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  1. ddt192

    Beruit Blast

    My heart goes out to Lebanon. Thoughts and prayers to all affected. ❤️
  2. ddt192

    Pangai Jnr anyone?

    FUCKIN OATH!!! Make it happen
  3. ddt192

    Next year ! I know it’s been done

  4. ddt192

    Social Media Brandon Smith

    Pay him whatever tf he wants and get him here asap
  5. ddt192

    Official Round 13 - Bulldogs vs Storm - Discussion Thread

    Yeah Baz probably offerin SG a spot next year if he can show him something
  6. ddt192

    Ko-toe-ni Staggs has shot a porno

    Just glad it ain’t one of ours =)
  7. ddt192

    News Gareth Widdop

    H Hard bro all in one go send the lot lmaoo
  8. ddt192

    Official Round 13 - Bulldogs vs Storm - Discussion Thread

    My man!!! Haha I knew a few of the gang on here would like that one lmao
  9. ddt192

    News Gareth Widdop

    Just seen on NRL 360 Widdop looking to return to Dragqueens in a swap deal for Corey Norman.
  10. ddt192

    Official Round 13 - Bulldogs vs Storm - Discussion Thread

    Yeah it’s pretty awesome. Hope Ogden has a blinder. This will be good for his game going forward.
  11. ddt192

    No Source Luke Brooks

    Yeah nah
  12. ddt192

    Social Media Brandon Smith

    Fuck pls don’t do this to me!? I dont think ill be able to take it if its not true haha
  13. ddt192

    Official Round 13 - Bulldogs vs Storm - Discussion Thread

    So refreshing to see Katoa, Ogden starting!!!
  14. ddt192

    Averillo Try of the year

  15. ddt192

    WWOS MOLE John asiata

    He’d be a decent signing he covers the halves too.
  16. ddt192

    News Foran wants future sorted soon

    350 max 1 year. He owes us.
  17. ddt192

    Reimis Smith

    Reimis >Montoya every single day of the fuckin week
  18. ddt192

    Broncos apparently willing to pay up to 600k-700k of Milford's & Bird's contract for 2021

    I’d take Milf only to play fullback. He probably just needs a change of scenery. Ps I love his end over end bombs.
  19. ddt192

    Recruitment Suggestions - Consolidated Thread

  20. ddt192

    Averillo Try of the year

    We need to get both our centres earlier ball.
  21. ddt192

    Quick Tap Tolman.

    One More Word “HALLELUJAH”
  22. ddt192

    Standard of refereeing is disgusting

    Fuckin putrid
  23. ddt192

    News Foran wants future sorted soon

    @Big M is Foran here next year or what bro?
  24. ddt192


    Can’t wait till Tolman is gone.. Napa has 1 more year after this year so that’s not too bad. I hope Baz was watching us today especially our forward pack surely he’ll persist with the likes of Ogden and To’Omaga shit I’d even hold onto Sue as well
  25. ddt192

    Forward Pack

    Definitely missing a true enforcer. A player that puts the fear of God in ya!!(Sue has a shot or 2 in him which I like)
  26. ddt192


    Look I’m a Foran guy 100% but fuck me he has to be the one to close the game out. Surely he puts it to bed with all the possession we had in the back end!? I think 350 max 1 year deal is fair for him if he wants to stay.
  27. ddt192

    3-2-1 Rd12

    3.WE 2.FUCKIN 1.LOST
  28. ddt192

    Bulldogs open door for SBW return 12 years after he walked out

    Fuck I’m so over this SBW shit
  29. ddt192

    News Tim Lafai opens up on darkest of thoughts and his ’mental breakdown’ ahead of NRL return

    Welcome home Timmy. I have a good feeling he’s gonna fire!
  30. ddt192

    Opinion Who is your most hated NRL team and why?

    Parra.. well coz they’re Parra
  31. ddt192

    Official Round 12 - Bulldogs vs Eels - Discussion Thread

    Ch 9 reporting Matterson ruled out
  32. ddt192


    Blokes a legend. He still come out a fkn champion in my eyes. Prince Of The Centres.
  33. ddt192

    News Corey backs Barrett (Brent Read)

    Fuck bro move on with your life
  34. ddt192

    Fox Sports Cameron McInnes

    FUCK BOB DUATO !!!!!
  35. ddt192

    Full strength team you'd like to see before season ends

    1.Barba 2.DWZ 3.Cotric 4.Hoppa 5.R Smith 6.Averillo 7.Burton 8.Thompson 9.B Smith 10.To’Omaga 11.Hoppa 12.Stimson 13.Jackson 14.JMK 15.Napa 16.Sue 17.Britt
  36. ddt192

    Fox Sports Cameron McInnes

    Guy Looks like Kyle O Reilly Lol
  37. ddt192

    CHN has disrespected the club

    100% bro we cant dwell on it whats done is done . We gotta worry bout Parra on Sunday lol
  38. ddt192

    CHN has disrespected the club

    Fuck the c***
  39. ddt192

    Dogs teams strategy 2021 - 2022

  40. ddt192

    Social Media Brandon Smith

  41. ddt192

    News How Bulldogs blew Tedesco-Moses mega deal

    Don’t need this negativity in our lives lmao
  42. ddt192

    Social Media Adam Elliot

    Come on now man that was once hahaha
  43. ddt192

    I'm not after mammoth dollars': Foran keen to stay with Bulldogs

    Nah fcuk that he owes us! He knows how injury prone he is too! I’m a Foran guy myself but if its not good enough for him then see ya later I think that deal is alright
  44. ddt192

    I'm not after mammoth dollars': Foran keen to stay with Bulldogs

    I think that deal sounds fair.
  45. ddt192

    News Bulldog Lafai keen on Barrett NRL rebuild

    Actually keen to see how he goes. Never underestimate what a change of scenery can do for some players.
  46. ddt192

    Official Round 12 - Bulldogs vs Eels - Discussion Thread

    I would love to see RFM be played as an impact benchie u inject him late in halves and leave him on as long as you need plus he can play 80mins if u needed him to.
  47. ddt192

    Official Laundy Hotels announced as Major Sponsor of the Bulldogs

    Family takin care of Family. That’s what we’re all about.
  48. ddt192

    Bulldogs 2004 Jersey

    Nah worth 5 at least bro
  49. ddt192

    Social Media Adam Elliot

    “ Star forward “ lol
  50. ddt192

    News Keary set to take less to stay at the Roosters

    This shits beyond a joke now.
  51. ddt192

    News Barrett quits key role at panthers

    Surely he already knows who he wants anyway lol
  52. ddt192

    No Source 100%

    Idk man sounds a little too good to be true ..
  53. ddt192

    Dogs vs parra

    If we complete our sets like the Knights game then we will give ourselves every chance of an ambush. I can see Parra trying to underestimate us.
  54. ddt192

    No Source Bryce Cartwright

    Only if he’s on the cheap cheap. One year deal max see how he goes. If not then it’s thanks but no thanks =)
  55. ddt192

    Opinion Okunbor

    Would rather have him in the side instead of Montoya or Holland tbh
  56. ddt192

    Dogs vs parra

    I think coming off a gritty win like the last one as underdogs will work in our favour. The belief will be there so I’m not gonna write us off completely. I reckon we can get em. Parra have everything to lose not us.
  57. ddt192

    News Stephen Crichton set to re-sign with Panthers on $1.5m deal

    Straight up he’s already worth more than that. Surely we could offer him way more than that.
  58. ddt192


    Lets just get Barba back.
  59. ddt192

    Aiden Tolman

    Literally his best game in years. I hope Manly and Des sign him lol
  60. ddt192

    Press Conference: Round 11 vs Knights

    On ya Steve!
  61. ddt192

    Renouf T

    Not too sure we definitely could’ve used him late in the game
  62. ddt192

    Opinion What was the most pleasing thing about today's win?

    Hope Newcastle dwell on this loss for a while.
  63. ddt192

    Opinion What was the most pleasing thing about today's win?

    I’d I’d say he’s a modern day fullback. He reminds me so much of Barba
  64. ddt192

    Opinion Sione Katoa

    Yeah I like the way he was used today. Very effective.
  65. ddt192

    Opinion Klemmer v Tolman

    How about our record up there ay guys? 8 from the last 9 we’ve beaten them bogans up there haha
  66. ddt192

    We desperately need another half!!!

    Smith needs to be our top target.
  67. ddt192

    Official Round 11 - Bulldogs vs Knights - Discussion Thread

    Classic underdog Bulldogs grinding win. We needed that one.
  68. ddt192

    3-2-1 Bulldogs vs Knights

    3 Foran 2 Tolman 1 RFM
  69. ddt192

    Official Round 11 - Bulldogs vs Knights - Discussion Thread

    “ 10 years ago Foran would’ve scored there! “
  70. ddt192

    2020 Round 11 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Is that fuckin DAINE LAURIE in the reserves for Penrith???? DAINE LAURIE???
  71. ddt192

    Where does our next win come from?

    Beat me to it lol
  72. ddt192

    News Bulldogs’ Biondi-Odo to line up in Lightning Challenge

    Should definitely hold onto him. Glad he’s getting some sort of a run this year.
  73. ddt192

    TripleM Curtis scott

    Yeah man hopefully we can lock someone down for next year. I dont wanna be relying on Lafai for 2021
  74. ddt192

    TripleM Curtis scott

    M man idek ay i just hope its not Montoya or Holland or were u talking about Raiders?
  75. ddt192

    TripleM Curtis scott

    Doesn’t make sense when they know Cotric is on his way in here in 2021
  76. ddt192

    No Source Matt Burton

    Legal or illegal we need to get him. Idgaf at this point
  77. ddt192

    Harry Grant

    The kid is an absolute weapon
  78. ddt192

    News Joseph Suaalii

    Suck shit Bunnies lmao
  79. ddt192

    Official Titans sign David Fifita

    Good on Titans and good on Fifita. Suck shit Broncos lmao
  80. ddt192

    Love the Broncos getting smashed

    We need to throw some money at some of their guns. Now would be a good time to swoop in and offer some good coin to some of their big names. Pick the bones ndat
  81. ddt192

    Opinion Just cancel the season and hand Roosters the title!

    Nah fuck that hand em deez nuts!
  82. ddt192

    News Cameron McInnes potentially on the outer

    We need to throw a blank cheque at Brandon Smith. I can already see he’s a Bulldog.
  83. ddt192

    We need to sign Fidow

    I would sign Fidow .... as a winger
  84. ddt192

    Bulldogs and Corey Harawira-Naera agree to secret ‘play nice’ deal

    He’s gonna regret leaving us you watch.
  85. ddt192

    I found wakehams twin

  86. ddt192

    Opinion Andrew Johns, Brad Fittler pick club to resurrect Jack Bird's career

    Would love to see him get back to his best just not with us rn. If we did sign him 300k max
  87. ddt192

    News Bachelorette to Belmore: High-profile pub barons pour millions into Bulldogs

    My Mum lives down the road from Twin Willows pub guess I’ll be watching Dogs games there from now on. Lol
  88. ddt192

    Official Major Sponsor - Laundy Hotels

    Fuck I miss Jaycar