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  1. Longtimedog

    Hoppa, DWZ & Reimis GONE???

  2. Longtimedog

    Official The @NRL_Bulldogs confirm the departure of

    Average at best same as katoa and Harper. I think there is more upside to Schoup from what I have seen.
  3. Longtimedog

    Official Round 18 - Bulldogs vs Sea Eagles - Discussion Thread

    His defence was horrible. But showed promise with kicking passing and running
  4. Longtimedog

    Official Round 18 - Bulldogs vs Sea Eagles - Discussion Thread

    To be fair I’m 60 years old and would be a chance to score against our outside backs [emoji30][emoji30]
  5. Longtimedog

    News Foran. Canterbury bulldogs withdraw offer.

    Watched him play since under 6s was a cat then is cat now and will always be a cat. Lays down injured in every tackle. Done it all his life. Would be a stain on a Bulldogs jersey.
  6. Longtimedog

    Opinion Turning point

    Whoever gave the penalty away after Scott got injured turned the game.We virtually didn’t touch the ball for next 10 fo 15 minutes.Jackson and Foran should have demanded we didn’t give a penalty away there. Perhaps they did and some fool didn’t listen.
  7. Longtimedog

    News The Bulldogs have a huge problem on their hands with fears star recruit Luke Thompson could cut his NRL stint short.

    He goes ok. Had half a dozen games to show what he’s got. Good on his feet with some speed. Only positive to his game appears to be a quick play the ball. At this stage I think we can spend his money elsewhere for better value. Not overly concerned if he leaves.
  8. Longtimedog

    Spinal Adjustment

    We need 5 new players. 1. Burton 2. B Smith 3. Staines 4. Front rower 5. Half back Out Foran unless he stays on small 1 year contract, Tolman, Montoya, Holland Tui Katoa. Include in top 30 Schoup, Tass , Biondi. Shop Lewis, C Smith, Remis Smith & DWZ
  9. Longtimedog

    News Bulldogs vs Warriors: Steve Georgallis promises changes after 'bitterly disappointing' loss

    His kicking game was atrocious today. Main reason we succumbed in the second half.
  10. Longtimedog

    Opinion Post game thoughts

    Besides that terrible pass Remus went ok today. Terrible , terrible kicking game cost us the win. Every kick was a non event. We got zero field position.
  11. Longtimedog

    Official Round 15 - Bulldogs vs Warriors - Discussion Thread

    Schoup played in a trial game and ran strong. Was ok physically. It’s knowing how to read in defence where the young ones flounder. But in the scheme of things if we don’t get a couple of wins and are going to get the spoon we have nothing to loose with giving these guys a taste.
  12. Longtimedog

    Opinion Tass and Katoa

    Only seen highlights of Schoup plus the trial game . I think he held his own physically in that game. I hold out more hope for him. He could be one out of the bag.
  13. Longtimedog

    Opinion Tass and Katoa

    Our better young players are currently in 16s and 18s. Harold Matt's were leading the comp before covid.
  14. Longtimedog

    Opinion Tass and Katoa

    I've watched a lot of Harold matts so ball 20s and reserves. Believe me they r nothing special. The top 30 has to be filled by someone. Averillo is the goods even in schoolboy football you could see.
  15. Longtimedog

    Tolman and Napa

    Well said. Halves can't play when we have no go forward or quick play the balls. Decisions for a half much easier on the back of a good run and quick play the ball. That's our biggest problem.
  16. Longtimedog

    Tolman and Napa

    Nappa played one of his better games yesterday. His hit ups were much better.
  17. Longtimedog

    Opinion Tass and Katoa

    Unfortunately they are both worse than Holland and Montoya .
  18. Longtimedog

    Team next week

    Sad thing is . As bad as he was he is still better than Holland.
  19. Longtimedog

    Hit list 2021

    1. Hoppa 2. DWZ 3. Cotric 4. Reluctantly 1 of Smith/ Lafai. ( Schoup) 5. Go all out for JAC 6. Averillo 7. Burton Reserves Meaney, Okonbur. Shop Lewis. Don't resign Cogger, Foran if he is injured again, Tiu Katoa or Tass.
  20. Longtimedog


    Big and fast. Great coming through juniors. Only very young. One to watch for sure. Best prop coming through since John Kite who couldn't make the step up to NRL. He takes a lot of stopping when running the ball. Reminds me of an old player by the name of James Pickering during Super League .
  21. Longtimedog

    Pay's post game press conference

  22. Longtimedog

    News Nick cotric

    He is ordinary as was shown last week. We need something better.
  23. Longtimedog

    Official Round 5 - Bulldogs vs Roosters - Discussion Thread (postponed till Monday night)

    Averillo can create in attack but was caught out in defence. Meaney not up to it. Jacko offers nothing any more. One good pass for the game. Renouf has to start over Nappa. Katoa to start with JMK to be 14. Harper will never be the answer. Averillo offers more but really needs to work on his...
  24. Longtimedog

    News Bulldogs coach Dean Pay denies senior players wishes for mass changes

    Unfortunately Jacko is playing with passion but little effect.
  25. Longtimedog

    Rumour of relocating the Bulldogs to the North Shore?

    The Bul Sharks has a good ring to it.[emoji3]
  26. Longtimedog

    No Source Esan Marsters

    Except Olive. Lol
  27. Longtimedog

    Official Round 22: Bulldogs vs Rabbitohs discussion thread

    Already a better player at 18. Need to blood him next year . Harper way too slow.
  28. Longtimedog

    Official Round 22: Bulldogs vs Rabbitohs discussion thread

    Harper horrid in CC today. No speed whatsoever.
  29. Longtimedog

    Official Round 22: Bulldogs vs Rabbitohs discussion thread

    Lewis to be on Burgess can be only reason.
  30. Longtimedog

    Jesse Ramien Consolidated Rumour Thread

    We need to sign Ramien and Korisou. Currently we have 2 reserve grade sides. Although you need depth, we need to offload fringe NRL players and replace with our best from 20s and the couple of marque signings. Means nothing in the end winning Canterbury Cup.
  31. Longtimedog

    Opinion Contracted players for 2020 that need to be tapped on the shoulder at the end of this season.

    I agree 100 per cent. Couldn't have said it any better[emoji106] [emoji106]
  32. Longtimedog

    Official Dallin Watene-Zelezniak signs with Bulldogs effective immediately.

    Did you see Bronson Xeri burn him the other week. Still a massive upgrade on speed than Hoppa.
  33. Longtimedog

    Renouf "TheBeast" To'omaga

    Offers nothing but effort. No impact in attack or defence.
  34. Longtimedog

    Meaney and Marshall king

  35. Longtimedog

    SportingNews/Lurker Dean Britt - Apparently Signing With Us ?

    Better stats than what Jacko has been producing
  36. Longtimedog

    Opinion Never been as despondent over the last 45 years

    Doesnt matter who the coach is when you have a bunch of purely, honest players such as Hoppa, Jackson,Tolman,Elliott,Marshall, Lewis and Cogger.They are incapable of any attacking flair. They may improve the situation but nothing major can happen without a change of cattle unfortunately. Start...
  37. Longtimedog

    Official Round 11 - Dogs vs Storm - Consolidated Match Thread

    Played good but missed the tackle for both the second and third tries. Had a bad start but finished well. RFM looked like a NRL player more than anyone else.
  38. Longtimedog

    Other News Source Raymond Faitala-Mariner

    Nothing to lose by trying Remis and CHN in centres at the moment. If we keep losing put Katoa on wing after June 30
  39. Longtimedog

    SportingNews/Lurker Joe Stimson

    Pay met him at a cafe in Alexandria a couple of weeks ago. Confirmed.
  40. Longtimedog

    Drop tolman

    He plays big minutes in Canterbury Cup. He was killing it in the second half ,only played 12 minutes made a great run and won a penalty and was taken off. He sprinted off and didn't even look tired. I have been trying to support Pay but should never of taken him off at that point. Seems to only...
  41. Longtimedog

    Realistic centre signings

    Remis to centre and grab Oates who only signed for 1 year. Though he already knocked us back this year. Oates,Smith and okubur if he can learn to catch and stay on his wing. We would get great field position with them bringing the ball back. Should be able to score from and defend bombs as well...
  42. Longtimedog

    WWOS MOLE Luke Thompson (St Helens)

    Pay met with Joe Stimson yesterday
  43. Longtimedog

    Opinion Lewis is a liability

    50 50 I reckon Lewis longer kicking game better defence Lewis ,poor pass, 3 bad kicks V cogger 2 kicks that went dead and a bad dropped ball. Could go either way who gets dropped for Foran. Pays problem is who is going the worse [emoji31]
  44. Longtimedog


    Tolman Elliott Jackson. Cant fault effort ,but zero impact between them
  45. Longtimedog

    Official Who are our brightest prospects and why?

    This kid is the one to watch
  46. Longtimedog

    Official Bulldogs local junior Jayden Okunbor signs for further two years

    Oates to wing remis to centre there's some fire power there
  47. Longtimedog

    News Bennet and Kent bitch to media.

    What about the Burgess brothers continuously walking forward off the mark after being tackled.
  48. Longtimedog

    Opinion Get the players the help (and experience) they need.

    Lewis needs to stand 2 mtrs deeper so defence cant get to him so easy. He was too flat yesterday
  49. Longtimedog

    Official Round 5 - Dogs vs Dragons - Consolidated Match Thread

    Only played first half now warming up as 18th man
  50. Longtimedog

    Official Round 5 - Dogs vs Dragons - Consolidated Match Thread

    Danny went good in reserves today, probably only one who put his hand up for NRL return
  51. Longtimedog

    Can't believe Montoya is only 1 injury from returning to FG

    Both were shown up by reserve graders today.Barely competing at this level.
  52. Longtimedog

    Opinion Meaney, Cogger and Okunbor

    I agree Meaney needs to sniff around the ruck Could of scored himself a Hatrick today if he did, with his pace.
  53. Longtimedog

    Official Round 4 - Dogs vs Storm - Consolidated Match Thread

    Meany should of been with him
  54. Longtimedog

    Official Round 4 - Dogs vs Storm - Consolidated Match Thread

    Could of got 3 if he backs up okunbur
  55. Longtimedog

    Opinion What's up with Jackson??

    I agree he is flying under the radar at the moment. Let a heap of tries in last year as well.
  56. Longtimedog

    News Pay To Wield The Axe - Potential Round 3 Team

    Only 2 players have earnt a recall. Ogden and Martin. Chriton and RFM unlucky. Jacko been worse than RFM. Licha should be dropped and Martin or Jacko used as emergency dummy half. Licha was possibly worse than he has been previously when he came on on Sunday as an interchange.
  57. Longtimedog

    News Pay To Wield The Axe - Potential Round 3 Team

    Jacko has made less metres and let in a lot of tries over the past 2 seasons [emoji20]
  58. Longtimedog

    Official Round 2 - Dogs vs Eels - Consolidated Match Thread

    Been one of my favourites but let in tries last year as well as this year.lots of heart but a real weak link at the moment
  59. Longtimedog

    News Beattie and Greenberg under threat if they mishandle De Belin incident. - UPDATE: P6 JDB Stood Down

    Police investigation would have to establish sufficient evidence to prove the offence beyond reasonable doubt. Charges aren’t laid on the whim of a complainant. Many not guilty verdicts are handed down due to failings in the prosecution case. Doesn’t necessarily mean they didn’t do it. Where...
  60. Longtimedog

    Official Sat 9th Feb - Trials Discussion - Now with pictures and highlights videos for all grades.

    Yeh saw him . Thought about saying something but thought better of it
  61. Longtimedog

    Official Sat 9th Feb - Trials Discussion - Now with pictures and highlights videos for all grades.

    After all Cleal is their recruitment officer lol[emoji12][emoji23]
  62. Longtimedog

    Official Sat 9th Feb - Trials Discussion - Now with pictures and highlights videos for all grades.

    He went ok yesterday but the other centre was more impressive. Lots of good performances in both SGBall and Flegg. Don’t know names but blonde centre , five eight, number 15 , 8 and 10 . The one who stood out was the hooker off bench he’s a gun in SGBall. Flegg starting side was very...
  63. Longtimedog


    Time to change your user name Dave
  64. Longtimedog

    Consolidated Klemmer Discussion

    Moses should be investigated and deregistered if breaching anti tampering laws. We need to find a third party deal as a matter of urgency to bring Klems earnings up to his market value for the remainder of his contract. Then extend upgrade him ASAP.
  65. Longtimedog

    Klemmer named in Kangaroos squad

    To clean Klemmer ‘s boots
  66. Longtimedog

    2018 NSWRL Intrust Super Cup Discussion Thread (Season Ended) PREMIERS!!

    No Garlick He gave them momentum with 2 penalties just before Shouldn’t be in the side
  67. Longtimedog

    Member and corporate update

    Wouldn’t it be nice if News Limited funds Leagues Club Reno’s with a court result in our favour[emoji23]
  68. Longtimedog

    2018 NSWRL Intrust Super Cup Discussion Thread (Season Ended) PREMIERS!!

    His kicking game was terrible overall especially the first half
  69. Longtimedog

    Teenager certain to come into contention as Bulldogs search for replacements for Brett, Josh Morris

    That’s the only ordinary game I’ve seen from him. Been pretty good in the others.
  70. Longtimedog

    Jarred Anderson

    At this stage not as good as those in front of him. Goes ok. But nothing outstanding. Harper better prospect
  71. Longtimedog

    I hope pay does not play cogger and Meaney

    Meaney Reasonable goal kicker Plays more like a five eight in attack Does have a short kicking game Good pass Reasonable speed Can catch a high ball Follows play well But shys away from contact Needs a lot of work in defensive contact Doesn’t like doing any hit ups at all Needs at least 5kg...
  72. Longtimedog

    Spine next year?

    SBW did
  73. Longtimedog

    Pay - It was a fantastic effort.

    Good tactics to stop their back 3 getting their sets started by kicking high to the sides. Worked well.
  74. Longtimedog

    Adam Elliot - Respect

    Me too Credit when due Going well
  75. Longtimedog

    Round 23 - Bulldogs vs Warriors - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    Went pretty good as a centre in ISP last year
  76. Longtimedog

    Round 23 - Bulldogs vs Warriors - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    If only he was playing in the first tigers game and the st George game were Montoya cost us late in the gane
  77. Longtimedog

    News Pay on the lookout for more recruits

    I wonder how we would be sitting if we had this team for the entire season. Considering how many games we lost by small margins. Mbye Smith Hoppa Morris Morris Lewis Foran Klemmer Someone like Segyaro Woods Martin RFM Jackson Bench ( Any 4 of) Tolman Fualalo Ogden Elliott JMK Brown Fine...
  78. Longtimedog

    Nick Meaney - 2018 Consolidated Thread

    Wasn’t impressed so far. But showed some real promise today. His contact isn’t great but being only 20 a few kilos in the off season will help that.
  79. Longtimedog

    The reason we won

    Our kicking game was our major change Scored from kicks, repeat sets,good distance from penalties (except one) Long kicks pretty good. Allowed us to apply pressure. Would of won a lot more games over the last couple of years with last nights kicking. Been our biggest weakness for a couple of...
  80. Longtimedog

    Round 19 - Bulldogs vs Eels- Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    One of the only positives tonight was his improvement in tackling and reading in defence
  81. Longtimedog

    Centre options next year

    Yeh He was horrible that day But he is generally better than that
  82. Longtimedog

    Centre options next year

    Unfortunately we may have to make some astute average options for the time being[emoji25]
  83. Longtimedog


    Hoppa & Lewis better option than Meaney & Cogger
  84. Longtimedog

    Centre options next year

    2 possible bargain buys who can read in defence As we don’t look like seeking high profile players Thane Milne Aaron Gray Both got decent speed as well. Gray still contracted to sharks but running around in ISP Might get a release.
  85. Longtimedog

    Round 18 - Bulldogs vs Souths - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    Maybe defend JMKat right centre and move Holland in one. Croker burnt Holland twice and Austin once for speed and Gagai is better than both of them.
  86. Longtimedog

    Look what the dogs can do when u get rid of the dead wood

    He let the first try in before hurting his shoulder the next 2 tries maybe could be attributed to his injury but he got burnt for pace a couple of other times in second half which led to tries.
  87. Longtimedog

    Pay unlocking Gems

    And lots of it.