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  1. Kempsey Dog

    Eels Sign Joey Lussick

    Salford Hooker goes alright, not a world beater but certainly better than what we currently have on the books. I'm hoping we have something in the works at hooker because the options slowly dwindle.
  2. Kempsey Dog

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Thoughts on Kyle Flanagan

    (this isnt a thread saying we should sign him, just gauging everyones thoughts on him) Roosters seem to be throwing the kid under the bus along with their fans and a headline in the DT seems to suggest Lam or Walker will get the nod ahead of him. So considering Green is injured and likely to...
  3. Kempsey Dog

    2020 coming to a close, looking forward to 2021

    It's been a massive shit storm for the most part and haven't really seen any positive development with our juniors. I accept Covid played it's part but we could have done better in this area. 2021 it's the year that all of us looked to 3 years ago, many years of watching other teams gun players...
  4. Kempsey Dog

    Wooden Spoon Battle

    I know it's been done to death. However if Dragons beat Cowboys this weekend coming, I think Dogs and Broncos are a chance of avoiding it. Michael Morgan likely out for the year and Taumalolo still out who knows. Cowboys run home: (6pts -133) Dragons, Storm, Panthers, Broncos. Broncos run...
  5. Kempsey Dog

    Tom Starling

    Bulldogs board... JMK and Katoa are elite we don't need to sign a hooker lol
  6. Kempsey Dog

    Spinal Adjustment

    1. Staines 6. Burton 7. Townsend 9. Smith 14. JMK to move Smith to 13 when required. Townsend is a good goal kicker, leader and defender and premiership winner. Even if he's not flashy we need a good talker with experience to lead the side around because Foran isn't doing it. If not him we...
  7. Kempsey Dog

    Dogs and Seizures

    Anyone had a dog that's been unfortunate enough to have these? My little Ben had his first on around midnight Thursday. Today though he's had 4 the poor bugger with one being in the car directly after the vet visit so had to take him straight back in... They have done his blood work and thats...
  8. Kempsey Dog

    News Trapped Panthers on rivals radar

    https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/subscribe/news/1/?sourceCode=DTWEB_MRE170_a&dest=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailytelegraph.com.au%2Fsport%2Fnrl%2Fmonday-buzz-phil-rothfields-highlights-lowlights-from-nrl-round-13%2Fnews-story%2F5562a94beb26c4f41772c24f4eeab16c&memtype=anonymous&mode=premium Article in...
  9. Kempsey Dog

    Our Senior Players

    Tolman DWZ Jackson They all did absolutely stupid shit... It's so hard to bring young fellas through and be successful when they don't have anyone decent to look up to... I dare say though that if we had Hoppa we could have won today
  10. Kempsey Dog

    Aaron Schoupp GF Celebration Fail

    Bored watching some YT SG ball highlights and came across a Schoupp fail. @ 3:52 goes to dive on teammate to celebrate the win and gets more than he bargained for lol. mods merge with other Schoupp thread if possible
  11. Kempsey Dog

    My First Born

    Been up at hospital since 2pm, wife has had some contractions 10mins apart and has just been given some drugs to have some sleep. I cant sleep (night shift body clock) but yeah sometime on the 13th I dare say I'll be welcoming my first little bulldog Elijah into the world. The wife has been...
  12. Kempsey Dog


    He's fucking shit don't care what anyone says he deserves a long stint on the sidelines
  13. Kempsey Dog

    2020 Bulldogs Match Day & Venue Survey

    https://www.facebook.com/115347125148593/posts/3636831986333405/ Get on it and fill with Belmore appreciation.
  14. Kempsey Dog

    We will find out if we get the spoon next week

    If Titans beat the Warriors and Broncos beat us... We will be dead last on 2 points with the nearest rival in Brisbane, Titans and Warriors being on 6. Let's hope Thompson provides a spark because we need something.
  15. Kempsey Dog

    Opinion Jarome Hughes

    Just watched last night's game back and he was exceptional scored 2 tries and has the vision to get it out to Mormoroski for his try. He is off contract at the end of 2021 but imo we need to be offering him a good deal to come over and be our fullback if he's not keen on staying at 7 long term...
  16. Kempsey Dog

    Adam Elliot post game interview

    Anyone who missed it go back and have a listen. Speaking the same shit as Klemmer did before he left... He's either holding the club to ransom for more money or he's off to another club. My guess is he's off to Canberra to play lock so they can move Horsburgh to the bench or starting front row...
  17. Kempsey Dog

    Elliot / Mariner

    I know Elliot set up a try ... But fuck me these 2 c*** stifled every single left edge shift we made, always getting in the fucking way thinking they are the main option or playmaker. Absolutely sick of seeing our forwards dictate play. Averillo should have seen way more ball tonight. Jackson...
  18. Kempsey Dog

    60 minutes Josh Reynolds

    Anyone seeing this dirty slut trying to claim she's the victim lol
  19. Kempsey Dog

    No time for loyalty and players we like.

    I think Menaey and Cogger can excel in a good system but we ain't it... It's time for mass change now and into 2021 1. Averillo 2. DWZ (selfish player first mentality) 3. 4. Hopoate (left edge) 5. Smith (selfish player first mentality) 6. 7. Wakeham 8. 9. 10. Thompson 11. 12. 13. Jackson...
  20. Kempsey Dog

    Opinion Bullying

    In the workplace or anywhere. If you pick on someone for something out of their control you are an absolute piece of shit. For me it's losing hair, happens to all of us at some point or another. I've been embracing it no point in changing who I am, fuck pills, fuck transplant and all that other...
  21. Kempsey Dog

    WCC - St Helens v Roosters

    No Coote, Grace and Percival. Thats their fullback, winger and best centre/goal-kicker ... Expect a big Roosters win and Manu to havea a great game against an inexperienced defensive left edge. I know Roosters are missing Cronk, but fuck me these guys get lucky in WCC matches. Last season they...
  22. Kempsey Dog

    NRL 9s

    We all watching ? Panthers putting on a good show early, Cleary and Naden look fit as fuck and Stephen Crichton looks mint under the high ball, we signed the wrong brother lol.
  23. Kempsey Dog

    Foran to retire !

    Triple M reporting he's going to call it a day. Fingers crossed
  24. Kempsey Dog

    Social Media Jake Friend to the Dogs?

    Rumour going around that Verills is the number one hooker and Friend is coming to the Dogs. Personally I think it's bullshit and don't want him anyways... but then again they did play him in the GF when he clearly shouldn't have and had him up their with Cordner so make of it what you will
  25. Kempsey Dog

    Hastings takes Salford to the GF

    Well done to the young lad. Has been very good in the SL this season, he seems to have matured and after his Wigan deal is over I think he will be a big asset to any NRL club. I don't think they will beat Saints, but if he pulls it off he will have to have a wow of a game
  26. Kempsey Dog

    Zac Woolford

    Knights have punted him already. Kid lacked abit of polish to his game but he showed lots of promise for us at times... anyone know where he's going or will end up
  27. Kempsey Dog

    Pay has destroyed Meaney

    Yes the kid had issues injecting himself into the game at fullback, but at least he was safe back there. I'm happy with DWZ at fullback because we need him there to start our sets strongly due to our ineffective middle forwards. So with that being said why on earth does Pay think Meaney on the...
  28. Kempsey Dog

    The Family Club That Keeps Falling Apart

    Some bullshit article in the DT I can't get up on my phone. Can anyone get it up ?
  29. Kempsey Dog

    Melbourne Storm Cheating Again ?

    The beginning of the season they were over the cap by 700k thereabouts. To get apparently get under they released; Blair, Kasiano and potentially Drinkwater. Now they are going to sign Kata and Max King. Even though these players are off lesser value, I don't think it keeps them under the cap...
  30. Kempsey Dog

    Other News Source Mbye / DWZ Swap / DWZ possibly headed to Dogs

    Anyone heard this rumour ? If true that would surely mean our payments to Mbye would be null and void and covered by Tigers ?
  31. Kempsey Dog

    SportingNews/Lurker Dean Britt - Apparently Signing With Us ?

    https://www.sportingnews.com/au/league/list/nrl-news-june-30-deadline-players-off-contractry-cap/hb2kzhiwxfno1e8qlldor29ji/4 Leon Geoghegan: Hey Lurk, need your help bro ... Doggies are in a tough spot, who are they seriously looking at buying to get them moving forward, there must be some...
  32. Kempsey Dog

    Who's Bandwagon Are You On Now ?

    Obviously we aren't making the finals. So what team make a run through the finals? I would say Knights if it wasn't for Klemmer. I'm leaning towards the Raiders and Dragons as the rest of them are all cheats.
  33. Kempsey Dog

    Where does Lewis Belong ?

    Another week and another game has passed, we got the win which was great! Yet I'm still here scratching my head about where Lewis should play... he was sloppy all night, poor decisions and wayward passes throughout. Like all of you here I applaud the kid for his attitude and defence, however if...
  34. Kempsey Dog

    Brodie Croft (The Fan)

    Was just on 'The Fan' with Vossy, said his favourite team growing up was the Bulldogs and that his favourite player was none other than Brent Sherwin. Knew I liked the boy for a reason haha.
  35. Kempsey Dog

    News Pay To Wield The Axe - Potential Round 3 Team

  36. Kempsey Dog

    Sack Dean Pay

    I'm sorry this guy needs to go asap... don't want him wasting our cap money on stupid players. Fucking rubbish, all talk no action. Need Justin Holbrook
  37. Kempsey Dog

    No Source Manly chasing Euan Aitken

    Heard this rumour today, also read it on StGeorge forums. Apparently its to replace suspended D.Walker... Anyone heard anything ?
  38. Kempsey Dog

    Dean Ritche on Des (NRL Tonight)

    The idiot looking out for his best mate Des haha. Says he feels sorry for him because he's inherited a poor roster with no depth at Manly... just what he deserves i reckon.
  39. Kempsey Dog

    Why would anyone want to come play for the Bulldogs ?

    I am seriously concerned for our club... Who the fuck is going to want and come play for us when clearly all our coaching structures are terrible and geographically we aren't as appealing as other clubs... Forget about getting Robson or Brailey they aren't going to want to play behind our...
  40. Kempsey Dog

    News NZ terror attack on two mosques.

    Seen the footage shit is fucking disgusting. Highly trained sick individual and makes me question if he acted alone (inside job)... how he had all that equipment astounds me. Deserves to be hung! Makes me sick how people make jokes about it to because of race and intolerance. Rip to all the...
  41. Kempsey Dog

    Orthodontics and Jaw Surgery

    I have lived with an overbite for most of my life, copped some teasing about it through school but was never enough to make me want to have braces... largely because; 1. we were a pretty poor family and i didn't want to be a burden 2. i would have affected me playing football, which at the time...
  42. Kempsey Dog

    Opinion Tom Johnstone

    Watching the Wakefield v Catalans replay. Tom Johnstone (Wakefield left winger) is an excellent player! Anyone who hasn't seen some footage of this kid should check him out, great finisher and excellent runner of the football. 100% should be near the top of our recruitment list. Anyone who has...
  43. Kempsey Dog

    Phil Rothfield Predictions

    In big league ask the "experts" he has Warriors listed as his spooners for 2019. Yet in Sunday's top 50 things he can't wait for in 2019; #31 - the battle between old rivals Parramatta and Canterbury to avoid the wooden spoon. Lots of drinks lately lol
  44. Kempsey Dog

    Trent Barrett / Trobojevic Boys

    Don't have the link as it was one Facebook. But the Trobojevic brothers have praised Barrett immensely saying they love him and have learned so much from him etc. gotta make him assistant coach to at least try have some pull in stealing the boys
  45. Kempsey Dog

    Souffs Having Issues With Sponsors

    https://outline.com/www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/whats-the-buzz-south-sydney-facing-sponsor-pain/news-story/2e81104f9ad15282fa3e14f547b85a40 What’s the Buzz: South Sydney facing sponsor pain October 05, 2018 THE South Sydney Rabbitohs are facing a $2.5 million sponsorship crisis in the...
  46. Kempsey Dog

    Dally M Discussion

    Who do you think will get the top honour. I think its rigged if Ponga gets it, injured for to many games imo, RTS or Cook for me. * will update results as they come through. Dally M Medal Winner: Roger Tuivasa Sheck Ken Stephens Medal: Ryan James (for outstanding community work) Rookie Of The...
  47. Kempsey Dog

    Andrew Webster Going Into Bat For Us

    On the Sunday footy show this bloke stuck up for us. Well done sir. Worth a watch The panelists tried to say that you wrote an article about how bad it was, and he basically said he had to and the DT were wrong for stalking us and what they did
  48. Kempsey Dog

    Paul Kent - Players Can't Have It Both Ways

    https://outline.com/www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/opinion/players-cant-demand-more-money-from-game-and-then-run-it-into-the-ground-with-boorish-behaviour/news-story/9d44c10b6e5ae8a20179ad6579b75d1d NOBODY knows how much Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline, accompanied by several nude dancing...
  49. Kempsey Dog

    Only a few players worth keeping

    Jackson, Klemmer, Mariner, Martin and Olive are our only players I'd be looking at keeping... the rest can all get fucked. If we had half a brain in the 6,7,9 we win today... way to many duds, haven't been this disappointed after a loss in a long time.
  50. Kempsey Dog

    Matt Gillett Broken Neck (out for 3 months plus)

    Apparently has had the injury since round 1 ! what a tough c*** https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/matt-gillett-to-be-sidelined-for-three-months-after-playing-with-fractured-neck-since-round-1/news-story/1a81d4519fbf7793cbf6a56770ee084c
  51. Kempsey Dog

    Round 6 - Dogs vs Cowboys - Team List and Game Discussion Thread

    COWBOYS V BULLDOGS Saturday, April 14, 1300SMILES Stadium, 5.30pm Bulldogs winger Brett Morris has been passed fit for the team's vital clash with the Cowboys in Townsville this Saturday night (5-30pm). Morris suffered some facial injuries after attempting a try saving tackle against the...
  52. Kempsey Dog

    Our next 6 games... God help us!

    We will lose the next 4 games hands down. Whats even more concerning is that i believe the Eels wont be as shit as they are now by the time we meet them... As for the Sharks, their old fit forwards like Gal, Lewis, Prior and Graham will eat our lazy fat plodders up... Its a depressing time to be...
  53. Kempsey Dog

    This season is a write off... im ok with losing, but i expect a decent effort.

    I was confident heading into this game... Ray Charles could see that Roosters weak defensive edge is Joey Manu, but we lose the ruck play slow and target the wrong edge consistently... Plain and simple we lack leaders and are a dumb football side. Yes we had a few dud calls, but it just...
  54. Kempsey Dog

    Our Attack v Storm Defence

    2017 Melbourne Storm only conceded 18 points or more in 6 games. However I only really classify it as the three listed; Round 7: Manly 26, Storm 30 Round 9: Dragons 22, Storm 34 Round 10: Storm 36, Titans 38 In rounds 15, 16 and 18 they played Cowboys, Roosters and Parra without all their origin...
  55. Kempsey Dog

    Tevita Pangai Jr (Impressive Offloads)

    I know a few of you the kennel have mentioned him as a recruitment target recently. After his effort tonight in a shitty Broncos outfit, im on the band wagon. He was the only forward with energy and got some high quality offloads off when it looked like he was 100% wrapped up.
  56. Kempsey Dog

    Overseas NRL Streaming

    Could have sworn a saw a thread about someone asking the best way to stream NRL overseas. Anyways it hasn't been advertised to well imo, but fox have a service www.watchnrl.com This is obviously a paid streaming service and it's been dubbed 'the official way to watch nrl outside of Australia NZ...
  57. Kempsey Dog

    Reminiscing - N.Vagana

    Bored as watching FoxLeague Tigers day... thought it search for some quality stuff instead. How good was this bloke, moved so easily across the turf.
  58. Kempsey Dog

    Dorothy's Cronulla Debut...

    Hopefully it will be entertaining XD... questioning my bet on the Sharks now.
  59. Kempsey Dog

    Round 9

    Panthers got ripped off there imo
  60. Kempsey Dog

    El Masri on Sterlo tonight 7:30.

    Community service announcement. If anyone can post the interview that would be sick.
  61. Kempsey Dog

    Klemmer - Player Probe

    Q - What poster did you have on youre wall as a kid. A - Mark O'Meley, wanted to be like when i grew up. A beast and someone who clearly wants to play for the Dogs. If only we had a young lad out there somewhere who wanted to be like Sherwin when he grew up. Could certainly use him now.
  62. Kempsey Dog

    Rhys Evans

    I haven't really seen enough of this guy to have a clear opinion of him. However today everything he did had purpose, you could tell how badly he wanted to win. Really enjoyed watching him and he's only 24-25 i think. Would love to see an NRL club pick him up as he seems to have great potential.
  63. Kempsey Dog

    Kasiano Says No to QLD

    http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/league-news/why-canterbury-bulldogs-sam-kasiano-says-he-doesnt-want-to-be-a-queenslander-20161118-gssrp9.html "This year I played at 132 kilograms, but now I'm at 128 kilograms. Dessie [coach Des Hasler] is happy. I'm just ready for some big games next year."...
  64. Kempsey Dog

    Membership Team....

    Earlier in the year, my birthday to be exact. The membership team called me (i thought i was getting lucky) that maybe the club was going to be generous and offer me tickets or something. However a simple checkup is all it was. 1. To see if i was happy with my membership, 2. If there are any...
  65. Kempsey Dog

    Josh Jackson

    Behind the haze of this Hasler drama. Our workhorse has been snubbed for Australian selection in favour of J.Trobjevic. Im perplexed with this decision tbh... Anyone else feel the same ?
  66. Kempsey Dog

    Hasler to clean out the Doghouse

    http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/canterbury-bulldogs-coach-des-hasler-to-implement-major-shakeup-of-club-football-department/news-story/85614f0de231f47ea739af47e29b2e96 THE Canterbury board is planning to implement a major shake-up of the club’s entire football department during a...
  67. Kempsey Dog

    Name Your Team of the Year

    Now normally people would just name the best 13 players in the comp, however who is the best is very debatable. Have some fun and pick your 'best' side based on who you have liked this year and what players you think would be suited together under a specific style of play. Also to keep things...
  68. Kempsey Dog

    Josh Morris' potential try ?

    Whats everyones opinion here ? Personally i think we were dudded but still would have lost. We have seen plenty of controversial calls in this area i.e Rooster v Broncos... The ruling is in stark contrast to the Moylon incident lol. Also i can't believe its not even getting a mention on social...
  69. Kempsey Dog

    Players i want gone for 2017

    Gone Hopate (get fucked you dog) Lichaa Tolman Eastwood Fualalo Holland (could stay in reggies i guess) Replacements Any real fullback who can play sundays. Cook or anyone that can pass properly Any prop that can run faster than an old lady Any skilled back rower who can offload effectively and...
  70. Kempsey Dog

    Darren Lockyer on the Footy Show

    "I think the Bulldogs can't get any continuity in there attack because there completion rates are pretty poor... if they fix that and get back to the simple things they will improve" Has Des been having sleepovers whispering in this c*** ear... fuck me.
  71. Kempsey Dog

    Stick a fork in me... I'M DONE!

    I will always support the Doggies but i can't cop what we've turned into under Hasler and his inept staff. Hopefully the offseason begins after w1 of the finals so i can sit back and enjoy some exciting footy of the teams that really deserve to be there. The offseason can't come quick enough...
  72. Kempsey Dog

    That was our elimination final

    We can't win big games anymore! Ive said for weeks if we lose this game our seasons over and i sit hear typing like i won't be watching the team run around next week because to me our season is over! The team will plod along, hell they might even give some of us false hope in the next 2 weeks...
  73. Kempsey Dog

    RD 25: 3-2-1 v Cowboys

    Poor showing from the team in attack, but i had to go with; 3 - Jacko (massive effort, had to cover Holland countless times) 2 - Eastwood (tried hard all night, we get romped if he didnt score early) 1 - Reynolds (made some covering tackles for Holland and tried hard all night)
  74. Kempsey Dog

    Hudson - Lost Bulldogs flag at Hunter Stadium.

    Not sure if or where this thread belongs. But a mate sent me this on Facebook, maybe one of us on the Kennel may know the owner ? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153964821849069&set=o.582034075171043&type=3
  75. Kempsey Dog

    Round 22 - General Discussion

    Kicking things off, James Maloney found not guilty at the judiciary. Works well for us and the dream of a top 4 finish.
  76. Kempsey Dog

    7 tackle sets.

    Who has had enough of this rule ? Fair enough for long range kicks but for defused bombs and grubbers it should still be 6 tackles... So annoying seeing teams get field position by default.
  77. Kempsey Dog

    Tony Williams Wants To Stay With Bulldogs

    http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/teams/bulldogs/tony-williams-says-hes-hopeful-his-recent-form-will-help-keep-him-at-canterbury/news-story/1e489e685c7788874ad9668c758f4b89 I'd gladly keep him but only as a bench player earning 250-300K max, his form has certainly improved.
  78. Kempsey Dog

    State Of Origin 2017 - Are drastic changes needed ?

    We need to make some big changes now imo. The news of Thurstons retirement at the conclusion of the next world cup and the fact that smith and Cronk will probably be to old or not around anymore, now is the chance to take a step towards our era. Yes we could lose next year and the one after, but...
  79. Kempsey Dog

    Joel Romelo (Whats the Buzz)

    http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/opinion/whats-the-buzz-star-forward-to-miss-out-on-origin-coach-gives-hands-out-a-bollocking/news-story/1dde0613b1f79a76b3368387aa726669 Forgot about this guy and his stint in jail lol. Plenty of origin tickets left as well. Comes as no surprise tbh...
  80. Kempsey Dog

    Round 11 Discussion (Non Bulldogs)

    Euan Aitken is getting better every week, great young player. Wouldn't mind us stealing him when J-Moz calls it a day. Souffs struggling early.
  81. Kempsey Dog

    Damien Cook

    Anyone notice how Cookie is listed as the 18th man on an extended bench. So much for heading to Souffs for the promised starting role. Madge is a lying prick, should have stayed with us... Be interesting to see if he to play and or keep playing with the Bears.
  82. Kempsey Dog

    Bulldogs parting with Jaycar as a sponsor?

    Just read on SMH that we will be parting with Jaycar once our deal is up :(. After all Johnston has done for the club i find this terrible... he has always backed us when others threw shit at us. Source...