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    No Source Hass to dogs

    He can have the entire Bronco teams pubes on his head for all I care, just bring the **** over
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    No Source Hass to dogs

    TPJ and Thommo out Haas and NAS in Dreams are free, right ?
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    Official Round 4 Vs Warrior

    I’d be confident if we had all our props available. Should be a good, close game though
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    Official Round 3 : Bulldogs vs Tigers discussion

    True, he out-performed a 5/8 or centre that's out of form/position. This must mean Flanno will play origin this year
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    Official Round 3 : Bulldogs vs Tigers discussion

    Makes sense since we play there once a year and he shows up to play for us once a ye.. oh wait..
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    Opinion Klemmer

    Any player (excluding flamingo) that smashes this cat this weekend will become an instant fan fav. Hopefully Mase fires up big Franklin...
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    Official Round 2 vs Storm Match Discussion

    Let’s fuckin gooooo
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    Official Round 2 vs Storm Match Discussion

    That Burton? [emoji23]
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    Rumour Mitchell Moses

    Yep, also heard he flew down to Melb to meet the team and double check the size of CC's dong before he makes his decision.
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    News Riccio declares Bulldogs the biggest disappointment in opening round

    Buckle up Riccio, we about to be the biggest disappointment of round 2 as well [emoji28]
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    Rumour TPJ

    Only thing he has impacted is our salary cap. Empty promises and nothing to show for it, wouldn't be the worst thing letting him go..
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    Official Round 2 vs Storm Match Discussion

    Praying for a decent showing from our boys, but things could get really messy this Saturday. Actually forget this Saturday since we all know its pretty much a loss, if the Tigers beat us in Belmore next week then we are absolutely fucked.
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    Official Round 2 vs Storm Match Discussion

    It can get worse?? :fearscream:
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    News After falling flat in their season opener, Canterbury must rebuild their season by taking on Melbourne's might

    Confusing as we have a few 80's in the team. Which one you referring to?
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    News Dogs of War: The lessons Willie Mason, Andrew Ryan and Bulldogs old guard are passing on.

    Sick of hearing about this tbh. We keep clinging onto the past as we currently play like a bunch of pussies. It's kinda embarrassing really.
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    News 'We’ve got time': Bulldogs playing the long game after Manly drubbing, Kiraz

    Our yardage was extremely poor. Hopefully Cameron Barrett addresses this glaring issue.
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    Genuine spine options for 2023

    Bring back John Asiata
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    Young dog Oloapu doing everything right

    Oh no doubt Flanagan is a turd, but the way the others played on the weekend would’ve made Thurston look shit too
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    Young dog Oloapu doing everything right

    No point rushing him in at this point. Maybe once all our forwards are available and the rest of the team (barring Mahoney) recover from their heartilage injuries.
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    News Riccio declares Bulldogs the biggest disappointment in opening round

    He'll be touching himself under the nrl360 desk tonight, trying to wake up his button dick thats been asleep for 40 odd years.
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    Last Dead Last

    To be fair, our fitness levels have been atrocious for a few years now. It'll take more than one off-season to fix that mess.
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    Last Dead Last

    The answer is in your first sentence, they did a terrific job in getting our hopes up. They get us every year.
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    News By Stuart Thomas / Expert(Roar) -Based on Kikau’s feeble first-up performance, fans concerned Bulldogs have dug up another T-Rex

    Big Viliame Kikout. I'm still baffled by that play. The one guy in our team that can send the ball on a flight to the moon decided to give the duty to a giant on the edge. I really really hope that wasn't meant to be a play out of CC's books, coz if it was then we're absolutely fucked.
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    The Offical Reed Mahoney Appreciation Thread

    If the other cockheads played with half his tenacity we’d win and win well.
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    Burton is just a centre

    Only “C” this bloke should have next to his name is ****
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    Round 1 Bulldogs Vs Manly

    As expected our forwards got trampled. As expected our backs were fucking shit As expected our halves were trash As expected the boys were hyping themselves up to the media As expected we got pumped against a shit team with a semi broken fullback People are still surprised we got pumped
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    Rd 1 vs Sea Eagles 3-2-1

    3 - Mahoney 2 - Mahoney 1 - Mahoney
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    We need an Alpha

    Close mate, TPJ is an Alfa Romeo. Zero reliability.
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    Round 1 Bulldogs Vs Manly

    Another question on Burtons bombs. Surely taking the piss now lol dumbfucks
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    Official The Kennel Official NRL Podcast + Now on Spotify, TikTok & YouTube Shorts

    Well done. Good luck with it all, hope you boys reach all your future goals.
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    Bulldogs Fullback Named Worst in the Comp

    Surprised he wasn't lower on that list. Go get em Perham!
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    Round 1 Bulldogs Vs Manly

    Unfortunately I think this is the case. Definitely not getting my hopes up for a win. Just praying its not one of those really long nights for us..
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    News Welcome back SBW

    Can he play prop? Asking for a mate.
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    Round 1 Bulldogs Vs Manly

    For the opposition yes I agree
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    Official Team list Tuesday

    Can't see us getting a roll on with that forward pack. Hope I'm wrong lol Also hoping Waddell gets put on report at least 7 times.
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    Round 1 Bulldogs Vs Manly

    That’s fucked. Send him back to England.
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    News Flanagan just wants to be himself

    This guy is a bigger bitch than Mitchel Moses. Hopefully dropped sooner rather than later.
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    Opinion Josh Reynolds or Kyle Flanagan

    Truth is we are lacking in that position regardless, with Reynolds or Kylie Fannygun. I'd love to see Reynolds have a go and would also equally love to see Kylie cry again.
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    Official Club season launch

    Great vid but nah we lost 1 trial which automatically means we are rubbish and our future is terrible :sweatsmile:
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    Twitter Thread- Non Gus

    They’ve got it wrong, Tolman is player 444
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    Opinion The Belmore Curse

    Sad but true
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    The Kennel Premiere

    Just watched this, how fuckin awesome. Team looks insanely close at this point, I think this will be a big year for us. RFM is a Bulldogs legend, his story is inspirational. Pups will learn a lot from him that's for sure.
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    Official Bulldogs vs Sharks Pre-season Challenge - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    I hope you're right. Preston showed more in one half of footy than Waddell's shown since coming here.
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    Official Bulldogs vs Sharks Pre-season Challenge - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    Waddell must bring his Mrs to training every week or something. Surely he isn't picked round 1
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    What kind of style will the team play under Ciraldo?

    For 80 mins with a half time breather
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    There's a small carpark right next to the oval on Edison Lane or street parking on Tudor St with very close access to the ground.
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    News Karl Oloapu

    Welcome young man and good choice. Gus is a fucking genius.
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    Christian Crichton

    And their father, Mitsubishi
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    Sualii might not be a pipe dream

    Lol Roosters will pay Sewerlii to play union before joining another NRL club, especially us..
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    Official OFFICIAL Stephen Crichton Sings

    Skip towards the end you’ll hear it
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    News St Merge?

    Farkin moron thinks he's MC Hammer. Saints in for a long year I hope.
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    If only two picks…??

    Honestly it's almost worth paying Moses $1.4m for this to happen alone..
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    Mitchell Moses

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    Official Stephen Crichton signs with the Bulldogs 2024

    Crichton for 23 or 24?
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    News NRL 2023: Speculation growing Mitch Moses could leave Parramatta, sign with Tigers or Bulldogs

    I think he'd be offended by that offer. I say 6.7mil a year for 12 years plus 68mil bonus for making the 8 and another 44mil bonus for beating parra or tigers. Small price to pay for the greatest halfback of all time.
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    News NRL 2023: Speculation growing Mitch Moses could leave Parramatta, sign with Tigers or Bulldogs

    He really is a buckler under pressure. But I'd much rather be in the top 4 with a chance rather than another bottom 4 finish.
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    News Demons to Dogs: Canterbury's cross-code signing ready to unleash at Belmore

    I'm surprised Okunbor didn't drop him when he took him under his wing. Jokes aside, hope he kills it for us!
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    The 'gun and Corey Allan already looking ripped as preseason begins

    Not signing anyone, Okunbor will play fullback next season
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    Official Corey Allan released

    Chill bro :tearsofjoy:
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    Official Corey Allan released

    What a horrible signing he was. Love you Gus :hearteyecat:
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    News NRL 2023: Speculation growing Mitch Moses could leave Parramatta, sign with Tigers or Bulldogs

    Like a balloon, grab a $5 note off mum or dad and blow into it. Send vid here when you're done.
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    Official Bulldogs sign Bronson Xerri for 2024 season on two-year deal despite doping ban

    Hope he's ready to inject himself into this team
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    Rumour cameron murray/moses

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    Mitchell Moses

    But Okunbor ran straight through Smith twice. It’s only right he is made immortal before him.
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    News Brisbane Broncos England International Herbie Farnsworth On Bulldogs Radar

    You’re probably right, I have a feeling it’s Bitch Moses
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    Official Gus on Twitter

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    Bulldogs draw a joke no Thursday or Friday games

    All good we’ll get one or two in September [emoji102]
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    News Full NRL Draw 2023

    Could be a good thing, depends how we play next year :sweatsmile:
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    Aaron Schoupp Released Effective Immediately

    One can only hope it means only a few know Corey will be joining him at the Tits
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    Spencer Leniu

    Yeah everything is well, just banned from there til this Saturday
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    Spencer Leniu

    Wow is that place still going?! Haven't been there since last Saturday
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    Opinion Hastings might be available for 23?

    I’d take Ray Hadley on a one year deal over Flanagan
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Well done Gus! You’d think he’d be busy enough as it is [emoji12]
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    Curtis Rona

    Would take him back in a heartbeat. We have pretty good wingers atm, but I think he’d be a great centre
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    Rumour Roosters set to make play for Bulldogs gun

    Yep he’s a gun alright
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Show him how it's done and spill all the beans :tonguewink:
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    Titans Snare Bulldogs Forward

    More a backward than a forward but ok
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Bulldogs legend Leon Bott
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    Mitchell Moses

    It's beautiful to watch mate. They'll bow out in straight sets tonight and their fans will continue to have hope for next year after 37 odd years of disappointment
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    News Wests Tigers poach Bulldogs defensive coach

    People running the Tigs are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. I'm not sure why they'd even announce this signing.
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    Opinion Scott Drinkwater

    Re-signed with the cows, 4 year deal unfortunately...
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    News Dragons’ new offer to Hunt as Dogs accused of cunning ‘panic buy’ ploy:

    C'mon mate, can't say the word crack without mentioning the great @David holland
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    News Reynolds desperate for Bulldogs homecoming;

    Cameron Ciraldo has given the green light for Josh Reynolds to return home to Belmore on a bargain-basement deal. In what marks as the rookie Bulldogs coach’s first signing, Reynolds, 33, has been offered a three-month train and trial contract worth $1,000 per-week. The 12-week deal to train...
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    Brandon Wakeham - Any good?

    Yepp he's good. Good as gone
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    News Bulldogs set to table bumper $3.5m Burton deal as Gould’s recruitment drive continues

    Well said, Flanagun. If you weren't partnering him in the halves he probably could've commanded $9.3m per season.
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    In a perfect world they move on, we somehow re-sign Vaughan and sign Haas. It's free to dream, right? :sweatsmile:
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    Official Team List Round 23 v Eels + Match Discussion

    This game could get messy for us..
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    Official Team List Round 23 v Eels + Match Discussion

    TPJ and Thommo for ZDC and Stimson would be nice
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    Smoked Salmon after Sticky's spray
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    Official Team List Round 22 v Warriors + Match Discussion

    Calling it, RFM man of the match this weekend :sweatsmile: