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    Goodbye, see you all next year, maybe. Ciao

    In 60 years of supporting this club through the good and bad, I've never been so discusted in the team. I have never boo'd any team, mine or opposition but today I applauded the crowd. I'm fucking shattered. Go the Cowboys.
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    Goodbye, see you all next year, maybe. Ciao

    I can't take anymore of this crap.
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    Opinion The comp is so average

    I wouldn't wipe out the Cowboys after yesterday. Making their run at the right time.
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    A lot of experts on here are wrong frequently.
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    Should the dogs offer the dragons Mahoney to secure Hunt?

    Now you're talking. My Dogs in Townsville. Beauty.
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    Opinion Crichton the Slug

    The last game he played for us wasn't great either.
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    Opinion Crichton the Slug

    Yep another great decision made just like the Morris boys.
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    Josh Maguire available

    JUST NO!!!
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    When does Lodge arrive?

    And Gus wouldn't tell a fib would he? hahaha
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    Mahoney is no longer an 80min hooker

    Absolutely spot on 1967. He can't do it all. The good teams have strength across the park.
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    News An attitude thing’: Ciraldo rips Bulldogs as ‘embarrassed’ skipper takes blame

    Sounds to me like the reserves coach should be coaching the 1st team. Just saying.
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    News An attitude thing’: Ciraldo rips Bulldogs as ‘embarrassed’ skipper takes blame

    I agree to an extent. He could be very good as I've said before, but any confidence is out the window. This goes for the whole team. Confidence is what we are lacking.
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    News An attitude thing’: Ciraldo rips Bulldogs as ‘embarrassed’ skipper takes blame

    The Fullback? How can you blame one player. They win as a team and lose as a team. The whole team should hang their heads in shame with the exception of a couple that put in every week. Including the coaching staff!!!!
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    Morrin and Preston

    Presto & Morrin played well, but we were smashed with size. We have to get bigger forwards on the park.
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    News Averillo eyeing move to Dolphins

    Avo is better than Ala that's for sure.
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    Burton joins origin squad

    This makes more sense to me.
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    Opinion Mahoney HIA

    Yeah what a lot of shit. n attack to the head is dangerous whether your attacking or defending. The NRL has f#cked up the rules so much they can't find a way out other than create more stupid rules. No common sense.
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    Why does our club hate halfbacks?

    Unfortunately, we have no go forward with the dismal forward pack we have, so the only way we make ground is through MB kicking. It's painful for an old Dog to watch.
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    Opinion Karl Oloapu

    Agree. Defence was good, but we need to score points so I really want to see this attacking skills he has. Just saying maybe he he is not up to FG yet and should keep developing back in reserves for a while.
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    Opinion Okunbor

    Yep, I'm happy to see him have a good game. He could be very good for us, but like TPJ, he can't do it alone. Through the decades we have had great teams that feed off each other but take them out of the team and they seem pretty ordinary. We need to be a Champion Team, not a team of champions...
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    Opinion Karl Oloapu

    I haven't seen anything from him that makes go weak in the knees like a lot on here. Probably needs to go back and gain more experience.
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    Worst Defence In the Competition

    I'd had enough and didn't watch the post game interviews.
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    Worst Defence In the Competition

    If you look at that try, our blokes were all facing our tryline, not attacking at all. So f#cking frustrating.
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    Worst Defence In the Competition

    You got it. It's like a switch gets turned on then off. Sometimes the defence is good, even great at times, and then F#ck me, they are standing around star gazing. Discipline and attitude, both are dismal at times.
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    Is Averillo a centre or winger ?

    Averillo and Kiraz will swap wing to centre through the game as the game opens up. That's what was happening last week. Works well.
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    Are you kidding. Jake has always been good, just been playing out of position to cover. Jake is our centre.
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    News Averillo scores spectacular double to leave Dragons hanging by a thread

    Fans? Just don't listen to the Kennel, the vocal ones on here think he can't play. :laughing:
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    Andrew Davey joins Parramatta Eels from Bulldogs

    Yeah, 8 weeks in and gone already. The Boys from the 80 - 90's will be shaking their heads like me.
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    Andrew Davey joins Parramatta Eels from Bulldogs

    I think that is very likely. There is no way any sane manager or club would release a fit forward with what we have to work with. Who's the big name?????????????
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    Opinion Jake Averillo has more to Offer.

    I really can't see why everyone is soo hard on our backs???? They have been carrying the forwards all season so far. Blind Freddie could see that.
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    Opinion Jake Averillo has more to Offer.

    Let's be honest Averillo can't be any worse than any before him so give him a go. At worst, he could be a great 14.
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    News The Mole: 'Massive' rival offer poised to lure $800k Bulldogs star away from Belmore

    If we had Hunt, I think the forwards we have will have more room and space created to perform better.
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    News The Mole: 'Massive' rival offer poised to lure $800k Bulldogs star away from Belmore

    I'm with you K Dog. When he actually takes the field, he puts in and quite often he was the only forward going forward. With some help he will be good for us.
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    Opinion 44 Sin Bins in 7 Rounds ..

    If they stop changing the rules the players and fans could keep up. There was nothing wrong with the rules pre 2000.
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    CC on 360

    Bloody hell, don't do that to an old bloke. :grimacing:
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    CC on 360

    WTF!!!!!!! I hope you are joking. F#ck me
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    Opinion Do you think Mahoney was captain material today?

    I do think he is captain material, in the future though. He needs more patience and calm. The captain guides and lifts the players when things don't go our way, or, as it has been lately, when the Ref's are dead against us. Patience and calm grasshopper.
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    Jerome Luai or Dylan Edwards

    Luai is one of those players that would have me considering switching teams for the duration of his contract were he to sign with us. Can't stand Dickheads.
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    Opinion Kiraz to fullback

    Spot on. He shows a lot of heart.
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    Opinion Alamoti

    He is showing plenty of promise, just hope he keeps developing and doesn't get caught up in the hype of what he could be.
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    Opinion Do you think Mahoney was captain material today?

    Every game with the exception of yesterdays he has been great, but the Captain needs to have control and set the example to the rest of the team. Don't get me wrong, he is close to, if not the best player on the park week in week out, but maybe not captain material.
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    Opinion Do you think Mahoney was captain material today?

    I definitely don't. A captain leads by example and doesn't let emotions cloud his decisions. He made a couple of clangers today.
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    Opinion Video Ref or no video ref?

    I just get sooo frustrated at the amount they miss. I can't afford anymore TV's.
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    Opinion Video Ref or no video ref?

    or do away with the bunker and go back to just on field. What needs to happen is all or nothing.
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    Opinion Video Ref or no video ref?

    This is what I mean. It should be able to rule on all or nothing. The amount of forward passes that turn a game is incredible.
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    Opinion Burton does not deserve to be captain.

    I would because I would have to follow another team after 60 years.
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    Opinion Video Ref or no video ref?

    The game needs to address the inconsistences in the bunker and their decisions and what they can and can't rule on. I for believe if they what them to contribute to the decisions, then it must be all decisions. FORWARD passes included. What I saw tonight has made me rethink if I want to watch...
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    Rd 5 vs Cowboys 3-2-1

    I think the team put in as a whole. Played like they did back in the day. They played for each other and showed the Dogs of war attitude we need to continue. As for 3-2-1, who really cares, we played as a team and showed what can be achieved with determination. More of the same please.
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    CC and Okunbor

    I'm not gunna say :I told you so" but I told you so!!!! He will only improve with more time as he learns.
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    News Five reasons Bulldogs are ready to topple Cowboys

    To be honest, Kik's hasn't shown anything out of the ordinary. Where are his angled runs that were so devastating at Penrith? He has shown none of that here.
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    Can we address the elephant in the room

    I know I've said it before, and I know a lot of you blokes & sheila's don't rate him, but I think Ocky could kill it closer to the middle. With size like that he could/should run riot.
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    Bulldogs vs cows match thread

    Geez, we didn't have a bench until 1935
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    Bulldogs vs cows match thread

    Bring to the Ville. I could handle the short turn around no worries.
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    Mason Confirms King Playing With Ruptured Plantar Fascia

    I wouldn't say Burto is shit but as a 6 he has a long way to go.
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    News Josh Reynolds completes stunning Bulldogs comeback

    To put it simply, YES.
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    News Josh Reynolds completes stunning Bulldogs comeback

    Maybe they shouldn.t leave him on the bench all game then.
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    News Josh Reynolds completes stunning Bulldogs comeback

    Yep. It just doesn't make sense to me either. We are getting smashed in the forwards so the last thing we need are more backs.
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    How long has everyone been a bulldogs fan for

    My Dad would take us all to Belmore from about the age of 4, so around 1965-66. Have seen some really good times over the years so very hard to watch the last few but we are true Dogs/Berries and will never change. Go the Dogs. Make us proud again.
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    Official So good to see Ciraldos faith in Hayze Perham justified!

    Yep. Along with Reed, our best 3 players on the park atm.
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    Opinion Where will Crichton play?

    I reckon Hayze is going to kill it. If we can get our lazy bastards to follow for a offload.
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    Opinion Where will Crichton play?

    Spot on. That's why when he got the ball from the intersept he looked straight to JAC.
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    Official Round 3 : Bulldogs vs Tigers discussion

    Didn't look that way in the second half. Our middle were fu3ked and the backs did most of the work through the whole game.
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    The Offical Reed Mahoney Appreciation Thread

    Yep. The best Dog on the park today by far. Well done Reed.
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    Opinion WOW! It's gunna be a long season.

    I was hoping I was wrong, but Burto is not a 5/8 (maybe down the track), but the team as a whole showed very little in attack, defence and discipline. We needed to do the basic things right today and for the next 6 rounds to give us time to gel. That did not happen. CC needs to show his coaching...
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    News Welcome back SBW

    I did some dumb things when I was young but never slunk away and deserted my mates. I don't think that sort of person ever changes. He can go help the rorters.
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    After watching today's trial game, who's in your 17?

    Train & Trial! I think the last time Polly pulled a dogs jumper on was 2004. I think he will stick to plumbing.
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    After watching today's trial game, who's in your 17?

    Polly at 7 would more than likely be better than what we have now, but I haven't seen him since I moved to Townsville 20 years ago
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    After watching today's trial game, who's in your 17?

    They showed us alright. A long way to go. It's gunna be a long year if they continue to play like that.
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    Official Bulldogs sign Fa amanu Brown

    Handy if we ever get close to the line.
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    2022-2023 Bulldogs Pre Season Thread

    With a heap more confidence he could be a very good winger.
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    First signing for 2024 will be ?

    I'm looking at this crap and thinking how long you have followed our team. Half of those listed don't have the Dogs/Berries gene in them. We were once the "Family Club" we need to get back to that to ingrain the passion.
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    First signing for 2024 will be ?

    I'm with you on this. I just don't see the standout talent amongst all the hype. Pass.
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    Aaron Schoupp Released Effective Immediately

    A bit like Ocky. :grimacing:
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    Averillo to test open market before extending.

    I agree. He shows plenty of promise in places but needs to take more control when he sees an opportunity. More demanding like all good Fullbacks.
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    Most underrated dogs player ever

    Without a doubt or any hesitation, Jamie Feeney. Even Polly, who played with him agreed with me on this. Gave his all every week.
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    News The two NRL teams who will improve in 2023

    I'm very confident we will make the 8. I think all the positivity around CC and the new players will help our up and coming blokes lift to another level, but a strong start to the season is a must for confidence and belief.
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    Rumour Jayden Sullivan

    I'm thinking the same. Attach from both sides and let the organising take care of it's self with time.
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    Rumour Jayden Sullivan

    Flanno hasn't shown anything at all so I agree a swap would be the best option for us as much as I dislike paying good money for potential.
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    Rumour Jayden Sullivan

    I haven't really seen him play. Is he any good? Can he organise or just more potential.
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    Rumour Jayden Sullivan

    What's the story with Jayden Sullivan from the Dragons?
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    Will Kikau be a dud signing?

    Spot on.
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    Official NSW Cup GF Thread - Bulldog v Panther

    Hey Papa, that's what kids and grandkids are for
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    News Bulldogs 3 million dollar offer to matt burton

    To be fair, he played Origin in the centres. Yes, he killed it, but he is a centre, and he had the best talent around him. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy we have him, but he isn't a 6 yet.
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    Vintage Australian ice cream/ lollies

    I went to the Nestle factory when in primary school in Georges Hall. So many sick kids throwing up chocolate on the bus trip back to school, but worth it.
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    Kiraz to fullback?

    Interested in Kennelers thoughts. Thinking Kiraz might make a good fullback. He is a big body with speed and plenty of heart and a win at all cost attitude. I would love to see him have a crack at FB.
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    Faitala-Mariner thread

    Yes but I'm sure there would be a injury clause in his contract.
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    Declan Casey debut

    I agree. It was a tough first up assignment in those conditions. Pressure to do well and the shit they had to play in spelt mistakes to me. Surely we could have played someone else and give the bloke a decent chance at a debut in better conditions. Feel for him.
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    News Potter tipped to remain at the helm following Bulldogs resurgence

    I heard a whisper about Bellamy last year. Not saying it's correct, but.....
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    I hope your wrong about TPJ. We need to hang on to him as he is our go forward atm.
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    I recall in earlier games this season, he was best forward, but very on\off. Consistancy is what he needs. Focus.
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    Opinion Wizard - Not Harry but Mick Potter

    The next couple of games will show if we can make the 8. I'm hoping.
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    Opinion Wizard - Not Harry but Mick Potter

    I would think the Wizard had a hand (wand) in this play.
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    Opinion Wizard - Not Harry but Mick Potter

    I'm really liking what I'm seeing. Opinions as to why not. I can't see any.
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    Opinion Confidence. If only you could bottle it!

    We are playing with so much confidence and belief under this new coach. Why look any further.
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    Opinion Latrell Mitchell

    I'm with you. I would have to follow another team after 60 years. Lattrell is the biggest grub of all.
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    Opinion Latrell Mitchell

    Drinkwater has always been solid without being standout. With the right team around him he will be a standout and is starting to show this with the Cowboys. I couldn't understand why he was dropped to start with.
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    Official Team List Round 14 v Eels + Match Discussion

    I said this way back last year. Unless we have a forward pack that goes forward we are screwed. How can our backs/Halves do their shit if we have no go forward. If we aren't big enough, we need bigger blokes (with hearts). We will continue to struggle until we dominate the middle. It's not...