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  1. Dogs79

    Next years centres

    Agreed mate, I think they both stay. Gut feel is Avo signs longer extension and Alamoti signs 12mths which would benefit him and the club to see where everything stands after 2024.
  2. Dogs79

    Will the Bulldogs Retain Paul Alamoti

    Gut feeling is Avo signs multiple year extension and Alamoti signs 1yr. I reckon Gus and Alamoti likely to see how the 2024 season plays out with the centre position given competition from Kiraz, Xerri, the new Broncos recruit and lesser extent Crichton because he’s probably No.1.
  3. Dogs79

    Social Media Rooster problems

    A few wks ago I remember reading a very vague article (I think DT - Buzz article from memory) which was along the lines of which new recruit at a Sydney club has put teammates off side with his partying and gambling. Could have been a completely different team/player, or a BS article but it fits...
  4. Dogs79

    Harrison Yeo

    Morrins heart in TPJs body would equal murder each wk. You’d roll him out in a cage before each game.
  5. Dogs79

    Harrison Yeo

    Thought he played the role really well today
  6. Dogs79

    Rd 12 vs Titans 3-2-1

    3. Mahoney 2. Burton 1. TPJ Prestomania great again, I thought Edwards was pretty good, Morrin had some good energy when we needed it, Wilson done well in limited minutes.
  7. Dogs79

    Wilson should be 14 against Roosters

    He’s a specimen that’s for sure. Looks very strong and fit.
  8. Dogs79

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Tyson Frizell

    (Article just mentions that Dogs are interested in Frizell for 2024) NRL 2023: Wests Tigers seek to poach Tyson Frizell from Knights The Wests Tigers are looking to add yet another representative forward to their already stacked pack, but they have plenty of competition. Michael Carayannis...
  9. Dogs79

    Ethan Quai-Ward top 30 effective immediately

    Comes straight into centre to take Avo’s spot who is mid season trade to Saints in exchange for Hunt. No source, just talking sh!t, but know that Saints were interested in Avo and us in Hunt.
  10. Dogs79

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Hame Sele

    That’s not terrible tbh, still leaves plenty in the bank for a big dog to lead the pack
  11. Dogs79

    Toby rudolf shits in bag, leaves it in burgess’s mail

    The ex opened the door and probably just thought Sam was home.
  12. Dogs79

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Hame Sele

    Are they thinking it’s a done deal?
  13. Dogs79

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Hame Sele

    Agree 100% mate, you make a play for what’s available at the right price. If you replace 10 players next year with someone 10% better then over the whole squad that’s a big improvements across the board. You don’t stand around waiting for 10s to walk into the club when you only see 4s and 5s on...
  14. Dogs79

    Phil Gould knocked back by Ben Hunt as Bulldogs search for a seven

    For Hunt, I’m sure like most QLDers he can’t wait to go home. A few selling points if Gus really wants him. 1. Post career, offering him a coaching role either whole squad or halves coach, 2. Send him back to QLD and coach our Clydesdale feeder team, 3. Apparently he doesn’t want to play 9 at...
  15. Dogs79

    Opinion Dogs off-contract list for 2023

    I’m on the fence with Waddle. He frustrates the hell out of me, but some of his best games have been when he’s been thrown in at Prop, where he just tucked the ball under his arm and ripped in. If we signed him close to min wage and he bulked up another 5kgs I think he could be a handy prop...
  16. Dogs79

    News 2023 indigenous jersey

    It’s a sexy jersey
  17. Dogs79

    Something Positive Amongst the Sea of Tripe

    Hopefully another Preston type find. He has looked a very handy player this year.
  18. Dogs79

    Official Gus on Twitter

    Time for a blank cheque with Gus’s signature on it inside the fortune cookies.
  19. Dogs79

    Rumour Jaydn SaU anybody?

    The pack would need some shuffling, maybe Su’a at 13 and then RFM goes to the bench and into the Prop rotation? While we have a heap of back rowers already and need more upfront, sometimes you can only get the best available at the time and work with that.
  20. Dogs79

    News Manly ‘desperation signing’ done despite Dogs denials as Gould’s UK Flanagan offload bid revealed

    Does the Flanno non event change the possible news this wk? Is it still in the works or done and dusted now?
  21. Dogs79

    Have you ever considered switching teams?

    I’ve seen some good looking dudes in my time, I can admit that, but never thought about changing teams ;)
  22. Dogs79

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Raiders Game Day Thread

    Damn, that’s some record. Hope the streak is broken this wk.
  23. Dogs79

    Rumour Ball playing 13

    Massive marketing opportunities for one of our sponsors if he signs, and given his tackling technique, I can see the (Shoe) SchuGrab signs already.
  24. Dogs79

    News Manly ‘desperation signing’ done despite Dogs denials as Gould’s UK Flanagan offload bid revealed

    Gus ‘No one has told me’ = I’m in charge and I’m telling everyone else what’s happening. Gus ‘No one called me’ = I made the calls.
  25. Dogs79

    Rumour Ball playing 13

    Reportedly on $800k, you’d want Manly to pay at least 50% over the next couple of years. He’s a big risk to take on another $600-$700k forward on our cap. At lets say $400k per season, then he’s worth the risk at 13.
  26. Dogs79

    Another One Bites The Dust - Burns injured

    Hopefully Skelton and not Knockonball on the wing. Surely CC learnt his lessons.
  27. Dogs79

    Backline next year?

    My crystal ball prediction is they re-sign him, I wouldn’t personally, but I’m running with the idea that CC keeps him in the team so he must like him, Gus has praised him a number of times and if he is only taking up min wage then it’s more money for other signings. I think we can do better...
  28. Dogs79

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Raiders Game Day Thread

    Tough game, I expect us to fight as we’ve done all season but the short turn around might catch us in the end.
  29. Dogs79

    Backline next year?

    I can see the reasons for and against that call, we have a few exciting jnrs coming through who might need upgrades.
  30. Dogs79


    Biggest concern is wk in and wk out now the Refs will wait for the blow up and March him, JR is a side ways glance away from 10 in the bin once the Refs get together this wk to work out how they can screw us more than the last game.
  31. Dogs79

    Backline next year?

    A lot depends on how Xerri returns after the 4yrs away. If he is as explosive as he was then it won’t take him long to work his way back into the team. A lot can change, but right now I feel it’s: 1. Crichton 2. JAC 3 & 4. Shoot out between Alamoti, Avo and Xerri 5. Kiraz Skelton to play the...
  32. Dogs79

    Official Gus on Twitter

    I love this, 100% agree. The big picture is made up with so many little pieces along the way. I loved that we competed for every second yesterday, every inch of territory, some desperate defensive efforts.
  33. Dogs79

    Official Round 9 - Bulldogs vs Dragons Game Day Thread

    Enjoy the win Bulldogs fans, we done it tough, played some nice football (and some dumb sh!t too), Ref can’t take it away from us now. I’m having a drink to settle the nerves.
  34. Dogs79

    Official Round 9 - Bulldogs vs Dragons Game Day Thread

    Time to turn off and go for a walk, can’t beat the Ref and he’s made his mind up who wins this one now.
  35. Dogs79

    Official Round 9 - Bulldogs vs Dragons Game Day Thread

    80min of that stuff please
  36. Dogs79

    Official Gus on Twitter

    I think he was WT player of the year last year. Haven’t seen him play much tbh, and I wouldn’t break the bank for him, but I think he’s still an upgrade on what we have at the right price.
  37. Dogs79

    News Flanno’s Out Baby (Maybe)

    Was this article ‘revenge’ from Buzz for the ‘Rothfield Meme Thread’? Maybe he found the thread after a bender and couldn’t see the funny side so he has trolled us all. Positive side: TK was a happy place and united for a small time, jokes on Buzz even if it isn’t true, he brought some real joy...
  38. Dogs79

    News Flanno’s Out Baby (Maybe)

  39. Dogs79

    News Flanno’s Out Baby (Maybe)

    Would non subscribers be able to open the link and read the article? I’ll definitely give the link thing a crack next time ;)
  40. Dogs79

    News Flanno’s Out Baby (Maybe)

    Done mate ;)
  41. Dogs79

    News Flanno’s Out Baby (Maybe)

    I was excited for the Flanagan signing because I knew he was a hard trainer, decent defender and I thought Baz could have given him a simple and easy game plan to direct us around the paddock. No hate from me towards Flanno, but he isn’t what we need, genuinely wish him the best against the...
  42. Dogs79

    News Flanno’s Out Baby (Maybe)

    One day I’ll learn how to do links and save myself some hassle copying and pasting lol
  43. Dogs79

    News Flanno’s Out Baby (Maybe)

    From DT, fingers crossed it’s true. Gives us 27 spots, something big might be coming.
  44. Dogs79

    News Flanno’s Out Baby (Maybe)

    Not sure how to do that mate, sorry. (I’m technically challenge with that stuff), I just copy and paste from DT.
  45. Dogs79

    News Flanno’s Out Baby (Maybe)

    Saint, Sinner, Shoosh: Manly Sea Eagles swoop to snap up Kyle Flanagan @BuzzRothfield 6 min read April 29, 2023 - 6:00PM News Corp Australia Sports Newsroom Bulldogs halfback Kyle Flanagan is headed to the Sea Eagles on an immediate deal which will see him link up with his father Shane who is...
  46. Dogs79

    Official Gus on Twitter

    Only what I’ve read here on TK, apparently he had a poor attitude. I’ve never seen the kid train, don’t have any inside info, just read a few comments here that he had some attitude issues so I’m guessing it wasn’t working out and Gus has let him go.
  47. Dogs79

    Opinion Forwards

    Thursday Night Football, Gus said he is mates with Gus’s Son, and very close with the family. Surely they are talking about coming to the Dogs.
  48. Dogs79

    Opinion Forwards

    My only comment is in response to anyone wanting JWH. IMO he retires a Rooster (on unders) or plays somewhere else only for the money, no passion for the jersey, no need to risk injuries so close to retirement. He will die for the Roosters IMO, but anyone else, it’s just a payday.
  49. Dogs79

    Official Gus on Twitter

    If Sths can fit Mitchell, Walker, Murray, Keaon, Burgess, Campbell, Arrow, Cook, AJ and have room for Wighton for this year, then surely our cap is just fine. The problem is we’ve spent the same amounts on injured and underperforming front row and back row as they’ve spent on game breaking 1, 6...
  50. Dogs79

    Rumour Karl oloapu to Debut against the Dragons

    Wouldn’t surprise me if he comes into the 17 on game day. Probably kept out of the 17 names today to keep the attention off of him this wk. With JR injury history, it’s concerning running with a bench of: Morrin, Knockonball, Hughes, Sutton.
  51. Dogs79

    News The Mole: Father's ploy to lure disgruntled Bulldogs playmaker Kyle Flanagan to rival club

    Mid season swap with just about any of Manlys middles would be nice.
  52. Dogs79

    Sean Johnson?

    A recent interview with Gus said the SJ basically didn’t need any convincing to sign with NZ when he was offered to ‘come home’. He said don’t worry about $, I’ll sign the contract. He will be 33 at seasons end, and he wants to stay in NZ for family reasons. He will stay and play for minimum $...
  53. Dogs79

    Opinion These players need to be replaced

    Skelton to replace Knockonball on the bench in the roll that can cover outside backs or edge forward. Or just throw him in the wing to cover Kiraz/JAC Injuries. Perham maybe an option for wing but prefer to see Avo at No.1 again. Honestly, not much else we can do right now, add Kiks, Thommo...
  54. Dogs79

    Official Gus on Twitter

    Rd12 apparently. I done some quick research on bone stress reaction injuries which he suffered during pre season. I’ve read a ‘mild’ BSR recovery is around 6-8wks. So with his projected return being Rd12, having been off since the pre season making it +12wks recovery, so it must have been a...
  55. Dogs79

    News The Mole: 'Massive' rival offer poised to lure $800k Bulldogs star away from Belmore

    I’d take the money and run if I were him. As for him staying at the Dogs, depending how he comes back from injury, and depending who else is available to sign, he might get offered a 1-2yr deal to stay. But I’d imagine it will be half that amount. If he agreed to stay for $400k, I’d keep.
  56. Dogs79

    Official Gus on Twitter

    Fittler wants to see how Flanno goes in the 6. Looking at NSW options to partner Cleary, with Luai, Hynes and Flanno in the mix lol
  57. Dogs79

    Official Round 8 - Bulldog v Shark - Team List + Match Discussion

    I think Casey could move into Centre and Skelton on the wing? That’s if both Burns and Avo are out.
  58. Dogs79

    Official Round 8 - Bulldog v Shark - Team List + Match Discussion

    Gotta agree with you mate, while we need a spark, something different from what Flanno has offered, I don’t see this as the game CC throws the young bloke in. I think we see KO in a couple of wks.
  59. Dogs79

    News Rugby convert explodes as solution to Dogs’ injury crisis emerges: Reserves Wrap

    Skelton is a must this wk, we need his metres out of trouble, and I have a feeling we'll find ourselves in a lot of trouble this wk. He might struggle a little with defensive reads, but so do all the other options. At least he offers some size, strength and a little X factor. Unleash Skelton...
  60. Dogs79

    Forget The Miracle - Get Ready To Be Ripped Off Again

    We are the most penalised team in the comp with 55 penalties conceded. The closest to us has conceded 49. Combined penalty counts are 55 against and 34 received after 7 rounds. On average each team has had 2.5 players sin binned so far this season, we’ve had 4 players binned in 7 games (1.5...
  61. Dogs79

    News Bulldogs v Sharks: Burns set for return; Fitzy to stick solid

    Agreed mate, a lot to take into consideration with the injuries. If you take 10-11 players out of any squad, that being a mix of marquee players and solid FG players, and every team would struggle like us. You can even argue most teams take even less to struggle. It usually only takes 1 player...
  62. Dogs79

    Team next week.

    How about the team that we can’t select for next wk due to injuries: (a couple may be available pending further assessment) 1. Avo (Knee) 2. JAC (leg) 3. Burns (knee) 4. Davey (Hand) 5. Kiraz (Knee) 6. 7. 8. Thommo (foot) 9. BBO (Knee) 10. Pele (Broken Arm) 11. Kikau (Torn Pec) 12. Patolo (Knee)...
  63. Dogs79

    Brandon Clarke

    I just hope the spot has been made available for a new signing and not just elevating someone from within the club into the top 30. With all due respect to the players within the club already, they aren’t ready to step into the 17 every wk and make a huge difference.
  64. Dogs79

    All Hail The King..

    Heard a rumour he also has a bit of a hand injury which he’s not complained about. Throw in the foot injury and busted eye, the blokes a warrior for sure.
  65. Dogs79

    Rd 5 vs Cowboys 3-2-1

    3. Preston 2. Burto 1. Fox, King or Grub (happy for anyone to get the points) Plenty of others deserve a lot of credit for efforts Mahoney, Kiraz, Alamoti to name a few, the whole team really pulled together and played tough. Really proud of this type of performance. Honestly I’d give everyone...
  66. Dogs79

    CC and Okunbor

    He still gets caught out watching the game occasionally, a few times he looked around to see who was going to do something instead of taking the hit up or making the tackle himself. But, it was a big ask for him to play nearly a full game in the forwards, and some of those spectator moments...
  67. Dogs79

    Should us the fans have a say in recruitment?

    Remember when Homer Simpson ran his Brother out of business designing the future of family cars?
  68. Dogs79

    Kikau OUT

    Yeah we definitely going to need someone willing to roll the sleeves up and do the hard yards.
  69. Dogs79

    Kikau OUT

    Yeah maybe, but I’m just thinking of his size instead of playing another undersized forward. (Truth be told, haven’t seen him play a full game yet, only seen the highlights packages haha)
  70. Dogs79

    Kikau OUT

    We need to see if we are allowed to bring in Kitione as an exemption to play for the next two wks.
  71. Dogs79

    Kikau OUT

  72. Dogs79

    How long has everyone been a bulldogs fan for

    Since the 70s (I was born just before 1980 hit) so it sounds better that I include the brief moment I was alive in the 70s lol
  73. Dogs79

    Why aren’t we signing a prop?

    100% mate, we just present a better opportunity to play FG and his manager will do the rest.
  74. Dogs79

    Why aren’t we signing a prop?

    Locked up for 2023,24 and Sharks have a CO for 25 according to zero tackle. But as we all know contracts can be broken so worth having a chat to him.
  75. Dogs79

    Official Round 4 Vs Warrior

    Agreed mate, we might look the goods for half the game but that brick well hits pretty hard when it happens.
  76. Dogs79

    Official Round 4 Vs Warrior

    Worried about the burn out from todays game in near 40 degree heat, that takes it out of you for awhile and then the travels to NZ. Winnable but we’ll be very tough.
  77. Dogs79

    Rd 3 vs Tigers 3-2-1

    100% mate, need to be a bit smarter how we use Kiks but they’ll work it out.
  78. Dogs79

    Official Round 3 : Bulldogs vs Tigers discussion

    We should have been up by 40 at the 60min mark, we dominated all areas but just didn’t convert enough. We also killed ourselves for a period in the first half with two errors, two penalties and a 6 again which I’m sure drained plenty of energy and contributed to that fade out at the back end of...
  79. Dogs79


    Impossible not to love this guy, all heart and maximum effort.
  80. Dogs79

    Rd 3 vs Tigers 3-2-1

    3. Reed 2. Kiraz 1. Kikau Pehram/Alamoti/Preston/Burton/Fox were all pretty good too IMO.
  81. Dogs79

    Official Gus on Twitter

    Form? Attitude? Maybe just to get 80min of football into him instead of sharing the role in NSW cup? It’ll be interesting to see what happens with him over the next 3-4 wks if he stays In Massey or not.
  82. Dogs79

    Official Gus on Twitter

    What age is Flegg? Clarke turns 22 in a month or so. Maybe too old for Flegg? He is named in top 30 on multiple sites.
  83. Dogs79

    If we merged, who with?

    Went with the Roosters, that way we don’t have a salary cap and they’ll give us the 2002 Premiership retrospectively :tearsofjoy:
  84. Dogs79

    Kikau helps Bulldogs snare promising forward from Tigers

    I got a good feeling about the 2043 season, building to something for sure :tearsofjoy:
  85. Dogs79

    Kikau helps Bulldogs snare promising forward from Tigers

    Signing them younger and younger these days, according to Wiki, he’s only 6mths old haha.
  86. Dogs79

    Official Round 3 : Bulldogs vs Tigers discussion

    I think this is a danger game, and that it just got tougher with WT being 0-2. They’ll be fired up, embarrassed and desperate. We’ll take plenty of confidence from this weeks win but we need to make sure we turn up and switched on.
  87. Dogs79


    You’d love to bottle up this blokes attitude and desire to win everything. If every player got on board and wanted it like Kiraz, we’d be every teams worst nightmare even if we aren’t the biggest, fastest, strongest team.
  88. Dogs79

    Braydon Trindall

    Agreed mate, We do it more than any other team and it hardly ever works, It frustrates me so much. We must be the only team to just keep signing wingers and getting them to play Centre, we grab Centres and throw them the No.1 jersey, we sign up and coming 7s and drop them into the No.9 or...
  89. Dogs79

    Rumour TPJ

    He can go in 2024, give us time to replace him with better value options. We kind of need him for 2023 given the lack of power we have in the forwards this year.
  90. Dogs79

    News Riccio declares Bulldogs the biggest disappointment in opening round

    Yep, 100% Roosters. Premiership favourites rolled by arguably the Wooden Spoon favourites (I don’t see them finishing last, but many do). Sure, Dolphins were always going to be up for the occasion, first game excitement, great coach, home ground, but Roosters are one of the bench mark teams in...
  91. Dogs79

    Official Round 2 vs Storm Match Discussion

    The 7,8,9 and 10 is still enough to worry me. if we don’t muscle up, it’ll be a tough game. Grant impresses me more every game, Hughes can really carve up on his day, Welch will be better for the Rd1 hit out and big Nelson is just a beast. With Munster and Paps out, we can win this but it won’t...
  92. Dogs79

    Reynolds injured already

    Couldn’t foresee this happening. I’m shocked :-)
  93. Dogs79

    Bulldogs Salary Cap Slap

    100% on this, no matter what or why he decided to retire, no one should be penalised for the decision. Instead, the NRL should be thanking JJ for being a great ambassador of the game, never bringing the game into disrepute, and helping the Dogs celebrate his great career.
  94. Dogs79

    Bulldogs Salary Cap Slap

    100% mate, this wouldn’t happen to those clubs in the Eastern Suburbs or South of Sydney.
  95. Dogs79

    Bulldogs Salary Cap Slap

    ‘It’s a stupid rule’: Gus fumes after Bulldogs hit with salary cap slap Bulldog Josh Jackson during the round 7 NRL game between the Canterbury Bulldogs and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at ANZ Stadium . Picture : Gregg Porteous Source: News Corp Australia Tyson Otto from March 7th...
  96. Dogs79

    Oloapu and NSW Cup on now

    Karl just needs time, no rush. If he looks good now, imagine what he’ll look like in 6-12mths time.
  97. Dogs79

    News Munster out week 2 …

    Must win game! We haven’t taken advantage of these opportunities that past few years, time to start winning these games.
  98. Dogs79

    Bailey Biondi-Odo released, Reece Hoffman promoted to Top 30

    I think BBO had a lot to offer around that No.14 role, don’t think he was ever going to be a long term FG 6,7 or 9, but offered a spark off the bench if utilised correctly. But with his injury, and competition for that role, it’s not a bad thing to let him explore other options. Good luck to the...
  99. Dogs79

    Official Gus on Twitter

    If Thommo isn’t in our future ie: re-signing for 2024 and beyond, then we should get him the best surgery and rehab we can, and see if he will take a golden handshake, opening up a spot and some cash for the remainder of 2023. I do feel terrible for Thommo, he hasn’t had the best of luck.