?

    As shitty as they are, I always get what I order (albeit a month or two later if it's international but still, it always arrives)
  69. The_Chimpster

    Opinion Welcome to rock bottom.

    This should be our new theme song
  70. The_Chimpster

    News SBW wants to come back to NRL

    I didn't think school holidays started until next week
  71. The_Chimpster

    Paul Kent: Dean Pay walked out on the Bulldogs with his dignity

    Spot the difference There is none. Talk about a spitting image
  72. The_Chimpster

    No Source Matt Burton

    Plagiarism. You'll be hearing from Bryan Adam's representatives :tongueclosed:
  73. The_Chimpster

    Recruits on Pay's watch

    You forgot our SuPeRsTaR forwards in clay preist and Chris Smith And stimson
  74. The_Chimpster

    Ray stone

    So that means it's bullshit. Phew, had me worried there for a microsecond
  75. The_Chimpster

    Movie Discussion

    It probably didn't like the house poster or movie (and I can't say I blame it, I'm starting to really hate will ferrell)
  76. The_Chimpster

    2020 Round 10 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    And fucking Lewis is back!!!
  77. The_Chimpster

    Barrett warned he could destroy his career at Bulldogs, Pay's final straw revealed

    I think LD misses Kurt Gidley, by the sound of his voice he used to practically jiz every time gidley got the ball and has never gotten over him retiring. Kinda like a nasheed and dutchy situation, they complete each other
  78. The_Chimpster

    Canterbury Bulldogs playmaker Kieran Foran throws support behind interim coach Steve Georgallis

    Sounds like foz will throw his support behind anyone (especially If it means getting a new bumper deal)
  79. The_Chimpster

    Other News Source Bulldogs sign new head coach on 2 year deal

    Best make the arrangements now then
  80. The_Chimpster

    Are there too many teams in the NrL?

    Only sometimes
  81. The_Chimpster

    Consolidated Pay Thread

    Not sure about today but :tonguewink:
  82. The_Chimpster

    Lynn Anderson using Dean Pay

    First thing that came to mind after reading this thread title
  83. The_Chimpster

    Opinion When will it dawn on Pay that DWZ shouldn't be at the back?

    Never. He thinks his toughness makes up for his terrible ball control and positioning. Pay will probably be told he has to swap dwz and he'll have a huge sook
  84. The_Chimpster

    Official Round 9 - Bulldogs vs Broncos - Discussion Thread

    Wow, that was one of the worst "performances" I've seen us dish up this year, (even besting out brilliant display against the tigers) :fearscream: Basic fundamental errors and seemingly a complete lack of communication and organisational skills costing us crucially. I'm now resided to the...
  85. The_Chimpster

    News Walters on radar of Bulldogs and Broncos before crucial clash

    Absolutely it does you FaKe SuPpOrTeR Now gtfo :tonguewink:
  86. The_Chimpster

    News 'Raiders royalty' contract offer for Cotric to keep Dogs at bay

    Difference being j moz was unwanted at the dragons, raiders very much value cotric. And rightfully so
  87. The_Chimpster

    News Walters on radar of Bulldogs and Broncos before crucial clash

    Out if those mentioned, only griffen appeals personally. But sure, let's chase an unproven coach who's only ever coached rep teams on Walters, or a dud who flopped harded than a fish out of water in Barrett when given the opportunity to coach manly. Fittler would never leave the blues, chushy...
  88. The_Chimpster

    $39 Bulldog Jerseys

    Too much
  89. The_Chimpster

    News 'I want to keep coaching here': Why Pay believes he's the man for Dogs job

    How, By nervously grabbing/scratching his hair, whistling through his nose and umming and arring his way though every sentence?
  90. The_Chimpster

    $39 Bulldog Jerseys

    It's still $150 for a home 2020 Jersey
  91. The_Chimpster

    Official Round 9 - Bulldogs vs Broncos - Discussion Thread

    So he's pays perfect player then. Plus he's a good old country boy, so it's a double bonus