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    News Management could bite Bulldogs

    Firstly, even if we had $4m to spend on the spine, there’s not a whole heap of established talent out there. Secondly, the teams that won the comp didn’t have superstars in the spine, bar the roosters. Melbourne and Penrith developed players like Hughes and Luai. Let’s give our youngsters a...
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    News Bulldogs trio ordered to self-isolate

    Can Napa self isolate for the rest of the season?
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    Is Barrett our greatest ever coach in the NRL era?

    This is not a legit thread is it ?!?
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    Official Round 17 - Bulldogs vs Titans - Discussion Thread

    Gonna miss Tolman on the 4th!!!
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    Official Round 17 - Bulldogs vs Titans - Discussion Thread

    Who are we replacing Foran with? Not his biggest fan, but surely we have someone lined up other than Green.
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    Round 14 team and game day discussion

    Is every winger dumb in defence!
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    Round 14 team and game day discussion

    Cogger done more in 15 min than any other of our halves all year.
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    Opinion The most URGENT fixes

    Katoa has shown more in 3 games than JMK has in 3 years. Jackson is a middle forward. Never to see an edge again. Tolman either plays like Grimaldi did years ago - that is just defend and never touch the ball out attaching half, or he can F off.
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    Foran worth keeping.

    We need a half and hooker. There aren’t any quality top line options out there. Replace him if you can find better. But given what’s available I would re-sign him for 2 yrs on normal money.
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    Official Round 7 - Bulldogs vs Tigers - Discussion Thread

    Exactly.... give the kid who has some speed a chance to create something. Wasted playing centre
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    Next few years

    I have a general question that would love to be answered... and it's not necessarily leading to criticism... BUT... how could the previous board and Hasler sign Foran and Woods with our cap situation and this board (and Pay) have to release so many players now? At the time, Hasler was re signed...
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    Canterbury Bulldogs great George Peponis says referee standards are driving fans craz

    Exactly.... they are encouraging all of this because of the video ref involvement. Seriously apart from every second try going to the video ref, they are checking on every player that stays down, they are checking to see if its a 40/20, they are checking to see who touch the ball last before its...
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    Canterbury Bulldogs great George Peponis says referee standards are driving fans craz

    The player and crowd frustration stems more so from the video referee interference. Its absolutely ridiculous that the video referee interferes whenever there's enough of a stoppage in play. We aren't bloody watching cricket ! What if Reynolds wasn't injured? The referees were letting play on...
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    Channel 9's commentry on Canterbury

    Totally off subject london and cant get a link to watch the replay. Any help is appreciated
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    3 trys robbed in a row!

    I'm done watching this crap. You can't expect people to go to games and spend all night watching the big screen for video ref decisions. You can live with shit calls live. We would have had at least 1 try given.
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    Would you want Benji Marshall to join our team this season?

    100% yes for me. At FB! Remember that last year he was playing half back for a team that was struggling. He isn't a half back. We've spent all off season crying out for a FB. Yes great start to the season by us, but we need more potency in attack and he would be incredible behind our forward...
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    DISCUSSION THREAD | Round 6 | Bulldogs v Warriors

    I thought there was a field goal in this game!!!
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    DISCUSSION THREAD | Round 6 | Bulldogs v Warriors

    Some fine tuning at half time. We will win by 7
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    Match Day Thread: Canterbury Bulldogs vs Broncos @ ANZ Stadium

    If we played at lost to souths id be more optimistic. This broncos team is not a top 8 team. Says a lot about where we are. We look like battling out for 10th-12th
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    Match Day Thread: Canterbury Bulldogs vs Broncos @ ANZ Stadium

    All the talk if Barba being a cancer last year was just an excuse. The way our boys were with him after the game shows that. We lost to a team with no halves at all. We have nothing in attack. Same as last year, but this year we have no Barba as well. It's going to be a looooong year
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    Bulldogs Chasing Fifita

    Hasler got a plan…… Kasiano at 6, Graham at 7 and Fifita the new fullback!
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    Bulldogs 2014 Fixtures

    Yep….. heaps better draw than last year. Im a fan of more day games at home - means i can get to more games with the kids. Interesting that we play Roosters, Parra and Manly before each origin. SO even though we play Roosters and Manly twice, they will be without their origin players. Given that...
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    Josh Reynolds Appreciation Thread

    Yeah.... Heard the interview on MMM. He sounded devastated and was holding back tears. If they all played with the same heart it would be a different story.
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    AAN search not working?

    Looking at taking the family to the game. As a non ticketed member I think I have to wait til tonight. If anyone isn't using there total allotment can you PM me. need 4 tix. Thanks
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    2013 Finals : Four-punch combo.

    My heart says yes but my head at this stage hasn't seen anything all year to say we can make a run. There would have to be a massive change in form, particularly in attack to make a statement in this final series. I get last nights game was nothing more than a training run, but with 10 min to go...
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    Impact of successive marquee losses.

    I think it's worse when all those names are lumped into one sentence!!! The main issue lies around the impact off the field as well. Who is 'the face' of our club? Which player do the kids come to watch and pretend to be? Seeing all these guys leave - particularly Idris and now Barba really...
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    Ben Barba's $1 million asking price 'ridiculous', say Brisbane Broncos

    Yes would have to agree with the point about his manager..... however I cant agree with the fact that we have handled it badly. From the outside looking in, he obviously wants to go back to QLD, so I don't think even if we offered him more, that he would stay. In saying that, as the NRL rules...
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    Who should we sign to replace Barba ?

    Get Matty Bowen here for a couple of years rather than going to England.... Still a gun player.
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    Fullback options

    What's the situation with Matt Bowen in Nth Qld? I reckon he has at least 2 more good years.
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    MEGA DISCUSSION THREAD | Round 6 | Bulldogs v Roosters

    I wonder how lafai's goal kicking is going???? Two tries we have scored in three games.
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    Dogs vs Sea Eagles - Match Discussion Thread

    I'm hoping Williams gets picked for state of origin!
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    All talk no bark

    Plenty of heart.... Execution letting us down. Also if we continue to play flat, we need to play fast. Broncos melb game tonight showed to score tries this year you need to play quick. We need to play a little deeper so Morris and co are hitting the line at speed
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    Ben Barba Stood Down Indefinitely

    is it just me.... why the f does it seem to always be our most important player.
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    Sam Kasiano Will Be On Today Tonight (Tomorrow 29/11)

    Ill start by saying that im in the finance game and do car finance for a living. Competition means that dealers make less money on the actual sale of the car these days - so to recoup that, they tie it in with the finance. A person thinks he is getting a good deal on the car - and then the...
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    Is it me or is the draw rigged?

    All these friday and saturday night games is great for TV and there should be some bumper crowds with great atmosphere. The only negative i see is that if parents wants to take their younger kids to the games - they need to be prepared to get home after 10 - 10.30pm. Especially when the winter...
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    Enough is Enough

    I think the point of the post was how the media has turned this into a circus and does every time it involves the bulldogs. The reason is simple... The circulation and number of hits on the tele's website increases every time there is a story on the bulldogs.
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    Dogs sponsor sticks solid as outrage intensifies

    It shouldn't have been said, but then again, what was said is hardly worthy of all this!!! This will go until the Friday. Have a look at the top sport stories below that are on the Tele's website. As soon as the league season is over, theres nothing to report until at least the cricket and...
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    How do you think changes to the cap in 18 months time will affect our team?

    Part of me says wants it to be like 10-15 yrs ago (thats how far I can remember!) when players stuck with their clubs and played for the jersey. The reality is though that if an employer wants someone bad enough and is willing to pay overs for him - its very difficult for that person to say no...
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    Bulldogs hungry to bite back after loss

    No matter what anyone says, the team is already thinking about week 1 of the semis. We are guaranteed to finish 1 or 2. This game is irrelevant - win or lose. Lets enjoy it for what it is. We haven't been there for the last 2 yrs! Cant wait for September footy!!!
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    Live Courage of FINALS via internet or cable internet/tv

    Haha! Not much to do here at night though - and with the 2 hr time difference it works out perfectly to have a few drinks at night whilst watching the game! Was at the intercontinental and just got to the Sofitel @ Denarau
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    Live Courage of FINALS via internet or cable internet/tv

    Wouldn't mind knowing though where I could watch the roosters game next week - 'officially or ....' ;)
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    Live Courage of FINALS via internet or cable internet/tv

    Hope the new TV deal sorts this out. In Fiji at the moment and can't watch it 'officially' because the broadcaster has the rights to 2 games per week - and they weren't the dogs game!!! In saying that, it was probably a blessing in disguise!
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    Souths won't tank (Let's make them wish they did)

    I'll take souths in the first week of the semi's over all other sides in the 8 at the moment. They're limping in, and have nothing in attack apart from Inglis.
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    Storm No Try was in fact a Try. Doggies benefit for once.

    and considering we scored from the next set of 6, it was a massive call for us. As a one eyed dogs supporter i was happy with the call - I just hope we dont cop a call against us like that in the semis!
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    Storm No Try was in fact a Try. Doggies benefit for once.

    It was a 50/50 call that went our way. Seems like these calls are going our way this year though. In any case, everyone hates Bellamy and the storm.
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    Your Round 15 Team?

    I think Halatau will go into the centres. He has shown good pace (that try against Parra comes to mind, when he outsprinted defence from 40 out) and will defend strongly.
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    SBWS Guard up over NRL DEAL.

    I'm pretty sure that he has a fight coming up, hence the paper talk about a comeback. Mundine did it for years as well. It's all about making the most money out of each sport. All this speculation is just increasing his price for next year. He will go to the highest bidder, which will more...
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    2011 : The Run to Finals

    We may or may not make it, but at least with the introduction of romelo and reynolds we are seeing some intensity and enthusiasm in our game - which seemed lacking all year!
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    2011 : The Run to Finals

    The next three weeks are vital.... if we are to make the semis they must (should) beat these sides (particularly if Thurston is out for Cowboys). That would take us to 26 pts and probably only needing to win 1 of last 3.
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    Any thoughts on Morris as our fullback?

    and Barba is the leading try scorer in the competition and the only one who can score for us...... pressure the kickers and he wont be under as much pressure. There will be a massive difference when ennis gets back. Pity no one could do that while he was out .
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    Your Side vs Warriors

    I agree good as Cooper Cronk is, he had enough time to make a coffee and smoke a cigarette, before putting up each kick. Any decent playmaker will be able to put the ball roughly in the right spot if he has so much time. Its no coincidence that the problems at the back have...
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    Bulldogs VS Broncos DELAYED ON CHANNEL 9 (8:30 PM)

    where can u watch it live online?
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    Your Lineup vs Raiders

    im sure in the 26th min of r3 - Green made a break and set up try!!! I see him as a decent lock actually...... some ball playing options in the forwards.
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    Final thoughts for 2010

    for half a year....we have tried the same team and the same tactics..... we only ever look good when the game is over...... if the coach cant change the tactics and side now, then he should step aside and allow someone else to have a go
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    Kevin Moore, 2010 Discussion Thread

    this goes beyond the coach..... everyone involved in the recruitment needs to be sacked.....for a team that has lost a star studded team...... who have we recruited. Theres no point bringing in players for the sake of it....... our forwards are the joke of the comp......
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    bulldogs vs titans post match thread

    24-6 down against a team without 3 of their best and then losing their half back. unbelievable.....this team needs a major overhaul and given the players we have signed, i cant see this getting better next year.
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    Post Match Thoughts - Round 11

    combination of arsey tries and poor play by us...... their try after half time was a result of us making 11m from a scrum win on our own line. we also only looked good in the last 20 min when the game was over and we had nothing to lose. If we play abit more footy when the game is in the balance...