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    Lets look at this objectively

    Rugby league is a simple game and when you have no confidence because we always loose the objective is simple. …. 1. hold the ball complete your set and just kick it at the end of your set down field. Nothing flash just build pressure. 2. defence is make your tackles and hit hard as you can...
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    Official Round 1 - Bulldogs vs Eels - Discussion Thread

    Lewis needs to go. Other then the ability to kick and tackle he has not planning, organising or tactical knowledge. Continually throws the inside ball for a forward to go back into the middle of the field. Drives the team into the centre of the field on 4th resulting in no depth to have a...
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    R2 - Bulldogs vs Roosters - Team List & Discussion Thread

    David Klemmer either is taking the piss or doesn’t want to be in this team/club. Marshall King has shown more in 10min the David has for us for a while. If it was for a $30,000 bonus I’m sure he would pull his finger out like he does for NSW or Australia.
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    The greatest shame!

    We don't have a player with a football brain in any key position(1,6,7,9) The only player with a football brain is James. We have no player who can sum up a situation and make a decision on what's the best course play. Every team has a player or multiple who can sum up a situation and control...
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    Dont be like Souths supporters.

    Guys if we had a half back with an inch of creativity and an ability to control the team we would be different but we don't and that's why we are playing this style of footy
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    Haslers future will be decided on friday

    Tbh he is a stubborn mule with his reputation on the line... Wouldn't you think someone like him would want to prove people wrong?
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    Haslers future will be decided on friday

    Anyone who thinks letting Des go is going to help has rocks in their heads. Letting him go in 2nd week in October without a appropriate alternative is completely writing off next season before they even start pre-season. The amount of work and planning behind pre-season for a new coach and his...
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    Improving our forwards momentum

    If you look back to the first round match against Manly, we played a hard running fast style with he forwards running at pace onto the ball from dummy half. Now I know Manly were a easy team due to the new faces etc. But we made easy meters up the field and where playing fast attack not this...
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    Moses Mbye puts extension talks on hold after Bulldogs first offer

    Could we become a better version of the West Tigers. They have two young halves who for a majority of the season lack direction + the ability to lead the team around. We have two young halves (although 1 has experience) who for a majority of their time playing together lack direction + the...
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    How do we stop RTS?

    Dragons v Roosters ANZAC Day Watch how Benji and Widdop nullified RTS with kicks along the ground into touch every set of 6. I have been saying it every match of the Roosters, drill it into touch.
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    Updated: Frank Pritchard Cleared to Play vs Roosters

    what about this?
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    Out of Control Women

    Yer i call Bullshit, i will wait till i see the full video not some conveniently cut/chopped video thanks
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    ATTN Marley - Re Reynolds Hit

    The way in which he went about the tackle or shoulder charge whatever you want to call it was unnecessary. If you look at many late tackles on the kicker they don't jump up then just tackle as normal around the hips/torso. I at the time thought it was a complete joke but looking at it it was...
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    Merchandise ideas

    Since this sport we watch is played in winter, how about appropriate winter jackets. You look at the roosters and rabbits, they all have thick jackets (some water resistant /proof) for the child Friday nights. I get they have hoodie to cater for the demographic of supports but it's a bloody...
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    Trent Hodkinson 2015 Discussion Thread

    Can we please get something straight. Trent Hodkinson (nor Josh Reynolds) won or helped in any significant way win NSW the SOO last year. They were passengers on a ride behind Jarryd Hayne. Yes they kicked and passed and Trent might have score the winning try, but he did not win NSW the SOO...
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    Trent Hodkinson 2015 Discussion Thread

    The most puzzling part of his game today was on at least 10 occasions on the 5th tackle with the ball played 5m away from the sideline, Trent was standing between the two just standing there. Now as a defending team they would not even need to think about marking him because there is no way he...
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    Greenberg & Sutton on Footy Show

    I heard somewhere, Souths had a 7 tackle set similar to our apparent 7 tackle set earlier in the game. Only thing was they couldn't capabilities on it.
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    Chris Sandow last year (I think) insinuated the ref was a cheat but asking how much they paying you or something along those lines. Got send off (or sin binned) and that was it. Kufusi' brother almost snapped benji Marshall's leg in half the 1st or 2nd week of this season. Only got 1-2 weeks...
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    The Correct Rule -

    An incident i witnessed in the moments following T.Hodkinson's field goal. The Orange Shirt South Sydney Trainer as his team were making their way back to the half way, began chasing after and screaming at the bulldogs ball kid for the ball. He then came up behind the ball kid and ripped the...
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    The Smear Campaign Begins.

    An incident i witnessed in the moments following T.Hodkinson's field goal. The Orange Shirt South Sydney Trainer as his team were making their way back to the half way, began chasing after and screaming at the bulldogs ball kid for the ball. He then came up behind the ball kid and ripped the...
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    Canterbury Bulldogs enter race for Daly Cherry-Evans

    I said it last year. We were 1 good finisher from a premiership and i stand by that. We needed a good fullback, winger or even center who was able to out jump, run, catch an opponent and finish off a try 9/10 times. I think in Brett Morris we have that (throw in Rona as well). He will give out...
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    Is Kieran Foran worth 1.2 million per year??? Seriously???

    "There is also a rumour circulating on the Eels forum that Jarrod Hayne may return to rugby league before the June 30 deadline and that the Eels are set to approach Smith for marquee player payments outside the cap. " This is no surprise to me. Parramatta I believe are behind this move. I feel...
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    Tim Simona playing for the Bulldogs?

    he admitted he is an idiot. Thank god.
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    Tim Simona playing for the Bulldogs?

    Fair enough. Thank you
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    Tim Simona playing for the Bulldogs?

    Just heard the commentator of the Samoa v England game that he plays for the Bulldogs. Did we secretly sign him or something???
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    Hayne wanted to come to the Bulldogs.

    The thing is, in the NRL when he has the ball, he has the option to run, step, pass, kick which leaves defenders in two minds about whether or not to come in and make the tackle and risk leaving another player unmarked. In the NFL once he has the ball in his hands all the opposition players on...
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    Jarryd Hayne - Quits Parra for NFL trial.

    He will trial for 4-5 weeks, If he is cut (which will be likely) he will be back with the Eels before the season starts. I would say if anything Special teams Kick/Punt Return, particularly with the season already underway
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    First Thoughts: Your Team for 2015

    We are 1-2 great wingers off a premiership. - We don't need a fullback (we made the Gf with a makeshift fullback). - Our forward pack is one of the best in the comp. - Our bench is also one of the best in the comp. - We are getting one of the most promising juniors next year to play at number...
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    Why the Bulldogs had no chance.

    For anyone going on about the poor number of bulldog supporters at the game or being majorly out numbered by Souths, lets not forget they had a whole 24hrs to buy tickets after they won last friday night. In saying that we lost to a better team who played for the whole game, we just didn't have...
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    Bulldogs fans abuse police- Daily Telegraph

    Guess nothing will be said about the female bulldogs supporter who was practice king hit by a south's supporter.
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    Kent NRL 360

    Did Paul Kent insinuate that Aiden Tolman was on the bench in jersey number 10?? Last time i checked Aiden Tolman wears number 8??
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    Independent Review into Barba Handling

    Lets face it, the only way this will be solved is if: - Barba comes out and tells his version of events - The club and NRL come out and tell the full story - Todd G comes out and tells the whole story - Whoever the person in the photo is comes out and tells the full story. If none of this...
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    Inu/Fa'aoso supensions - whats the deal?

    Although, Fa'oso did make two tackles which causes Ingles to end of his head (he should have been sent off after the second, at least for ten), they were no where as bad as Inu's. Fa'oso was one motion pick up and drop, Inu tried once to lift, failed then did it again and succeeded, and SHOULD...
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    We need hodkinson back!!!

    Keating man of the match performance this weekend!!!! Disclaimer: only if he does not pass or kick the ball and just runs it continually. He almost broke the line 3-5 times last Thursday.
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    Bulldogs v Cowboys

    Thank god. Common sense, I have always said this. He is EXTREMELY slow off the mark. If you don't pass to him on the run, the most ineffective player.
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    Bulldogs v Cowboys

    Against the warriors. Lets not forget that.
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    Bulldogs v Cowboys

    Keating man of the match performance next week. Always plays good against parra. P.s can't believe I'm supporting that goose.
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    Bulldogs v Cowboys

    They were up against the warriors. It's all smoke and mirrors, we will be fine.
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    Bulldogs v Cowboys

    Everyone relax. We are missing 3 very influential forwards. Even if we loose this match. Look on the bright side. We have Parra next week.
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    One of the bravest performances I have ever seen!

    Without a doubt the best and most gutsiest performance in bulldog history, considering we lost our major ball player in the first 10min, and out halfback. We also had Josh Jackson play unbelievable in replacing dean. The amount of sets we had to defend and penalties go against us in the second...
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    Des Hasler Joins Bulldogs - 2013

    Paul Kent is an idiot, he could look at the smile at Luna park and think it was quivering with fear.
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    Des wants SBW...

    IF and that’s a BIG IF $onny Bill is to come back, i would: 1: need him to tie his hands behind if back, so i can punch him in the face for walking out (it will make me feel better) 2: him to say sorry for walking out. 3: I get to punch him in the face one more time, then i will have released...
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    Lets go shopping.. Which Manly player would you like to see at the Dogs in 2013?

    Buhrer He will be a future superstar, plus all the manly supporters love him and i would be happy to take them from him, just to watch them have a bigger cry :)
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    Des Hasler Joins Bulldogs - 2013

    Why are people worrying about get out clauses for the Stewart brothers, we have a fullback who will only get better in Barba, and enough 2nd rowers to fill 3 teams.
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    Des Hasler Joins Bulldogs - 2013

    lol This is brilliant
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    Des Hasler Joins Bulldogs - 2013

    Maybe they will announce he is leaving now and will place Geoff Tovvey as coach for 2012??
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    Des Hasler Joins Bulldogs - 2013

    Why are people assuming Hasler will mean we will win a premiership? He might come here and not get us into the 8 at all...
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    Des Hasler Joins Bulldogs - 2013

    Anyone think Hasler is the wrong coach we should be getting. 2007 Manly made their first Grand Final, this is the same year Geoff Toovey became assistant coach. In the 3 years before that Hasler lead the team to only semi-final appearances, and in 2004 they missed the 8. Since Toovey has been...
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    bulldogs head coach superthread

    O please this is the biggest load of crap. Props: Tolman, Graham, Kasiano Millington 2nd Row: Pritchard, Browne Payne, Taupau Stagg, Halatau, Finucane, Eastwood. Dummy: Ennis, Romelo Halfback: Hodkinson- Every year players have 2nd year syndrome. I can assure you next year the same will happen...
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    Canterbury Bulldogs Player Signings, Re-signings & Rumour Mill: 2011 Edition

    Does anyone know when David Hala from Brisbane is off contract? If it’s soon, he should be a priority for use, as a forward, who has: Speed, Power, Mongrel, Strength He almost snapped Corey Parker in half, with that suicide run on Friday night, and in a match against the Dragons earlier this...
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    bulldogs head coach superthread

    Nonsense have you seen their Toyota Cup squad, lazy, with the exception of a few individuals they lack any true ability, as is shown by their poor performance this year (4 weeks in a row they scored less than 4 points)
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    brett kimmorley= Water Boy/Trainer next year

    I noticed this when playing manly that our trainers are S**t. We have Tony Grimaldi who played as a lock, who to be honest has very little tactical understanding of the game and Tony Ayoub who is a physiothe******. When you compare this to- Manly - Geoff Toovey Brisbane- Alan Langer...
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    Canterbury Bulldogs Player Signings, Re-signings & Rumour Mill: 2011 Edition

    Lets get Alesana Tuilagi to come and fix our winger problem, maybe even play him in the 2nd row for some agression
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    Kevin Moore - 2011 Discussion Thread

    You can't blame Kev alone he isn't the major problem A problem yes but not the major one. Look back at Trent H's games with manly last year he played a completely different style of football very rarely throw an inside ball and always took the line on. Flash forward to now and he plays like a...
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    I'll Bleed for NSW Cup - Idris

    does he know they have the bye this week so he wont be bleeding anything.
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    Round 11 Post-Match Discussion Thread - Bulldogs v Raiders

    he was simply going for the ball, even though it was in the other arm, on the other side of his body, o well, ennis could have done the same thing, we were never going to win, and if we did we certianly didnt deserve to.
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    Round 11 Post-Match Discussion Thread - Bulldogs v Raiders

    Helpful, Very Helpful im sure they will take this on board
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    Round 11 Post-Match Discussion Thread - Bulldogs v Raiders

    ok Number 1: When steve folkes was told he was not wanted it was because his style of play was from the 80's. But you hire his apprentice who has been learning and copies the exact playbook from the old coach. Get a new coach that has no connection with the club's culture of playing 80's style...
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    Round 11 Match Thread: Bulldogs v Raiders

    Sack keating should have bought Mortimer instead least he is slightly more creative. Noddy's influence is killing Trent's game he was playing much better last year when he could play his own game.
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    Guess who's article this is: WHY IDRIS FLED DOGS

    WHY IDRIS FLED DOGS IN THEIR own way the Bulldogs have painted Jamal Idris as a mercenary for choosing the Gold Coast dollars over what was on offer at Belmore. Now for the truth. I had it on good authority that some 12 months ago there would be no way Idris would stay at Canterbury – that...
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    Do we boo Jamal ?

    wont boo just wont be cheering for him, when he touches the ball or actually makes a good defensive play (which probs wont happen often)
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    Canterbury Bulldogs Player Signings, Re-signings & Rumour Mill: 2011 Edition

    Adam Cuthbertson, Andrew Fifita, Martin Kennedy,Kade Snowden,- One of these in red is a must!!!!!!! (would prefer two tbh) Matt Duffie, Chris Hicks, William Hopoate, Denan Kemp, , Anthony Quinn, Jharal Yow Yeh Constantine Mika- You watch this kid how good he will be when Bennett gets a hold of him
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    Who Would You Like To See At The Dogs Next Year!

    CENTRE Justin Hodges, Kane Linnett, , Chase Stanley, David Tyrrell PROP Adam Cuthbertson, Andrew Fifita, Martin Kennedy,Kade Snowden, SECOND ROW , Joseph Leilua, Todd Lowrie, Sika Manu, Jake Marketo, Constantine Mika, Corey Parker, WING Matt Duffie, Chris Hicks, William Hopoate, Denan...
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    Bulldogs star Jamal Idris chooses to join Gold Coast Titans

    LOL worst defensive centre in the game goes to the 3rd worst defensive team in the NRL lol Good luck
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    more then likely due to the rain incoming rain forecast Kev, thought that it wont be an attacking game so he decided for more forwards to make meters then a 2nd row or a forward that plays for 20 min a game
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    In your opinion what needs to be done to improve the situation?

    Ok 11 tips for the bulldogs from a supporter who sat in the pissing down rain to watch crap: 1. Moore should be told tomorrow morning if the team doesn’t make the top 6 (because team 7 and 8 are just in their through luck) he is gone. 2. As must as I think David Stagg is a great defensive player...
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    When did we change our defence patten ?

    Ok 11 tips for the bulldogs from a supporter who sat in the pissing down rain to watch crap: 1. Moore should be told tomorrow morning if the team doesn’t make the top 6 (because team 7 and 8 are just in their through luck) he is gone. 2. As must as I think David Stagg is a great defensive player...
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    The Jamal to Newcastle Knights Speccy Thread

    Does anyone think Idris is worth $400 thousand a year. I dont think he has proven that in just two games, just as u can't say we will in the comp after two games. Sure he has got great athletic ability, but remember most players play above their normal capacity when playing for a contract. Sure...
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    Canterbury Bulldogs Player Signings, Re-signings & Rumour Mill: 2011 Edition

    i think this is a good point because if Ayoub is still his manager he wont sign with us because after tandy got sacked Ayoub will do anything in his power to stop idris staying
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    Bulldog team vs Roosters

    Their Bench is HUGE Jared Waerea-Hargreaves Mose Masoe Frank-Paul Nuuausala All are loose cannons but its a huge bench
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    Benji Marshall being investigated over Assualt

    Ok to be honest a bit of resilience and common sense needs to be shown. Being told to f**k off back to New Zealand is hardly a reason to punch someone in the face, nor is being insulted about your skin colour. People who need to throw around racist remarks are obviously having little...
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    Ben Barba - 2011 Discussion Thread

    If you read me comment i said this occurred on a few occasions, the other was the rooster player. I'm not insinuating he has to stop every try but out of 3 attempts he only stopped 1 that's 2 tries that we could be down in a game situation which means a possible 12 points just in-case u...
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    Ben Barba - 2011 Discussion Thread

    Ben Barba at Fullback After watched the NRL all stars game i have grave concerns about Benny being fullback. Attacking wise i have no doubt he will be very good, but having him as the last line of defence i have big worries. especially close to the line. on two attempts in the all star game...
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    Souths trade 'world's best' for champion

    South’s believe that a premiership can be won through having the best forward pack along with Inglis who like Hayne only pull their finger out every second game. Sorry Russell but number 6, 7 win you comps not number 3.
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    Alleged Ryan Tandy Betting Scam

    And hold on Maybe a player from North QLD was behind it Someone High in the team a Captian or someone like that if they received a penalty would have come in and said we want the 2 points but they didnt have enough time because the stupid NQLD play took the quick tap option
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    Alleged Ryan Tandy Betting Scam

    I didn’t see the incident but if a penalty was awarded to the cowboys because of a poor Ryan Tandy play the ball If u look back at every play the ball he does in any game, they are all shocking and deserve to be penalties because he doesn’t even stand to play it he just jumps in the air and...
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    Who is to blame for our dismal season?

    I agree with this. I have been saying this all season long but our players do not seem fit and strong enough to compete with the other teams in the comp. Not only by looking at the players playing but looking at their physique, upper body especially their arms are not as big or toned as they...
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    Bulldogs Vs Rabbitohs Rivalry

    lol E10 is cheaper still but chant just made my day thank u :)
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    Team for next week

    I like Paea in the 2nd row will provide extra damage on the flanks and can play a role like dave taylor
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    Why Keating?

    Does anyone think that we signed Keating ages ago because we didn’t think we would get Trent Hodkinson because of manly and the extra money for the cap. Then after we got Hodkinsonwe tried to not complete the deal with Keating but it was too late.??
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    Gary Warburton 2010 Discussion Thread

    To be honest Gary shouldn’t be the scapegoat for the team’s poor performance. Without him in the team we would have been beaten by a lot more points in most games. He defends like crazy and tackles. What I saw in a few games was he is starting to develop the fundamentals of an offload he just...
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    Belief high in 'Dogs kennel

    I don’t care if we don’t make the finals because I doubt we can be much of a force but I would love 3 things from the dogs for the remained of the year 1- Beat Parra 2- Beat South’s 3- Beat Manly that will make my season 
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    Defending Offloads

    The Offloads isn’t out biggest problem It’s our kick chase and our kicking game. If we can’t kick the ball out as much as we can, and we allow Hayne to catch it on the full with no pressure then we will never be able to stop their momentum.
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    What A Great Effort It Was !!

    going for the 2 points was a mistake we thought we could hold them out and defened the 8 point lead. we didnt continue to attack like we did in the first half and we lost it then the BOYS played well we just took the wrong option
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    Eastwood misses the kennel

    Racist Definition - A person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others. Race Definition- A local geographic or global human population distinguished as a more or less distinct group by genetically transmitted physical characteristics. What Belmore_utd said was a form of...
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    Ben Barba, 2010 Discussion Thread

    lol there was something in the paper over the weekend about a player in a club that isnt doing to good this year being to close and personal with another players wife i straight away said it was the bulldogs.
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    Mundine encourages players to strike

    Who saw this idiot? He can barely string 3 words together without stuttering and sounding like a buffoon. If any other idiot of a football player wants to listen to him and leave hope they have fun, the man as he is called is a cat and know nothing not only about football but about anything in...
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    Bulldogs VS Tigers Predictions

    Feel like putting 50 on Warburton to score a hat-trick or first try scorer and with my win i will put the money towards getting a Picture off GARRY Warburton to become the backdrop for the kennel for the next year?? sounds ok??
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    What Is Wrong (Merged)

    Wat u mean u "rarely comment on the kennel" 2,373 posts is ALOT and NOT a good indication of rarely lol :P BTW SACK GOODWIN he is slow and lethargic and hasn't been told how to run when kick returning not just jogging.
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    Bulldogs bulldogs

    Let's pump up people tomorrow night is the biggest game of the year for us. It's not a must win but it is a game we need to win for so many reasons other then just the two points. A win tomorrow kick starts our season and our push to being a force this year. We (suppoters) need to turn that...
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    Setu to Roosters

    broncos will get eastwood he will then be brought over to the dogs to replace hannent as a transfer along with another forward
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    Can we match the Dragons physically?

    just like to say that i saw wayne bennett driving around homebush today. Actually driving away from the Dogs office that is intresting???
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    Brawl @ Game Last Night

    lol that is the funniest thing i have very seen lo :) made my day after last night
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    Eastwood wants to return to Dogs

    as of today he has 61 days to get out of his contract, fly to Aus, and sign with us God i hope he comes back :D :D :D
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    Brawl @ Game Last Night

    i have to laugh but at all the hard c**t's who all ran over to were the fight was like WTF are u gonna do start an all in brawl with the cops and the stadium. i seriously would love for the cops to next time bring on the riot gear and pummel the **** out of anyone who causes a fight violent...
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    What tonights loss showed...

    We can't score tries, unless there is broken play a break made down the field leading to a long range try or a error made by the other team, we find it very difficult to score tries when we are in the oppositions 20, its been the case all year, our kicks arnt effective and we offten chose the...
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    Brawl @ Game Last Night

    its is always the same group of people who come to games sit in that same section ( or there abouts) and cause trouble they dont come to watch they game they come to pick a fight because they know they will get attention
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    In the big games do we get overcome by the occasion?

    I know Noddy does he tries to do to much and force things to happen, instead of just letting this happen