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    OFFICIAL | POST-GAME Round 12| Bulldogs vs Dragons

    This aged well.
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    I know who played better out of Hunt and Hutcho on the weekend… But, I didn’t say that Hutcho was the answer either.
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    Yeah I get where you’re coming from, mate. The experienced halfback route is a fair option. I also agree with your point about durability. But there is a fine line between helping the kids come through and blocking their path. Are our kids ready? Definitely not. We’re in a tricky spot. But I’m...
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    Say what you want (or get someone else to say it for you!), but my wife is (unfortunately) a Dragons supporter and I’ve watched Hunt closely for a long time. He isn’t it.
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    I was merely asking whether you watched him yesterday. But I can extend that to the past five years if that’s better? How many prelims has he taken the dragons to? I’m not saying he’s a ‘shit’ player, he’s tenacious and obviously quality. But I don’t see any evidence that you could plug him into...
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    Ben Hunt? Did you watch the game today?
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    Opinion Nathan brown

    Watch his game against the Dragons from a couple of weeks ago. He’s well and truly past it. A big No from me.
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    Probable team to face the Roosters in Round 5

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Taafe at 7. He has a some speed and creativity and knows the position. One option would be to put Critta at 1, and let Hutcho play centre until Xerri or Clark can come up. We wouldn’t lose much in defence. But I can also live with Sexton getting another crack.
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    News NRL drops referee

    And there were even a few on here defending the ‘No Try’ decision! Here is a case where the refs are literally making up the rules. It would be like the video ref all calling a pass forward. Shocking stuff from all involved. I know that there is a confirmation bias here, but this kind of ‘one of...
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    Totally ripped off

    Do you mean like the points we’d get from the disallowed try? They clearly got almost every call tonight go their way. It is reasonable to think that would have an adverse impact on our ability to attack. I don’t like blaming refs, but there is clearly a bias that when in doubt, the refs assume...
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    Trial v Sharks

    Definitely are/were on sale. I got tickets the other day.
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    Official Bulldog Vs Titan

    Yes, I think they’d love him back if they had the cap space. I like Luai, but he won’t offer more than Burton (and will cost more). As most have said, we’ll improve with some big men (I also think that the additions of class players like Crighton will see us improve). My point is that none of...
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    Official Bulldog Vs Titan

    While he’s not setting the world on fire at the moment, he’s obviously a class player. The whole side is clearly struggling and to single him out is pretty unfair IMO. To suggest that no one would take him is, bluntly, ridiculous.
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    Bulldogs in the RLWC2021

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    2022 Dally M's

    And they had the easiest draw this year. Pretenders out in straight sets.
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    News Gus goes in-depth on coaching saga: Six Tackles with Gus

    Sounds like we needed a coach who was willing to take the losses on the chin for a while, and be comfortable to wear the hits from the media. Definitely not the type of role for a young man trying to prove his worth as a coach. As Gus has said before, it was never the right time for Trent to be...
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    How long does Gus get?

    My point is that he should get years, not rounds. And so there doesn’t seem like much point discussing it now.
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    How long does Gus get?

    Round 6 and you’re thinking about getting rid of Gus? His role is primarily to open up junior pathways. Maybe you’re hoping that by round 7 or 8 we’ll see a massive influx of our juniors into our NRL side…? Obviously it is something that takes years to achieve. Despite people’s criticism he was...
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    Official Dogs sign Reed Mahoney (4 year deal)

    He definitely showed improvement across the course of the season, which I think is impressive considering the hole we were in. I thought he really improved in being able to straighten the line, which stops us just going from side to side and running out of space. Very similar to how Ben Hornby...
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    The I’m sorry Jayden Okunbor thread

    I’m hoping this is a troll thread, but I’ll bite. I don’t like to criticise players, but Jayden has been absolute trash the past few weeks and there are serious question marks around whether he is a first grade footballer. He has that deer in the headlights look far too often, and I’ve never...
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    The Schoupp count

    What a rubbish thread.
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    Josh Jackson

    Some are really keen to move on experienced first graders, but nobody is knocking down the door to come play for us. Jacko is busting his arse in this team. And being honest, the past few years will take their toll on him in the back end of his career. But what do we gain from moving him on? I...
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    Schoupp not much chop

    He’ll be able to tell you in 5 years...
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    Schoupp not much chop

    Stupid thread. What are people expecting from a kid in his second game?
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    Other News Source Dufty to Dogs on 3 year deal

    I hope all the Dufty fans are watching the ANZAC clash... he might score the odd special try, but he’ll let in about 2-3 a game. Meaney deserves a shot.
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    News Back to the future? Bulldogs interview Ray Dib for CEO role

    Interesting that the article mentions the Politis connection. Probably just a coincidence considering that the Roosters were our opponents at Belmore on Saturday, but as I was leaving the ground Politis and a couple of others parked their car and walked in. Just thought it was strange that he’d...
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    Consolidated Klemmer Discussion

    He shouldn’t be able to hide behind the “footy is a business” mantra. You don’t get to backflip on contracts in business. We’re constantly being fed the line by players, but in reality, it’s all stacked in their favour. If a player’s form goes to shit or he’s constantly injured, clubs can’t back...
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    Fools Gold

    Ridiculous post. You’re right that Lewis’ defence is good, but he offers far more than that. Have a look at the replays from our two wins. The kid has bucketloads of intensity, can play both sides, never shuts up, and has a great short kicking game. When you’re done there, watch JMK last night...
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    Bottlegate - Refs hit with bottles after Souths game.
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    Our Kicking Game

    This. I think the stats from 2014 showed that 14% of 7 tackle restarts ended in a try, and a very large % resulted in a repeat set, and most resulted in an attacking kick. I'm not saying I like it, but our whole game plan seems to centre on minimising risk.
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    Bulldogs 9s

    While I agree that it wasn't fun to watch us go out of the Comp with less than a whimper, I really think comparing 9s to NRL is like comparing apples to oranges. But I do agree with many here that we seem to be relatively impotent in attack in both forms of the game, regardless of the roster. So...
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    Brett & Josh Morris reunited next season at Canterbury Bulldogs

    My wife is a dragon supporter (unfortunately) and apparently someone on their private forum who is said to be in the know at the club has offered some info on Brett's situation. Apparently he was on a back ended deal that culminated in a large sum this year. Of all the players the dragons...
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    Geoff Toovey confrontation with Dogs fan

    Zing. Got me good there champ...
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    Geoff Toovey confrontation with Dogs fan

    Nah, that's fair enough mate. I'd be sceptical, too. What I wrote does sound quite sensational. I do know that the woman that was knocked over said she was going to make a formal complaint. But who knows? I don't even know what the guy said that set him off, but he was furious. I thought it was...
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    Geoff Toovey confrontation with Dogs fan

    Yes, I was expecting scepticism because I've never posted before. Fair enough. Couldn't care less if you buy it. Blokes in front of us got some of it on their phone, so I'm surprised it hasn't reached the niff nuffs at 9. Saw the discussion, and I thought I'd contribute. Been a dogs member for...
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    Geoff Toovey confrontation with Dogs fan

    Actually, it was more than a nothing incident. Toovey is playing it down with good reason. Happened right in front of my dad and I in bay 129. He wanted to rip the fan's head off; had to be restrained twice. Then he grabbed another dogs supporter by his jacket coming up stairs with his gf. Asked...