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    Official 2024 SG Ball, Harold Matts Squads , Scores and Team News

    14 Roger’s passing from dummy half was diabolical.
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    News Transfer bombshell: NRL’s highest-paid prop requests release

    Got in a lot of trouble as a teenager. Seems a lot better these days. A very good footballer though. South’s, St George and Parramatta all moved him on as a result of his youth problems.
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    News Transfer bombshell: NRL’s highest-paid prop requests release

    If we have allegedly signed Tokiaho let the Warriors have him and we get Blake. Throw in Topine or RFM at a discount as a further sweetener. Both NZ boys as well. Come on Gus.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Has anyone noticed Franklin Pele is not in any of the training photos. Is there need for concern.
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    First signing for 2024 will be ?

    Bronson Xeri
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    Any More BIG NAME signings before season '23?

    Yep. Maybe announced next week
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    Bulldogs NSW Cup Finals 2022

    Played juniors for Clovelly Crocs. Then moved to De La Caringbah. Came through Sharks juniors
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    Alarm Bells Mahoney vs JMK

    It was posted previously that Mahoney doesn’t run from dummy half because Gutherson pushes him out of the way. Saw it a number of times last night. Every time Parra get on the front foot and a quick play the ball Gutherson jumps in. I think his running game will be good next year when he has no...
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    Bulldogs NSW Cup Finals 2022

    Gus said Kiraz won’t play. Docker Clay, Edwards, Patalo, Morrin will drop back. But Skelton replaced injured half time, Ava looked to get serious ankle injury and Doorey looked to have injured an elbow. As NRL play Friday we should have any of the NRL benchies drop back. Makatoa was binned for...
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    Bulldogs NSW Cup Finals 2022

    Plus Panthers will loose most of their team as NRL tipped to rest up to 11 players.
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    Petition Gus to Re-Sign Vaughan

    Do some sort of cash deal to give them Thompson and Vaughan to stay
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    Schoupp Out

    Seems like everyone knew except you
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    Schoupp Out

    Has a fractured cheek bone
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    Jaydon Tanner debut this week

    Perfect description.
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    Opinion Our Nsw cup side

    DUFTY looked dangerous a couple of times. But quiet in attack overall. Didn’t make a many soft tackles as usual. Dropped 1 easy bomb. Lume lume. Had one of his better games , dropped an easy kick. No the answer. Credence - Not a centre probably not a winger. Should be our NSW Cup fullback next...
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    Opinion Our Nsw cup side

    Agree. But ZDC lost the game with a stupid penalty on the 4th then a horrible tackle in the resulting set. Coach hooked him as a result. Was going ok up till then.
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    Opinion Our Nsw cup side

    Yeh. Forgot about them. We debued a Fijian giant from Flegg yesterday in NSW Cup. He went ok. Sam Hughes placed on report for a crusher yesterday , so likely missing next game as well.
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    Declan Casey debut

    Declan Casey has had issues with his catching over the past 2 seasons. Particularly in the trial against the Sharks last year and the first game against Newcastle in NSW Cup last year. He was playing fullback most of the time. This year ad a centre and winger he had improved a lot and been...
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    Declan Casey debut

    Playing for Mounties but still contracted to us. I believe we have to supply Mounties 5 players or something like that as part of the partnership.
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    Opinion Our Nsw cup side

    Missing yesterday. Thompson, Ava, Hetherington, Sikritas, Stuckey, Tanner, Patalo.All front rowers. NSW Cup filled with Flegg players and subsequently our Flegg having to field almost their SG Ball forward pack. Wakeman and Alomoti also out. Some of these kids are performing very well. Credence...
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    Official Team List Round 12 v Dragons + Match Discussion

    Agree. Don’t rate Allan but he and Casey stood out in a horrible team performance. Casey has been terrible last couple of years but has been really good this year.
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    What's your gut feeling?

    There are few if any coaches available who could change this mess. I wanted Baz to be a success but unfortunately it hasn’t happened. My concern is that if Baz is sacked Gus may walk which will effect future recruitment. To be fair you can’t blame him for DUFTY refusing to tackle , Naden and...
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    Player Ratings vs Canberra

    Well said.
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    Soni Luke

    Was actually really good when we played him in NSW Cup.
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    Official Round 5 v Panthers Match Discussion

    20 steps on the 1 blade of grass[emoji23]
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    Is it time to give Cook a shot?

    Good player and will give much better service. His defence is a bit dodgy not as good as JMK but I think the time has arrived
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    Opinion What Trent needs to do ASAP

    Topine struggling in Jersey Flegg at the moment. Hasn’t offered much at all.
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    TEAM round 4

    Jackson tries really hard but doesn’t appear to have the physical attributes to succeed at NRL level. He has had minimal impact in the Jersey Flegg this year. Don’t know that he will make it. I hope I am wrong
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    Official Round 3 v Manly Match Discussion

    He played right wing in first game of NSW Cup last year and played well.
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    Official Round 2 vs Broncos Match Discussion

    Wakeman was outstanding today. I hate to say it but Flanagan played his best game for a long time.
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    Official Round 2 vs Broncos Match Discussion

    Lume lume not in top 30 Allan hamstring injury
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    Official Round 2 vs Broncos Match Discussion

    Definitely our best 2 today
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    Opinion Round 1 next week

    Casey was horrible in every game I’ve seen. Definitely not the answer. Can’t catch a high ball for shit. 1 good tackle doesn’t make him an NRL player. Plus not too 30. Allan is horrible. We will have a very small back 3 without Knockonbur. Unfortunately at this stage may be the best of a bad...
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    Thank JMK for giving it to him instead of Averillo.
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    Can we offload Okunbor/Allen to the Eels?

    Casey had a reasonable game on Monday I’ll admit. But every other game I have seen him he has been pretty aweful. He only got a run because we had no Addo Carr Naden lunme lume Burns.
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    Issac lumelume

    He will be good for the no look pass
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    Opinion Doorey Top 30 position

    I know the poor kid only got injured today. But he is likely looking at 6-9 months rehab. Do the rules allow him to be contracted as a second tier contract then be eligible to play after Round 10 or 12 whenever that rule kicks in. That way he is not in our top 30 but will still be cleared to...
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    Official Round 23 Bulldogs V Knights - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    We all bag him , and rightfully so in the last couple of weeks. But he was solid tonight. Offers more than Allen.
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    Luke Thompson consolidated thread

    Let me start by saying Thompson is currently our best forward and has produced some great performances lately. Up to then he was underwhelming for mine despite the 14 day quarantine period. I don’t believe he is worth $850k. If moving him on for close to full freight allows us to upgrade Burton...
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    Official Round 23 Bulldogs V Knights - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Agree but he actually went the best he has in a while on the weekend. Still ordinary .
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    Aaron Schoupps Impressive Performance

    If anyone is worried about Schoup’s defence , have a close look at Brent Naden. He doesn’t put his body on the line anywhere near as much as Schoup and his reads in a far superior side to the dogs is worrying at the least. Schoup in my opinion is a better defender than Naden. And I add that...
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    Official Round 20 Bulldogs V Titans (Monday 6pm) - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    He did. Shit himself and curled up in a ball
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    Official Paul Vaughan signs for the Bulldogs on a one year deal

    Saw his Flegg Highlights. What a beast.
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    Opinion Do we extend Lewis' contract?

    Need to offload Flanno and or Wakeman. Lewis for backup only for Burton to play on left side minimum contract only 1 year only.
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    News Six Tackles With Gus Podcast

    Only 2hr 55 min drive to Tathra from Canberra. Rather swap him for the Cheese though.
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    Jayden Okunbor

    Has the physical attributes but no aggression or technique in defence. Also possesses feet for hands. Hopefully he can improve in this area as he does have plenty of upside in attack.
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    News The Dogs have completed a drastic two-year rebuild. Here’s how they could look in 2022

    Gus needs to get rid of Allan, Flanagan and Stimpson any way he can. We still have Jacko, Thompson and Cotric on overs. I’m sure there will be some unpopular decisions with the roster before kick off in 2022.
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    Official Bulldogs sign Tevita Pangai Junior for next three seasons

    The longer this plays out the more nervous I get. I keep having flash backs about API signing. Everyone giving it to the tigers fans are going to cop it if he backflips at the last minute.
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    The Mole: Klemmer eyeing club change and Bulldogs may fit bill (and Vaughan news)

    We only have 3 props on contract next year. You need 6 in the top 30. Hopefully Vaughan is 4th . We still need 2. If Woods or Klemmer come cheap I’m ok with it despite their history. We have made offers to Atoni and Ogden and they want more. Patalo is way short of NRL standard yet. Other options...
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    Official Bulldogs sign Tevita Pangai Junior for next three seasons

    Now swap Elliott for the Cheese.
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    Official Phil Gould to be the Bulldogs' new General Manager of Football

    Hopefully Gould creates a Sports High School to match Holy Cross Ryde , Blacktown, Westfield and Endeavour. Bring the kids in early teach the Bulldogs culture and how to be good people. Employ a teacher/ coach to bring the kids through the school rugby league Harold Matt’s and SG Ball together.
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    Rumour Dufty has signed

    DUFTY ,Naden ,Addo Carr, Elliott ,TPJ , Vaughan . News limited will have a field day[emoji23][emoji51] we might as well sign Segyaro, Dylan Walker Cory Norman and the boys could train at Silverwater or Long Bay. Jacko will be sitting at the lunch table by himself.[emoji23]
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    Official Matt Dufty signs with the Bulldogs for season 2022

    Despite what Vaughan has done sign him on a 1 + 1 year contract in Clubs favour. Just outbid Tigers for TPJ and offer Elliott to Melbourne and whatever we can to get Smith. That will hold us in good stead for next year. Somehow offload Allan Stimpson and Flanagan . Add Bailey Biondi Odo to top...
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    Opinion Joe Stimson

    We need to somehow move on Stimpson Allan and Flanagan urgently.
  55. Longtimedog

    Bondi five whacked by Bulldogs for boozy breach

    Sack all 5 now if we can. Waddell and Wakeman need to go. Katoa and Nappa already gone. Collateral damage is Schoup unfortunately but he’s not that great anyhow. Great chance to get Wakeman and Waddell off the books. Our only problem is getting decent replacements. Bailey Biondi Oddi could...
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    Rumour Hopoate Mid Season Transfer

    Please be true.
  57. Longtimedog

    Official Round 16 Bulldogs V Sea Eagles - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Turbo and Saab both to get hatricks . We are too slow. Katoa Allan Hoppa[emoji51]
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    Official Best wishes to dwz

    Can’t question his effort. But a good decision by the club trying to move forward. Good luck with your new venture Dalin.
  59. Longtimedog

    Official Mounties (NSW Cup) 2021

    He was diabolical in the trials and again in Round 1 v Knights. I called him is a failure then. Move him on please.
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    News Pangai permission to explore

    Player we need . Provides second phase play with his offloads. That is something we desperately need.
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    Top 30 2022?

    18 contracted. Probably add Meehan (if confirmed) Schoup, Alamoti. Maybees Ava, Atoni, Meaney, Okunbur, Chris Smith.( some of these may be replaced with Flegg and Mounties players. That’s 26. In reality there will only be 3 or 4 from outside the club. This list does not include a hooker which...
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    If no Cheese, who the hell do we sign at 9?

    He goes good. Watched him for a couple of years now.
  63. Longtimedog

    Update on proceedings

    Bailey Biondi at club as well
  64. Longtimedog

    DWZ consolidated thread

    Release Dalin and get Naden over early. Partner Schoup and Naden in the centre’s for as many games as is viable. Allan or Meaney for fullback. Whoever misses out goes to the wing. Do something respectable for Hoppa eg. Shop him( probably no NRL team will take him on) maybe ESL, rather than...
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    Social Media Jazz Tevaga

    Thank god for that. Imagine both he and Elliott on the field at the same time trying to outdo each other with stupidity.
  66. Longtimedog

    Opinion Mounties team

    Carrying a rib injury.
  67. Longtimedog

    Opinion Mounties team

    Jack Miller, Ben Suefale and Josh Daley. Seufale is a nuggety tackle breaking forward. Could be good off the bench for impact. Ex tigers under 20 player of the year I believe. Josh Daley has impressed in his last 4 games at dummy half. Jack Miller impressed yesterday, don’t know much about him.
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    Averillo Can not organise!!

    Certainly not setting the world on fire but just pointing out there is gradual improvement. Noticeably his defence. He was pretty good one on one with Kikau today. He got a few line drop outs. Certainly has a better running game than Flanagan. I do hold some hope.
  69. Longtimedog

    Averillo Can not organise!!

    Averillo 25 tackles zero misses. A line break and a couple of set restarts. Certainly an improvement and a better option than Lewis and Flanagan.
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    Social Media Jazz Tevaga

    I hope we go nowhere near this guy. More brain explosions than Adam Elliott. Probably cost Warriors a win tonight.
  71. Longtimedog

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Toby Rudolph

    If TPJ has itchy feet we have to go all out for him. If we miss out on the cheese Josh Hodson is a must. 2 years to someone else comes along. Looks like Topine being groomed for 14 and I’m good with that. Ryan Gray and Danny Ghantous may be home grown options in a couple of years. Absolute must...
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    Panthers next week. what’s your score prediction?

    Luia against Hoppa and Jake is scary. [emoji51]
  73. Longtimedog

    Other News Source Dogs in talks with Willis Meehan

    Get him back playing this year in Jim Beam cup or something. Hard to play at elite level after being away for so long. Was a good player coming through the ranks. Might be a diamond in the rough.
  74. Longtimedog

    Panthers next week. what’s your score prediction?

    Kick early for good kick chase to Staines side. Keep the ball away from To’o so they don’t get a good set start. This might keep the score down a bit.
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    Official Round 12 Bulldogs V Panthers - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    In relation to Renouf. I think he offers more than Napper and Stimpson. But I watched the lead up to Gold Coasts try just before half time and there was nothing that should have made him so gassed. His lazy effort to get back onside would not have gone unnoticed by the coaching staff. It left...
  76. Longtimedog

    Panthers next week. what’s your score prediction?

    I think the Panthers have seven tries in them. Cleary rarely misses. We might jag 1 try. I’m thinking 40-6
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    Official Round 12 Bulldogs V Panthers - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Personally I thought Britt was better on the weekend. None of Britt Stimpson or Ogden set the world on fire. I know both Britt and Stimpson went on report. Britt not named in Mounties. Must be suspended for a shoulder charge.
  78. Longtimedog

    Team round 12

    Got carried off yesterday. Was on the ground for some time. 90 seconds to go in the game . Looked like a leg injury [emoji51]
  79. Longtimedog

    Watson Heleta

    Hard to see exactly what was happening from the hill on the far side .
  80. Longtimedog

    Sione Katoa Out Suspended This Week

    Topine looked to suffer a serious leg injury in the last minute of the Mounties game. The guy who has been playing hooker for Mounties has been going ok. Depends on whether JMK is cleared to play this week or all we have is Deitz [emoji848]
  81. Longtimedog

    Watson Heleta

    He was one of the only players who played well for Mounties yesterday. I was worried about his height but he took the high ball well. Strong hit ups and defended well. Worth a chance at some point. But is he better than Meaney or Cotric Im not sure.
  82. Longtimedog

    Official Mounties (NSW Cup) 2021

    Yes. See my post under how much will Penrith win by next week.
  83. Longtimedog

    Panthers next week. what’s your score prediction?

    Just had the misfortune to watch Mounties game. Britt and Stimpson both on report at least once if not more. Topine looks to have received a serious injury in the last minute. Stocks are very low. I think Jackson and JMK back this week. Thank god Katoa is suspended . Elliott will survive because...
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    Sione Katoa your the weak link

  85. Longtimedog

    Averillo Can not organise!!

    If we had Reynolds we would have won our last 2 games
  86. Longtimedog

    Sione Katoa your the weak link

  87. Longtimedog

    Official Round 11 Bulldogs V Titans - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    That’s our main issue. Poor ends to sets creating no pressure.