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    Something Positive Amongst the Sea of Tripe

    If he does play fullback this week I expect him to get the same treatment as Perham. I think Kiraz would be infront of him at this stage in any case.
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    Hayze Perham Appreciation Thread

    We need a big hook for him now. Can't watch anymore of his mistakes.
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    Opinion Very Interesting Game Tonight …

    Both teams last night were pushing the boundaries in the ruck so much that there were times I wondered if the ref still had control of the game. There were some bad refereeing decisions in that game but both teams were breaking the rules repeatedly. It's not all on the refs is my take.
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    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Raiders Game Day Thread

    I Hope you're right, would like to see Skelton given a go.
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    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Raiders Game Day Thread

    If Burns is out we will struggle. The two passes for Averillos trys were gutsy plays. Who else do we have that would do that. No Fox and no Kiraz means Averillo is our strike weapon and no doubt the Raiders will mark up on him Friday. Need a big game from Burton.
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    Paul Alamoti

    Hearing so much positive feedback for Alamoti gives me some confidence he will be a consistent FG player. Seeing a back rower do him for speed on the outside not so much. Hoping he learns from that and finds a way to overcome his speed liability in defence. Trust the process that is now in...
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    Forget The Miracle - Get Ready To Be Ripped Off Again

    Either they don't realise they are undermining themselves or they thrive on the drama. Can't say I enjoyed having to skim so many of these posts but it is what it is.
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    News Bulldogs v Sharks: Burns set for return; Fitzy to stick solid

    Hopefully none this week though. Or maybe just one. We need to try a new 7 somehow.
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    Sharks Next Week

    What happened to Davey? Didn't realise he was injured as well.
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    Who comes in for JAC next week?

    I totally agree with you in regards to Perham being a seat warmer and Flanagan not being re-signed. The point I'm trying to get across is the season isn't a right off if you improve the squad for the future. Being and thinking positively is the only course of action for the coaching staff...
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    Opinion Burton does not deserve to be captain.

    Are people ignoring the plain as day fact that we are supporters of a team in a team sport? How can one player having an off day unravel the rest of the team? On the OP's title is it not obvious that Reed is the vocal captain?
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    Who comes in for JAC next week?

    Sure our squad has deficiencies but if you were our coach they would all probably retire by year's end with your attitude. If you think you can't do something then that will be true. If you think you can then at least there is a possibility however small. Obviously you aren't the coach and I am...
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    The coaching staff has impressed apon the squad to defend mistakes. Like others have suggested we were on a hiding to nothing. Didn't have the team or energy for that game. We as a club are building don't expect a finished product this year or your brains will dribble from your nostrils.
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    Who comes in for JAC next week?

    Jeez I'm so glad you aren't on the coaching staff. None of our players would be able to get out of bed in the morning they'd be so depressed.
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    Opinion Burton does not deserve to be captain.

    Wow the sky has fallen in. Looking forward to hearing from everyone after we win next week. This place is hilarious .
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    News Canterbury Bulldogs rookie Nick Meaney told to find his voice

    Agree with most of the positive comments re Meaney and also that we have a promising back five into the future. I also back CC with his recruitment of Crichton. I realise some are concerned about his fullback credentials but CC has demonstrated already that he has an eye for talent and potential...
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    News Canterbury Bulldogs rookie Nick Meaney told to find his voice

    Bellamy gave him pretty big wraps for the beginning of the season. Guess we'll know what he really thinks when Paps returns from injury.
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    News Canterbury Bulldogs rookie Nick Meaney told to find his voice

    Points taken but he is still putting himself in the position to take advantage of the skill around him. I would rate him above average as an NRL back.
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    News Canterbury Bulldogs rookie Nick Meaney told to find his voice

    Of all the previous dogs players Nick Meaney is one I would definitely welcome back. Not because he is a local Ballina boy, well partly, but because he always seemed to have potential. Speed obviously but watching him tonight it looks like he has developed his game out of sight. Might just be...
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    Official Round 6 Bulldog V Sutton & Rabbitoh

    I just hope all the new guys give it a real crack! And no injuries. Not expecting a result this week but still very hopeful of a win. Probably still hurt if we lose. CC has the club in a good space atm so I wouldn't be surprised if these reserve graders really put in. Saying that everyone...
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    Official Round 6 Bulldog V Sutton & Rabbitoh

    Must be a rabbit troll
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    News Okunbor facing 1 week on sidelines

    What's most interesting for me in this situation is that I'm concerned he might miss the rabbits game. Who would have thought that a couple of weeks ago?
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    Burton is overrated.

    Looking from the outside in seems a much clearer vision than from the inside of the kennel looking at anything.
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    Official Burton

    Which team do you support?
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    Burton is overrated.

    Burton will be a star 5/8th of the future. He's just warming up.
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    Burton is overrated.

    It won't be the last time the hatters will be eating their hats
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    News The Tackle: Time for Cameron Ciraldo and Bulldogs to make tough call on Kyle Flanagan

    Is Rajab permitted to play after round 10? If so perhaps bringing him into the team at the expense of Flanagan either outright or off the bench might be an option. KO is a bit greener than Rajab in my mind and needs more experience in reserve grade. Unless between now and round 10 he really...
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    Opinion Where will Crichton play?

    CC has made Perham a very serviceable FB so if he believes Crichton is the guy to take that position then I'm with CC.
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    News Foxx declares Bulldogs rookie Alamoti could be 'one of the best centres in the world' after just 3 NRL games

    For a 19yo with 3 games under his belt he is looking pretty good. Sometimes it's hard to appreciate what you already have. Get on board is my suggestion.
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    News The Dally M leader and two-time reject Ciraldo wants to build Bulldogs around

    And if he keeps swapping positions in attack what does it matter.
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    News When Gus met Kiraz Video Interview

    I'm sorry did I just drop in on a knitting thread? So bitchy.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    I have never lived in the Belmore area and never will. Not a city liver anymore. The recent Belmore centric marketing has had a positive effect on me if anything. I have always supported the dogs from afar and attend an occasional game in Queensland. Would love to see a game in Sydney one day...
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    Burton is overrated.

    If we had a 7 with even a little bit of creativity and a couple of props to win the middle this team and most importantly Burton would flourish. I have no doubt the people in charge will be all over this. The path ahead is looking like the real thing this time. The next few years should give...
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    Official NSW Cup Rd 3 Bulldogs v Magpies

    Thanks, got a stream through nswrl site. Missed most of the tries but was great to see the score board continue to tick over. The future is looking good.
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    Official NSW Cup Rd 3 Bulldogs v Magpies

    Still not working, thanks just the same. Facebook doesn't like me.
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    Official NSW Cup Rd 3 Bulldogs v Magpies

    Could someone please post a link. The video button is grey. Getting pissed off now.
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    Official Round 3 : Bulldogs vs Tigers discussion

    Hope you're right. I'm in the mood for a big Doggies win. Haven't felt that joy since the last time we flogged the Tigers.
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    Official Round 3 : Bulldogs vs Tigers discussion

    Is he a weird butcher?
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    News Match Preview-Bulldogs v Wests Tigers: Same 17 likely; Simpkin, Talau set to miss

    Think I would swap Okonbor out and Topine in. For the same reason Pele is out.
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    News Match Preview-Bulldogs v Wests Tigers: Same 17 likely; Simpkin, Talau set to miss

    Nice avatar UmoGus! Very impressed you could get Photoshop to work on a commodore 64.
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    News Match Preview-Bulldogs v Wests Tigers: Same 17 likely; Simpkin, Talau set to miss

    Can't see the club putting him out there for 80
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    News Match Preview-Bulldogs v Wests Tigers: Same 17 likely; Simpkin, Talau set to miss

    Would love to see Reed star like that but not very likely.
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    News Match Preview-Bulldogs v Wests Tigers: Same 17 likely; Simpkin, Talau set to miss

    If Burton was out could possibly see Brown to 6 and Oloapu onto the bench. Wouldn't mind that if only to have a look at the kid in the top grade for a short stint. Reynolds just seems to be too much of an injury risk.
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    News Match Preview-Bulldogs v Wests Tigers: Same 17 likely; Simpkin, Talau set to miss

    I'm assuming those thinking Burton is a liability must think Flannagun is some kind of gun or something. Otherwise where are all these points coming from?
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    News ‘Everyone shed a tear’: The cultural celebration that brought Bulldogs together

    It's always easy to hang shit on pieces like this but I enjoyed it. It reinforces the belief in me that the team will draw inspiration from that day when they're down. It was definitely a day the club can continue to build on. Glad I'm not a Roosters supporter.
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    Burton is overrated.

    He's not the finished product yet. I have faith in the clubs decision to make him our long term 5/8. Think his future combination with KO will be a premiership halves combination. Perhaps it's my age but I appear to have some patients.
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    Official Round 3 : Bulldogs vs Tigers discussion

    Thinking we'll be in the top eight by Sunday night. How long has it been?
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    Minor premiers

    One loss does not a season end. Much prefer reading positive posts than the rubbish from last week. We probably can't start thinking about the premiership just yet however. I am of the belief that this is not a false dawn and we will build into the season. Excited to see the development of...
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    Burton is overrated.

    This thread is over rated.
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    Ciraldo's Rotations

    That appears to be the plan. At least until we get some experienced props back. I do hope he can hold his position though as you say he does bend the line and better than anyone else on our roster including TPJ.
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    Minor premiers

    It was a good win but Rome wasn't built in the backyard.
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    Burton is overrated.

    Yeah but Burton is over rated. He will never improve as a half and should be playing centre. Oh yeah, Cameron Ciraldo isn't a coach either and and... This win will hopefully deflate the negative Nancy's. Has been shameful reading the shit on the kennel the last week. Far more positives than...
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    News Dogs of War: The lessons Willie Mason, Andrew Ryan and Bulldogs old guard are passing on.

    Legendary forward packs aren't assembled in a single off season unfortunately. The Ciraldo era has only just begun but patients for some is already wearing thin. We just don't have the forward pack to whack blokes atm. Hoping for a better showing against Melbourne, couldn't get any worse.
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    News After falling flat in their season opener, Canterbury must rebuild their season by taking on Melbourne's might

    Don't think I can refer to myself as a happy chappy, the bitching and moaning from all the doomsayers has put paid to that.
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    Dolphins proves coaching is everything

    So many negative experts on here. Glad they aren't running the club or we'd be paying out Ciraldo already. Calm down people we have quality in our roster give it some time. We will rise, Burton and Kikau will be a big part of that. I fail to see the point of death riding players and staff...
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    Oloapu and NSW Cup on now

    Didn't realise Okonbor was Jewish.
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    News Rebuilding the Bulldogs Part 2: Inside the mind of Cameron Ciraldo

    Yeah let's all hang shit on the new coach before he's even had a single NRL game with us.
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    Leniu - What happened?

    Have no idea what the club is thinking with regards to Leniu except a comment suggesting the training staff want to look at who is already on contact. With this in mind does anyone have an opinion on the likely hood of Samuel Hughes becoming an NRL prop? He definitely has the size but could find...
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Bennett can obviously get a good team up for big games. He can definitely coach. I'm very interested to see how he goes creating a good team from the ground up. Hasn't been a great start recruitment wise but if he can get that team to the middle of the field he should be considered a great...
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    If that is a fresh gag well done!
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    Official Bulldogs vs Sharks Pre-season Challenge - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    Seems CC has gone for experience over youth on the bench. Can't see that side being named for round 1. A very strong Sharks side will make for a tough warm up game. Calling Davey to drop at least one ball. Hope I'm wrong.
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    News Ciraldo’s eight-year wait to sign Bulldogs’ unheralded new No.1

    I wish I could do a cartwheel. Perhaps I could just bow politely.
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    After watching today's trial game, who's in your 17?

    1. Perham 2. Fox 3. Alamoti 4. Averillo 5. Kiraz 6. Burton 7. Flanagan 8. King 9. Mahoney 10. Tpj 11. Kikau 12. Preston 13. Sutton 14. Brown 15. Thomson 16.Mariner 17.Patolo Mariner can cover middle and edge, Brown can spell Sutton and offer some ball playing, Thomson comes on against a tiring...
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    News Franklin Pele article

    If he can only plays short stints then there needs to be structure around his effort runs. The halves need to switch into Pele mode the moment he comes on. The fullback should just trail behind him to take advantage of the space he makes when all the opposition defenders become discombobulated...
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    Official Bulldogs vs Raiders Pre-season Challenge - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    I realise Burns attracts plenty of hate on here but thought he was serviceable at the back. The team defence was solid, not sure if he contributed to that or not but it is a fullback role. Perham is still an unknown in our system so this week's game holds plenty of interest. Interesting times.
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    Official Bulldogs vs Raiders Pre-season Challenge - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    He didn't stand out for me. Might look different when his left side partners join him next week. Thin on other options so see him starting the year there. Only young so hopefully finds his place in the top grade.
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    Official Bulldogs vs Raiders Pre-season Challenge - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    I know it is only a trial but on paper we should easily roll that raiders team. Will keep my disappointment in check if we don't.
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    Official Bulldogs vs Raiders Pre-season Challenge - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    Think you meant Sutton. I have high hopes for him to be a better version of Jacko.
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    Off contract middles

    Who's the guy with the ball in that photo?
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    Opinion Karl Oloapu

    After watching that I'm beginning to feel like the karma of losing Thurston has done a one eighty. Took a while but I'm still here to enjoy it now. Hope he has an injury free season so we can get a good look at him. I'm starting to get excited!
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    Opinion Karl Oloapu

    From the limited views of Oloapu I can see him playing both sides of the ruck in the future. I can see him setting up trys for Burton and visa versa. Kid has a swagger about him. Good attribute for a successful half in my view. Time will tell.
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    News Dominic Young in talks with Bulldogs

    Dominic Young is a big fella
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    Opinion Karl Oloapu

    Or just Karl??? It can’t be that hard Or the big O, or how about Roy we haven't had a star called Roy for a while.
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    Opinion Karl Oloapu

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    Bronson Xerri Podcast

    Sounds like there are some amazing people here on TK. Perhaps some should be doing their own podcasts to show these dull people how to do it.
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    Gus article in SMH

    We have hand baby!
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    If you are trying to lose weight it's the joules in booze that hurts you. Low carb beer is a rought.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    How did this get here?
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    News Ciraldo Coup! Dogs coach snares ‘massive’ Panthers premiership cog as Aussie UFC star makes switch

    Some people are forgetting the bit where Ciraldo scouted that UFC crew.
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    News 'I'm the Godfather!': Rajab hopes to make the Bulldogs an offer they can't refuse after breakout World Cup campaign

    In the best team in the competition. Not sure you'd keep saying that if he was moved to centre in the 2013 dogs side.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    What's with all this left wing bashing on the Kennel? Have the swamps been dredged and dumped in here?
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    News How rock bottom Dogs rediscovered their DNA... and the key signing set to end NRL circus

    I think we should ban anyone who calls for others to be banned. Except for me.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Looks like we've recruited Putin onto the coaching staff. He'll literally put a rocket up 'em.
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    Official Bulldogs sign Fa amanu Brown

    Signing makes sense with BBO injury.
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    Bulldogs sign giant Titans forward

    Hope we teach him how to speed up his play the ball. Look forward to seeing a fitter version in the future.
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    Can Khaled Rajab play origin next year?

    “He was outstanding,” Moses said of Rajab. “I think he has a massive future in the game. I think he is at the Bulldogs at the moment. They’re crying out for some halves there." Guess Moses doesn't think much of Flanagan as our halfback.
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    Opinion Khaled Rajab

    It appears he went very well combining with Moses.
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    Travis Touma (HPM)

    Latrell isn't the fittest looking bloke so not sure how to interpret that.
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    Kiraz to fullback?

    Surely one of the two fullbacks currently playing out of position for the roosters would like an opportunity.