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  1. hoody06

    News 5 Talking Points

    If we nabbed two quality props, we'd be flying. Knight and King off the bench strengthens us. I don't think they're starters. Hughes, Patolo, Sutton as back up, so much stronger. We are close!
  2. hoody06

    News Canterbury In Box Seat To Sign Connor Tracey From Cronulla Sharks

    We are 3 middies (2025) from playing finals again. Love all these signings. There is clear intent about professionalism and players coming from winning cultures.
  3. hoody06

    News Canterbury In Box Seat To Sign Connor Tracey From Cronulla Sharks

    Tackle 1 - spin it left Tackle 2 - spin it right Tackle 3 - spin it left Tackle 4 - spin it right Tackle 5 - spin it left Tackle 6 - score a try or spin it right Fuck hit ups and go forward, overated!
  4. hoody06

    News Canterbury In Box Seat To Sign Connor Tracey From Cronulla Sharks

    Maybe its going to be: Tracey Kiraz Xerri Crichton Foxx Burton Taffe
  5. hoody06

    Player swap: Eels audacious play for Josh Addo Carr

    I'll wait to hear from Danny Weidler first before making assumptions.
  6. hoody06

    Curran signed.

    The 13 is made for him, great signing!
  7. hoody06

    What the f... are we gonna do for props / forwards ?

    Like i keep saying, you haven't missed out on a player if they re-sign with their club. You've only missed out if they choose to leave for another club, and it's not yours. There is a major difference between the two!
  8. hoody06

    Bulldogs Jersey Flegg - We are the CHAMPIONS!!!

    This has Gus written all over it. Two junior premierships this year is massive! It WILL filter through to NRL level, just have patience.
  9. hoody06


    He was at Manly this year.
  10. hoody06

    No Source Poasa Faamausili

    You don't need $800k props. You just need the right attitude, some mongrel, and an opportunity. Good luck!
  11. hoody06

    Bulldogs player walks out

    Sounds like the nrl's first Psychosocial case is about to unfold at our club.
  12. hoody06

    Tpj to retire from nrl

    Who's replacing him? As far as we know, he and Thompson are gone. I can't wait for Knight and King to start with Patolo and Hughes coming off the bench for huge impact. I was also talking about our pack, not just TPJ. It will be worse than this year's. We aren't winning shit.
  13. hoody06

    Tpj to retire from nrl

    Believe it or not, our pack will be worse next year. We we are spoon bound, unbelievable.
  14. hoody06

    News Gould, Ciraldo meet with Justin Holbrook in attempt to sign Tino

    After the club walked under 100 laders prior to round one, we find ourselves a measly 6 points out of the top 8. Throw in our new purchases, what's still about to unfold and some holy water before round one next year, we are top 8 bound! Up the dogs...
  15. hoody06

    In your opinion who is the most underrated Bulldogs player ever?

    This has been done a hundred times. I voted for Matt Ryan last time and this time
  16. hoody06

    Official Haas rejects 3 clubs including Bulldogs

    The Bulldogs never bought internationals. We are a hard-working club, who bring up their own and throw in a few solid buys each year. We are slowly getting back to that model, probably from 2025 onwards. We always worked this way and over achieved this way. It's the Bulldog way
  17. hoody06

    Opinion Ciraldo's poor Judgement

    Mate Wayne Bennett gets things wrong. You can't be Nostradamus. CC is young and still learning, he will be better for this season and push us to better things next. As for Averillo, it's done, good luck to the kid, he's no representative player. Taffe and Critta will battle it out.
  18. hoody06

    News Bulldogs Set to Secure Blake Taaffe

    Good signing, lots of energy and isn't a lazy bastard. He will pop up everywhere.
  19. hoody06

    News Bulldogs poach a weak gutted dog amid club’s signing spree

    A fair few of these signings could be targeted at replacing current players 16-30. On face value, we are getting them cheaper, and they are better or, at the very least, the equivalent. That's how you manage the cap. Players 1-15 take a bit more time and aren't readily available. Im sure...
  20. hoody06

    Rumour Watson ?

    Massive clean out, it's much needed!
  21. hoody06

    Sio Siua Taukeiaho Signed

    Great signing, I don't care about his age. He's a pro and has looked after himself I'm sure. He's a beast and a winner, bring it on.
  22. hoody06

    Rumour RFM and Sutton told to find new clubs

    Rumour has it that Sio Siua Taukeiaho is a done deal at the dogs.
  23. hoody06

    Rd 21 v Panthers

    They're young they'll get over it. I'm just throwing one out there, I'm probably miles off. Either way, not going to be a pretty day.
  24. hoody06

    Rd 21 v Panthers

    There's a bit of me that feels the club is trying to field the youngest, most inexperienced team it can today. No Kikau, Fox, Thomson, talk of Preston, Mahoney not playing. Protecting our better players from this massacre. That way when it finishes 72-4, the narrative will be, we had the...
  25. hoody06

    Rd 21 v Panthers

    Today is officially Rest In Peace, Canterbury-Bankstown day.
  26. hoody06

    Rd 21 v Panthers

    I have strategically organised lunch with friends at 1pm. Not watching this bloodbath.
  27. hoody06

    If it was round 1 again...

    - Avo to 1 without doubt - Sexton was wearing the 7 - Kiraz to 3, Skelton 2, no Alamoti - completely new forward pack - 55 new defensive coaches because we stink.
  28. hoody06

    Round 20 Bulldog V Bronco Team List + Discussion

    Honestly, the losing Sexton part made no difference. Our defence is diabolical, it's the worst I've ever seen it and worse than the spoon years, it's an utter disgrace.
  29. hoody06

    Gus caught meeting with Blake Taaffe

    Taffe has always performed in the top grade, great versatility. He would certainly strengthen our squad.
  30. hoody06

    Averillo situation

    I get that Critta will get first crack at 1 but geez Taffe goes really well. What would he cost? $350k? He could be used like he is at Souths but if he made of fist of it and Critta struggled, he could be a really good 1 with Critta and Xerri in the centres.
  31. hoody06


    I missed the game, how did Skelton get on the park?
  32. hoody06

    Official Hooking Rajab

    What has happened to Nu Brown? Looked solid in the first month before injury, comes back and has playing well in nsw cup. He can't even get on the extended bench with all that's going on, strange.
  33. hoody06

    Official Gus Fronts Press Conference

    Say what you want about Gus, but he's taking a million bullets to protect players, staff, and coaches at this football club.
  34. hoody06

    Official Gus on Twitter

    Does anyone know of a Gus press conference at 11am?
  35. hoody06

    Luke Thompson to Wigan warriors

    I think we almost have no option but to re- sign him on a reduced deal and hope he comes good. Not much out there in the prop department.
  36. hoody06

    Official Toby Sexton Signed Immediately

    I've also watched 2 min highlights of players that looked amazing and amounted to nothing.
  37. hoody06

    Official Toby Sexton Signed Immediately

    It's not how it works on here. If you're not a 1.2mil international then you're deemed fucking useless. This place is all about glitz and glamour. You need to be a superstar, or you're nothing. I hope the kid goes well, a genuine 7 who is still only 22. Good luck, throw in some big boys next...
  38. hoody06

    Opinion Flanagan

    We needed his old man
  39. hoody06

    Something wrong with the Dogs or Rugby League?

    Where the hell does this club go from here?
  40. hoody06


    All paper talk, why buy into it like it's the gospel? Also, if a player re-signs for their current club and we had an interest, that's not missing out on a player. That's the player staying put. Well done to club and player. If a player chooses to leave their current club and we show interest...
  41. hoody06

    Round 18 Bulldog V Knight

    Hoffman, RFM and Burns all named on extended bench, however not named in reserve grade. You never know, could be late changes?
  42. hoody06

    Opinion Is Gus taking the piss while taking the cash ?

    Pretty disappointing thread. Gus doesn't sleep and is doing all he can to make us great again. Don't judge him on the previous 5 years of failure. He had to undo a lot of shit before he can go forward. Our club as a whole is firing, sponsorship, membership, pathways, etc. It will translate to...
  43. hoody06

    100% Footy - Luke Brooks

    If DCE did move on, it would be to the Titans, 10 years later. He and Dessie would bow out together.
  44. hoody06

    100% Footy - Luke Brooks

    Wow all happening: Hunt request denied Brooks to manly Schuster in limbo
  45. hoody06

    Will you be angry if we don't get a new 7 for 2024 ?

    Too many people are taking Gus for an idiot. Gus has done deals. He won't announce shit until those players' commitments are over. That's how he works. Anyone thinking he'll let this club sink on his watch are delusional, let it play out.
  46. hoody06

    No Source Does the Ben Hunt rumblings have any Legs ?

    Maybe it's Sam Walker we are trying to pinch?
  47. hoody06

    Official Dolphins scoop up averillo for three years

    People crying like we are dismantling our premiership winning team. The more gone, the better, let them all go!
  48. hoody06

    100% Footy - Luke Brooks

    Brooks = Raiders bound.
  49. hoody06

    News Ben Hunt reportedly asks for release

    Danny Weidler going hard at this story. He may be a c$%t but he doesn't get many things terribly wrong. He's all in again in saying Hunt wants out now.
  50. hoody06

    News Averillo eyeing move to Dolphins

    All the best to Avo at the Dolphins.
  51. hoody06

    Tyrone May anyone

    May as well bring tricky trindall to guide him.
  52. hoody06

    I have a feeling

    Can't see it happening. Both he and Burton are left sided, left footed kickers who are best utilised on the left. This would mean one of them is heavily impacted being on the right. Not a good fit
  53. hoody06

    Terrible reffing

    Let's blame the ref for conceding 40
  54. hoody06

    Opinion Rd 15 V Parramatta

    We are building guys, won SG Ball, doing well in Flegg, first in NSW Cup. It WILL translate to nrl soon, up the dogs.
  55. hoody06

    Opinion Rd 15 V Parramatta

    Qai-Ward, was he for this year only at the stage or longer term?
  56. hoody06

    Opinion Rd 15 V Parramatta

    Wilson's acceleration is a must at 1 in the top grade. He will create so much by just getting outside his man.
  57. hoody06

    Opinion Rd 15 V Parramatta

    Official as per dogs page, Reed is available if he passes all his protocols this week. Kiraz available, no word on RFM. Burns and Thompson, one more week.
  58. hoody06

    Opinion Why we lost today.

    If our middle was tight yesterday and our ruck/marker defence switched on, we win by 12. A costly loss, we handed it to the chooks. Our D is a big issue, has been all season.
  59. hoody06

    Official Round 14 vs the Roosters

    It's time to mix it up a little and get some players back into the squad. Kiraz, hopefully, back, give Nu Brown a run, Pele is back next week. Get Patolo in the squad, does Rajab get a full game. Pretty filthy about today, we really blew it. Our defence around the ruck was under 10s stuff at times.
  60. hoody06

    Khaled Rajab to make debut

    Hope he does well, definitely debuting today.
  61. hoody06

    No Source Hass to dogs

    You can't bag a bloke that's won 3 comps lol.
  62. hoody06

    Burton joins origin squad

    I remember standing on the hill at Belmore for most games on 98 thinking what a crap team, next minute we made the GF lol
  63. hoody06

    Opinion Dogs off-contract list for 2023

    My bad, I thought it was a forward signing
  64. hoody06

    Opinion Dogs off-contract list for 2023

    We have signed a prop from the Clydesdales, top 30 contract from 2024, cheapie, hope he does well.
  65. hoody06

    News Sport Confidential: Bulldogs make a play to recruit Payne Haas

    Waiting for the first person to say, done deal. zzzzzzzzzz
  66. hoody06

    News Jake Averillo not threatened by Crichton, Xerri, reveals contract status

    I just see 13 written all over Alamoti, tough, strong, skill, ball playing. Xerri and Averillo could be a great centre pairing for 5+ years.
  67. hoody06

    Opinion The Gould/Khoury/Warburton regime have combined all of our mistakes from the past decade, and repeated them in the present.

    Stop being emotional and let it play out. If those mentioned weren't at the club, we would be the Moorebank Rams.
  68. hoody06

    Official Round 12 Bulldogs vs Titans Game Day Thread

    For what is worth, both Sutton and Morrin not named in nsw cup.
  69. hoody06


    I remember my old man taking me to Belmore and saying, "Watch this fullback, he will go well." Tony Currie. Came as a 1 played plenty of centre.
  70. hoody06

    News “A result of performance”: Ciraldo confirms Bulldogs will consider changes, debutants after Warriors loss

    No more excuses, middles available this week are 9, that's right 9. King TPJ Pele RFM Sutton Patolo Hughes Morrin Tanner Get the job done!
  71. hoody06

    Official Round 11 Bulldogs vs Warriors Game Day Thread

    When a debutante winger, the other winger and the former winger, now forward are your top performers, your team is a fucking shambles
  72. hoody06

    Official We are absolutely hopeless

    7 straight years of absolute rubbish. Buy some forwards FFS, and our pack wouldn't dominate an sg ball team. How embarrassing!
  73. hoody06

    Opinion Fraud watch- RFM

    The only good game Ray played was when he started up front against the saints. Give him the 8 next to TPJ at 10 and bring Edwards in at 13, who has good size and played well so far. King to me is the perfect 16, will go for 60 mins once on, big heart, big motor. We need so much more from TPJ and...
  74. hoody06

    Vs Warriors (team opinion)

    I reckon Wilson plays on the wing instead of Casey this weekend. He had plenty of time to rejoin the nswcup side but was left out, me thinks for this Friday.
  75. hoody06

    Mitchell Pearce

    Seriously, who would even entertain this? Buy some forwards, stay healthy, and we will be sweet.
  76. hoody06

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Raiders Game Day Thread

    Massive game tonight. We could be sitting 5 and 5 with half a squad. HUGE effort, it sets us up for the rest of the year with players coming back, go the dogs!
  77. hoody06

    Rumour Ball playing 13

    Schuster and manager were at Belmore watching dogs v tigers game. I think if he does leave, then he's tigers bound. I think he's super talented and would make a really good 13. I just think he needs to grow up.
  78. hoody06

    Braidon Burns Appreciation Thread

    Maybe Burns becomes that versatile big body on the bench? Okonbur out and Burns in, maybe.
  79. hoody06

    Braidon Burns Appreciation Thread

    What an amazing effort, he was phenomenal
  80. hoody06

    News Flanno’s Out Baby (Maybe)

    100% this, it's happening.
  81. hoody06

    News Max king out for 4 weeks

    Shit go. Sutton starts, Morrin and Hughes as front row rotation, Brown to be added as the ball playing 13 off the bench.
  82. hoody06

    Oloapu, is he ready?

    So next years halves will be made up of Burton, Oloapu, Hayward, BBO, Rajab. Do we need another? Assuming Flanagan moved on and Reynolds retires.
  83. hoody06

    No Source Does the Ben Hunt rumblings have any Legs ?

    I think our spine is actually set. There's obviously an investment in KO and somewhat an unknown in him as well as Critta at 1. However, if you said our spine in 24 is: Crichton Oloapu Burton Mahoney Most would probably be satisfied as it's an upgrade. Whatever happens this year is largely...
  84. hoody06

    Oloapu in NSW Cup v Newtown

    100%, there is a very good reason why he dropped back to nsw cup last year and played the last dozen or so games solely as the 7. He was going to get first shot and then unfortunately did his knee in the semi. Very talented player and still in the plans for 24 i believe
  85. hoody06

    News Kylie Gone!

    Just saw an article, Nu Brown in the mix for 6
  86. hoody06

    Opinion Time to see what we’re Really made of ..

    3 out of 4, and we are well and truly alive for 8th spot. That will have us 6 and 6 heading into the bye. I think we'd all be over the moon if that's the case, we've had no luck injury wise.
  87. hoody06

    Official Round 8 - Bulldog v Shark - Team List + Match Discussion

    Reggies, no pressure, no hip drops, no video ref, no Sutton, no real structure, no fuckwits. Just plain old fashioned rugby league, so much better to watch.
  88. hoody06

    Burton to 7

    Not sure on this one, i think flano still plays this week. Is this about flano and his overall shitness or Burton getting more involved?
  89. hoody06

    Official Round 8 - Bulldog v Shark - Team List + Match Discussion

    That could just be a left side v right side training drill.
  90. hoody06

    News Bulldogs v Sharks: Burns set for return; Fitzy to stick solid

    Skelton being talked up
  91. hoody06

    Rumour Player Swap

    How have you entertained that?
  92. hoody06

    Team next week.

    So, 12 players either definitely or most likely out, pretty hard to take. Wingers and centres going down mid game is actually harder to adjust to than a forward, which is generally a straight swap. We have been very unlucky. We need Holy water dropped down on Bemlore from one of those planes...
  93. hoody06

    Team next week.

    It's a shame Davey is out for while, he bent the line with each run, has good size about him, and runs courageous lines.
  94. hoody06

    Official Round 7 - Bulldog v Eel - Team List + Match Discussion

    Awfully quiet at Belmore this week. Injuries or not, ambush.
  95. hoody06

    Opinion Worst Signings Roster

    Harsh on T-Rex, i won $650 on him as first try scorer once upon a time.
  96. hoody06

    Kikau training injury

    Travis was also part of 3 premierships at the roosters.
  97. hoody06

    Kikau training injury

    Please someone take the holy water to Belmore
  98. hoody06

    Official Gus on Twitter

    At centre i agree, i think he's experience is better suited on the wing.