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    I heard dymock never has had ambitions to be head coach, he’s always enjoyed being assistant (less stress and expectations)
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    Article: Dogs unrest claims as text message reportedly reveals player ‘frustration’ at coach demands

    I think the head of performance from the roosters has a big part to play with these injuries.
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    George Coorey passes away. RIP

    Very sad indeed. Hopefully the boys can honor him with a win this weekend.
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    Gus on 100% Footy

    Gus has been telling us all season we are way off the pace and that it’s a long road. Unfortunately many here just chose not to believe it.
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    Nu Brown Released To Knights Effective Immediately

    Made way for Liam Knight
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    News Bulldogs poach a weak gutted dog amid club’s signing spree

    Bargain bin signings. Need to make up the numbers for the squad.?there will surely be a big marquee signing on the pipeline.
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    News Dogs turn heat up on Taaffe

    Thought I heard James graham say that Thompson won’t be at the dogs next year.
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    Rumour RFM has been shopped around by Coach without him knowing

    What about ennis for lichaa or finucane for trex. They were plenty of dumb decisions from that dope.
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    News Gould, Ciraldo meet with Justin Holbrook in attempt to sign Tino

    Maybe Gus is speaking to Holbrook to find out about any juniors that he thinks the dogs should make a play for.
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    Gus caught meeting with Blake Taaffe

    Is it possible that Gus is putting pressure on Souths cap to resign him so we can get Sele.
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    Round 20 Bulldog V Bronco Team List + Discussion

    I think he might have injured himself last game
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    News Kikau Update People

    Building momentum for next season
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    Topine will most likely drop to the bench and flanno back to NSW cup
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    Available players 2024

    Tino and fifita
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    Round 18 Bulldog V Knight

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    Official Luke Brooks to Manly

    What a basket case manly is. Apparently they’ve signed perham off us [emoji23]
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    Official Flanno senior is Dragons new head coach

    Flanagan’s exile over as he joins Dragons
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    News Flanno’s Out Baby (Maybe)

    Hi jg Qm
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    Who are our conditioners?

    You can add Sutton to that list aswell. [emoji23]
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    Opinion Potter did more with less

    Which recruitment decisions u talking about?
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    Your Post Game Mental Health Check Up

    Fox will be back in 2-3 weeks
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    News Cameron Ciraldo's stark admission as Bulldogs injury crisis deepens

    Newcastle have a halfback who can play. Big difference.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Is he for next year or the following year?
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    Bulldogs vs cows match thread

    I thought okunbor did well off the bench playing in the middle.
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    Nrlol first ever NFL block play

    Because he knew he misread the play. But still a no try in my eyes.
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    Opinion Triple M - now with Aaron Woods and James Graham

    Have you listened to James’s bye round podcasts. They are great To listen to.
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    Kitione Kautoga

    I believe Emre has had a chat with the club a few months ago
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    Good restaurants make you pay after? Cheap restaurants make you pay before you eat?

    I think you’ll find that the restaurants you are referring to are more take away then actual table service restaurants.
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    New Stadium

    Club is looking to invest their money before the pokies become cashless.
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    Official Round 3 : Bulldogs vs Tigers discussion

    Unless his name is Ryan matterson [emoji23]
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    Rumour TPJ

    Roosters aren’t signing TPJ.
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    News Why NRL has blocked three attempts by Bulldogs to get cap relief for retired skipper

    The thing is that Jacko retired prior to November 1 last year. So he retired last season. His cap shouldn’t go into this season.
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    Who’s better? A home owner from Mt Druitt or a renter from Coogee?

    Greeks are Greeks. It’s the northern macedonians who don’t know if they are Bulgarians, Yugoslavs or Albanians. Get your facts straight.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Gus shouldn’t even have to deal with this stuff. Pretty sure that’s the job of the CEO to deal with.
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    Official Club season launch

    Great night with a great vibe. It was a shame about the weather.
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    Opinion The Belmore Curse

    The football club runs at a loss at belmore unless we sell out the game. This is why we should play our games at Accor.
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    TPJ Injured ?

    Maybe we can trade him for D Fifita
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    Curse of Belmore Strikes Again

    Let’s leave belmore for administration, trials and training only. We should never play there again.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    I’m pretty sure he lives near buraneer bay.
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    Official AGM + Trial / 19 FEB

    Is this open to ticketed members. I thought it was only for football club members.
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    Opinion This Interview Has Never Been More Relevant

    Reynolds was spotted at roselands shopping Centre with klemmee
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    Kalki Moon Gin - Now you're talking Warburton

    They are on sale again if anyone is after one
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    I had heard bout this KFC sponsorship a few months ago. Wasn’t sure it was true though. Apparently gonna be on our jerseys next season.
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    Membership 2023

    There’s 17 of us on the account. 14 ticketed and 3 non ticketed. Need to add 2 baby memberships this year and prob upgrade 2 of the existing non ticketed to become ticketed. So I’m guessing it’s gonna bump just over 5k.
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    Membership 2023

    My auto renewal email came the other day. $4548 [emoji15]
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    Membership 2023

    I didn’t even use my credits for the members packs.
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    WTF: Period Cereal

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    Official Bulldogs presentation tonight

    JMK, Vaughn and Hetherington
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    Opinion Adam Doueihi?

    He’ll end up at dragons
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    Sharing the heartbreaking news that my son passed away

    My deepest condolences
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    News Former Bulldogs NRL star almost bled to DEATH when he punched a window

    Who the hell would wanna bang Millie Boyle. She’s prob got a clitasaurus Rex on her [emoji23]
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    Kalki Moon Gin - Now you're talking Warburton

    Anyone selling one?
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    News Nathan Brown (player)

    Maybe it’s brown the coach coming to the dogs
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    Nofoaluma to Storm

    Maybe they feel slack cause they know he’ll never win a premiership with the tigers.
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    Faitala-Mariner extends time at Belmore

    Would be somewhere between $350-400 a season
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    Official Team List Round 16 v Sharks + Match Discussion

    Who’s he replacing?
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    Rumour New Coach Update Bulldogs

    Has this announcement got something to do with a new well known global sponsor???
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    Opinion RFM

    He’s gonna stay. He’s a bulldog
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    Opinion For everyone who doesn’t buy the Thompson injury

    Not a smoke screen. From what I’ve been told he’s got a family member not doing the best over there. I was told this about 2 weeks ago.
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    News Ciraldo officially knocks back Tigers job

    Nek minnet. Tigers are pleased to announce they’ve signed Trent Barret [emoji23]
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    Social Media Josh Reynolds ?

    I think Josh should come back to the club and work with Barry Ward in jnr development
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    News The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs welcome two new Football Club directors as part of a new look, seven-person Board

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Welcome to both new directors.
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    News What I know re Bulldogs and Haas

    He’s not going to bondi. They don’t have the cap space for him. They’d love to have him though
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    Belmore Game this Sunday

    This game will not sell out. Especially if it’s raining.
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    News Dufty secures Super League deal; Hetherington eyes Knights

    He can come back for $300k a season no more
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    News Dufty secures Super League deal; Hetherington eyes Knights

    Don’t you mean Cat of steel
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    Rumour Latrell gone?

    Yeh I saw it. The scumbag media outlets would have been all over that if it was true though.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    It’s kiraz
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    Player Ratings vs Canberra

    JAC came to the club for only $500k. Considering we were paying Remis $450k I think they club made a good move with that buy.
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    Social Media Josh Reynolds ?

    I’ve met James a few times. Can’t say a bad word bout him. Gentlemen of a bloke
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    Luke Brooks

    If Gus thinks he can get the best out of Brooks. I’d taste him but at a discounted rate
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    BBQ Carnivore - Thread

    made these pork belly burnt ends last week on my pit barrel smoker. Turned out devine.
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    Round 1 NSW Cup & Flegg vs Souths

    Is there a live stream for this game?
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    Your Halfback?

    What are your thoughts on Lachlan Lam. He’s better then flanno.
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    Official Bulldogs Reject Sports Betting

    I think it’s more that we aren’t plastering it on our jerseys. Also our leagues club isn’t just for pokies. It’s got a great bistro and Chinese restaurant.
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    Official Bulldogs 2022 AGM

    Not sure if it’s a sleeve sponsor, but Warbo did mention they will be announcing a new sponsor in the next few weeks.
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    COVID-19 - Thread

    How are they all feeling? Are they vaccinated?
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    Official Dogs sign Reed Mahoney (4 year deal)

    We’ll just have to make our announcement on Wednesday then [emoji23]
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    Sydney Tools Sign on for 2 More Years

    You don’t, but if you mention that you’re a bulldogs member they’ll look after you. I’ve been looked after in the past.
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    Official Dogs sign Reed Mahoney (4 year deal)

    Parras premiership window is closing if not has closed already. Time to reed to come to a premiership team.
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    2023 Will See The Changing Of The Guard

    I think this has a lot to do with the influence of player managers aswell. They have a big influence as to which clubs they deal with.
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    News Kia extend sponsorship

    I don’t think KIA will be on our jersey next seasons they will just be partners like they are now. It’s just an extension of what they already have in place
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    COVID-19 - Thread

    The 4th person was a 101yo lady who was double vaxxed.
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    Would you take Elliott back tomorrow?

    I don’t think the dogs released this calendar. I’m pretty sure it’s the NRLs f up
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    Bulldogs looking to bring back Mahoney

    He’s gonna end up at the dolphins. Just using us to bump up his price
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    News Penrith Say Gould got Ivan Cleary sacking wrong and he now has the job for life lol

    Only reason Ivan came back to Penrith is because the panthers didn’t want to lose Nathan.
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    Opinion Cheating Penrith thread

    I don’t think it’s the panthers who are the cheats, it’s the bias from the NRL and refs that’s the issue.
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    Tevita pangai jr to debut for penrith

    Looked like a cork
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    Official Update from the Board

    There was an email that was sent last week or the week before. We have the option for a credit for next seasons membership or you can opt to pledge your membership for this season.