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    Round 18 Bulldog V Knight

    RFM and Burns are named as reserves. Flanno and Wads named in cup team. Whereas, Hoffman, Burns and RFM are not. One hopes this means Perham isn't there come Sunday.
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    Ethan Quai-Ward top 30 effective immediately
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    He doesn't even make the top 50 for handling errors. Burto, Dufty and JMK do, however. I think Waddell gets unfairly criticised on here.
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    ‘I leave every door ajar’: Blues coach won’t rule out sensational move to join Gus at Dogs

    Can we move on from the bulldog's DNA rhetoric FFS
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    Official Round 11 - Bulldogs v Tigers

    That's unfortunate. He might have been a chance of getting a start this week.
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    Official Round 11 - Bulldogs v Tigers

    Is Credence Toia injured? He wasn't named in nsw cup.
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    News Addo-Carr says Bulldogs can see the error of their ways

    Maybe. I think it's a sign that he's frustrated and can't rely on anyone else to make something happen in attack.
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    Official Round 6 v Rabbitohs Match Discussion

    Someone might have posted already...Waddel's out injured. Patolo named at second row and Schoupp on the bench. Allen and Ava on the extended bench.
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    Averillo is too predictable

    I think he can learn and grow into the role. It gets shared around in other teams. Paps plays as a third half for the Storm. Tedesco does the same for the Roosters. I don't think the team needs an organising half, but Avo like Burton and Dufty need to be more dominant in directing the attack.
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    Official Round 1 v Cowboys match discussion

    Only one penalty comes to mind and I thought it was Cummins getting on a role caning the Dogs more so than a genuine penalty. I'm not fussed either way if he's in or out of the team.
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    Official Round 1 v Cowboys match discussion

    Thought Waddell was strong tonight. His defence saved two possible tries in the first half; he ran strongly too. I think JAC's talking is invaluable, at one point he was shouting at Jacko to get the boys together. Teams need multiple leaders. It was a solid team effort.
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    Official John Asiata joins the Bulldogs

    He’ll be partnering Jackson in the halves, which means Burton and Naden will be our centres.
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    Marquee Player 2022?

    You must be short on patience. If anything can be inferred from team selections late this season, Kyle won’t be in the starting 17. Don’t be surprised if Jacko gets a run at 7. Showed some deft touches and sleight of hand in the link man role late in the season.
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    Your Opinion on the 1-17 next season

    I reckon Jacko should be given first crack at half back next year. Showed some glimpses of what he’s capable of as a link man late in the season. Not afraid to take the line on either. He fits the steady experienced player mould that Burton apparently needs to excel.
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    Rd 25 Dogs vs Tigers 3-2-1

    He seems more suited to playing what’s in front of him and backs himself e.g. the dropout that found touch. He appears to lack the speed and athleticism to excel; happy to be proven wrong.
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    Rd 25 Dogs vs Tigers 3-2-1

    Best team defensive effort; although, the tigers were woeful. Stimson played well again. He made solid contact. Maybe he will come good. Patolo’s effort was encouraging. Does the decision to drop Flanagan mean he is behind Avo and Wakeham? I hope so! Good team effort; everyone gets a point, even...
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    I’m concerned Gus will be more problematic than helpful. I’m bias; I think he’s the epitome of egotistical and is dining out on past success. I pity Barrett and any future coaches who have to work “with” him.
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    Official Round 19 Bulldogs V Sharks - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    When Okonbur scored in the corner last week, Waddell’s pass likely would have made it to him if Lewis didn’t get in the way.
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    Josh Jackson

    Jackson's past accolades aside, I think he's playing strongly and with good energy this year. I'm not too fussed about which players are let go or moved on; it's out of my control.
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    Official Round 18 Bulldogs V Rabbitohs - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Had Lewis not been in the way, Waddell would have got the try assist.
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    Barrett asked about Pangai and Vaughn

    He gave a similar answer when asked about Dufty after the Rosters game, so I don't think you can read too much into his responses.
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    Wigan Warriors linked with move for Atoni

    Just came across this article, Wigan Warriors linked with move for Canterbury Bulldogs powerhouse, suggesting Atoni's going to super league... Wigan Warriors linked with move for Canterbury Bulldogs powerhouse Matthew Shaw Wigan Warriors are closing in on the signing of Canterbury Bulldogs...
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    I think we're seeing with Averillo what we're seeing with most of the young halves in the comp; inconsistency and a lack of confidence at times. And, add to that he's playing in the weakest team in the comp. I think he's improved this year and will be better for the experience physically and...
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    Thank you Lachlan Lewis

    While LL had a solid game last night, I don't think this alone warrants another contract. I think the majority of the team played with as much effort as LL last night.
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    Official Round 17 Bulldogs V Roosters - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Topine does have good energy, but so far his service from dummy half has been ordinary. He needs a lot work before before being given anther run at 9. Also, last week he failed to put any pressure on DCE and was caught defending the middle and therefore couldn’t get across to defend on the left...
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    Biondi-Odo backed to shine for the Bulldogs in NRL debut

    I hope for his sake he doesn’t; he’s madder than a cut snake.
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    News Is Barrett the attacking coach or just a myth vote?

    I think Avo offers more than Flanno at 7. He engages the defence, which creates more space for the outside backs. Although, doesn't look to be the game managing type at the moment. For now, I'm incline to persist with him at 7. Depending on who we recruit, I see him as back up to our main play...
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    Official Round 11 Bulldogs V Titans - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Refereeing and lack of refereeing aside, the game was lost through poor defence. Shoupp looked comfortable. He defended well and looks like he's worth giving more opportunities this year. Thommo continues to rip in; he plays with good energy and intensity. Be good to have two or more forwards...
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    He had a game to forget, but didn't get any early or quality ball—he was playing outside Hoppa.
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    Official Round 5 Bulldogs V Storm - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    I think we looked better in attack with Topine at dummy half. His service was better this week. Deserves to start there next week. Katoa was often late to the ball in the first half, which slowed our attack down.