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  1. Bob dog

    How do you deal with noisy neighbours?

    Mine are pretty good, a few niggling issues but they've been instructed like everywhere, some issues to work through but they prolly didnt deserve last nights upheaval that started elsewhere, sorry everyone.
  2. Bob dog

    OFFICIAL | PRE-GAME Round 7 | Pre game / Game Day | Bulldogs vs Knights

    Need Kingy to help stop Saifiti and Frizell, Dogs will have to play with with their brains not their grunt, our skill is in our backs and our ability to get the ball there, the timing. Kickau has got them worried on our left edge, who can bend the right? Sexton has a short kicking game, whoever...
  3. Bob dog

    Immigration debate

    The Government want to bring in another 1.5 million in the next three years while there is a housing shortage then say they can build their own houses, piss off mate, they are not all house builders. Most Sydney schools are struggling with thirty to fifty demountables in massive overload. What...
  4. Bob dog

    We just don’t have the team

    Yeah dont have the team but last weeks half a squad of reserve graders rock up and nearly embarrass the Storm, Bulldogs are good for 24.
  5. Bob dog

    Reed Mahoney is a liability

    Starting to make mistakes, is Damien Cook looking for a new club after being dumped? Needing more of those quick zips out of Dummy half, they work.
  6. Bob dog

    Ciraldo’s selection headache after storm thriller

    Surprised no one has made a big deal about finally finding a bloody good fullback. This is the final piece in the puzzle, Sexton or Taffe, who is better at steering a side?
  7. Bob dog

    OFFICIAL | PRE-GAME Round 7 | Pre game / Game Day | Bulldogs vs Knights

    Pretty good line up, does anyone else rate Hughes as could become good? Tracy versus Ponga will be good Has Potalo earnt a run? Burton to get the 7 face it, Taffe 6. Defence, defence, defence water tight
  8. Bob dog

    Todays determination

    Yeah so dont ask me to be good for the lunatics in a bedroom scenario breached by an agreed arrangement Ive never been consulted on, means their always in my head and if something backfires im the prick. Block the catalyst. Veruca James 28
  9. Bob dog

    Todays determination

    The conservative mainstream poshathon , after a few months you get exhausted and dont give a shit, tip toeing around land mines has never been easy so jump on them, I do try to relent on some things but they spin shit anyway. End of the day shouldnt be happening like this, creates a contributing...
  10. Bob dog

    OFFICIAL | GAME DAY Round 6 | Post Game | Storm 16 - 14 Bulldogs

    Dogs were lucky to even score, they had to stick with the Xerri to JAC combo its all they were offering. Hutchi is not an attacking creative half more of a defensive second hooker. Why wasnt he coached to keep chipping over the top to a chasing flank? There are some sides you cannot run through...
  11. Bob dog

    Hutchinson is a momentum killer

    In was thinking Taaffe a run in the 7 for next week
  12. Bob dog

    Reed Mahoney is a liability

    JMK shoulda been kept, thank fuck Burton rocks up and saves us again. First half Storm threw three forward passes so what.
  13. Bob dog

    Cameron Ciraldo

    He good but still learning top level like the team itself, which means.. there are better but.. He pretty good , Hayward debut worked, despite the first touch then pulling him off at the end killed it. Stick by him, the Bulldogs are competitive with the top 4 with fookall..
  14. Bob dog

    Official Bronson xerri to make club debut

    Getting better, tougher and could be the man 'next Morris' to make breaks for JAC? So where does that leave Crichten? Too much talent at Belmore 24..
  15. Bob dog

    OFFICIAL | GAME DAY Round 6 | Post Game | Storm 16 - 14 Bulldogs

    No one can kick from AAMI sideline away, with seven injuries should of been 30-14 Ciraldo hold your head up, instantly transforming reserve graders.
  16. Bob dog

    How do you deal with noisy neighbours?

    Knock on the door. You cant pick your neighbors but you can argue logic. Your noise is in my yard. Theres gotta be a bit of give and take as there is no such thing as 'perfect people; and yourself will annoy him. If he is a prick tell him.
  17. Bob dog

    OFFICIAL | GAME DAY Round 6 | Storm vs Bulldogs | AAMI Park

    Good halves, hooker and wingers give us a chance, play it on the edges, Addo Carr loves this after a week off, looking for the intercept, sidestep king or kick through for the chase. Just need our forwards to hang in there and put up some kind of fight, second phase, no speculators. Used to win...
  18. Bob dog

    News Dogs hit with brutal front row omission as two other stars in doubt — Rd 6 Early Mail

    How many minutes did Hethrington get last night? Get him back to Sydney, has an offload
  19. Bob dog

    News 'Start fast and get big metres': Kikau ready to fire against Storm

    He's got it right like last week, why wait until the final ten to get desperate? Its 80 minutes of desperate urgency. We wont fade like the Knights.
  20. Bob dog

    The things that 'grind your gears' thread...

    Not in my sixties yet mate, just a shame the 'lucky country' is now not so lucky at the hands of militants who say they get what they want.
  21. Bob dog

    The things that 'grind your gears' thread...

    There is no covid, did the Government convince you like dumb sheep?
  22. Bob dog

    The things that 'grind your gears' thread...

    You can think what you want but dont force others to think the same because you believe everyone has to think like you. Perspective is everything, if you werent there you wouldnt Know jack shit. Always trying to justify this shit da fookers. I just wanna watch the footy.
  23. Bob dog

    Opinion Should we sign Angus Crichton?

    You cant just buy everyone, there comes a time when you need logic and skill from the seventeen named and I think we are seeing that. Ciraldo could be a Bellamy in the making if he masterminds a win on Friday. Massive challenge.
  24. Bob dog

    News Bailey Hayward Jersey Presentation Photos

    Gotta love success stories, champion name, looks happy as, hope he doesn't become another injury in the good fight for victory, becomes reliable and can help chop down the Storm for the 80, we still in this comp. Congratulations to him and his family. If we make the eight. Week by week.
  25. Bob dog

    OFFICIAL | GAME DAY Round 6 | Storm vs Bulldogs | AAMI Park

    Not sure Crichten knows anything about fullback, gunna be a crash course in high/low kick defence, positional support play and what happened to the reason the bought Liam Knight? Dogs can win this one too.
  26. Bob dog

    2024 Round 5 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    How shitful were the Titans and Tigers in contrast to Manly;s defensive dance?
  27. Bob dog

    News Seven Bulldogs players injured in win against Roosters, Ciraldo provides update

    If I didnt know better the Rabbits and Roosters were playing dirty and were fearing the Bulldogs competitiveness and the refs should keep up the send offs.
  28. Bob dog

    Round 6 - Slim Pickings

    You da man, Wilson is a natural fullback before Critta and Hutchison's size gets used
  29. Bob dog

    Opinion Blake Taffee

    One hi shot, 11 days is too much obviously, change the bloody rules Vlandys since you know everything
  30. Bob dog

    Opinion Blake Taffee

    Is he ready to go Friday?
  31. Bob dog

    Official Burton 6 Taafe 7 2019 U20 SOO

    Another rep halfback, interesting, gotta try it
  32. Bob dog

    News 'I can't understand the comments': Phil Gould counters Trent Robinson over Dominic Young send off furore

    Is there a connection between between pommys in the NRL and cheap shots?
  33. Bob dog

    News 'Mum was my rock': Why Xerri's return meant more than his emotional debut

    It was a hard debut after that long and he will prolly take a while to be where he should be, we running out of troops and he has to be good.
  34. Bob dog

    Round 5 injuries (Patolo, Mann, Edwards, Tracey, Kikau, King)

    The gamble of playing a light pack, getting smashed to bits, the Storm on Friday will be a big ask. At least we have some juggle options but can't have anymore injuries.
  35. Bob dog

    Round 5 injuries (Patolo, Mann, Edwards, Tracey, Kikau, King)

    How did we win after last week? Didnt we have an anti injury program after last year?
  36. Bob dog

    OFFICIAL | GAME DAY Post Game Round 5 | Bulldogs 30 - 26 Roosters

    Teddy out, Sam out and Young out Dogs should of won by 26
  37. Bob dog

    OFFICIAL | GAME DAY Post Game Round 5 | Bulldogs 30 - 26 Roosters

    Burto is all we got, we need more, more confidence in taking control and bossing everyone. Captaincy back to Mahoney, who is running the team on the park? Thats how you win a game.
  38. Bob dog

    Official 2004 Premiership Team / 20 Year Reunion

    Shits me Sonny Bill still resents Belmore. Those commemorative jersies look great, hope the squad represent them well, how many times do Canterbury play well to just lose in the final ten?
  39. Bob dog

    The "R U OK ?" Thread

    Had me worried, Assassin was badder
  40. Bob dog

    The "R U OK ?" Thread

    Where's Eddy?
  41. Bob dog

    Vintage Australian ice cream/ lollies

    Cornetto's should be a bit bigger. How big is your picture hosting site Bulldog Wrestler?
  42. Bob dog

    OFFICIAL | GAME DAY Round 5 | Bulldogs vs Roosters

    I wouldnt call a win an upset, the Dogs have been playing pretty good footy, Ciraldo has had them full of beans so far and some more second phase and kick chase could see an easy win
  43. Bob dog

    The things that 'grind your gears' thread...

    people that keep quoting 'this country' are wanna be politician car sales ass licking fucksticks
  44. Bob dog

    Friends that move far away then expect a "big show" when they are in town?

    Don't have friends, tell everyone to fuck off your a pack of brainwashed sheep.
  45. Bob dog

    OFFICIAL | GAME DAY Round 5 | Bulldogs vs Roosters

    Gotta get that water tight defence back, three man tackles for 80, lateral shift on the wings needs to be up. In attack points from kicks, get the wingers kicking back in for the chase.
  46. Bob dog

    News Canterbury backrower Viliame Kikau says Bulldogs won’t be the club to milk obstruction penalties

    Baa and Corey Hughes used to give up penalties when wanting a breather but the days of super fit discipline is here but there's still room for beg borrow and steal. Sorry Mr Kickau
  47. Bob dog

    News ‘He’s not an NRL halfback’: Buzz’s Bulldogs call amid club’s 1-3 start

    No he's the bus driver, of course he's a half, stats must be ok, Sexty didnt get a run. Hutch needs to talk to Hokko similar build on keeping up with the quick zip.
  48. Bob dog

    The things that 'grind your gears' thread...

    Once they see their people suffer there is no logic only war, 2000 years ago they were all cousins. I spent twenty years telling mudder fookers not how it is and they get up the next morning and say the same thing.
  49. Bob dog

    News Dogs rue missed chances: What we learned

    Roosters on Friday, the backs need a jiggle, what can Tracy do at Fullback? Is Kiraz still a centre, does Sexton get a run? Should of held onto Burns. Sutton is the NRL dont ask questions
  50. Bob dog

    Official Morrin Charged, will be banned at least 2 weeks. Latrell $ fine ,Wighton no charge

    That was the filthiest Rabbits squad in years, Morrin deserves a medal for trying something, our middleweights brave as fuck
  51. Bob dog

    Never in my life...

    Hip to the head is fine, he let plenty of shit go but Doggies dug deep and should of got the cookies.
  52. Bob dog

    Hutchinson is a momentum killer

    Slower than Hodkinson and he wasnt fast, prolly ratshit from the amount of work he did. Not sure the high ball on the last is always the go need some of those little grubbers in goal if you can one through.
  53. Bob dog

    OFFICIAL | PRE-GAME Discussion thread | Round 4 | Good Friday vs Souths

    Always a shit fight and they havent failed us this year plenty of attitude get into the holiday feel and focus on last weeks positive getting the job done mindset in an 80 minute time warp where clinical rules.
  54. Bob dog

    OFFICIAL | PRE-GAME Discussion thread | Round 4 | Good Friday vs Souths

    Still waiting for a big game from the captain, Burton to kick to him, in fact our kicking game still needs to improve.
  55. Bob dog

    OFFICIAL | PRE-GAME Discussion thread | Round 4 | Good Friday vs Souths

    Never get too cocky, you respect your opponent, Souths would be desperate for a win but only one for us isnt much to rest on so both teams desperate.
  56. Bob dog

    Kurt Mann is so underrated

    Mann and Curran are looking like big signings, everyone is keen to work hard on the field
  57. Bob dog

    Sutton Appointed again to bulldogs vs Rabbitohs game.

    Dry humor is back, will have to score an extra two tries, at least he's better than the dumbo that denied Kickau.
  58. Bob dog

    Opinion Blake Taffee

    He's getting the hang of it, his support of Mahoney was brilliant, how long has it been since we had so many options in the backs?
  59. Bob dog

    News Should Latrell Mitchell get a fine or ban for dropping so many f bombs after last weeks game

    I reckon Latrell is an ok fella, who doesnt Fucken their way through the week? Fuck this shit honky, the country is so fucked up I couldnt give a fuck.
  60. Bob dog

    OFFICIAL | PRE-GAME Discussion thread | Round 4 | Good Friday vs Souths

    After years of getting flogged at Easter Dogs should bite back with Latrell not himself and Rabbits looking for motivation.
  61. Bob dog

    The things that 'grind your gears' thread...

    I must look like the biggest whinger but hey some people go to a lot of trouble to make a lot of trouble so lets give it to them. Agitate the agitaters who can fuck off this time round, power trip toy is getting serious and gunna fix communsim
  62. Bob dog

    Official Ciraldo on Addo Carr return

    Do we need him? Yep he's a step above, sorry Josh Im not into esp at moment, in overload and bad timing, yea I still like to keep an eye out, final ten..
  63. Bob dog

    OFFICIAL | GAME DAY Post Game Thread round 3 | Bulldogs 32 - 0 Titans

    Very clinical performance, not sure the Titans offered much resistance in the second half or were they just shut down? When you watch the footy you just wanna watch the footy, despite the hijack attempts we did.
  64. Bob dog

    The things that 'grind your gears' thread...

    Ok no conspiracy but if there was one that that required the public to be regularly instructed on how to think you would have to ask what would happen if they werent instructed? Desperate tactics. You dont death ride a team, you encourage, that roster sparkles with names just gotta get them in...
  65. Bob dog

    Opinion You can't win games by defence alone?

    Kick to the wingers like two years ago
  66. Bob dog

    News NRL drops referee

    Flew into Australia from Europe last November, NRL employ anyone.
  67. Bob dog

    Food. Why Did We Choose to Eat That?!

    Who the hell eats Lambs fry?
  68. Bob dog

    OFFICIAL | PRE-GAME Round 3 | Bulldogs Vs Titans | Gameday discussion

    Sexty back, stand deeper in attack and get that side to side sling back that adjusts to which way the ball is headed, more kicks rather the predictable shit. Second phase from the forwards, Taffe ready to take the offloads and zip, walla..
  69. Bob dog

    The things that 'grind your gears' thread...

    I will die knowing they tried to brainwash the country to make sure I couldnt win
  70. Bob dog

    The things that 'grind your gears' thread...

    Doesnt matter whether you have a rocker or shocker, everybody has gotta be better than Bob some days and I will never please the factions if their not supposed to be there. They can blame what they want for the shit fight but they wont even acknowledge the travesty their involved in, it doesnt...
  71. Bob dog

    Opinion Nothing less than a win v titans

    Usually win this, will be ready, click time.
  72. Bob dog

    The things that 'grind your gears' thread...

    Nope, a bit of kink and fetish not about to get a bloke, can be a bit cheeky or bizarre depends on how much Im agitated by the plug ins. Technically you can be freaky in the bedroom and remain publicly decent but the gutter tactic merchants try to bring sensitive shit to the dinner table to...
  73. Bob dog

    The things that 'grind your gears' thread...

    People trying to make me gay, then try to prove im gay, the same ones trying to ban me from being gay when I never said I was turning gay anyway. Im just a broadminded diverse adult who is agitated, sorry to the innocent affected by my inability to deal with these kinds of upheaval that shouldnt...
  74. Bob dog

    OFFICIAL | GAME DAY Round 2 - Post Game Thread - Sharks 25 - 6 Bulldogs

    Losing a bench bopper early hurt but Kickau was putting a dent in the defence and they should get him to second phase to support. Taffe getting faster? Cursed again and getting locked into shemozzles sorry.
  75. Bob dog

    OFFICIAL | PRE-GAME ROUND 2 | Bulldogs vs Sharks | Discussion thread 6pm Friday @ Pointsbet Stadium

    Have a strategy, super fit three man tackles wrapping the ball up and name the biggest bench we can. In attack our lightweights can sidestep and move the ball around, you dont run straight all game
  76. Bob dog

    News Legend Still Not Convinced Bulldogs Star is a 5/8th

    Heard he is a hard task master, is he too hard and needs to make good mates with his players and bring them along as people? Its a tricky process to evolve a team into champions, you gotta coax them along not demand. Its not all him, its a comp with other teams, the other teams will sabotage if...
  77. Bob dog

    Team Selection Chat

    If Crichten wants fullback its his. If Burton wants centre its his. If Sexty wants back in the halves its his. Kasiano off the bench. Shake up time already.
  78. Bob dog

    Leniu gets 8 weeks

    How do you get mentally scarred by getting called a monkey JT? In the old days players used to get five king hits from Tallis.
  79. Bob dog

    Leniu gets 8 weeks

    They banned the king hit and shoulder charge from the tough world of League now you get 8 weeks for a shit sling, what next four weeks for talking to the opposition? Why doesnt the NRL ban its involvement in the 'Gutless prank' if its so pure?
  80. Bob dog

    News The heat is on’: Ciraldo’s bold optimism questioned as Bulldogs’ ‘big kill’ theory emerges

    Do they Know any set plays? Practice makes perfect, that Sharks play where the chip to the winger who quickly passes it back in, anything better than none.
  81. Bob dog

    OFFICIAL | PRE-GAME ROUND 2 | Bulldogs vs Sharks | Discussion thread 6pm Friday @ Pointsbet Stadium

    Who's fullback? Like a spare man roaming in support, big job
  82. Bob dog

    News Weighed down by the responsibility’: Matty calls for Bulldogs’ Burton shake-up

    Don't hit the panic button yet, throw everything at defence so its water tight then beg borrow and steal in attack, lift intensity, fuck the power trip off.
  83. Bob dog

    The things that 'grind your gears' thread...

    The debunkathon always wins, the hate unit sux, the majority of the bullshit is jealousy even if I do wig out sometimes or hit a few speed humps but another gutless prank is a catalyst for too much upheaval for opportunist trying to justify their involvement.
  84. Bob dog

    Official ROUND 1 | Bulldogs vs Eels | Discussion thread 5:30pm @ CommBank Stadium

    They obviously will come good but other peoples ulterior motives run life, still gutter tactics and sorry I deal with issues that no others will in their life but theres no reason the team wont rise above anything and kick ass.
  85. Bob dog

    2024 Round 1 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    The big game is too fast for NINES pixelated digital bullshit, can the Raiders lift?
  86. Bob dog

    Official ROUND 1 | Bulldogs vs Eels | Discussion thread 5:30pm @ CommBank Stadium

    Chop their legs out and play them on the edge, Paulo and Gillard are big but you can quick zip them. Addo Carr and Critta hat trick
  87. Bob dog

    News Kikau’s Comeback Season

    Our light pack stood up to the sharks, we looked super fit to compensate. Kickau is gunna have a great year if he doesnt do another pec tear.
  88. Bob dog

    News Signed 2 years. Suluka Fifita

    Kasiano SOS
  89. Bob dog

    News Teams Tips Vs Parramatta Updated (Update)

    Yeep, if Xerri is to live up to the hype he gotta start now and build, surely you want Kiraz defending over Quick zip Wilson. On paper the Dogs can cause plenty of grief and gotta start the year by giving Parra a workover.
  90. Bob dog

    News 'Minister' Tetevano to preach hard training at Bulldogs

    Bit better than NSW Cup, nearly makes the team against Parra.
  91. Bob dog

    Todays determination

    How was the Mardi Gras poofs? Fuck the vilification attempts, its worth a motza. The only teenagers are the ones making trouble. The national farce continues, wanna see it dropped for the comp. Sorry to anyone tangled up in this fiasco.
  92. Bob dog

    News Teams Tips Vs Parramatta Updated

    Taafe has had a couple of games under his belt and should be building, not sure Tracey should be dropped in the deep end.
  93. Bob dog

    Todays determination

    Just what we need, deliberate upheaval just to be smart, society doesnt need to be continually upset.
  94. Bob dog

    News Trial Takeaways: Problems abound for Dogs after Sharks loss (Roar)

    Under the circumstances one defence lapse and one shit dummy half pass. The real build phase is the comp.
  95. Bob dog

    Opinion Is Burton disinterested?

    Golden point king, keep potting those field goals because things are gunna get tight.
  96. Bob dog

    Opinion Full Metal Racket // Short Fast Loud

    Is Taylor Swift really better than Blink 182?