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  1. Longtimedog

    Centre options next year

    2 possible bargain buys who can read in defence As we don’t look like seeking high profile players Thane Milne Aaron Gray Both got decent speed as well. Gray still contracted to sharks but running around in ISP Might get a release.
  2. Longtimedog


    Has anybody noticed a change in his technique. He is no longer hitting the line and turning his back. He previously did this gaining a lot of post contact metres growing backwards. He was then rolled on his back leaving him kicking his legs around and not getting a quick play the ball. The last...
  3. Longtimedog

    Melbourne tries

    IN A PERFECT WORLD [emoji289] We could have 1. Jacko not being stunned for 1st try 2. Marcelo should have been wider and deeper so he wasn’t moving backwards to make catch 3. Jack & Will comunicate(I’m sure that won’t happen again) 4. As much as we have concerns for Tolman he would have made...
  4. Longtimedog

    Contracted Bulldogs players from Keebra v westfields

    Went to watch game today at Leichhardt. Keebra won 25 to 12 Keebra players contracted to dogs . 3 .Sebastian Winters Chang - Played left centre , not very big but is good on his feet and has good speed . Made a try from nothing with these qualities. Defended ok . 6. Paul Karaitiana ( forgot to...
  5. Longtimedog

    Would a Sports High School help

    As we all know the strength or juniors has declined over the past few years. Always competitive in Under 20s Matts and Ball and had a monopoly on the NSW Cup for many years. In this time Cronulla and Tigers have improved in leaps and bounds. They were always towards the bottom of the junior...
  6. Longtimedog

    Longtimedog dogs supporter

    Hi everyone I would just like to introduce myself. I have followed the Kennel for many years. I have been to or seen every Bulldogs game since about 1965. I am a passionate dogs supporter and even try to get to as many SG Ball Harold Matts Under 20's and ISP games. I have played Grade Rugby...