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    Attention: Vegans

    Mike Archer, a professor at the University of New South Wales, said vegans tend to do more harm to animals by taking away the one thing they survive on — plants. Growing a plantation takes more time and labor than animal farming. In Australia, producing wheat and other grains results in 25...
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    What is the worst movie you have ever seen?

    i'd agree with citizen kane, saw it at film school and was underwhelmed considering how much it was being praised
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    Opinion Rules you’d change

    get rid of knock backs to eliminate 50/50 wrong calls, drop the ball forward or backward it's a knock on one on one bootlace tackle let the defender hold legs longer
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    Best 5 coaches of our club all time ranked?

    i gave you a like for not slipping trent barret in there lol
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    Opinion Alamoti

    wish we had the foward depth to send rfm back a grade for a wake up spell
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    Exciting news (for me)

    the goods, live hard, sell hard
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    Computer/Console Talk/Gaming Super Thread

    haven't played that one yet, only the original monkey island. my fav point n click from that era would be indy and the fate of atlantis. more recent one i liked was broken sword 5, it's similar to those type of games
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    News NRL 2024 Las Vegas

    either that or one of the players will come back as a tranny
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    Andrew Davey joins Parramatta Eels from Bulldogs

    maybe it's a TPJ penrith style stopover for whighton on his way to the bunnies
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    HipDrop Insanity

    looked like he was going for the steal
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    P-Platers with big silly ridiculous utes??

    the current gen of P platers are easily the slowest and most scared drivers i seen on the road over 30 years of driving. they ride the gutter when an oncoming car passes by, they're on the brakes constantly and they just look so not confident if they gotta turn right
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    Opinion Who are our forwards next week?

    give Skelton a jersey
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    All Hail The King..

    max king is like a chuck norris meme
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    Bring back the biff

    not sure of the exact year, but the newsreader was ross larson from mid state television, so it was probably mid eighties
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    What dream of yours will you never achieve?

    that show was just for entertainment, scripted and paid actors. however there was another like it that was 100% real, can't remeber the hosts name but he's hated like the devil for the carnage he created lol
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    the boundaries of that community stretch way beyond just a handful of suburbs surrounding canterbury
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    Hands on Ref - Tigers vs Knights

    another one from that game was a tigers kick attacking knights tryline and dom young clearing the danger by punching the ball dead foward towards the tigers end, which attracted no attention at all. we did a similar thing and got penalised for deliberately knocking the ball foward. would be...
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    News 'We’ve got time': Bulldogs playing the long game after Manly drubbing, Kiraz

    we still appear to be lacking in intelligence which is a handicap that has plagued us for many years now. when the conditions are hot it's basic 101 that possession is paramount towards energy saving, yet we show an utter disrespect towards building any possession which obviously leads to the...
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    News ‘I regret not coming back earlier’: SBW opens up on emotional Bulldogs homecoming

    i remember being at homebush for the monday night game against the dragons after he done his getaway on a plane to the other side of the world. saw so many doggies supporters wearing jerseys with his number, they had taped a big black X over his number with gaffa tape, i will never forget that
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    Where will we finish - on the record

    7th eels and raiders spots from last years 8 definitely there to be taken, hopefully by us
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    After watching today's trial game, who's in your 17?

    1. ??? i think we are short of a fb atm 2. Addo Carr 3. Alamoti 4. Skelton 5. Kiraz 6. Burton 7. Flanno 8. TPJ 9. Mahoney 10. King 11. Kikau 12. RFM 13. Sutton 14. Davey 15. Thompson 16. Pele / Patolo 17. Preston 18. Reynolds
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    Post Match discussion

    pretty impressed with yesterday, my only question mark of the weekend was hayze perham
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    Belmore Sports Ground saints vs bulldogs 1979

    the bright flash for a few frames when stopping the camera brings back the film nostalgia. the dark or under exposed slow mo shots show he forgot to open up the aperture on the camera to compensate the extra feet of film going over the gate while it's overcranked for slow mo shots
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    I feel a repeat of 09

    was it korrmatta?
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    those blokes may be long gone, but the fence in the background is still going strong lol
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    News Dominic Young in talks with Bulldogs

    i'm hoping in a couple of years crichton gets pushed out back into the centres by joash papalii, that's if papalii turns out to be the player his feet suggest him to be
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    Pokies thread

    my local's got their pokies hidden away that most punters wouldn't even know they're there, but front and center in the main bar there's some claw machines and coin pushers and the amount of cash that goes through them is staggering
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    Thinking exercise. Best dogs team of all time?

    exactly, they'd catch up pretty quick given the opportunity to train and learn about the given era they were dropped into
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    Im lost

    sorry to hear this mate, i can't imagine your pain i only know it hurts beyond description, stay strong for your family
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    News ‘Know what it takes’: Reynolds opens up on pursuit of huge Bulldogs homecoming`

    i liked him in 2012, but that was so long ago, can't see how he fits in today as a 14 given we signed nu brown
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    The Formula One Thread

    ferrari's best ever driver? Alberto Ascari. Ferrari's one and only native driver ever to win the championship, and along with schumacher the only 2 drivers to win back to back titles for ferrari. there's only been 4 drivers to hold the most f1 championships record with ascari being the og...
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    Movie Discussion

    since you put it that way, totally legit
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    Movie Discussion

    jj abrams tweeted that there weren't space horses on top of a star destroyer when that was leaked, so go figure
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    Movie Discussion

    how do you feel about the ending, indy dying in 1933 so future indy ( the one we know from the movies ) fades away marty mcfly style, hands his hat to the chick as he's fading, then a montage of the chick doing the things indy did in the movies
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    New jersey leak

    i get the sponsorship / brand thing, but a rectangle inside a triangle is always gonna look awkward, from a purely design aesthetic they could probably try a little bit harder to achieve better integration
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    The Formula One Thread

    nice post, some legendary drivers there. Not in the goat category, but damon hill's title in 96 was pretty satisfying after losing Senna, and of course his father graham hill the only driver to complete the triple crown, a feat still yet to be achieved by anyone else
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    Another food thread but different...

    jelly? you're doing it wrong
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    Stupidity that defies belief!

    says 1000 litres of sludge was dumped so no small slip up
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    Movie Discussion

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    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    yeah first season was excellent, second season was unfortunately not so
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    Slowly but surely the Panthers gain a second licence for a NRL team .

    Brandon Lee was a weapon and one of my favourite players during his time at the bulldogs. Daryl Brohman, another that joined the bulldogs from the panthers was a very intelligent and skilled front rower, and after returning to play at penrith he then returned again to the bulldogs to coach...
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    Is this Dolphins jersey the ugliest thing in Australian sport?

    criminal investigation needed if money changed hands over the creation of that dolphin logo
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    More stupid rule changes for JRL from the nrLOL

    from 8' to 18's my one and only GF came in the 10's, to think kids in the future won't get that chance is just crazy
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    PM's XIII - Bulldogs player watch (no Averillo)

    next level motorboating for sure
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    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    yeah he's a good actor, also in american horror story
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    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    i remember him as todd aka ass kicker in kick ass
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    News ‘I wish I never left’: Reynolds’ $12k Dogs deal worth its weight in gold

    i'm torn on this, half of me thinks it's not a good idea, the other half thinks it's a bad idea
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    21 years ago today

    i was in california at the time, strange days for sure
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    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    anyone see the doco's on woodstock 99, ( one on foxtel and a 3 parter on netflix ) 200,000 plus people trapped in a bubble of their own shit and piss for 3 days, no wonder it devolved into total chaos and anarchy
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    2022 Finals Week 1 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    storm fans got to see the meaney we already knew
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    Rd 25 vs Sea Eagles 3-2-1

    3. king 2. rfm 1. burton jmk's pass for the field goal hitting the chest was amazing considering they're usually high or wide
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    The Formula One Thread

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    Opinion First grade quality

    that's a big fucking broom :tearsofjoy:
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    News Cameron Munster to Test Open Market

    roosters will get him imo
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    Bulldogs and Illuvium launch special Round 25 Jersey

    looks abit darker irl then the render, looks pretty good but
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    Thank you Airport Bulldogs

    fucking spectacular, happy birthday caveman that's awesome
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    News David Klemmer show cause notice

    who gives a fuck about making an extra 4 or 5 meters struggling in post contact when the next runner through can pick up an easy 15 or 20 meters on the back of fast ptb, klemmer can fuck off
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    No Source Lunch With Some Legends

    looks like terry lamb, gotta be his son
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    Official Harrison Edwards

    that you wearing the white shirt in front of the yellow house?
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    The Formula One Thread

    these dickheads need a few good punches in the head
  61. cntrbry bnkstwn

    The Formula One Thread

    yeah agree with that, hopefully ferrari smarten up so the remaining races are active
  62. cntrbry bnkstwn

    The Formula One Thread

    i don't know, it was kinda interesting. particularly leclerc panicking when he realised the undercut from redbull worked. max on just his second lap after pitting had already taken off 2 seconds and effectively was in first position. changes to the pit exit meant the undercut was super strong...
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    The Formula One Thread

    that's 2 weeks in a row george has been a lap 1 menace to the grid, he was in the wrong and ruined sergio's race. but it was silverstone that was the most dangerous, probably the sketchiest bit of driving i've seen a long long time and he was lucky that the alfa driver wasn't killed. he...
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    Every Team's Probable Top 17 for 2024

    unbalanced bench, too small
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    Transgender sports people

    league has done the same
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    Opinion Kiraz

    almost as good as his grubber on tackle 2
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    News Jacob Kiraz, Corey Allen verbal altercation that ignited Bulldogs,

    kiraz used his eyes well to fool gutho, eye contact with gutho then that split second of looking to his outside with a quick shaping up to pass, great bit of deception and timed perfectly
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    Official Team List Round 15 v Tigers + Match Discussion

    ben cummins is their first one picked
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    News Jacob Kiraz, Corey Allen verbal altercation that ignited Bulldogs,

    corey allen is still running off the ground from fulltime yesterday. he should reach the sideline by about 9pm local time wednesday
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    Matt Burton take a bow.

    we got penalised for a steal after the ref had called held, then parra did exactly the same thing and the ref just told us to play it with no penalty being given
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    Movie Discussion

    my old man was scottish, he was just like begby lol
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    Movie Discussion

    i did like the mandalorian, no complaints there. omg you haven't seen trainspotting?? do yourself a favour and watch it, it's brilliant.
  73. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Movie Discussion

    i'm glad you're enjoying it. i loved star wars, but i hate what it's become. my take is not as favourable. it's garbage, and probably grabs the best TV garbage ever broadcasted title. the writing is the lowest quality possible, lacking in any logic, any sense and any reason. the writing is...
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    Averillo Haters

    i like him at fullback and interested to see how he progresses. good game yesterday, the dropped ball not too concerned about unless it becomes a regular thing. only criticism on him yesterday was the moses no try
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    Opinion Fittler as coach?

    that sounds just like another 5/8 turned coach we all know
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    Opinion Burton

    i agree, our forward pack always gets dominated, hooker takes forever to pass and the halfback is not offering anything, burton's been pushing shit uphill all season, but he still been able to show his class regardless. can't wait to see him when we have a pack that can win the battle and a...
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    Im sorry Burton and JAC

    loved his conversion from the sideline, crowd booing and he knocks it over to shut them up
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    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    yeah he's already come out saying it was disrespectful, and i kinda see where he's coming from, they nailed his mannerisms but they ignored any input he could have offered, and he said he would have had he been asked, which was dissapointing. i enjoyed the show, but it could have gone abit...
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    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    pistol on disney+ 6 episode show about the sex pistols, directed by trainspotting's danny boyle it's worth a watch
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    Opinion No need for Dolphins

    there's no more extra games so what was the use? no extra tv revenue, no extra betting revenue, adding 1 team does nothing except thin out an already low pool
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    Official Team List Round 12 v Dragons + Match Discussion

    that one wasn't schoupp's fault, he was getting off the tackle. patolo was behind schoupp and pushed him back down onto the tigers player
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    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    netflix one is better cause it's the real people