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  1. Khan00

    Official Gus on Twitter

    Well said bro. From start to finish.
  2. Khan00

    News Tevita Pangai Jr reveals Bulldogs GM Phil Gould's hilarious boxing request before pro fight

    Round 1 with the cool, calm head that he has lol.
  3. Khan00

    Official Dogs sign Reed Mahoney (4 year deal)

    I dont ever come one here to give any goss unless im sure, been told he is coming over. Which year im not sure.
  4. Khan00

    News Asiata gone ?

    Well put.
  5. Khan00

    News Asiata gone ?

    Yeh ok.. what, for having a backbone.
  6. Khan00

    Official Gus on Twitter

    I dont doubt you mate, the ones giving him the undue attention are the real losers tbh. Look at the postcode youre from, alot of shit talkers out there haha but u just take it with a grain of salt and give em shit all attention.
  7. Khan00

    Official Gus on Twitter

    I get what your saying, what if the term "done deal" was a handshake deal and hes backflipped.. maybe the bloke claiming it was a done deal, actually was. Who knows.. i think all this so called "claiming" should be taken with a grain of salt.
  8. Khan00

    Official Gus on Twitter

    Settle down, who knows what happened in the negotiation process.
  9. Khan00

    Opinion An nrl player you rate?

    For me its - blake taffe, what a player. Imagine the pressure on him when he got thrown in. Id have him in my team any day.
  10. Khan00

    Welcome to the Bulldogs Josh....

    Tbh, Jacs best years are behind him, he may still have abit to offer but dont expect a world beater. What he will offer is alot of positive energy and experience on and off the field.
  11. Khan00

    Jamal Fogarty might be available

    I would be all over this signing. He would go well with burto, also not too expensive. Good fit for our club moving forward.
  12. Khan00

    Rumour Api Korosiau

    We get it...
  13. Khan00

    Trbojevic, Hayne, Barba, Mullins or Slater?

    No. Your not getting it, the "player" he was back then would flourish under the fkd Up system we have now. Not talking about who he is today and what he does with his life.
  14. Khan00

    Trbojevic, Hayne, Barba, Mullins or Slater?

    Thats beside the point matey.
  15. Khan00

    Official Gus on Twitter

    I would too
  16. Khan00


    1.47 shiiitt
  17. Khan00

    Leadership issue

    I agree hes a tool of the highest order. At the roosters they wouldnt have a bar of it.
  18. Khan00

    Leadership issue

    No respect for club or coach. Has it been earnt? Dont think so.
  19. Khan00


    The world has gone mad, RL is on par.
  20. Khan00

    Official Lachlan Lewis sacked

    Shut up. Ffs.
  21. Khan00

    Rumour Dogs coaching structure

    I know a culture cant be built in a year but we do look like we have no identity. Personally, and even before we signed baz, i never thought hes the mould/figure that can take us forward, especially his assistants. He makes a really good assistant, wish hed go back to that, at our club, and...
  22. Khan00

    Rd 23 Dogs vs Knights 3-2-1

    Lewis Hoppa Meaney
  23. Khan00

    Luke Thompson consolidated thread

    Hes worth no more than 650k. If hes happy to sign on for another 4yrs at that price tag then id be stoked. If he leaves id be upset but cant see it happening after reading the story.
  24. Khan00

    Josh Stuckey Signed

  25. Khan00

    Josh Stuckey Signed

    Not who im lookin for but i can see were your coming from mate
  26. Khan00

    Josh Stuckey Signed

    Anyhow he looks strong and solid.
  27. Khan00

    Josh Stuckey Signed

    1st look at him, his running style reminds me of a player i cant think of who it is.. will come to me..
  28. Khan00

    Rumour Katoa linked with St Helens for 2022

    How about a clean swap with aaron smith frm saints?
  29. Khan00

    Official Round 23 Bulldogs V Knights - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Will go very well in a team filled with some winners next year, as a 14 like u said.
  30. Khan00

    Official John Asiata joins the Bulldogs

    Love it! Good signing.
  31. Khan00

    Tales from Tiger Town

    Agree with everything said. Same, played both codes state and international and coached. Loved coaching but done my head in too . For me theres 3 types of "sprays" 1. Take the piss (tongue in cheek) spray. 2. A stern spray (to get the point across) 3. Im fkn pissed off spray. You need some...
  32. Khan00

    Tales from Tiger Town

    Bingo! 100%
  33. Khan00

    Trbojevic, Hayne, Barba, Mullins or Slater?

    Brett mullins would absolutely own the format of todays game. Jus sayin..
  34. Khan00

    Team strengths/weaknesses/coaching staff

    Fuck that ferris off aswel.
  35. Khan00

    Tales from Tiger Town

    Exactly, i happen to watch about half hr of it yesterday and i thought jeez he blows the lid 1 too many times, looks like the players arent buyin it.. i asked myself aswel, was that blow up even warranted??
  36. Khan00

    Renouf atoni signs with roosters

    If trent robinson can get him to play to his (God knows if he does have) potential, then hats off to him and atoni, i cant see it happening. Roosters must have got him dirt cheap.
  37. Khan00

    Opinion 2021 Cat of the Year

    Going off size and ability - handsdown atoni. A real dissapointment. Doorey i dont mind he gets in there and has a go. The rest meh. Except i did like napa when he was at the roosters. Well we know how that ended..
  38. Khan00

    Opinion Phil Gould

    Gold, absolute gold dave. Couldnt have said it better.
  39. Khan00

    Remember when.... against Manly Sea Eagles

    Aaaaahh when footy still had some soul to it
  40. Khan00

    Barrett Excuse Conference Rd 22

    I dont agree. I have aswel not as long as you though.
  41. Khan00

    Barrett Excuse Conference Rd 22

    100%. It also shows barrett cant get the best out of the majority, if not the whole team when they have their futures on the line.
  42. Khan00

    Sign Ryan James..

    Horsborough seemed to fill the forward pack with energy when he was on. Would be nice to have him on our side fulltime.
  43. Khan00

    Would you want Gutherson at the club?

    Everyone has a different approach i suppose and im not a fan of Jacksons either.
  44. Khan00

    Would you want Gutherson at the club?

    Has nothing to do with the crowd but he involved them. Im sure they didnt give a toss, just a shit look by the so called captain.
  45. Khan00

    Would you want Gutherson at the club?

    You might wana retract your claim re no crowd my friend.
  46. Khan00

    Would you want Gutherson at the club?

    There was. It was a small crowd and could easily been heard. He almost sprayed them ffs
  47. Khan00

    Would you want Gutherson at the club?

    You sure about that? I remember clearly he was facing his team mate and they were no more than 10m away from the touch line maybe less, when he gave it to him. 100%, i would of gave it back to him aswel
  48. Khan00

    Would you want Gutherson at the club?

    Not sayin do it in a "nice" way. No way. Pull him up n give him gobful away from everyone, especially the crowd.
  49. Khan00

    Would you want Gutherson at the club?

    I agree but theres a way of doing it. Nobody will respect him that way he handled it.
  50. Khan00

    Would you want Gutherson at the club?

    Dont think he'd fit in @ the club/team. Something about him.. As a player, effort>talent - talent and effort demands that type of money, id say no just for the simple fact he reckons he deserves that type of money. Also the reason why he wont fit into our team id presume.
  51. Khan00

    No Source Ediq Ambrosyev - Gun Hooker/Signed

    Really good pass on him, backs up well and solid defence. Speaks well too. Could be a really good pick up.
  52. Khan00

    Loan players

    People dont get it.
  53. Khan00

    Loan players

    Big picture?
  54. Khan00

    Loan players

    What a naive outlook. I understand the winning element to it all ffs.
  55. Khan00

    Loan players

    What a load of shit.
  56. Khan00

    Loan players

    Broooo. At this point of our season winning is not a necessity. There is players as fkd up as it sounds that can somehow put up a half assed fight. Remember players are on notice.. every game counts.
  57. Khan00

    Loan players

    If were goin down, which we are this year, let em go down with a fight despite who we switch around and elevate. Tough shit let em taste the spoon.
  58. Khan00

    Loan players

    U dont get it. Not to worry.
  59. Khan00

    Loan players

    Fk off goose lol. Whats that got to do with what were discussing. Ive always found u to be a tool. Didnt need further proof.
  60. Khan00

    Loan players

    If youre in the trenches at war u stick solid with what u have. Sink or swim.. weak ploy by the club.
  61. Khan00

    Loan players

    Who gives a fk. Were shit atm and 2 players wont change that. We deserve the spoon n so does baz.
  62. Khan00

    Loan players

    So its about a short term fix for you?
  63. Khan00

    Loan players

    This wont benefit us in the slightest..
  64. Khan00

    Official Napa facing 4 week ban, Hetherington 3 weeks

    Sooner these 2 get the boot the better.
  65. Khan00

    Official Mavoni tuifua signed

    Thanks to burton signing with us. He is a huge signing, i mean burto. So is this guy. Im liking these kinda signings. Still cant believe we snared burto..
  66. Khan00

    News Flanagan linked to the Sharks

    What a fk up in the 1st place by baz, recruiting him and then signing him for 3 yrs on top of that. Waddell, allen, hetherington all an absolute watse of cap space.
  67. Khan00

    Opinion We need an experienced half

    1.Pearce would be my no1 but injury prone apperently. 2. Tyrone peachey with whats available..
  68. Khan00

    Opinion Jake Averillo

    Cant find spot in the team for him nx yr unfortunately..
  69. Khan00


    If were taking into account on players that are leaving and/or underperforming. 1. Meaney - dufty 2022. 2. Tui katoa - Cotric 2022. 3. Hoppa - Naden 2022. 4. Schoupp - Alamoti between these 2022. 5. Allen - JAC 2022. 6. Averillo - Burton 2022. 7. BBO - Exp half 2022. 8. Ogden. Vaughan 2022. 9...
  70. Khan00

    Official Round 21 Bulldogs V Tigers - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Agreed on almost all fronts. What im trying to get across is that, whatever player runs onto the field it doesnt make a difference. Perfect example, BBO plays in his natural role and he looked out of place today. My biggest Q is, how are these fellas being coached?? I assure u every single...
  71. Khan00

    Official Round 21 Bulldogs V Tigers - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Something is not right.. We cant keep blaming the roster. Key points. . Our forwards get dominated. . Slow play the balls. . No cohesion and stability in line up. . Bad kicking game. . We seem to always look lost and play like individuals.
  72. Khan00

    Official Bailey Biondi-Odo re-signs with the Bulldogs for two years

    Baz is the issue im certain of this. And our forwards are completely dominated all the time.
  73. Khan00

    Burton absolutely killing it against the Roosters

    1 step at a time.. we'll get there. The puzzle is slowly fallin into place.
  74. Khan00

    Burton absolutely killing it against the Roosters

    Fuckn oath. If the club support him in every facet of life and there is a good environment and the bond he can create with players on and off the field, no one needs to worry what happens next. His destiny is in the club and his hands. I can see burton donning the canterbury jersey for a long...
  75. Khan00


    More like greg bretnall.
  76. Khan00

    No Source Harry Grant and Dylan Brown

    Oh my God..
  77. Khan00

    Dad jokes

    Jokez on u now lol
  78. Khan00


    Winged it throughout his whole career and still earning good coin! Beats me what they see in him.
  79. Khan00

    Storm table a rich offer for Brandon Smith

    If we get halloumi nx yr top6 for me.
  80. Khan00

    Tevita pangai jr to debut for penrith

    Hope him and burton combine well.
  81. Khan00

    Official Bailey Biondi-Odo re-signs with the Bulldogs for two years

    100% obviously an experienced half would be ideal next to burton but the way BBO plays i think they can bounce of each others confidence. I dont wana jump the gun but i think these 2 could potentially be a great combo.
  82. Khan00

    Official Bailey Biondi-Odo re-signs with the Bulldogs for two years

    Waaw. Very happy with this signing.
  83. Khan00

    Official Round 21 Bulldogs V Tigers - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    I used to vouch for him thought hed develop into a gooden but since signing elsewhere hes been disappointing to say the least.
  84. Khan00

    Official Round 21 Bulldogs V Tigers - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Has been for years, with JMK now going into his 3rd yr @ hooker he needs to grab it by the horns and own it with topine. Without a topline hooker u need to make the most of what u have..
  85. Khan00

    Official Bulldogs Online Store Sale

    Mens training hoodies are sick theyll be poppin off!
  86. Khan00

    Jayden Okunbor

    Thats totally fkd up. I cant stand his performances but thats over the top. Probably kids.
  87. Khan00

    Official Round 21 Bulldogs V Tigers - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    BBO was a no brainer after the inept performances by our halves throughout the year, when all they needed to do was the small things right. Still suprised avo is there but there isnt any other option. Really curious to see where baz plays avo next year after BBO cements his spot in the halves...
  88. Khan00

    Jayden Okunbor

    Is this bloke fair dinkum? Plz drop this guy for good. Fk.
  89. Khan00

    Will the Dogs make the 8 in 2022?

    If avo is burtons halves partner then its a NO.
  90. Khan00

    Tesi niu

    Not a priority at all.