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    ATTN: BOOK! Daily Telegraph regarding Baghdatis and you!!!!!

    Are YOU sure this is not real?
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    That's it ... even I've had it !

    i spoke to Barba yesterday before the game and he goes he needs GAME TIME before he can come back into FG
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    Family tragedy inspires Idris

    it looked the same to me aswell
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    Parramatta Eels set pace to record membership

    what about getting into the game today the were giving pet care bags lol are they losers
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    What Gibbs really said to Hannant

    thats not what was said.. what was said was "all Mormons are a bunch of ****" and kept on dribbling **** about Mormons!!
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    Bulldogs Round 5 Press Conference

    The defence from our side needs to be the main issue imqho they need to work on it... Idris has improved a little
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    Bulldogs v Souffs Match Thread

    we aren't playing that good... it doesn't help when the refs are being biased!!!
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    Sharks v Souths Updates - Isaac Luke goes to the wrong stadium

    let him rock up to another stadium again next week lmao
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    Ben Barba, 2010 Discussion Thread

    good game from barbar!!
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    Forward pass and off side: refs admit Parramatta blunder

    CHRIS BARRETT March 23, 2010 ALREADY frustrated that a crucial forward pass was missed during their heartbreaking 24-20 loss to Parramatta, Manly are seething that match officials also overlooked the fact that an Eels player was offside during the very same play. NRL referees boss Robert Finch...
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    Bulldogs want compo for Ben Hannant

    BULLDOGS boss Todd Greenberg yesterday declared he would want compensation if a deal was struck to return Ben Hannant home to the Gold Coast. As Titans managing director Michael Searle prepares to begin talks with the Canterbury and Queensland prop this week, Greenberg said the Bulldogs would...
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    Attack on refs could be costly ADRIAN PROSZENKO March 21, 2010 CANTERBURY coach Kevin Moore could pay a high price - up to $10,000 - for his attack on the referees after Friday night's loss to St George Illawarra. Moore, who tasted back-to-back defeats for the...
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    BULLDOGS v Dragons, Match Thread + Spoilers!

    hannant isn't playing with his heart this week or last week!
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    BULLDOGS v Dragons, Match Thread + Spoilers!

    i was thinking the same... Ryan imho is getting OLD
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    BULLDOGS v Dragons, Match Thread + Spoilers!

    i agree!!! who would you put as the captain??
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    BULLDOGS v Dragons, Match Thread + Spoilers!

    bull**** there was an obstruction :@
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    BULLDOGS v Dragons, Match Thread + Spoilers!

    im not saying that but he has bad calls tonight!
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    BULLDOGS v Dragons, Match Thread + Spoilers!

    last time it was the video ref tonight its ARCHER
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    BULLDOGS v Dragons, Match Thread + Spoilers!

    pathetic game so far we need to htfu
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    My First Bulldogs Bet

    from what im seeing you will probably lose your bet!!
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    Team spirit must be down

    hopefully it doesn't put them down... and the team plays 1000%
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    'Homesick' Ben Hannant may quit Bulldogs

    Costa you think exactly like my cousin he goes to me when i just spoke to him he can send his wife to QLD to live and he can go whenever time permits him to go and see his and her family!!!
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    Video: Hit em up hogo episode 4

    i beat rami downloaded the video and burnt to dvd lol
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    Your team for rd 2?

    1. Luke Pattern 2. Steve Turner 3. Josh Morris 4. Jamal Idris 5. JTK or Goodwin (if he is over his injury) 6. Ben Roberts 7. Noddy 8. Ben Hannant 9. Mick Ennis 10. Hodgo 11. Buddy 12. Ryan 13. stagg Inter 14. Paea 15. Warburton 16. Hickey 17. Ben Barba
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    Which team do you hate more?

    3 dragons 2 eels 1 rosters
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    Bulldogs hold talks on return to Belmore

    DANIEL LANE March 14, 2010 The Bulldogs will have further discussions with Canterbury Council this week about their proposed return to the club's spiritual home, Belmore Oval. Club chief executive Todd Greenberg said the plan to return to Belmore as the Bulldogs' training ground and...
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    The Footy Show Thread 2010

    of course he helps train them
  28. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™

    The Footy Show Thread 2010

    lol @Idris singing in the camera
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    David Stagg finds fatherhood a handful

    Photo of Stagg and Noah that was in the daily telegraph!! i thought I would Scan the pic for all those people that didn't get the daily telegraph!!!
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    David Stagg finds fatherhood a handful

    the one in the paper is really nice!!!
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    Brett Kimmorley is Bulldogs' lure to prize Daniel Mortimer from Parramatta Eels IT'S the decision every Parramatta and Bulldogs fan has waited on for more than six months. And as Eels star Daniel Mortimer prepares to announce where his NRL future lies, Bulldogs coach Kevin Moore has revealed the sales pitch he...
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    A week in the life Bulldogs NRL captain Andrew Ryan

    That must off been Rami's best day of his life LOL
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    Knights Chasing SBW

    Rami do u hate him as much as Jamie Soward??
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    Whats Brandy Know ????

    yea but he wasn't their permanent kicker!!
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    Whats Brandy Know ????

    Brandy is blind!! Ennis is not that good but he only just started this year, he hasn't been doing it since he started his career like the rest of the kickers :angry:
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    Congratulations to Steve and Kate

    congrats to steve and kate
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    bulldogs trial #2 superthread

    you knew i done it for you Rami lol
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    bulldogs trial #2 superthread

    a pic i found from the raiders trial
  39. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™

    bulldogs trial #2 superthread

    ii can't open the page so can someone post the updates here!!
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    Steve Turner and Andrew Ryan

    Sports confidential bulldogs recruit Steve Turner is no certainty to travel to Dubbo for the raiders trial because his partner Kate is due to give birth any day. Meanwhile, skipper Andrew Ryan has been called Lord Mayor all week given he will return to his old stomping ground. there is...
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    Dogs fan day

    that was the only table that the boys had the sunnies on the other 9 tables had taken em off!! with the members there is 9494
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    Mortimer to make a decision soon

    i heard they signed Mateo
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    A bit hard getting used to no more El Masri

    it felt a lil odd without Haz today aswell
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    Marie Moore passes away:

    R.I.P Maire my condolences go to the MOORE family
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    Bulldogs Teams this Weekend

    good line up!!! also its good how the club has put all the line ups one page then individual pages!!!
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    Bulldogs team songs

    i have them all on cd somewhere!!
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    Jamal Idris reveals his racism pain YOUNG Bulldogs centre Jamal Idris has opened up about the racism he faced growing up in Forster and Sydney - and how discrimination remains rife in society today. "When I was younger and growing up in Forster, I'd go to the shop and...
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    Puppy love

    prob,i have that on dvd and the way he checks her out lol
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    Puppy love

    the family club is about to welcome a few more members this season, with four Bulldogs WAGS expecting. From Simone Ennis) (wife of hooker michael) Kate Novak (partner of winger steve Turner), Temika Stagg (married to David) and Kristie Armit (wife of Chris) will all welcome bundles of joy this...
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    REPLAY : Dogs V Dragons - Rd10 last year.

    i couldn't put myself thru watching that game ill get all ****ty and i can't get ****ty i have a wedding today!!
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    Nate Myles

    Anasta or Minichello
  52. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™

    There's a big stink in Penrith (and why it's coming to a rubbish bin near you)

    poor westies have to put up with the smelly bins for 2 weeks PFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTT
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    Bulldogs pair nursing injuries

    i thought you would of been upset about it when i read the article in the paper!!
  54. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™

    LOL Dragons!!!

    you should of mentioned your a bulldogs supporter and proud of it!!
  55. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™

    I wish.

    Huckle Puck if the dogs play the broncos who would u go for????
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    The Aussie Flag

    i heard a guy on 2ue to put the code of arms as our flag
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    Bulldogs on YouTube Thread

    i have that game on dvd!
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    i agree, my six month old pup attacks the cats
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    How f*cking boring is today

    i reakon fast forward to the footy season starts!!
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    Doggies Crossword

    across 3knights 5moore 7harry kewell 8auto group 9Darren Britt 13andrew ryan 16Braith Anasta 21Daniel Holdsworth 23Dene Halatou 24Mortimer 25Steve Folkes 29Steve Turner 30Mackay 31Tripolli, Lebanon Down 1belmore 2greenburg 3the general 6Coffs Harbour 7Huddersfield Giants 10Chris Anderson...
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    Haloumi Cheese

    i like it grilled on the BBQ and served with lemon and a lil bit of herbs!!
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    El Magic: The Life of Hazem El Masri

    the teamstore has it and if your a member you can get it for 29.75
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    Bulldogs look to lure Parramatta NRL star Daniel Mortimer

    it would be good to see both in blue and white!!!
  64. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™

    The Best Westfield's

    i love parra for the same reason, plus its local!!
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    worst time to have a birthday

    my cousins birthday is on xmas day and he only gets one pressie
  66. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™

    worst time to have a birthday

    my niece's birthday is on monday and she usually only gets one present!!
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    Vomit - How do you get rid of the smell ?

    spray the room with Glen 20 and wipe down her bed with warm water and some kind of disinfectant
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    i just heard on the news they would like to Pay Jarrad Hayne as much as he is worth and that every club needs to have a key player and pay them as much they are worth lol
  69. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™

    Michael Ennis set to be the Bulldogs' goalkicker

    i would of thought Bryson Goodwin would of got the duty
  70. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™

    Michael Ennis set to be the Bulldogs' goalkicker

    TENACIOUS Bulldog Michael Ennis looks to have beaten Steve Turner, Junior Tia-Kilifi and Bryson Goodwin for next year's goal-kicking duties. He is working extra sessions with former sharpshooter Darryl Halligan in expectation of filling Hazem El Masri's golden boots. Ennis had a great 2009...
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    First glimpse of 2010 merch!

    i went to rebels at bankstown on Friday and they had stuff with our old logo and i asked if they could order me in the exact thing with the new logo and they told me the new logo doesn't come out to January
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    Favourite Bulldogs Try

    josh morris's try in round 1
  73. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™

    Lay By

    go to your local kmart, target or bigw and take a brochure from eb games or Jb-hifi and they usually match it or do a better deal!!!
  74. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™

    NYE plans?

    the usual a beach party at nelson's bay with the rest of the greek gangs up there (my family and friends)
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    The 'Attn Superthread"

    thats ok Rami
  76. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™

    has buddy re-signed

    i remember he extended his contract when bryson did
  77. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™

    Annus Horribillis

    off season is boring
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    Girl, 12, praised for rescuing drowning toddler

    i don't mean it like that *** ya
  79. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™

    Girl, 12, praised for rescuing drowning toddler

    if your asking me its a ****en joke
  80. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™

    This is ridiculous hot weather

    thank god i have a ceiling fan and a/c in my room :D
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    Girl, 12, praised for rescuing drowning toddler

    A 12-YEAR-OLD girl has been praised for saving her toddler brother from drowning in a pool in Sydney's west. The girl pulled her four-year-old sibling to safety at about 8pm (AEDT) on Sunday after noticing him floating face down in the water, NRMA CareFlight said. The girl applied first aid...
  82. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™


    jetstar is **** as, my friend went with Jetstar to QLD and they lost her lagguage, my sister went with jetstar to Melb and they had stuffed up with her whole flight!!! Congrats Dalger
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    mortimer finals remedy outlawed.

    i only wish that could happen lol
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    The 'Attn Superthread"

    my cousin went to Britney and she told me Britney was mimicking the whole concert
  85. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™

    Barking Dogs

    they are ranked number 1 lol they are the most aggressive dog :D she is only 4 months old and she almost attacked a cat that came in our yard yesterday lol
  86. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™

    Barking Dogs

    hog that won't work my puppy she will just eat it lol
  87. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™

    Barking Dogs

    ring up ur local council and tell them the situation they will ask you several questions and if you know if he/she is registered then they will come and inspect the situation and after u making the complain and you call again the dog will be taken from the home till the owners comeback
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    Buddman got pwned ...

    i don't get any other then the bulldogs one's but i got told by my cuz (also a dogs supporter) got an eels, souths and panthers ones last week
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    Back to Training

    16th Nov but it will be closed training for a while!!
  90. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™

    Happy Birthday, Eden.

    happy birthday Eedz
  91. DoGs_R_dA_BeSt™

    Train Fines

    just photocopy the vaild ticket and write a later saying u had left in a hurry and left your valid ticket it home and took an old ticket, it happened to me a few years back and i got off the fine :D