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    Harrison Edwards to Cowboys

    love your avatar pic it looks really good, wish we could use those jerseys all season
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    Burton is a half

    scary shit when a halfback can't see a try unfolding in front of him
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    OFFICIAL | GAME DAY Post Game Round 5 | Bulldogs 30 - 26 Roosters

    i'm surprised the coach didn't have a heart attack or stroke with 2 minutes to go when kiraz forced an unnecessary offload in our own half
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    Opinion Blake Taffee

    i'll admit to being critical of him, he looked good last night, was on track for a cracker until that cat cheapshotted him
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    Burton is a half

    hutch is a problem
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    Coming Soon!

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    Movie Discussion

    watched silent night, there's no spoken dialogue at all in the whole movie. given the poor quality of writers in current movies it's good to see one where they can't fuck it up with stupid lines. it's a revenge flick and I didn't mind it, worth a watch if you like a little payback
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    OFFICIAL | GAME DAY Post Game Thread | Bulldogs 16 - 20 Souths

    bunnies were ripe for the picking today, the fact we didn't capitalize on the opportunity presented to us shows we still got a long way to go before being truly in the hunt for the title again
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    Name this player please

    it's ziggy nisczot
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    Opinion Australian Woken (Open)

    not if you're nikita mazepin
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    new nrl rule change for this season

    better option would have been just moving the dropouts to 20m line, then there'd be more thought in long or short
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    Kids Shows Non-Binary Characters

    could be worse, at least the bison wasn't a vegan
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    Opinion King & Knight are an upgrade on TPJ & Thompson

    could be worse, bishop gone fortunately
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    Opinion Pre Season Training

    hopefully the footballers ( players like cameron mcinnes ) don't disappear from the game completely, I still enjoy watching them play and listening to them speak about the game
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    Stuff you collect

    he was my favourite player, went to sonics games in 94 and 95 and loved watching him play. Lost interest in the NBA once seattle lost Kemp and Payton
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    News GLORIA

    how's this new? people were talking about this in the mid 90's
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    Burger Lovers get your arse in here NOW!

    green face emoji needs to be added
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    Rumour Jarome Luai

    i caught one once fishing in Norway
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    Whipper Snipper

    about a year ago had cops turn up for noise complaint, neighbour goes psycho whenever a mower or whipper snapper is being used, apparently her mental health was being harmed. using an electric one now, not battery you have to plug it in to powerpoint. performance is shit and it seems to burn...
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    Rumour KIKAU for AFB swap

    add daniel ricciardo in there and you got triplets lol
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    Sports Memes

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    Voice referendum

    i voted today, wrote terry lamb in the box provided
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    News Good Riddance

    clearly this guy was above needing a coach, afterall he was the king at forcing an error to create a turnover. just wish he forced the errors on the opposition instead of his own team
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    Adam Reynolds

    parramatta wasn't there so that's a small blessing i'll take lol
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    f1 engines do it in 2 and half seconds, not sure what the cosworth v8 in the 90's mclarens did
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    still yet to see someone match that acceleration from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds that slater had
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    Business Ideas

    Chabuddy G is the man you need for this
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    Movie Discussion

    1. karate kid 2. ? 3. gone with the wind 4. rocky 3 5. ? 6. star wars 7. step brothers 8. ? 9. trainspotting 10. fall 11. spawn 12. ? 13. jurrasic park 14. ? 15. weddong crashers 16. opening steadicam shot of jackie brown walking through airport 17. dark...
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    Movie Discussion

    what would be your 30?
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    Bulldogs Alleged Hit List

    bryson goodwin was also in there too
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    James Graham Puts Andrew Davey Back In His Place

    Davey not our problem anymore, so his willingness to chirp to media about team matters is more damaging to parra lol. i'd imagine there's a few eels players wondering how can they trust a team mate that'll throw them under the bus when a reporter asks the question
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    Opinion Assemble the best rugby league side you can

    he's the hero belmore deserves, but not the one it needs right now. 1. robert pattison 2. michael keaton 3. george clooney 4. val kilmer 5. adam west 6. ben affleck 7. christian bale 8-13 not needed
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    Watch this series on Netflix

    the netflix series that most closely relates to the bulldogs of now is sunderland till i die
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    The Lucky Wins

    our for and against shows where we really are
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    Computer/Console Talk/Gaming Super Thread

    i have the silver one, love the game advance wars
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    I have a rubbish neighbour

    when i used to live in vancouver i'd drive down to seattle most weekends, you could put canadian quarters in the machines and it would give you US quarters back lol, only a small profit but still free money nonetheless
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    What are some memories of your wonder years?

    they did have the pal vs ntsc and 50hz vs 60hz issues but
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    Car insurance

    my friend rainey was the aami chick for a few years around the late 90's, she was hot but they swapped her out for a younger chick as soon as she stated to show signs of ageing
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    News Round 22 vs Dolphins

    and picking rfm sends the message that you can do zero runs in the first half and be rewarded with a starting jersey
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    Movie Discussion

    i watched the lamborghini movie last night and unfortunately was very underwhelming. the actors were good, the production quality was there, but it barely scratches the surface story wise. this could have been an epic film if made by writers and a director that had any love for cars and...
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    Bulldogs run their own video session after latest loss!

    here's the vid the article was written from
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    (Perspective) Nice win, but..

    those sideline conversions were pretty sweet
  43. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Averillo situation

    quai ward made taafe look pretty good
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    Australian Olympic Future?

    this is a great watch if you haven't seen it already, a champion bulldogs man giving his insight on the topic
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    The Formula One Thread

    i'm not a lando fan, but i agree he's next best driver after max
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    Official Round 19 vs Souths - Team List and Game Day Thread

    i wish the knights were playing this weekend, would have been good to see if they're in genuine form or it was totally down to us not being in the game
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    What are some memories of your wonder years?

    free movie on youtube worth a watch
  48. cntrbry bnkstwn

    The Formula One Thread

    it's not spec racing but, so if they take the focus away from engineering based and bring it more in line with spec racing where all cars are equal, it won't be F1 anymore. Too much is focused on handicapping the front runner, when more talk should be directed at the teams following to improve...
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    Just a lil harsh

    wow, what a response from the club, no wonder we are soft as melting butter
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    Mahoney In Presser

    you should have thrown down some force lightning on them on the way out haha
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    "It will turn soon...." Cameron Ciraldo.

    yeah they blew the budget on the fuzzy dice for the rearview mirror
  52. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Something wrong with the Dogs or Rugby League?

    what were the backs numbers?
  53. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Mahoney In Presser
  54. cntrbry bnkstwn

    What’s the bet Cameron Ciraldo will………..

    he probably should admit to lying on his resume, way out of his depth and not fit to be our coach
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    The things that 'grind your gears' thread...

    yeah portugese tarts are ok
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    News Could Schuster be any more delusional?

    he's the best in the nrl, at missing tackles
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    Opinion We should hire whoever's doing the Manly salary cap

    ricky stuarts stint here helped develop shifty into the half we all saw carve teams up
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    Round 18 Bulldog V Knight

    i heard we traded our next 3 years of first picks for bo callahan
  59. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Conspiracy Debate Thread 2.0

    i don't have any skeptical thought behind it, i just remember at the time right before covid happened everything in the news was about imminent conflict between china and taiwan, and one news report said something along the lines that silicon chip manufacturing was related, then covid hit and...
  60. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Conspiracy Debate Thread 2.0

    if controlling silicon chip manufacturing wasn't a big deal, would covid have even been a thing?
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    News Pi**es me off’: Furious Dogs coach hints big changes after ‘terrible’ Eels loss

    indeed he is not, but i did say atm in the post, and at the moment kiraz is returning from injury and not yet back to his best. i wasn't hinting at kiraz but, rather that if the rest of the team played with preston's intensity we'd probably be in a better position then we were in at fulltime...
  62. cntrbry bnkstwn

    News Pi**es me off’: Furious Dogs coach hints big changes after ‘terrible’ Eels loss

    the only thing bulldogs about this team atm is jacob preston. the most disheartening thing imo is the gap to the next best performer is wider then the grand canyon
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    Climate Change Pests at it again - Tyre Extinguishers

    strange how they go about destroying stuff in the name of protecting stuff
  64. cntrbry bnkstwn

    What is your scariest Movie?

    the mothman prophecies
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    Attention: Vegans

    Mike Archer, a professor at the University of New South Wales, said vegans tend to do more harm to animals by taking away the one thing they survive on — plants. Growing a plantation takes more time and labor than animal farming. In Australia, producing wheat and other grains results in 25...
  66. cntrbry bnkstwn

    What is the worst movie you have ever seen?

    i'd agree with citizen kane, saw it at film school and was underwhelmed considering how much it was being praised
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    Opinion Rules you’d change

    get rid of knock backs to eliminate 50/50 wrong calls, drop the ball forward or backward it's a knock on one on one bootlace tackle let the defender hold legs longer
  68. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Best 5 coaches of our club all time ranked?

    i gave you a like for not slipping trent barret in there lol
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    Opinion Alamoti

    wish we had the foward depth to send rfm back a grade for a wake up spell
  70. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Exciting news (for me)

    the goods, live hard, sell hard
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    Computer/Console Talk/Gaming Super Thread

    haven't played that one yet, only the original monkey island. my fav point n click from that era would be indy and the fate of atlantis. more recent one i liked was broken sword 5, it's similar to those type of games