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  1. ddt192

    Bulldogs vs Storm Pre-Season 3-2-1

    3 Hughes 2 BX 1 Sexy
  2. ddt192

    Opinion Is Burton disinterested?

    Burto was good in 22 n I'll admit I became a fan but I have no answers for u looks to have gone fkn backwards. Smh
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    Official Game Day Game day Thread vs. Storm: Trial 1 @ Belmore, 7pm

    Someone make a 321 thread
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    News Player who walked out

    Jackson Topine you're a fkn pussy
  5. ddt192

    News Liam Knight

    New club new beginnings
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    News ‘Chopping and changing’: Burton’s big call on Dogs’ halves mystery as new recruit shines

    Matt just put Kiks in a fkn hole this year sometime man.
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    Official RFM granted immediate release

    Heard we signed Daniel Suluka Fifita from Souths
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    No Source TPJ Rumours seem Legit ..

  9. ddt192

    Trial v Sharks

    Don't waste your time guys..
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    Opinion Pre Season Training

    21 21 21
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    News Sam kasiano released from Warrington

    We already got his best years so it's a thanks but no thanks tbh
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    Burtons best position?

    He has one of the most damaging backrowers in the game outside him. I really hope he learns how to fkn use him.
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    Predicted Line up from get off the pipe ya carntss
  14. ddt192

    Opinion The Game That Made Bennett Spend Big On Averillo

    He'd fkn blitz it at a top 4 team. Wish him nothing but the best. I love seeing Dogs juniors go good, with or without us.
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    WWOS MOLE Terrell May

    Hands down the best marvel tv show sver done.
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    News NRL market watch: Bulldogs, Dragons lead chase for Jarome Luai, Addin Fonua-Blake

    Good for Jarome. He could be set for life by the end of that contract. 3 comps back to back to back lol Time to get paid. I like seeing other cellar dwellers get their man. Need to spread the talent around the league. 2025 Tiger spine 1.Bula 6 Luai 7 Sullivan? 9 Api Not bad at all. Happy for...
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    Rumour Addin Fonua-Blake

    IMO if this is true its a Big L for us, especially Gus.
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    Opinion Fanoua Blake in Kikau out

    This is a Big L for us. Especially Gus.
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    Rumour KIKAU for AFB swap

    Just send them Brandon Wakeham they're Warriors supporters they will never know.
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    Favourite Bulldogs Tries of 2023

    The Burto try in Belmore Rd 3. That left foot step.
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    2024 Jerseys

    The Canterbury New Zealand Bankstown Warrior Bulldogs
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    News Siosiua Taukeiaho will NOT be at the Bulldogs in 2024. He has not been released by Catalans and he failed a medical

    I was all for SST signing until I watched that episode of bloke. Can't believe people were still keen on him after that shit lol
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    Sio Siua Taukeiaho Signed

    It's just what we do lol
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    Dear Santa…From Reed and Matt

    Matt needs to be learning how to put Kiks in a fkn hole. Fuck all this nonsense.
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    News Tigers and Dragons get more free to air games in 2024 than Dogs

    Good. Ain't nobody got time for our shitness lmao
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    Rumour AFB & JT

    Make if fkn happen Gus. For the love of all that is good in this fkd up world we're livin in!
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    Underwhelming af. I reckon we might've dodged a bullet with SST though.
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    Official Luke Vella - Assistant Coach 2024

    Yeah see how we go ...
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    News Pre Season Returns Nov 8th

    Fkn oath fellas looking good
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    2024 NRL Jerseys

    Manlys new logo sucks ass lmao
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    Karl Oloapu neck surgery out 2024

    Stoked for KO! Awesome news
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    News Transfer bombshell: NRL’s highest-paid prop requests release

    AFB Burto Fox Presto Mahoney Kiks Critta Curran Xerri Fire Power
  33. ddt192

    What will our DNA look like moving forward?

    Lets start winning games first, all that "culture" & "DNA" bullshit will come later..
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    Curran signed.

    "From the first time I saw Josh Curran play, he looked like a Bulldog to me," said Gould. This cracked me up lmao he says this about all the players
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    Player swap: Eels audacious play for Josh Addo Carr

    That infamous line lmao
  36. ddt192

    Player swap: Eels audacious play for Josh Addo Carr

    100% Bro ... Pathetic
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    Social Media Josh Curran

    Fuckin oath Josh Welcome to Canterbury matey
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    Official Blake Wilson locked in for 2024 & 2025

    Good boy! Would love to see him get a crack at fb somewhere.
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    Official Sea Eagles sign Corey Waddell

    Thanks for your service mate. All the best.
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    Jacob Kiraz extends to 2027

    Good boy. Was putting up Bizza numbers to start the year. He's a tough bastard. By 2027 Jacob will be one of the players driving standards.
  41. ddt192

    Official Gus on Twitter

    Or even something like this as a massive mural in Belmore somewhere. Would be fire
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    Social Media Josh Curran

    11 Kikau 12 Preston 13 Curran?
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    Sio Siua Taukeiaho Signed

    The lad goes alright. Just seen Stickys going after him.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    True bender song lmao
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    In the Dog house: Concerns grow for Addo-Carr’s future after brawl

    Lets go Foxxy! Eyes on 2024 now!
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    Bronson Xerri

  47. ddt192

    Stephen Crichton

    Scored a try in 4 straight grand finals. Hope he enjoyed that shit haha
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    NSW RL Club Champions

  49. ddt192

    Panthers v Broncos - GF thread

    Penrith are gonna bend em over like they did Parra last year imo.
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    News Not one Bulldog gets a mention

    As if we deserved anything after this dumpster fire of a season LOLL
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    Breakout star of 2024?

    This would be awesome. Kurtis Morrin is what we all expected Jackson Topine to be lol
  52. ddt192

    Breakout star of 2024?

    Sam Hughes.
  53. ddt192

    News Billy Slater urges Bulldogs rethink over star recruit Stephen Crichton

    I gotta say I agree with Slater. We need his experience and D on the edges.
  54. ddt192

    Alamoti to the Panthers

    Good luck to him. He’s only 19. Penrith will be good for him.
  55. ddt192

    Val Holmes

    Fuck stick
  56. ddt192

    Shane Flanagan’s vision

    Good on him.
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    2023 Finals Week 1 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Wish we had a Lindsay Collins. Gun.
  58. ddt192

    2023 Finals Week 1 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Suck shit Cronulla lmao
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    Gus on 7 News - 8-9 signings in coming weeks

    I bet one of them is Tyrone May haha
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    News Bulldogs Presentation Night 2023

    Presto & Kiraz. Well done. Well deserved.
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    Cover of your Favourite Song

  62. ddt192

    Rd 27 vs Titans 3-2-1

    I don’t have to
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    No Source Sualauvi Fa’alogo

    Wonder if he punches like David Fa’alogo …
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    News Kiraz injury

    Jacob Kiraz you are a machine. Putting these other weak cuntss to shame.
  65. ddt192

    Disgruntled Bulldog Threatening Legal Action

    Really? Legal action? What a pussy
  66. ddt192

    Bulldogs player walks out

    Fuckin sook. Leave and don’t come back.
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    Official Bulldog Vs Titan

    i aint your bro
  68. ddt192

    Official Bulldog Vs Titan

    All u negative minded weak *****. How do u go through life? lol pathetic Dogs by 4 UP THE FKN DOGS
  69. ddt192

    Saint, Sinner, Shoosh: Botched Bulldogs’ bluff revealed

    I’m telling ya. Frothfield wants Gus’ cock
  70. ddt192

    Elderly man punched, kicked by motorcyclist in suspected road rage attack in Wannanup

    Been a sad couple days for us wrestling fans ….RIP
  71. ddt192

    2023 Round 26 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Daine Laurie thinking he can’t wait to fk off back to Penrith lmao
  72. ddt192

    Bray Wyatt Dead at 36. Sad day for wrestling fans …. REST IN PEACE BRAY WYATT
  73. ddt192

    The Hopoate is back

    Super gay
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    Official Round 25 Raider V Bulldog Team List + Discussion

    Stupid vagina clap such a waste of time
  75. ddt192

    2023 Round 25 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Api the fkn man toso lad