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    Buddy "DWZ" is your thread and again I never defended his errors.. I even put them for you to read. If this was a Pay Thread ok.. his results are there and no argument.. See the stats and understand before u embarass yourself further..
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    Wow substance means you bring credible and accurate argument.. You do know 3 years ago Dallin wasnt a Bulldog right??? You just proved my point young one... Have another read or go to sleep as its a school night.
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    Wow like i said Malla glad ur not the coach.Sounds like personal attacks works for you.. No substance to your argument.
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    He plays where the coach tells him mate . Try again! DWZ was Fb Hoppa was Fb then they tried 50/50. Nick Meaney in my opion should be Fb for the record. THE POINT IS DWZ isnt the reason were losing matches.. Terrible 9 and no First grade level Half back is the main reason we cant win games. LL...
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    Hahahahaha His errors ... cmon mate its more than DWZ thats cost us. Be fair dinkum ... You said it "we" the team has cost them collectively. If anything mate it sounds like your blindly blaming one guy.. Im just bringing perspective to the thread..
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    So again error stat is your main default sir.. I see stats are your thing for value.. Have a read of the curent stats leaders in our wonderful bottom of the NRL team.. I think hes great.. Its not his fault he has great management or ours had to pay overs.. He has flaws agreed.. Not as many as...
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    Remember Hoppa was there Morris before etc..Post Barba we havent had a game breaker.. @ FB. DWZ was the NZ captain when he joined. and we rejoiced. Shame the suporters cant see his class. Wonder why Player Managers seem to recieve loads of support from this chaos.. Fans ,media and poor club...
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    I must concur... Remember the first back-ended contract ? No ? Let me remind. Gasnier Round 17, 2010. Just finished a stint in French rugby. He was allowed to rejoin the Dragons, that in all fairness based on his current worth, could not normally afford such a high profile player within their...
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    Wow tough marker Malla.. Im glad your not the coach.. So lets talk Stats then if you want to judge players value to the Bulldogs.. Yea he leads the team this year in mistakes but.... DWZ also leads our team in -Av Most running mtrs 165 mtrs pg -Runs pg 19 -Most offloads 18 -Most tackle breaks...
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    News Bachelorette to Belmore: High-profile pub barons pour millions into Bulldogs

    It was their venue back in the day for Mad Mondays.. Ask Baa and he will probably deny lmao. Them were the days when we had the family bond and trust within.
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    No chance
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    Fuck u too

    Fuck u too
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    Be like water friend ☯️

    Be like water friend ☯️
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    Opinion SBW 1year to bring back the faith and mentor our juniors

    https://inews.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/sonny-bill-williams-toronto-wolfpack-super-league-rugby-islam-362991 https://arab.news/b628f Guys given Torontos financial woes with the salary cap. Would be interested in seeing if we got SBW on say a 500 k 1yr deal and have toronto pay the remaining...
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    NRL DISCUSSION THREAD | Round 4 | Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs v West Tigers

    Hokko was there for some key moments at the end like kicking the ball into touch so we could set our defence at their end of the park.. converted all tries like we need ala Hazem as even back then we used to moan about our try scoring ability... going up by 6 points cleary puts us in the game...
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    Jacob loko incident

    Maybe let the boy go I say.. I see in today's paper Daniel Vidot is looking for a club.. Lets get him on board.. he would be extremely handy when SOS comes around and the Morris twins are away on duty for the blues.
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    We are now in the desperately needing a premiership state

    We will again and sooner than u think.. However i cant stand St Merge and cringe at the thought of dragons fans rejoicing in preimiership glory much like the Beagles and bloody Parra... wests no problem as they second team if we dont make finals... Souths good luck to them, they had a really...
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    Hasler needs to stop disrespecting The Tank

    i MUST agree with RUN AGAIN SON... T Rex is at beast a bench player and may develop into a starter but at this point in Time my Starters would be Tank, Jackson and The Beast. Front rowers pick themselves with Graham and Tolman plus new signing Michael Liccha. Bench would be T Rex, Finucane...
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    Where can we improve?

    I would have opted for a kick to in the goal with our backs and 2nd rowers chasing hard for a repeat set to keep the possession with us .. who cares if we did it 10 times to just keep the ball up their end with them defending and trex and co running at their halves. Pressure built less defence...
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    Open letter to my beloved Bulldogs.

    Raelene's email.. rcastle@bulldogs.com.au
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    What are your thoughts on Krisnan Inu ? Should he Stay or Go

    Inu is trying and Im sure a couple more games under his belt he will show stronger performances.. seriuosly fellas support your team and stop the whinging when we lose fair and square.. A number of players didnt play well last night.. Why look for scapegoats.. Tolman and ennis hitvthe nail on...
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    Asada drug story continues

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    Moses mbye we're does he fit in

    Agreed, when state of origin is on im sure he will get his fg debut.. as Reynolds will definitely be playing for the blues..
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    Hokko laps up pressure for dogs

    awesome news about a great young kid who never gave up on his dreams Congrats Hokko
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    Daily Telegraph ignorant again!

    THE Parramatta Eels have become the feel-good story the NRL desperately needed. Saturday night’s victory over the Roosters — a 50-point turnaround in a month — confirmed this side can play finals football this year. They’ve beaten the Broncos, almost beaten Manly, knocked off the Panthers and...
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    Who would win, all players in their prime

    Team 1 remembering that it's players all in their prime. Turvey best no 7 and Baa would kill it over Anasta... Goal kicking no contest with Hazem in the team one too.. Every try gets converted. Tough pack and the general at the back beats Barba from team 2, Even Ben can't match Baa's support...
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    The best fullback available and off contract is Tedesco.

    How about looking at this guy?? Souths are already chasing him and they've got GI.. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/flojos-nephew-burleigh-bears-flyer-khan-ahwang-has-inside-run-into-nrl/story-fni3fbgz-1226865667350
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    Bulldogs still in chase for Will Hopoate to replace Ben Barba

    They are all saying hes Gone on the eels forum. .
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    Reni Maitua eyes bulldogs return *offical Reni with Dogs*

    I have to disagree on this one.. 10 yrs ago Reni played there and he is not quick enough to play in the centres anymore.. Hes defintely a 2nd rower first grade or 5/8,2rw if hes in nsw cup... Dene was the solution if you wanted utility value.. In terms of leadership we have the premier origin...
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    Goodbye Dene Halatau

    Dene is the utimate gentleman and clubman. will miss him.. watch him roar nex yr at the tigers.. Jus like Katy Perrys song man. Chehooo Dene
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    SBW Back to Union

    Awesome well said bro.
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    SBW Back to Union

    Think ahout it..Sonny talks to hierarchy about his unhappiness and the boys. If given a chance maybe others could have helped him and resolved the matter without him leaving.. however he gets cranky no doubt there are certain people guiding him at the time which takes advantage of the situation...
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    SBW Back to Union

    Sonny has paid his dues. Im so over all the bitterness been displayed towards him. He regrets the way he left. Hope he stays in league but if he goes to union then that's sweet too. As he said tonight its family first.. Im sure Gould would love Sonny at the Panthers. Who knows maybe Raelene and...
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    SBW Back to Union

    Good luck to Sonny. . Hes come a long way since 08. He's the ultimate professional sportsman. Cant wait to see him playing for the Ab's again. Everyone makes bad calls sometimes in their lives. He said sorry so let's focus on how we will stop him next we meet if we progress in the finals over...
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    2004 vs 2013 Dogs War Forwards

    8. Graham 9. Ennis 10. Price 11. Pritchard 12. Ryan 13. Eastwood 14. Halatau 15. SBW 16. Kasiano 17. Mason Need balance on the bench and Dene and SBW bring skills and power.
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    Finals predictions

    Bunnies Sharks Manly Bulldogs
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    Last Tackle Kicks

    Hope your right. .Would love to see the boys make it all the way to the gf. Welcome to the kennel. .
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    Dene Halatau - 2013 Discussion Thread

    100% agree i would even allow him time at hooker to punch holes in the tiring defence and set the boys up in the last 15 min of the half similar to how Issac luke helps their big pack of forwards..
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    What,s in store for 2014???

    dene is a tiger next year..
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    Independent Review into Barba Handling

    Nothing new there. The Broncos have not registered his contract as yet. They will await the outcome of current investigations which will lead nowhere with no official complaint. It's a done deal.
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    Would you rather?

    100% agree, lets get our boys focused on preparing thier game, what they can do individually and collectively as a group and ensure the 1/2 percenters are done to win through the next round of finals. The squad we have on its day can beat any team in the Nrl.. They are that good.. Des knows what...
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    NRL asks Bulldogs for Barba documents

    NRL asks Bulldogs for Barba documents Canterbury have been asked to hand over all documentation relating to their February suspension of Ben Barba to the NRL integrity unit as part of an investigation into the club's handling of their star fullback. Sydney barrister Tony Bannon SC will...
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    Bulldogs v Titans preview - NRL.com

    here here .. sunday arvo games please Toddy next year..
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    Footy show - how fat as Idris gotten ??

    was going to say he is puttin on the beef too.. gotta give him credit for his acknowledgement of young titans fan who lost their life.. he was clearly shaken and emotional when offering his support to the family. well done Jamal brother..
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    Sam Perrett to replace Barba in FB while he is out.

    100% agree on fb option for lafai but only in attacking movements.. Perrett for defending and general play.. Lafai for those sweeping moves where he can chime in on both sides of the ruck and off the forwards. big gamble but would be great to see.
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    Dessie's chance to fix right edge defence.

    id play lafai right centre in defence.. play inu on the wing.. morris and brown stay the left and Perrett is good enough in the fb role defensively. However..... in our attacking runs id have lafai in the fb role to inject himself either side of the field and up the middle in support of the...
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    how many points can we put on the eels in a fortnight?

    Im guessing with Jmoz, tank and Kas back in a fortnight we should be aiming for 50 point win over the hapless eels.. As long as Hodko gets his kicking back on line..
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    Dene Halatau - 2013 Discussion Thread

    big loss for us if its true, Tigers will gain a great player back in their fold where he won his first premiership, Really hope des gives him more game time as we surely need his experience and ability.
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    des not happy tonight will he make the changes we need to improve our perfomances?

    I agree with the large sums being offered to the kids but alternatively would it more effective to have a portion held in trust till the end of their careers?? I guess they would recieve it as one large sum and I guess even to encourage loyalty a bonus for say 5 - 10 years service at one club...
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    Dogs sign Danny Galea

    Dene shouldve have been resigned months ago.. Champion bloke and an experienced player who can help our young guys coming thru. Poor result if he isnt retained at the club..
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    Your Greatest ever Bulldogs team (From your generation)

    1 Luke Patten 2 Hazem El Masri 3 Chris Mortimer 4 Nigel Vagana 5 Brett Dallas 6 Terry Lamb 7 Jonathan Thurston 8 Steve Price 9 Jason Hetherington 10 O meley 11 SBW 12 Gillespie 13 Dymock reserves Darren Smith Willie Mason James Graham Brad Clyde
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    Origin Two Predictions with Frank Pritchard

    Awesome story.. frank and his bulldog brothers having a good time. Go NSW!!!!
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    Grand final reply against second string Storm

    if last rounds performance against an understrength roosters team is a guide, were in for one hell of a fight to win the two points, i agree with your thoughts on this topic.
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    des not happy tonight will he make the changes we need to improve our perfomances?

    hope your right... Outside top 4 finish will be mission impossible..
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    Titans rule out bid for Bulldogs star Ben Barba

    just hope Gav knows loyalty should be a two way street. Our club wouldve have learnt from SBW and co who left earlier. Bennys a great young kid who has many years ahead to develop as a player and man. Id like to see the club upgrade his contract and extend to show we want him as one club player...
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    Bulldogs Player Movements | Re-Signings | Rumour Mill | 2013 Edition

    Fantastic player.. not sure if we can fit him in without shedding a number of players.. Great to see him doing so well.
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    Trent Hodkinson - 2013 Discussion Thread

    yeah we had opportunities in the game but poor execution once again hurt us. how bad did tank feel after the knock on call went against him when he was after a penalty on the 2nd tackle 15mtrs out from their line.
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    des not happy tonight will he make the changes we need to improve our perfomances?

    Need to play two halves of disciplined footy with strong ball work in the front row and show desperation in defence. I would of thought coming so close to winning it all last year wouldve made us hungrier to win this year. Just look at how souths turned their loss to us into the hungry team they...
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    Dene Halatau - 2013 Discussion Thread

    I only hope we can offer him a good enough deal to stay another couple of years. All good attributes in his game with a lot to offer the team. Unfortunately only extra game will show just how valuable he is to us. His expereince and mentoring ability is pricelss ..not to mention the superb bloke...
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    Ben Barba - 2013 Discussion Thread

    barba has also no staggered lines this year as oppossed to last years teams. Coaches realised the importance of this in video sessions. more over they are kicking to brown more these days for kick returns. barbas supporting him and normally is dummy half for the first tackle or two with perrett...
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    des not happy tonight will he make the changes we need to improve our perfomances?

    Agree on jackson, great young kid who has loads of energy. If you look at his line speed along with finucane combined with some old heads in eastwood halatau pritchard and ennis we are looking better in competing around the ruck. Add tolman, graham and kasiano for the metres and quick plays we...
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    Bulldog team breakdown 2013

    i think its still our execution more than anything.
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    Hyperbaric chamber???

    Yes they have the chamber room i have seen the boys in action using it. the centre of excellence is state of the art. no excuses for not having good equipment or even the staff they have at their disposal. its a mental challenge for the individual s and execution of team plays that are not...
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    des not happy tonight will he make the changes we need to improve our perfomances?

    if you have seen our nsw cup team lately its hard for the first grade guys to lose their spots due to poor performances as their is no pressure to retain them. Browne and Tapau look likely candidates and im not sure carter is ready yet for the jump up.
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    Is t rex worth 600k or 6k ?

    James graham is a special player, hard as nails defender,great leader, balls skills and is an 80 min player. Sbw is also a special player too but in a different way. He is a game breaker for tackle busts, offloads and liek it or not is a great defender even without the shoulder charge. Both...
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    James Graham - 2013 Discussion Thread

    100 % agree on this matter. Nrl refs are not supporting the rules as they should.
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    des not happy tonight will he make the changes we need to improve our perfomances?

    im talking about match fitness for players like kas and inu due to their lengthy time on the sidelines pre season for kas aswell. Dene is in my opinion the missing piece to our puzzle along with the 2 josh's who we sorely missed in this game. Heres hoping josh reynolds has learnt from origin...
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    des not happy tonight will he make the changes we need to improve our perfomances?

    I really am getting the idea Des's loyalty to T rex is hurting our season. bench him and put Dene halatau on the run on side. Kasiano and Inu both need more game time to get their fitness aswell. with the bye next week for us give kas and inu run in nsw cup to help them regain their match...
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    5 weeks of redemption

    im hoping a win first, sbw doesnt have the impact on us like last time and Inu and Perret have a return to form. Need big games from our pack again and let trent and barba do the rest...
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    Do the referees...

    yea i saw that too bro....not happy jan!
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    Trent Hodkinson - 2013 Discussion Thread

    Correct, great young kid. look forward to him signing on for many more years to come.
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    Dogs lodge oficial complaint about manly fans

    Truly a sad story on sports and their fans.. I hope this teaches us all how to be better in appreciating the people who sacrifice so much as players, coaches and staff for us all. Yes some get paid handsomely but at the end of the day they are still someones family, friend, brother, father or...
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    Dogs lodge oficial complaint about manly fans

    Manly offer help after Barba was spat on Date June 15, 2013 - 3:18PM Read later Adrian Warren submit to redditEmail articlePrint AAP Manly have offered Canterbury and the NRL assistance in identifying anyone involved in the spitting incidents that marred Friday night's clash between...
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    Paul Carter Discussion thread 2013

    Paul Carter is showing wonderful progress in the NSW cup. Anyone know if he is contracted beyond this year? He has a great offload runs hard and good lines, tackles well and would be another great addition to our squad for years to come.
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    Great Flop Reynolds :)

    gotta agree on lyons.. he was very borderline in a number of tackles.. he seemed frustrated and was taking it out on the boys.
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    2 interesting stats from last night

    dene has played limited minutes most of this year. Des must have his reasons.. however i would even let Ennis have a break as he is punching out huge numbers in defence at stages in the game and a ten min spell could freshen him up.
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    Dale Finucane - 2013 Discussion Thread

    Hopefully they stay with the club for years to come once tank and co retire.
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    3-2-1 Dogs vs Manly

    jmoz and finucane should get honouable mentions in their performances too
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    That Tackle!

    Bupa is an mazing talent.. sign him for another 5yrs
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    James Graham - 2013 Discussion Thread

    Couldnt agree more.. he should be our captain if ennis ever moves on or retires. If ennis gets back in state of origin then he should be given the job..
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    Impartiality, where is?

    joey is the manly halves coach
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    Impartiality, where is?

    na parra supporter is rabbits
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    3-2-1 Dogs vs Manly

    3 graham 2 Reynolds 1 Hodkinson
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    Jim Dymock - 2011 Discussion Thread

    Agreed.. hes a champion bloke who has the respect of the boys aswell.
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    Trent Hodkinson - 2013 Discussion Thread

    would love to hear hes been resigned for another few years with us
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    Hazem El Masri on Channel9's Gold Telethon!

    first class person and communtiy member of our great city and a great cause too!
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    Your half yearly bulldogs report card

    261 points leaked is far too many.. over the next 13 rounds I would love to see no more than a maximum 100 points scored against us.. Attack lets grab 280 points and bring our f and a back into the top tier of this competition..
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    What friday night means for the club

    For mine a friday win means us as group an opportunity to re establish our hard working defence which frustrated many teams before, but requires firstly to secure the 2points. Completion rate must be a priority, kicking game with a strong chase to ensure we win the middle third and again force...
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    Michael "The Falcon" Ennis - 2013 Discussion Thread

    Absolutely 100% correct re Bupa.. hope he stays with us for another contract as hes a tough competitor but his leadership qualities will only make our young forwards better players as they come into our nrl squad..
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    I don't understand Des sometimes

    Not so sure there is cardio issue..Ive seen these guys train at their facilities and Im sure Des wouldnt accept guys not putting in 100% in sessions. Each member earns their spot every week. Look how fit Bupa came back from a long stint on the sidelines..
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    Josh Reynolds spending a lot of time with idol Brad Fittler ahead of Origin debut

    Fittler and Joey both praised Reynolds performance last night saying his energy and 40-20 kick was amazing. Fittler mentions Origin coaches love to see their players returning to club games displaying good form and improvement in their game. This is exactly what Josh is doing.. Congrats Josh...
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    Your half yearly bulldogs report card

    Defence = C Attack= B Structure = A Coaching= A+ Selections = A+ Potential =A+ Predicted ladder finish = 4th