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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Summed it up perfectly. You could see attack was flat due to fatigue. Fatigue was due to a combination of errors, poor discipline and lots of questionable ref calls. Errors and disciple can be improved with more experience and training. The only other thing I will add is having the right...
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    Official ROUND 1 | Bulldogs vs Eels | Discussion thread 5:30pm @ CommBank Stadium

    To be fair to Mahoney he made a large number of effective tackles last night and the ones he missed we’re ones he was bumped off by the big boppers but was effective on the second try as a result of slowing them down and getting some help. Watching a lot of team off the play was concerning like...
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    Official ROUND 1 | Bulldogs vs Eels | Discussion thread 5:30pm @ CommBank Stadium

    Based on my observations at the game: -Penalty count was one sided however was not the reason we lost -Errors and discipline hurt us. -Our utilities tried hard however they are just that and lacking the dominance in the areas they were outplayed. -Lots of our players looked gassed early on...
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    News Kikau’s Comeback Season

    Looks totally gassed together with Hutchison and Kiraz trying hard but also struggling. Easy fix is sexton and xerri in next week
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    News Why Canterbury’s $3.3m marquee signing will play in the centres … for now

    Spot on about Taffe. He has the potential to be electric but has not executed his role in our attacking sets correctly. Seems to run into the tackle rather than pass to outside speed men such as Addo-Carr. Plus doesn’t seem to be backing during breaks. He is a confidence player and given his...
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    My thoughts...

    I would say his thoughts represent the majority of fans on the forum. You on the other hand do nothing but undermine the club any chance you got which I think most people have worked out arises from some fantasy you have about the board being overthrown. Why don’t you call RFM so you can both...
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    EXCLUSIVE: Phil Gould reveals worrying 'suspicion'

    The leadership group comprises Mahoney, Burton and RFM. Out of those only RFM appears to have a problem with the coaching/training. The same guy who does not know what success looks like and has been one of the worst performers. At least Gus and CC know what success looks like and what was...
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    EXCLUSIVE: Phil Gould reveals worrying 'suspicion'

    See ya in 2050 Felicia….
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    News Bought the wrong players’: Embarrassing vision shows Bulldogs ‘cutting corners’

    I hope this is not true. Would be an absolute disaster and would only set us back many years Our current board and management team have enough experience, commercial and operational acumen and influence to make this club succeed. They are the best of the best in their respective positions...
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    Official Round 26 - Bulldog v Manly- Team List + Match Page Discussion

    We look unfit We look weak We look disinterested We look dysfunctional Players have regressed individually and as a team I reckon players like Burton are playing to break their contract and leave
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    Gus on 100% Footy

    Gus is not the type to stand by and accept defeat. If CC doesn’t improve us early on next year he will be gone by mid-season.
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    Gus on 100% Footy

    ‘Fixing the bulldogs is a harder job than Penrith’ Gus doesn’t fill me with too much hope.
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    Some serious Questions should be asked.

    If Tino was serious about this deal, if I were Gus I would take the NRL to NSW Supreme Court to either: a) get a declaration that the these deals are permissible given previous dealings of a similar nature which have been allowed. b) if not permissible, then it allowed other parties to obtain...
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    News Phil Gould delves into Bulldogs issues as pressure mounts on Cameron Ciraldo

    With respect to our first grade side, he was involved in the recruitment of: 1) Burton 2) Mahoney 3) TPJ 4) Sutton 5) Kikau 6) Crichton 7) KO 8) Addo Carr In hindsight it’s easy to say they haven’t performed as expected (Crichton excluded) but he recruited according to what he knew at the...
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    News Phil Gould delves into Bulldogs issues as pressure mounts on Cameron Ciraldo

    Who was available and wanted to come to the dogs that you say Gus should have signed?
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    News Phil Gould delves into Bulldogs issues as pressure mounts on Cameron Ciraldo

    And which ‘non-flops’ wanted to come to the dogs that Gus did not want to sign?
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    News Phil Gould delves into Bulldogs issues as pressure mounts on Cameron Ciraldo

    Gus is building for sustained success. I’m pretty sure we went back to being poor for a few years after 2009. What we did have in 2009 was great juniors coming through such as Barba, Idris, Ficuane Jackson etc but that all stopped when Des arrived in 2012
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    News Phil Gould delves into Bulldogs issues as pressure mounts on Cameron Ciraldo

    And who are these plenty of people that could take us to the promise land?
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    An explanation?

    Gus has a BIG ego and prides his reputation. He will step in in some way, shape or form, even if it means throwing CC under the bus (delicately) to protect his reputation (which is also on the line here). The fear will drive him to make our club a success (if not for any other reason).
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    Mahoney In Presser

    It seems that way. I don’t blame him. Plays with a bunch of pussys. Id be over it too. Probably explains why he was with Dylan brown for dinner last night - probably asking him to put in a good word to the coach….
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    Opinion Sack Gus & Ciraldo

    While Gus is to blame for appointing CC he is literally the only one that can fix this mess unless you know someone with more connections and influence then him??
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    Something wrong with the Dogs or Rugby League?

    Our club can’t seem to produce good players and causes good players to regress to a significant extent. I would guess poor facilities, poor science, poor technology and yes poor coaching across all key areas.
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    Round 18 Bulldog V Knight

    This loss set us back 10 years. No one half decent is going to want to coach or play for us any time soon
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    Round 18 Bulldog V Knight

    Ciraldo can never make us a great club. He should just resign now. Let’s cut our losses and start thinking about how we get out of this shithole
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    Round 18 Bulldog V Knight

    We should have signed him. No none sense would have got rid of all our deadwood asap so the rebuild doesn’t take 100 years.
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    Round 18 Bulldog V Knight

    Make it 200+ but how embarrassing for each and every one of them!
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    Round 18 Bulldog V Knight

    I know he tries too hard but without him we get flogged by 100+
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    Round 18 Bulldog V Knight

    Honestly there is no excuse for how poor we’re going with some of the ‘stars’ we recruited.
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    Round 18 Bulldog V Knight

    This game reinforces the fact they have completely gone backwards this year in both attack and defence! This is all the coach
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    Round 18 Bulldog V Knight

    Dead set doing all the tacking. It would be 100-0 without him
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    Round 18 Bulldog V Knight

    Perham, Alamoti,Okunbar need to get dropped straight away!
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    Round 18 Bulldog V Knight

    Forwards are pathetic. Mahoney again doing all the tackling for them
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    Round 18 Bulldog V Knight

    Forwards are pathetic. Mahoney again doing all the tackling for them
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    News A Gus about nothing: Gould promised everything but Bulldogs going backwards under his watch

    Let’s look at some players signed under Gus’ at the time of signing: Burton - potentially best prospect in game. Kikau - best lock in game Mahoney - Top 3 hookers and on verge of SOO call-up Addo-Carr - best winger in game and best brand ambassador for any club he joins - regular SOO rep...
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    Addo Carr Moron Of The Year

    I’m no detective but it doesn’t take much to work out that: 1)Flanagun, 2)04 Dreaming, 3) Critta Magic, 4) FoxAllDayEveryDay, 5) Nasheed are the same person or just a bunch of losers working together to incite fans on this forum. I don’t comment often but I think it’s unfair to doggies...
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    Addo Carr Moron Of The Year

    Mate do you ever have a positive thing to say on this forum. Your like a whining cat. Pi$$ off already.
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    Opinion How bad was that

    I think coaching is part of it but I wonder if other factors play a part? Fitness training? Strength and conditioning training? Our science and technology programs? How do we stack up to the better clubs?!
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    Ciraldo and ghoul out

    I just don’t get what all the hype was about? I’m still waiting to see and I really hope I’m wrong because I’m not sure what happens to the dogs if the prodigy coach and Gould can’t turn the dogs around.
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    Mahoney is no longer an 80min hooker

    You troll reputation you brought on all by yourself with a number of wild and unsubstantiated posts. Wrong side of history? Mahoney was a top 3 hooker when he joined us and close to an Origin call-up. This year he is trying to carry the team in attack and defence. His errors are through...
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    Mahoney is no longer an 80min hooker

    Your the only lemon mate. While he didn’t have the best game today, he is a quality hooker. Most parra fans I know we’re filthy that he was leaving. I’m not sure what your agenda is but just stop trolling!
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    Ciraldo and ghoul out

    Dogs have gone backwards this year. Poor team selection today. Today was the day to experiment. Rajab at 7. Wilson at fullback. I haven’t said this before but CC is yet to show one good reason why he is a good coach. Time to go
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    Output Watch: Mahoney v JMK

    Stop trolling lol. You’ve been found out dude. Jump on the dolphins page. You might have more success.
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    Opinion Rajab to 7

    Rajab would have been nothing more than a speed hump. I doubt anyone would have stopped a runaway Sivo. Would have likely injured himself which would have benefited no one and the match was well and truly lost. The guy has just landed on first grade and probably shown the most attack of...
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    Explain to me the appeal of Alamoti?

    He’s regressed in the last few weeks. For the first few weeks he was able to get on the outside of the defenders but not so much now…. However he makes the cardinal sin of getting in the way of JAC who will often have enough space to get away but never sees the ball!
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    Opinion Rajab to 7

    Rajab not only looks dangerous. Also unlocks a lot of other players and brings them into the game.
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    Opinion Drop Burton for 1 game

    He almost always breaks through the line then gets caught/held. If only he could get a pass away at that point to someone on the run we would be scoring so many tries. Actually lots of our players almost break through the line such as Wilson etc. KO’a pass onto a Burton in the hole is a great...
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    Opinion Rd 15 V Parramatta

    Alamoti needs to go. So many times we’ve broken them yet is unable to get it to our most important strike weapon
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    Opinion Rd 15 V Parramatta

    Rajab needs to stay! We look a very different team on the field. We look more direct and unlocks our players.
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    Opinion Rd 15 V Parramatta

    Even with 5 play-makers on the field Perham the useless $&$ck takes the kick. Our game management is so bloody pathetic!
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    Official Round 14 vs the Roosters

    Based on all the reports and hype, I think most people are willing to give him a chance buts let’s hope he gives us something soon. Players can still play well individually in a poor team - he’s not one of them. Even Rajab looked more direct with nicer touches than KO in his limited minutes...
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    Official Round 14 vs the Roosters

    Let’s hope he comes good. He has been very underwhelming so far.
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    Official Round 14 vs the Roosters

    I am starting to have serious doubts about KO. I was (and still am) hoping he comes gold and lives up to his hype. He has been pretty average since he was promoted. He seems to slow down and pass the ball one out to an inside man or which stifles our attack or takes an ineffective hit-up while...
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    Official Round 14 vs the Roosters

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    Official Round 14 vs the Roosters

    Sutton - very poor not effective at all Waddle - absolute hog and stifles attack Perham - see comments re Waddle They need to go asap!
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    Official Round 14 vs the Roosters

    Corey Allen playing out of his skin to check Tedesko back into form
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    Next years centres

    I think we keep both. I think Perham will drop out. Alamoti won’t command too much for his next contract and I think they will look to shuffle positions players around with a few players.
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    News Reed Mahoney Celebration

    Classy bro.
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    News Reed Mahoney Celebration

    Don’t fall for the trap. It’s the same troll!
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    News Reed Mahoney Celebration

    He is dead set the leader the team needs. CC picked the right guy for sure. Bulldog through and through!
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    News Reed Mahoney Celebration

    I said this before and I’ll say it again. You/Flanagun/Nasheed are the same person. Yet to work out the other aliases but they’ll become obvious through nature and character soon!
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    Wilson should be 14 against Roosters

    Perham needs to be dropped. Is not fluid in our attacking structure and defensive plays are still questionable. Wilson seems like a more natural back and fluid with team play. With players coming back from injury I would drop Perham and Waddell.
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    Wilson should be 14 against Roosters

    Needs to be on the bench. So does Morrin who just brings bursts of energy and straightens up our attack. I thought Edwards was good too. Question is who drops off when Kiks, Sutton, Thommo and pele come back?
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    Pele in his limited minutes is a lot more effective and influential then a lot of others on the field full-time. He may need to work on his fitness but has the potential to be the destructive game changing forward ie fifita/Kasiano type player we desperately crave.
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    Sad to say...

    I disagree. That’s fosters a negative team culture which bears upon team cohesion. While I agree they should be accountable, this should come management ie CC and probably GUS (at this stage). What about Perham going off at King when Perham had in fact f&$ed the pass up…what a gronk. Small man...
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    News Ciraldo needs to have a long, hard look at his attack as Warriors blunt Bulldogs in impressive win

    I agree. I think there will be changes. Clearly they wanted to build a positive culture which meant staying with underperforming players and not dropping them. However you can see CC is moving away at that and is now looking more annoyed at team performances. Gus is also someone who is...
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    News Ciraldo needs to have a long, hard look at his attack as Warriors blunt Bulldogs in impressive win

    I disagree. Perham is a hog and will just get in the way. He is unfortunately disillusioned in relation to his ability. Constantly involves himself however his decision making is constantly poor and while he has speed he isn’t able to use it and is simply not agile or creative enough. Just...
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    Official Round 11 Bulldogs vs Warriors Game Day Thread

    All I can say is f$&k f$&k f$&k!
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    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Raiders Game Day Thread

    You are ‘Nasheed’ and ‘Flanagun’ all the one and the same. Multiple accounts. I’m onto ya brotha!
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    Atkins is a biased flog

    Don’t feed the troll [emoji23] aka flanagun
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    Opinion Burton's move to 7 is actually a demotion of Mahoney, not Flanagan

    I see it…but I don’t believe it…11 pages of pure bait…what’s more impressive is the fact that Flanagun has somehow managed to respond to every individual post.
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    Official Round 8 - Bulldog v Shark - Team List + Match Discussion

    Thanks Nasheed. I’m not a regular poster here but having read through the forum since 2008 I’ve seen enough posts from this account and your other alias accounts to confirm your one and the same person and just a serious troll. You find a topic that is controversial (such as race/ethnicity)...
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    News NRL under pressure from clubs to censor Phil Gould

    I love the fact he doesn’t give a f$$k and is happy to call a spade a spade. His views are widely accepted by people in the game and more importantly the public. His current crusade against rule changes will eventually see Vlandy and co step aside. Mark my words. We should all get behind the...
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    Opinion Do you think Mahoney was captain material today?

    Are you serious? Stop trolling brother. He is constantly one of our best performers and is probably the most natural leader on the field.
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    Was Ciraldo really the Penrith defensive coach?

    Our defence is the best it’s been in years. Our goal line defence holds up well and in general play the line looks tight. The only time we look shakey is after an injury/reshuffle or simply poor individual with bad defensive reads ie Okunber… I’m impressed the amount of restarts/penalties...
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    PM's XIII - Bulldogs player watch (no Averillo)

    Flanagan = Mutt Dafty = PE Teacher = Marley = 50% comments legit / 50% trolling…wait make that 20/80 ….just for the 2% of pple on here that haven’t worked it out yet…
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    News Tino reveals abuse after Burton headlock incident

    He was playing for NSW so I don’t think we can it was Dogs fans or limited to dogs fans…but we are crazy!
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    Burton pictured with dogs powerbrokers

    Two are directors from our sleeve sponsors Little Academics. They are loaded and hopefully sorting out the ‘your a bulldog now’ TPAs…
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    Katao says hi!
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    Official Round 1 v Cowboys match discussion

    How about the premature ejaculating with sweet Caroline hahaha all it needed was Elliot
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    Official Round 17 Bulldogs V Roosters - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Has any of our plays or players actually improved under Barrett. It looks like every game is worse then the week before.
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    Cotric wants Sezer at Bulldogs!

    Seizer will support burton and take our team to another level. Not a top 4 by any stretch of the imagination but at least we have a competitive halves pairing and can make top 8 a realistic goal. With a more competitive team in and around the top 8, we might be able to attract better players too.
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    Update on proceedings

    Yes to all 3. Shaun Johnson will be a perfect five eight for burton. Otherwise, burton will be ineffective next two years with what we currently have. Throw 900k at smith. He is the one of the best hookers and competitors in the game even if it means we spend less on other players in less...
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    Rumour Dufty in talks with the Bulldogs

    This guy would continue the trend of shit signings. No thanks
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    News Cronulla Sharks move on veterans

    SJ at the right price is a much much better than what we have and would play a decent five eight role to burton. At the right price and with a decent hooker and prop we would be a top 8 team for sure!
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    Opinion Baz

    We all agree the team is limited. But picking katoa, Elliot and Hopoate when there are other options is a fundamental error which goes to the heart of his coaching performance.
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    Opinion Baz

    Picking the right players is coaching fundamentals 101.. katoa, Hopoate and Elliot have been below average for weeks now probably since the start of the season. They are directly the cause of us losing games for poor performances in attack and defence. It bewilders me how any person, let alone...
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    Official Round 11 Bulldogs V Titans - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Until now I have thought Barrett deserves the benefit of the doubt due to the limited cattle we have. But picking katoa, Elliot and Hopoate is poor judgement and simply unacceptable at this professional level. The board need to intervene and give him the hard word otherwise he needs to be held...
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    News Should be embarrassed’: Dogs torched for exposing Flanagan – then dropping him two hours later

    Well if we shouldn’t front players before the media we’ll just impose a club media ban on the players for a few weeks in the interests of player welfare after all....
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    Should we be worried about Barrett?

    The quality of players and coaching are both poor resulting in completely unacceptable performances as evidenced by: 1) High score lines and inability to score 2) inability to be competitive 3) Lack of cohesion between the team 4) Consistently poor decision making 5) Players looking...
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    Is Sione Katoa the worst hooker to play for the bulldogs.

    He’s a hippopotamus and that’s a compliment to hippos....slow pick up and pass, lazy defender, adds nothing in attack...
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    Adam Reynolds

    Interesting to hear that cowboys have, or are very close to signing, Tom Deardon, from Broncos for the halves. Wondering how that impacts on their quest for Reynolds...won’t saying they won’t still be after him but they will have less $$$ in the kitty and be less desperate for his services
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    Opinion Matt Burton

    I just wanted to hear the thoughts of another esteemed colleague since it was an opinion you’s what we do all the time in the legal must know that you not?!
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    Opinion Matt Burton

    I don’t mind hearing how you think it could play out and the basis damages would be awarded against burton in favor of the club....
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    Opinion Matt Burton

    You are right. The NRL would have jurisdictional power under contract (every club and player enters into contracts with the NRL which gives the NRL governing power) which would prevent him from playing. The Supreme Court also ha/ jurisdictional power to injunuct him under its inherent powers...
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    Opinion Matt Burton

    Mate that is the incorrect position at law...damages would be unlikely (I’m not sure under what head or how you would seek to quantify it). A declaration/injunction he be restrained from playing for another team is the more appropriate remedy in this case.
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    Opinion Barrett Emotional Reaction After Win

    Good on him! He didn’t have to take the coaching gig...he was being warned not to by big names in the game but he did..he showed faith in this club and it’s time we showed faith in him! We need to stand by him for better or or lose!
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    Adam Reynolds

    We cannot persevere with flannagan beyond this year....we need to accept him for what he is...a poor half! Time to cut our losses and do whatever we can to bring Reynolds manger the team with burton. Make him an offer 800k x 3 years....and bring him to Belmore!
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    Opinion Action needs to be taken against Penrith immediately

    I know we don’t need to but If I was dogs management I would be looking to top up Burton’s contract by an extra $100-150k per season and sign him up for another 2 years. It would be a gesture of good faith from our club to burton and realistically is what he would probably be able to get on...