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    News Jackson Topine takes Bulldogs to court

    He wants to sue for millions because training was too hard. Give me a break what a joker
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    Official NSW CUP Jersey Flegg Ron Massey Scores ,Squads and Team News 2024

    Harry Hayes has 1st Grade written all over him
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    Cameron Ciraldo

    Ciraldo can coach. I'm very confident this club is heading in the right direction. Stick solid
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    Opinion Patolo

    The same was happening with Sam Hughes and now he is getting bigger minutes and contributing much more. I'm hoping the same will happen with Patolo soon. If I was a starting prop and contributing 2 runs I'd be embarrassed
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    Kiks in doubt for Friday

    The name of the thread is wrong. Gus did not say Kikau is out. He said there is nothing structurally wrong with the elbow, he hopes that Kikau will play but if he is out it will only be for one week.
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    Official Ciraldo on Addo Carr return

    Tracey >>>>>>> Taaffe When Fox returns there is no way Tracey misses out
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    Opinion Max & Sam - Why no1,2 Punch, CC?

    This is not new though. It seems it is somehow acceptable for our bench props like Sam Hughes to make 3-4 hitups and it’s somehow job done. Same with Patolo before him. Any prop in first grade should be aiming to punch out 10 hitups and 100m a game. Otherwise, what’s the bloody point??
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    Opinion Max & Sam - Why no1,2 Punch, CC?

    I would like to know why Sam Hughes, in a game where we lost a prop in the first moments, had 2 hitups in the match? How is that acceptable?
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    Official NSW CUP Jersey Flegg Ron Massey Scores ,Squads and Team News 2024

    They did. They seem to be a strong defensive team which is v rare in Flegg too.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    It feels like our club is cursed sometimes. 2 great young players whose careers are threatened by injury. Fingers crossed for both Issac and Karl
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    Official 2024 SG Ball, Harold Matts Squads , Scores and Team News

    They sure do have our junior teams firing. Only a matter of time until it filters through to the top grade
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    Opinion Red hot reggies

    They are red hot nobodies at the moment. Got smashed in their last trial. Proof will be in the pudding.
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    The try scored by Jonathan Sua showed how to unlock the winger. If our halves take it deep into the line at speed and provide clean crisp ball to dangerous wide players like Papalii then Addo-Carr will be scoring tries Willy Nilly.
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    Our Future looks good.

    I saw a Flegg game where Sam Hughes and Jack Todd were the props and completely dominated the game. I remember thinking that i had seen our future starting props and I think I shall stick to that prediction after tonight’s match.
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    Pre Game Thread, Trial 1: Bulldogs vs Storm @ Belmore, 7pm Thu 15-Feb

    We got absolutely smashed in NSW cup? Is this correct?
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    News Bulldogs star Karl Oloapu breaks silence on career defining spinal surgery, rehab, Anthony Minichiello’s advice

    I'm sure these situations vary case to case but Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad had similar surgery in 2021. Was out for only 3-4 months and is absolutely killing it now. There's hope.
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    News Jarome Luai meets with bulldogs as tigers ante the heat

    What exactly does "ante the heat" mean?
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    Official Canterbury Bulldogs 2024 NRL Draw

    Works for me. As a Sunday worker last season was a bloody nightmare.
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    News 'We need to get to the bottom of it': Manager baffled as Bulldogs ice out skipper

    What the hell has this dopey manager been doing for the last 3 months? The writing has been on the wall for a long time.
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    News Bulldogs pounce on Tigers young gun

    Mitch Woods and Alex Conti are schoolmates from my old school St Pats Strathfield. Hopefully they can form a killer combo that comes through the grades together
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    Bulldogs Jersey Flegg - We are the CHAMPIONS!!!

    I was hugely impressed with them. Even more so when we consider that there were several big names missing from that team. Player of the year Lachlan Vale, Isaac Matalavea-Booth, Tim Johnannssen, Michael Gabrael and Jordan Samrani are just some of the young players also eligible for flegg.
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    News Bought the wrong players’: Embarrassing vision shows Bulldogs ‘cutting corners’

    Watch this clip to see how a great player competes on every play. Terry Lamb is taken down after passing the ball in his own half. Play proceeds further upfield at break neck speed and a final pass is required from Stevie Mortimer to complete the try. Have a guess who turns up on his shoulder...
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    Is Burton immune from being dropped?

    His defence is so damn lazy
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    Injured ankle early in the season and is out for the whole year. Still here next year, Gus thinks he could be anything.
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    Liam Knight?

    We have the shittest forward pack in the game. If we can pick up some "average" first grade forwards, then that's a win
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    WTF Do Coaches do all Week ?

    Coaches polish the final 5%. 95% is talent.
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    Official NSW CUP Jersey Flegg Ron Massey Scores ,Squads and Team News 2024

    I can understand they want a few games to assess them against more experienced players but for how long will this go on? They have a genuine chance of winning the Jersey Flegg comp this year and if I was a young player I would not want that chance jeopardised either.
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    Official NSW CUP Jersey Flegg Ron Massey Scores ,Squads and Team News 2024

    What the heck are they doing with the Jersey Flegg team? It's all over the place??
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    Opinion Harrison Edwards appreciation thread

    I see a lot of potential in him. Like most of our blokes he just needs to keep improving. There's a gem in there somewhere.
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    News Max king out for 4 weeks

    Supporting this club has become one giant shit show. Nightmare
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    All Hail The King..

    I just love it when these underrated players are properly recognised. Guys like Max King and Jacob Kiraz earn every dollar every single week. So impressive. Jacob Preston is well on his way to the same status for me.
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    Kiraz for Origin

    He’s unbelievable. Love him. Wouldn’t swap him for any other winger in the game!
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    Jacob Preston Will Be This Years Bargain Buy

    I'm really excited about this kid. I love a back rower who can run good lines, bust the defence and find the try line. A very astute pick up!
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    News Luke Thompson injury

    It’s not a fluke. Some players just lurch from one disaster to the next the same way certain people do in life. Thompson and TPJ are a complete disaster zone
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    News NRL 2023: Listen to Phil Gould’s shrewd plan which lured Cameron Ciraldo to Bulldogs

    Which naughty person made an audio recording at the AGM!
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    News Full NRL Draw 2023

    I'm sure some people are happy but why the hell have we got so many Sunday games? Why can't they distribute the different days of the week fairly evenly so that people with different life circumstances are not screwed over?
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    News ‘Sack me’: Bulldogs star’s shock promise as enforcer opens up on brutal Gus ‘wake-up call’

    SBW was not a good clubman for us but he is an outstanding example of a professional athlete and someone that other athletes hold in high regard so if we can use him to our favour then lets go.
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    Most underrated dogs player ever

    Matt Ryan is my choice
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    Congrats to Jackson Topine on being named in the KOE NSW Cup Team of the Year

    Soni Luke will be 27 by the start of next year. Whats he been doing all this time?
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    King of the hill..Shaggy

    Is Ace alive? Jason David is the best known supporter now. But he's a good genuine guy
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    Opinion Flanagan cannot be no 7 in 2023

    It didn't take long for a very astute organisation to realise Flanagan was not going to make it. Surely we have also seen enough to make the same decision? We must find a 7 or next year may not be any better at all.
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    News Bulldogs boss Phil Gould defends mysterious handling of coach hunt

    Oh yea he should have announced to the media that he was offering a 5 year deal then been publicly humiliated like the Tigers. That’s what he should have done
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    Social Media Franklin Pele This was the game. 2 crashover tries and one length of the field
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    Social Media Franklin Pele

    Sharks are not happy to lose him. This is a big coup for Gus. The potential is huge. Pele scored 3 tries in one game earlier this season including one that was almost the length of the field.
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    Opinion Schoupp passing to Fox

    Schoupp is doing quite well. In particular the hard metres he is making are very valuable. Of course there are a lot of improvements still required. What an opportunity he has next year to secure his place on a left hand side which will feature Burton, Kikau and Add-Carr. Not to mention Reed...
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    Paul Vaughan

    Honestly Gus Gould needs to put his mind to how he can change this plan. It won't be a money issue because super league clubs can't offer big $$.
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    Rumour Bulldogs to announce ciraldo and new signings

    Pele and Davey both outstanding signings. LOL at those doubting these signings. Uncle Gus knows how to sniff out a bargain I assure you.
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    Rumour Andrew davey to dogs?

    Im not convinced its true but would actually be a fantastic signing.
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    Pride Jersey Pt.2

    You are not alone in resisting this I assure you. Many decent family people with common sense would agree. Make no mistake these are exactly the type of things the "pride" movement aim to implement and a part of their strategy is to make it shameful for good people to resist the way these manly...
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    Pride Jersey Pt.2

    "Pride" is not just about saying gay is ok. It's an entire movement with a very large platform of issues to push. They are trying to abolish gender. They now have the VP of the USA announcing her pronouns. They encourage major surgery for minors with gender identity issues. They also put forward...
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    News How Dogs found, lost and refound Jacob Kiraz.

    Love this kid. Bulldog for life I hope
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    Official Bulldogs player given 5 weeks suspension (Corey Waddell)

    Bloody lawyers they're all the same pedantic pricks
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    Pride Jersey

    I thought pride was one of the seven deadly sins?
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    TPJ injury

    Forgive me if I’m wrong but he really should be back after 2 weeks. The plantaris tendon is not necessary for normal function. 10% of humans don’t even have one and it’s often removed to be used as a donor tendon in surgical repairs. It’s scary when it happens because he would have heard a pop...
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    Opinion Sunia Turuva

    He's a Berala Bears junior. Another one the previous fools allowed to escape.
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    Everyone should relax. We are in the box seat to re-sign him. We can offer something no other club can at this stage and that's an increase in his 2023 salary if he re-signs. Stay calm
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    Vaughan deserves to be re-signed.

    We have a very good one in reserves. Sam Hughes. Massive man. Big potential
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    News Jaw dropping’: The American football experts in awe over Matt Burton’s ‘NFL leg’

    He has definitely got a freak boot. Going to be a massive weapon for us. We could never match the money available in the NFL but money aint everything
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    Opinion For everyone who doesn’t buy the Thompson injury

    If we could have brought him on for the last 30 against the Tigpies it would have been very interesting to see how he would have gone. Once physical dominance has been asserted he may be more effective. However that's not what we are paying him for and he has performed well short of the price...
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    Opinion Kiraz

    It's equally bad to write kids off as it is to talk them up. Right now he's a kid with potential.
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    Opinion Morrin Try on Debut

    Possible subluxed shoulder. Severity to be determined by MRI. Fingers crossed
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    Who should be our coach in 2023?

    If it was between Bulldogs and Tigpies for Ciraldo then surely yesterday sealed the deal :) Happy to stick with Potter tho. Leave it up to Uncle Gus
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    Averillo - Finally Found His Spot

    Armadillo will only get better and better. He was thrown into a rubbish 1st grade side then moved from position to position. Finally a coach has done the right thing by him and found his natural position and that's Mick Potter.
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    Aaron Schoupp

    Schoupp is really doing excellent. Both our centres are 20. So much improvement in both but very much holding their own
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    Why I think we badly need a decent half.

    7? Bailey Hayward is doing well in reserves
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    Rd 14 vs Eels 3-2-1

    3. Burton 2. Fox 1. King
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    burton 10 year deal

    He’s a million dollar a year player. Table it
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    Our exit strategy.......tackles 1,2,& 3.......

    This is absolutely correct. Our exit strategy is ridiculous and we just keep doing the same failed things every week. There are many other equally stupid things we do for example, tap restarts involve 2 long passes before moving forwards just like under 8s. Dumbest team on the planet
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    Bulldogs Covid Cases

    This club is cursed. Im sure of it.
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    Official Round 5 NSW Cup & Jersey Foegg v Panthers

    Creedence had some very nice touches. There's something I really like about him
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    News ‘Who is actually running this team?’: Bulldogs under scrutiny after Gus admits to Flanagan call

    Jesus Christ how dumb are these journos? No individual runs any large organisation. Responsibilities are shared and certain checks and balances are built into the system. In this case it seems the GM of football has the overarching responsibility for player welfare. I would say its a smart way...
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    Round 4 NSW Cup v Mounties & Flegg v Thunderbolts

    I was thinking this also but Gus Gould did say that Tui will be seeking a clearance to return to the field soon so its not as clearcut as initially thought.
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    News Former NRL star believes the Bulldogs are ‘on the way up’

    JMoz always a Bulldog. Life member of the football club and one of the best centres to ever pull on the blue and white.
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    News ‘League cried with me’: Bulldogs help grieving dad pick up pieces

    Such a beautiful family. There's a documentary on 7plus about this tragedy. Highly recommended
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    News maligned Bulldogs half delivers:

    Very accurate report on all counts
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    HMAS Knockonbur

    Jacob Kiraz anyone? Right winger in very good form in reserves
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    Social Media Jacob Kiraz

    The obvious replacement for Okunbor. Right winger playing very well
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    Official Round 2 vs Broncos Match Discussion

    I agree with this. Wakeham was damn near perfect particularly in the 2nd half and Flanagan grew in confidence in the 2nd half and did some decent things.
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    Opinion How long will Averillo last at 7?

    In 2 games I don’t think Averillo has been as good as we need but Wakeham had an outstanding game today in reserve grade so could get interesting
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    News Round 2 Jersey Flegg vs Raiders

    Was a bit of a hot and cold effort but we will take the win with a few players out. They really missed Sam Hughes up front. The young fullback Papalii has some real zip about him. The match levelling try he scored was awesome and came off the back of an amazing 50+ metre run from Jack Todd and a...
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    Official Brothers, Lets Trot!

    JAC... love him but not the smartest if he didn't realise he should consult the club before appearing in a video with all those references and symbols of the Bulldogs
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    Braidon Burns

    I like what I saw from Burns. Genuine centre with skill. Good early signs the defensive partnership with Okunbor could work too. Lets see what happens but positive start.
  83. The Dominator

    Official Round 1 v Cowboys match discussion

    The first 30 mins was scary because it seemed so familiar and terrible but then we got into the grind and I liked the grit I saw. In the end I think the boys set a standard for fight and determination that can define the season now.
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    Max King

    This kid is a Moneyball special. Him and Burns look like bargain buys with quality.
  85. The Dominator

    Round 1 NSW Cup & Flegg vs Souths

    Seen both the flegg trial and todays game and both Sam Hughes and Jack Todd have been absolutely outstanding both times. Really excited by this pair.
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    NRL 2022: Bulldogs forward Max King opens up on his vow of celibacy and Christian beliefs

    I would have found this strange in the past but with the current generation who basically post naked pictures of themselves on Instagram and Tik Tok every day its kind of refreshing to be honest.
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    News Jake Averillo vows to silence critics and lock down Bulldogs’ No.7 spot

    This is the sort of crap I am really sick of. I don't want to hear more talk about how someone is gonna do this or that. Actions NOT words are all that matters now if we want to get this club out of the shithole.
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    News Asiata gone ?

    Happy to go out and get smashed on the field every week in a sport where players are regularly maimed for life and occasionally die but afraid to have a vaccine with an outstanding safety profile. Makes sense.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Could it be Burns and Patolo? That’s my feeling
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    Chris Patolo looks the goods!

    Was not supposed to play first grade this year yet didn't look out of place at all. Good kid.
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    Social Media Cade Cust

    It’s not true. Some moron mis interpreted a tweet from Gus Gould who said nothing of the sort.
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    Who Do You think is the Best Goal Kicker Ever?

    Halligan is the goat. Changed the standard for ever, took them from anywhere and kicked the one that really counted from the sideline v Parra in 1998.
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    Opinion BBO

    It was the change of speed for me. Top gear in an instant. Thats rugby league speed. Also very confident for a 19 year old.
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    News Bulldogs trio ordered to self-isolate

    Why haven't they announced the results? I got my covid test result in 3 hours.
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    News Bulldogs may not need to sign a hooker after all

    I think JMK may look a hell of a lot better behind a better forward pack. He's good enough to be 1 of our 2 hookers but of course if we can sign an elite 9 then go for it.