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  1. Wearnze

    Opinion Pre Season Training

    you could almost argue that a lot of the focus is on xerri in promotions of our preseason so far. Let’s hope he exceeds expectations.
  2. Wearnze

    Opinion Pre Season Training

    Just remember we looked fit in photos last pre season and look where we ended on the ladder. I’m not getting excited by how bulked someone looks or fit they look this preseason I will wait until end of round 1 for that observation.
  3. Wearnze

    2024 starting 17 .... who's in your team?

    With Curran and Salmon arriving and with very little prop prospects do we think Edwards may make the permanent move to prop? He has the size…
  4. Wearnze

    2024 starting 17 .... who's in your team?

    Can Curran play prop lol?
  5. Wearnze

    2024 starting 17 .... who's in your team?

    1. Taafe 2. Wilson/Xerri 3. Kiraz 4. Crichton 5. Addo-Carr 6. Burton 7. Sexton 8. King 9. Mahoney 10. Edwards 11. Kikau 12. Preston 13. Curran 14. Salmon 15. Patolo 16. Hughes 17. Mann 18. Hutchinson
  6. Wearnze

    2024 starting 17 .... who's in your team?

    Has Thompson definitely signed elsewhere?
  7. Wearnze

    Panthers v Broncos - GF thread

    Got to feel for Adam Reynolds. Lost to Panthers in 2021 and 2023 by 2 points in GFs. What a horrible way to lose a GF. And he did it twice! Re-watched 2021 GF and got to say Crichton definitely loves the big stage. From watching it though I also hope Crichton isn't a Burton or Kikau - a...
  8. Wearnze

    Dally M awards

    Ponga couldn’t even make origin this year. Idk how he won it off 10 odd good games. Wasn’t even fullback for the beginning of the season. How Walsh didn’t win fullback is beyond me. Grant wasn’t the best hooker in the game either. Egan was more deserving. Idk how the best try didn’t go to...
  9. Wearnze

    2023 Finals Week 3 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    The broncos got away with plenty in The ruck in my opinion. Warriors unlucky To not grab a few penalties. The forward pass was disgraceful. I can’t believe the bunker can’t rule in that. They are surely the easiest to rule. In saying the better team win tonight.
  10. Wearnze

    Storm Player Salaries

    Shaun Johnson is cheap for a 7 if true Grant is cheap but he was terrible during the finals
  11. Wearnze

    Panthers v Broncos - GF thread

    Cleary, Hughes, Reynolds and Johnson. All teams have world class 7s. It depends which 7 turns up for a masterclass. They’ve all got good forward packs to lay the platform first though. We bulldogs fans can only dream of a forward pack that includes AFB and Harris or Haas and Carrigan …...
  12. Wearnze

    Gus on 7 News - 8-9 signings in coming weeks

    Those asking Gus to sign a starting forward…where is Gus going to do this? There is no good forwards off contract. The only way, and the way Gus is going about it, is getting fringe forwards at other clubs, and giving them the opportunity. It can go either way but you haven’t ruined your cap...
  13. Wearnze

    News Thompson happy to take pay cut to play at the roosters

    Should be taking a pay cut to repay the bulldogs…
  14. Wearnze

    Breakout star of 2024?

    You would hope all players have breakout years in 2024. Not like any were standout in 2023. All players have an opportunity to step up. I’d love Burton to step up. I’d love Mahoney to step up. I’d love Kikau to have a great season. Our leaders need breakout years. I also think Salmon will...
  15. Wearnze

    Breakout star of 2024?

    Another forward would be nice… And any of our recruits that is a utility making a position in top 13 their own.
  16. Wearnze

    Alamoti to the Panthers

    Wonder if he was one of the whinging players about training workload...
  17. Wearnze

    Alamoti to the Panthers

    If he plays like he did here he will enjoy nsw cup. Will be interesting to see if Cleary can take him to another level.
  18. Wearnze

    Drew Hutchinson signing

    Hutchinson can play in multiple positions. Opportunity club - where is his best position though? I don't think he's coming to play in halves...
  19. Wearnze

    Jake Turpin

    If thats the case, my point still stands as Flanagan was 14 for last few games. I'd rather Turpin back up 14. If we have Salmon, Hutchinson and Taafe we have a few cover options in the halves...
  20. Wearnze

    Jake Turpin

    Flanagan or Turpin back up hooker / nsw cup #9? Turpin everyday of the week... He out-played Brandon Smith in the number 9 for a week weeks earlier in the year.
  21. Wearnze

    News End of season review, Bulldogs

    Not sure if it has been said elsewhere. When did the nsw cup side fall to pieces? Was it when Flanagan came back to nrl side? Was it because the fringe players not happy with expectations and lost it after seeking out rfm? I want to say it was probably both of the above…
  22. Wearnze

    2023 Finals Week 1 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    The only two teams I think have the side to beat Penrith are broncos with a small chance for storm and knights. I feel like the rest are just making numbers…
  23. Wearnze

    2023 Finals Week 1 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Mr Brown didn’t even make the reserves for the knights in the end…
  24. Wearnze

    Recruitment team did not do there homework

    What annoys me is the players who left playing finals this year and are fairly safe in good sides. What would they be like if they stayed and had good coaching here? Makes me feel like we have made some poor choices. Meaney… R. Smith… C. Allan… Montoya… DWZ… Not superstars by any stretch but...
  25. Wearnze

    Presser vs Manly...

    I feel like you can’t say addo carr doesn’t give a crap. He had no missed tackles. Which was quite a rarity in our team. Sexton too had no missed tackles. Our “leaders” Mahoney and Burton with the most missed tackles ….
  26. Wearnze

    Official Kyle Turner Passes Away

    Wasn’t Kyle turner the player who missed lots of games to concussion?
  27. Wearnze

    Tpj to retire from nrl

    am I right in thinking Bryce Cartwright is available? For the right coin he could fit in well in our squad…. next year might be another right off.Our “stars” will be older and less helpful getting new guys over. I would go all out in 2024 and get JoeyManu (fb or five eighth)
  28. Wearnze

    Tpj to retire from nrl

    I’m in one way happy he’s gone. I also want Thompson gone. However, there isn’t much better out there unfortunately and this is where itsucks for the club as it screws our recruitment. yes we have more cash but there is no one out there to pay for atm. Beginning of year would have been a more...
  29. Wearnze

    News Round 22 vs Dolphins

    Surely Skelton and Knight in Burns/Wilson and Sutton out
  30. Wearnze

    Your team for round 22 vs Dolphins?

    Got to say Flanagan in defence at hooker was better than what Mahoney had been in defence. Flanagan could be beneficial to have on bench if used properly
  31. Wearnze

    "It will turn soon...." Cameron Ciraldo.

    We got rid of the wrong centre in my opinion. averillo over Alamoti poor admin decision
  32. Wearnze

    2023 State of Origin Game 3 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Qld will be relatively the same. Good game to give someone like Dearden, Brimson… more experience with DCE hitting retirement soon. NSW should but won’t be (should have been for game 1 if all fit) 1. Mitchell 2. Fox 3. Crichton 4. Staggs 5. Graham 6. Walker 7. Reynolds 8. Haas 9. Robson 10...
  33. Wearnze

    2023 State of Origin Game 2 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    I understand Murray is injury prone but he would have been better at 13 for longer
  34. Wearnze

    Opinion 2024 NSW Origin Coach

    Don’t worry about 2024. need a new coach for game 3! greg Alexander needs to go too pushes too much the Penrith selections Not sure who to replace them with though
  35. Wearnze

    2023 State of Origin Game 2 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    we got to start picking origin players - not flashy club players. Tedesco, Luai, Moses are good club players. Not origin players. A fit Mitchell at fb is needed for game 3 - we have no strike. we need an origin 13..:not Yeo. A Jack de Belen style of player. no Fittler too!
  36. Wearnze

    Who do we swap for Hunt?

    If hunt goes to titans surely they need to offload one of their many spine players … Campbell…?
  37. Wearnze

    2023 State of Origin Game 2 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    QLD won’t change side except for injuries. Have some solid depth if the case in all positions. NSW will need a couple of changes but understand too many changes won’t fix the problem either. As others have said Fittler isn’t coach material. So glad we have ciraldo instead. we have use our...
  38. Wearnze

    2023 State of Origin Game 1 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    I’m team nsw but how did cotter and flegler get charged. that was not a crusher tackle and it also was not a shoulder tackle or a careless tackle - the tackle on turbo was just a good origin tackle imo
  39. Wearnze

    2023 State of Origin Game 1 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Few disappointing quiet games from nsw star players. Cleary hardly seen. Trbojevic was busy but nothing spectacular. Tedesco, Frizell and Murray ruined a lot of plays. Use or bench was weird. TPJ and Haas should have got more mins. Stars for nsw were Crichton, Martin and thought Young was good...
  40. Wearnze

    Official Gus on Twitter

    Can someone ask Gus what is a wooden spoon team? He has come out this year and said both tigers and dragons do not have wooden spoon teams. Where does that leave us?
  41. Wearnze

    Official TPJ selected for Blues

    Looking at the forwards for both teams, you've got to admit Qld have far greater depth. They're will be many guys who miss out for QLD who have done the job in the past. Fotuika, Collins, Cotter, Horsburgh, Arrow, Flegler...these are their backups too Welch, Tino and Carrigan. NSW have Haas...
  42. Wearnze

    Official Round 12 Bulldogs vs Titans Game Day Thread

    I would be happy to continue with Morrin instead of RFM after todays game. I’ve been saying all year Morrin, although lacks size, is a good option on the bench.
  43. Wearnze

    Official Round 12 Bulldogs vs Titans Game Day Thread

    More confident with morrin instead of RFM but a win is a must tomorrow.
  44. Wearnze

    Opinion Fullback

    I would like to see Averillo stay where he is for a whole season. Moving him again will just delay his development. He seems to be happy in centres too. Wilson or Kiraz for me.
  45. Wearnze

    2023 Round 10 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    4 Qld teams have their away game in Brisbane for magic round. All 4 teams win. interesring…to say the least!
  46. Wearnze


    Honestly RFM should be playing reserves on current form. Morrin has showed more promise so far this year! Injuries aside, going off the press conference, I don’t see why he can’t drop RFM, put Reynolds to bench (too many penalties) and drop Casey (hopefully Afro Carr is back as Alamot and...
  47. Wearnze

    News Josh ado Carr back next week

    I spoke with Thompson who was still in a moonboot today. He’s hopeful he will play by July but no promises.
  48. Wearnze

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Raiders Game Day Thread

    3 players rocked up. Luke Thompson, BBO and Patolo Thompson looked like he didn’t want to be there at all…couldn’t have cared any less. The other two were great especially Patolo - he spoke really well!
  49. Wearnze

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Raiders Game Day Thread

    Got to love magic round if you live up here in Brisbane! Out of all the teams that could show up tomorrow at the school I work at it’s the dogs! Not sure who will rock up but hoping Gus, Ciraldo, Addo-Carr and Burton (hope he puts a few bombs up for the kids)
  50. Wearnze

    News Souths on verge of bombshell $3.4m Wighton coup as Bunnies’ trump card revealed —

    Next minute south’s win the premiership before he arrives and don’t win it again while he’s there. Wouldn’t that be ironic!
  51. Wearnze

    Courageous Dogs

    Courageous in defence. Pretty ordinary in attack considering we still have Burton and Mahoney who should have done more in my opinion.
  52. Wearnze


    Flanagan only gets picked for his defence. With potentially Burns/Skelton/Casey outside him I can't see him getting dropped. Sadly, he offers nothing in attack.
  53. Wearnze

    Team next week.

    Going off what we know with likely injuries: 1. Perham 2. Okunbor 3. Alamoti 4. Burns 5. Skelton 6. Burton 7. Oloapu 8. King 9. Mahoney 10. TPJ 11. Preston 12. Waddell 13. Edwards 14. Topine 15. RFM 16. Sutton 17. Hughes 18. Morrin Averillo, Kiraz and Burns unavailable I assume. Topine to...
  54. Wearnze

    Official Round 7 - Bulldog v Eel - Team List + Match Discussion

    Anyone think Okunbor is a chance for a starting second row position? Preston on the left and ok on the right I wouldn’t be surprised. don’t think it will happen but equally wouldn’t be against it if it happens.
  55. Wearnze

    Official Round 7 - Bulldog v Eel - Team List + Match Discussion

    Next guy up. more like next guy out.
  56. Wearnze

    Official Round 7 - Bulldog v Eel - Team List + Match Discussion

    Will be interesting to see how CC uses his bench with Sutton and Waddell on it. I’m assuming Preston goes 80 mins. how many mins will tevita get?
  57. Wearnze

    Official Supercoach & other comps 2023

    Is TPJ worth the risk? I am buying Haas this week as well. My middles have been poor but Yeo, Haas and TPJ can't do no wrong...thoughts?
  58. Wearnze

    Opinion Just wanting to know your opinions

    Id prefer Morrin on bench over both tbh. Like others have said though Waddell doesn’t deserve to be dropped and due to experience will be there instead of Morrin.
  59. Wearnze

    Rd 7 Vs Eel

    Perham Burns, Casey or Skelton Alamoti Averillo Kiraz Burton Flanagan (he holds well in defence and I think the young pup needs a little longer) King Mahoney Sutton Kikau Preston RFM Reynolds Okunbor TPJ Morrin/Waddell Morrin/Waddell
  60. Wearnze

    Who comes in for JAC next week?

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I want okunbor on bench. He has done well This year in that position. as alamoti is young an older more experienced head outside him would be smart. I’m thinking burns however I think any of burns, Casey or Skelton would do a solid job.
  61. Wearnze

    Official Gus on Twitter

    So Preston sin binned for a hip drop when we appeared to have momentum and the game was not all lost. It had a big consequence to our game. Next minute judiciary say there was no problem with the tackle. Not a hip drop. No fine. Nothing. we keep Preston but doesn’t make it any better that it...
  62. Wearnze

    Official Round 6 Bulldog V Sutton & Rabbitoh

    With the game these days a small bench can be more beneficial with the speed of the game. Morrin went well last week and he’s small. Depends on the game plan
  63. Wearnze

    Official Round 6 Bulldog V Sutton & Rabbitoh

    given king and Sutton have stepped up in area we have severely lacked this year I hope they hold their starting spots which they have earned over tpj and Thompson when they return.Thompson and TPJ if the bench would be monstrous!
  64. Wearnze

    Official Round 4 Vs Warrior

    If king is out , let’s hope for a massive game from Sutton. who steps up in kings absence? Topine off bench will help in some aspects but is not a like for like replacement. Will be interesting to see what ciraldo does here…
  65. Wearnze

    Official Round 3 : Bulldogs vs Tigers discussion

    Belmore has not been kind in recent years. Hoping we can change that today. Alamati and Averillo to have standout games. Defensively there centres are average. I am not confident enough to bet on it but here hoping for a 26 - 10 win.
  66. Wearnze

    Official Round 3 : Bulldogs vs Tigers discussion

    I don’t care how we win but we need the win. Lots of teams have been winning scrappy and at this stage of the year that’s all we need - to win and get 2 points. I don’t care how at the moment.
  67. Wearnze

    Dolphins ad

    At least they win lol!
  68. Wearnze

    Official Round 2 vs Storm Match Discussion

    Burton - I’m expecting him to have a big week. Captaincy. Poor Game. He needs to step up and have a MOTM performance. Anything less and he can give his captaincy tag solely to Mahoney. In saying that I expect him to have a big game.
  69. Wearnze

    Round 2 team

    I’d like to see Topine as 13. Can’t explain it but to me it makes sense. Brown on bench. Get rid of Tanner or Waddell off bench. Happy to see how everyone else responds after last week before making massive changes.
  70. Wearnze

    Round 2 team

    The way Ciraldo went on about averillo during off season. No way he will drop him after 1 week…
  71. Wearnze

    Official NRL Telstra Premiership Round 1 Teamlists and Gameday Thread

    I that’s why it was nice to cheer the dolphins on. Nice change. Here’s hoping doggies turn up next week and win.
  72. Wearnze

    Official NRL Telstra Premiership Round 1 Teamlists and Gameday Thread

    4 Qld teams. 4 wins. Pretty special moment for Queenslanders.
  73. Wearnze

    News Bennett drops Milford for round 1 of the season.

    This put everyone on standby. the team then play their best. bulldogs need to sometimes make a statement by dropping key players. The respect that comes with the team is massive
  74. Wearnze

    Dolphins proves coaching is everything

    Don’t forget roosters were poor. the crowd were great! It was great experience to cheer for a team and them win. Haven’ been able too do that for a while cheering for dogs lol
  75. Wearnze

    Burton is overrated.

    Burton was terrible but the comments on here are laughable. He will respond and have a better game next week and everyone will have egg on their face. He was a shining light last year in our horrible season.
  76. Wearnze

    News ‘It’s a fairytale’: Reynolds ready to become Prince of Belmore again

    I think Reynolds could be a good choice for number 14. Can play in halves and hooker for spark late in a game.
  77. Wearnze

    Who is the next Bulldogs Captain?

    It's hard to think of a captain for our club who would be good with refs. Leadership squad should be King, Addo Carr, RFM, Kikau and Thompson Out of them I'm leaning towards co-captains King and Thompson After 8 weeks pick the better of the two to she sole captain. Burton and Mahoney maybe...
  78. Wearnze

    News DES SACKED: Manly axe club legend

    Seriously... Seibold?!?? Surely there is better ppl out there...
  79. Wearnze

    2022 Finals Week 1 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Couldn't be bothered reading all the comments. Everyone in media saying referee controlled the game. If so, why 7 sin bins? Surely after 2 sin bins the ref should be saying to players next indiscretion worthy of time off the field is sent. Personally, a lot of the sin binning's in my opinion...
  80. Wearnze

    Round 25 Team list + discussion

    why didn't schoupp give it to ado-carr in his 150th game. He obviously would not have scored if it wasnt for interference from ado-carr...?
  81. Wearnze

    2022 Round 23 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    You got to wonder if tigers letting nofoaluma go to storm for rest of year hasn't helped tigers this week. Nofoaluma in a great win for storm. bad management by tigers. Like Gus said, it does not sit well with players or fans with loaning good players. Edit: just being clear he wasn't the...
  82. Wearnze

    Official Team List Round 23 v Eels + Match Discussion

    Surely we don't repeat last week's game. We had been doing okay until that game. We were losing to top opposition but winning the games we should. Warriors game hopefully was a one off lapse.
  83. Wearnze

    News Ricky Stuart lashes out at Jaemon Salmon

    Sounds like he will be punished.and so he should. What I think he deserves: at least a 2 game ban. To think Brandon Smith gets 4 for calling ref a cheat and only the ref heard it. I think instead of being fined and paying the NRL, a bigger punishment would be a fine around $10000 and having to...
  84. Wearnze

    News Ricky Stuart lashes out at Jaemon Salmon

    The fact that Stuart is holding a grudge for something a 12 year old did He was 12 years old for goodness sake. 12!
  85. Wearnze

    News Ricky Stuart lashes out at Jaemon Salmon

    Not sure what the history is but this stuff should never be out in the media. Especially coming from the coach. Surely future players will think twice about working under Ricky if he is going to throw them under the bus in the future. I know salmon hasn't played under Ricky but yeah still very...
  86. Wearnze

    Pride Jersey Pt.2

    "Stop the double speak. It is not "inclusive" to force someone to identify themselves with a political symbol. Wearing a cross, or an ichthus, or a hammer and sickle, or feminist symbol, or a black fist, or a star of David, or a party logo is a matter of personal choice. The LGBTQ+ movement's...
  87. Wearnze

    Pride Jersey Pt.2

  88. Wearnze

    Rumour Fox to Storm request denied

    How would tigers fans feel about him leaving when they need all the help they can get? Doubt he will make a difference to their problems to be frank. The game is becoming a joke. This, pride jersey, tigers vs cowboys game, Waddell and Finucane bans...and that's just the past week. The game...
  89. Wearnze

    Pride Jersey

    If you read the Quran or the Bible as they should be read, you will quickly learn that being homosexual is not compatible with being a Muslim or Christian. Both speak against it with strong repercussions. Just because someone says they are Christian or a Muslim, does not make them Christian or a...
  90. Wearnze

    Pride Jersey

    Fact #1: Manly have not handled or planned this in a professional, well thought out, "less than sensitive" manner. Fact #2: The world is moving towards becoming a less tolerant classically liberal society. If you don't believe the values and beliefs of the majority, then your belief, values and...
  91. Wearnze

    Official Team List Round 14 v Eels + Match Discussion

    Expect Paulo and RCG to rip us apart after their average showing in origin.
  92. Wearnze

    News Cameron Ciraldo

    I don't want him at BUT surely If he was everyones first choice he'd pick the dogs for our history alone. I hope he goes to tigerss.
  93. Wearnze

    News Cameron Ciraldo

    5 years is crazy. But hey if it screws them over it's all good.
  94. Wearnze

    Official 2022 State of Origin Game 1 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Looking forward to no Bulldogs players being injured tonight. I'm a NSW supporter but don't like our team selections and don't want fittler to do well (don't want him as our coach). Qld have a dominant team with Munster, hunt, grant, and some exciting rookies. Will be an interesting game.
  95. Wearnze

    Who is our number 1 for next year? (Now for 2024)

    Why is Manu playing centre at roosters? Surely he prefers fullback and the money that comes with it. I know he is signed until 24 with roosters but if I was Gould I would be looking at him...if possible.
  96. Wearnze

    Your spine for the rest of 2022

    1. Averillo 6. Burton 7. BBO 9. JMK (unfortunatepy we have no other options) 14. Topine I haven't been too impressed with ZDC
  97. Wearnze

    Team List Round 13 v Panthers + Match Discussion

    He said some good stuff but he also said what alot of us have been saying for years.... He also couldn't understand why Dufty was dropped and went on how about Jackson like he isn't part of the problem. When I heard him say those things I lose interest on what he was saying as it's clear he has...
  98. Wearnze

    Opinion Josh Jackson is washed

    Parker on Fox Sports clearly watches the game with his eyes closed. Speaks of Jackson like he is our best player and feels sorry for him. Doesn't see that he is one of our many problems.
  99. Wearnze

    Rd 13 vs Panthers 3-2-1

    This. Waddell, Schoup and RFM also potentially a 1