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  1. Pheonixss

    Official Gus on Twitter

    Prior to a few months ago i had never heard of Compton, but he had spent two days a week for the past couple of months at my sons primary school playing footy with the kids etc..all the kids absolutely loved him.
  2. Pheonixss

    Official Gus on Twitter

    does anyone have any info on the xmas party? I didnt get a email..
  3. Pheonixss

    Kayo sports Price raise

    im in the exact same position, ipad lags terribly, ps5 crashes and samsung tv is always losing service or blurry af screen… every other streaming service in the house works perfectly and my net is a stable 80mpbs in saying that, NBA games i never have a problem with, just NRL
  4. Pheonixss

    would you go to another Belmore game?

    Considering we were putrid today i thought Belmore was buzzing. When we play at homebush and playing our standard rubbish its just a eerie silence. In saying that, this current team dont deserve to play at belmore
  5. Pheonixss

    Belmore Game this Sunday

    Im a full season member, do i have to reserve a spot as such? Or will all members fit regardless?
  6. Pheonixss

    Official Round 7 v Broncos Match Discussion

    We were the better team for 60 minutes. What the hell happened? Im drained
  7. Pheonixss

    Membership Drive Starts

    Got my pack today, was a real great idea being able to choose what we wanted. The young fella is thrilled with all his stuff. My mug and wireless charger seem decent qaulity also
  8. Pheonixss

    School tragedy in Devonport, TAS

    Absolutely heart breaking, feel for all the families involved
  9. Pheonixss

    News Members day

    i also forgot to check out, which realised when looking just now to see if anything had come up
  10. Pheonixss

    News Members day

    i went to members day and checked in etc. Havent recieved anything from NSW health
  11. Pheonixss

    News Members day

    Was a good day out and the all boys looked great. josh addo car is a legend,he was the last player remaining signing posters and talking to fans,seems a genuinely good guy
  12. Pheonixss

    Preseason watch: pictures, videos, info for the 2022 preseason

    Is anyone attending the training day tomorow at belmore?
  13. Pheonixss

    Membership Drive Starts

    Maybe think about a 4 game membership, and ask the missus to goto those games with you? or get seats in the kennel so your surrounded by dogs fans
  14. Pheonixss

    Membership Drive Starts

    Really like having the option to choose what members gear we want. With a family pass we got $180 credit, let my son go ahead and choose a few things he liked so his happy
  15. Pheonixss

    BBQ Carnivore - Thread

    thanks mate, ill checkthose out. I had a test run on the weekend without food, had the smoker burning for 8 hours at a decent temp so thats a good start
  16. Pheonixss

    BBQ Carnivore - Thread

    Grabbed myself a proQ bullet smoker from bbq galore as it was on special. Now i just gotta figure out how to use it
  17. Pheonixss

    Membership Drive Starts

    Auto renwed my family kennel membership. From what i read, we will be able to choose what items the member packs come with, sounds like a good idea
  18. Pheonixss

    Jobsaver payment

    I believe my boss is claiming the jobsaver payment. But us employees are also claiming the covid diaster payment. jobsaver is purely to keep the business ticking over from what i understand
  19. Pheonixss

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    During lockdown bored i came across Letterkenny on the sbs app, its a canadian comedy, its a crack up
  20. Pheonixss

    Official The fox

    Damm this pumped me up. Bring on 22’
  21. Pheonixss

    Official The fox

    The Fox is a great player, but his personality and always positive attitude is going to be the most important thing for our doggies
  22. Pheonixss

    Will the Dogs make the 8 in 2022?

    I think we might just scrape in. Im really hoping people like Ado Carr have a positive impact and help our remaining plodders lift their game abit
  23. Pheonixss

    Opinion Twitter

    If its the card yard im thinking off. I got ripped on a mazda 323 as a teenager from those arseholes.
  24. Pheonixss


    I admire the blokes effort. But sadly he doesnt have the talent to back it up. We need to be continually upgrading our sqaud and players like lewis, meany and hoppa are no longer needed. its amazing on facebook how many dogs supporters think Lewis is our best player
  25. Pheonixss

    Rumour Ava

    Very happy with this, Ava has suprised me thats for sure
  26. Pheonixss

    How face masks are made in India

    Very nice!
  27. Pheonixss

    Official Best wishes to dwz

    Not his fault at all. If we offered him 450k (which i think he is worth, especially as a great person to have amongst the team) he probally wouldve accepted, its not asif he had offers of big money elsewhere. Thats on the club, not him
  28. Pheonixss

    Official Best wishes to dwz

    All the best DWZ,I loved his no fear attitude. Unfortunately his salary didnt match his skillset, but the bloke had more heart then half our players put together. i dont understand why ppl bag him about his salary, He took what was offered to him, each and every one of you would take that money...
  29. Pheonixss

    How old are You?

    33 going on 60 here haha
  30. Pheonixss

    Troll this clown pants ...

    That bloke should probally be locked away somewhere instead of making videos on twitter. Tosser
  31. Pheonixss

    Official Round 14 Bulldogs V Dragons - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Wow i wasnt expecting that sort of performance today. The Kennel was rocking today and my son finally got to a game with great win, the atosphere was cracking!
  32. Pheonixss

    Opinion Kyle Flanagan deserves another chance.

    Wow my bad. I was acctually at training session and didnt even notice him haha. Sorry for the wrong info haha
  33. Pheonixss

    Opinion Kyle Flanagan deserves another chance.

    He wasnt spotted at training today, no idea whats going on with him
  34. Pheonixss

    News Ava set for new deal

    Very happy with this, he has been showing up alot of other higher paid forwards. A decent veteran with a good attitude that doesnt gives up.
  35. Pheonixss

    News Krisnan Inu

    i agree. He probally shouldve been smarter and not said anything online. But i bet alot of you would defend your best mates also.
  36. Pheonixss

    DWZ consolidated thread

    DWZ was saying it wasnt true on twitch last night. i hope he can stay for a few more years, not on the money his currently on. But his one of our very few players who actually has abit of energy and tries his arse off. Theres a fair few more players who are here just for a pay cheque that...
  37. Pheonixss

    The fox

    Cant wait for the Fox to get here. Great athlete aswell as a great character whose always upbeat
  38. Pheonixss

    Official Round 12 Bulldogs V Panthers - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Im gunna block myself away from all scores/results and watch the replay later tonight, that way when i lose my shit i can just goto bed
  39. Pheonixss

    Dylan Napa, worst ever signing ?

    not saying we shouldve held onto Tolman, but its the lack of heart in those simple plays that annoys me no end with Napa
  40. Pheonixss

    Dylan Napa, worst ever signing ?

    towards the end of the game when the titans scored napa was close by but just jogging back not even bothered to look like he gave a shit. If that was Aiden Tolman he would not have gave up
  41. Pheonixss

    If we had to keep one on the same money which one should the club keep out of Napa and Ava.

    I dont mind Ava, he seems tonatleast have a crack. Once we get some better forwards he’ll be a great backup
  42. Pheonixss

    The Unlosable Match

    That game really pissed me off. Purely because at half time i thought we’d win. And then we completely stuffed it up.
  43. Pheonixss

    Life after footy.

    very smart by the roosters. Alot of Sydney swans players end up really well educated after footy. Uni degrees etc, running their own businesses not sure of the setup they have exactly though, whereas alot of the NRL players seem content to piss all their money up against a wall
  44. Pheonixss

    Will the new 6 again rule last?

    This game is going downhill real quick. there has been some silly rule changes over the years. But this current crap is a completely different game and its not good
  45. Pheonixss

    2021 Round 10 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Wow these sin bins are a joke. Cant watch this crap
  46. Pheonixss

    Opinion The NRL is a failed competition

    Another thing that does my head in is the damm draw. last week was our last homegame (1st may) till the 14th june against the dragons, How on earth does that even make sense? I realise the magic round game is ‘home’ but that really doesnt count
  47. Pheonixss

    Opinion Where would you prefer to watch the bulk of our games?

    I love belmore and always will, have some very fond memories of my mum taking me to doggies games as a kid. But moving forward liverpool is the best option. we need a real home ground advantage
  48. Pheonixss

    News Baz on Nrl 360 now

    Its nice having a coach who is so well spoken and seems genuine. Hopefully he can see it all through to when we are a powerhouse again
  49. Pheonixss

    Bulldogs Rebuild – CEO Aaron Warburton Confident of Success

    I really like the Crest idea. One of the few decent ideas in the last few years. i also think the biggest thing in moving forward is everyone being on the same page and no infighting
  50. Pheonixss

    Shared accommodation! What's this bullshit?

    No wife swapping, that im aware of anyway haha. No just the one kitchen. And this is the part people usually cant understand working but it does. Imagine ur wife’s/partners best meals that she cooks? Well we have twice that amount of amazing dinners haha. The two girls happily go grocery...
  51. Pheonixss

    Shared accommodation! What's this bullshit?

    I live in a house with two families. Me, the wife and my son. We live in a massive house with our friends who are husband/wife and two kids. We’ve been in this house 6-7 years without any drama. We have seperate lounge rooms and its 5 bedrooms. And we wont be changing it anytime soon.Its like...
  52. Pheonixss

    Does anyone have any Ideas?

    I follow the swans just as much as i do the dogs. And damm their juniors that come through are always top shelf and ready for seniors almost instantly.
  53. Pheonixss

    Official Jackson topine debuts

    Ive never seen him play, but wish him all the best on debut. Cant be worse then what we have currently
  54. Pheonixss

    Opinion Belief

    i hope they atleast get a try for the young bloke. My son is 4 and i think we’ve only won the one game we’ve been to in the last few years. Atleast the easter show will put him in a good mood
  55. Pheonixss

    Is KAYO sh!tting itself ?

    This has been happening to me for a month or so. Ita damm annoying. When i first got kayo it had heaps of problems and they fixed almost all of them, hopefully they get onto this soon
  56. Pheonixss

    Round 2 Bulldogs V Panthers - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    My 4 year old son has only given me One option and thats goto the game today. His pretty determined
  57. Pheonixss

    Round 2 Bulldogs V Panthers - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    So is anyone going to brave the weather and goto the game? im wanting to go but the wife isnt so keen
  58. Pheonixss

    Members Jerseys

    I belive im better then Burton Anyway! Haha
  59. Pheonixss

    Members Jerseys

    Got mine today, love it! i had a odd feeling they’d forget me for some reason but they didnt
  60. Pheonixss

    2021 members.

    Got my package yesterday, dont like to whinge but theres not much in it. They have some catching up to do compared to other clubs
  61. Pheonixss

    Ex-Bronco Jamil Hopoate Pleads Guilty To Assaulting Partner After Spitting On Security Guards

    Will has done such a good job becoming who he is today, considering the halfwits he was surrounded with growing up
  62. Pheonixss

    No Source RFM

    he said he’d be good too run in a week
  63. Pheonixss

    No Source RFM

    Just met RFM at the members day, very humble and was great playing footy on the field with my son. What a great human!
  64. Pheonixss

    Your celebrity interaction!!

    A couple years back me and the family were heading up to mudgee and we decided to stay one night in bathurst at the Rydges hotel (located on the track). There was a red honda civic doing insanely fast laps of the track with a film crew filming it all. Later on in the evening i ran into Jensen...
  65. Pheonixss

    Opinion NRL Live Pass

    Kayo is acctually really good. $25 a month for all the sports you could possibly want.
  66. Pheonixss

    Reynolds ‘forever grateful’ for Bulldogs, Hasler as he reveals reasons for Super League move

    “We had a great year, but Souths were a pretty special team. I feel it was already made for them.” interesting qoute about the souths GF being already made for them...
  67. Pheonixss

    PS5 vs XBOX

    tbh the last modern warfare is better then cold war. cold war has so many different bugs for different people, currently i cant play local splitscreen multi (which is something me and the wife enjoy)
  68. Pheonixss

    News NRL player Jamil Hopoate charged with domestic violence, drink driving

    i agree! Will has never put a foot wrong and is very humble.The fact he grew up with these idiots and turned out the complete opposite is quite amazing.
  69. Pheonixss

    Burger Lovers get your arse in here NOW!

    Mmm fuck yea, McRib followed by some nutella hotcakes! Everyone should try superior burger in wakely and mortlake. Their beef is amazing, and their deep fried chicken on the burgers is the beat deep fried chicken ive ever had
  70. Pheonixss

    Bupa finally wins another premiership

    Really hope he goes out a winner! One of my favourite dogs players
  71. Pheonixss

    PS5 vs XBOX

    Hacky, Until u try to add it to your cart and it shits itself
  72. Pheonixss

    PS5 vs XBOX

    i missed out on the first batch. But tried ordering this morning with no luck until i found vodafone are selling them. Should have the PS5 on the 15th december. For anyone whose got it today, how is it?
  73. Pheonixss

    Official Bulldogs sign former All Blacks coach Steve Hansen

    This is a great signing. I have next to no knowledge of union but i do know how massive Steve Hansen is in NZ and how important he was to the AB’s.
  74. Pheonixss

    Official Kyle Flanagan signs 3 year deal

    Very happy with this signing, i honestly havent seen him play alot. But from what ive seen is deffs a upgrade on what we have and for a good price. No more watching lewis throw cutout passes into the upper decks of ANZ is also a positive
  75. Pheonixss

    Official Membership 2021?

    i did mine on installments, but did it over the phone as the website is terrible. Also ordered my members jersey over the phone. doesnt bother me too much, but this year u basically only get a cap and a scarf (on the higher tier). They couldve atleast done a few more extras and especially for...
  76. Pheonixss

    Was it just me

    I noticed that also, he was quite happy just standing there and watching it unfold infront of him
  77. Pheonixss

    Big Kas still got it

    Great effort from Kas. What id give to have a young and fit Kas and Frank in out current team
  78. Pheonixss

    PS5 vs XBOX

    I’ll be buying PS5 with disc, some games i buy online and others i get the disc. brand new release games on ps store are always $100, jb hifi often have new release games for $69 so ill make the money back pretty quick
  79. Pheonixss

    News Moylan on outer at Sharks,

    For one of the first times on here everyone seems to agree haha. fuck no to Moylan, cannot stand that smug look on his face. Few years back he was going to be a superstar and i honestly think he just doesnt care anymore
  80. Pheonixss

    Best of SBW

    Not too interested in SBW, but damm how good was shifty!
  81. Pheonixss

    Official Round 16 - Bulldogs vs Raiders Discussion Thread

    Wow this is depressing. Horrible lineup. Lost for words, SG is cooked
  82. Pheonixss

    News Canterbury’s Will Hopoate keen to show new coach Trent Barrett that he is the club’s long-term fullback

    Ive always liked hoppa, and like someone said above, you replace your worst players not ur best players. personally id like him in the centres, but his a handy second option at FB, wont let you down
  83. Pheonixss

    News Foran. Canterbury bulldogs withdraw offer.

    For some reason i still feel foran will be here next year, i cant see many clubs that have the money or really need him. And injury prone or not, we damm well need him next year
  84. Pheonixss

    Social Media Pangai to be sacked

    just read some crazy rumours on facebook about the coach also, coke and woman haha
  85. Pheonixss

    2021 Members Jersey

    Jersey looks great! I registered my interest. I made my pledge awhile back. Would be awesome to have a jersey with our names on it
  86. Pheonixss

    Ko-toe-ni Staggs has shot a porno

    How does everyone always end up seeing these videos? Ive never seen em haha. broncos player, should be same punishment as napa but wont be
  87. Pheonixss

    What's your fighting record like?

    @Blue_boost well my answer is boring AF, 33 years old growing up in Sefton and never had a punch up in my life. must be doing something wrong?
  88. Pheonixss

    Official Major Sponsor - Laundy Hotels

    Great news! Besides CHN things seem to be on the up!
  89. Pheonixss

    Club statement on CHN release

    CHN sure does come across as a little whinger. I can only hope we win a title before the raiders do (wishful thinking)
  90. Pheonixss

    News Harawira-Naera reportedly released

    Well after all the good news we get this crap. I cannot believe someone from the club didnt manage to check in on him? wish it was like the old days where a team would really whack a former player. But even that doesnt happen anymore.
  91. Pheonixss


    Apparently someone positive with corona was at canterbury leagues on the 4th of july
  92. Pheonixss

    Front of Jersey Sponsor

    Had this conversation with the wife on the way to the bunnies game. they could either fill in the blue V Until a sponsor is found, or support the leagues club or a charity for free. The way the jersey is currently, it makes me feel asif they dont want to pay for jerseys until they get a...
  93. Pheonixss

    Opinion Are you a current Member?

    Im a current member and will be putting me and the family through some misery by going to sundays game haha.
  94. Pheonixss

    Only 3 nrl players

    I think Jackson isnt playing to a decent level for the money his earning, in saying that its very similar to the morris boys. Put jackson in a good team and he’ll kill it
  95. Pheonixss

    Tickets to the game Sunday

    I got a email from the club today offering tickets for me and my wife. my 3 year old son is a born and bred member (non seated) so he hasnt been offered a ticket. Its abit messed up
  96. Pheonixss

    Nestle got "woke"

    Theres alot of bad stuff that needs to be fixed in this world, changing names of lollies and foods probally wont help all that much
  97. Pheonixss

    Tickets For This Weekends Game

    Im wondering if my 3 year old (non ticketed member) will be able to come with my wife and i if we do happen to get tickets?
  98. Pheonixss

    Ps4 vs XBox

    shinobi was a great game. Any one remember road rash? Used too race motorbikes and hit the other rides with weapons, loved that game i love playstation these days, but mwga drove was the beat console i ever had