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  1. Doggy71

    2022-2023 Bulldogs Pre Season Thread

    Ive been told that we are going all in for Moses but nothing about Kiraz going,hope only half of that info comes to fruition.
  2. Doggy71

    Official Stephen Crichton signs with the Bulldogs 2024

    Sounds to me like your talent is wasted somewhat,you should throw your hat in the ring for a coaching job since you have all the answers.
  3. Doggy71

    Official Stephen Crichton signs with the Bulldogs 2024

    Yeah because Trent Robinson cant coach can he.
  4. Doggy71

    Opinion Has anyone got any news on how the Bulldogs players have been going in the off season?

    We are chasing Moses real hard,and he has NOT resigned with parra at this stage so we still have a chance at nabbing him.
  5. Doggy71

    News Kyle and error? (Weidler)

    Yes,but you're forgetting one thing,he could actually play footy.
  6. Doggy71

    News Kyle and error? (Weidler)

    Your definitely in the wrong industry mate,you should become a Comedian
  7. Doggy71

    News Kyle and error? (Weidler)

    You put ur hand out every week at the mighty blue and white and do sweet FA in return my friend. You should be charged with armed robbery!
  8. Doggy71

    News Kyle and error? (Weidler)

  9. Doggy71

    Official Josh Jackson Retired Immediately

    Jacko is and always will be a CHAMPION BULLDOG,best wishes to you and your family. Thanks for the memories.
  10. Doggy71

    Fishing and your fishing set up.

    Hey TG I've been using soft plastics all my life cause most bait makes me crook as. Anyway if you are chasing bream you might have to go to a lighter jighead like 1/16th and try gulp softies. I use gulp nemesis in nuclear chicken as go to lure,slow ur retrieve right down because bream will quite...
  11. Doggy71

    Alarm Bells Mahoney vs JMK

    Mitch Kenny was smacking em hard too for a little bloke. Just shows what you can do when you really want something real bad.
  12. Doggy71

    Round 25 Team list + discussion

    For all those that think JAC is the best thing since sliced bread,think again. All season he's been coming infield looking for the easy way out,going for the intercept instead of holding his position and having to make a tackle for fuck sake. Heaven help Ciraldo cause he's gunna need it.
  13. Doggy71

    In your opinion which current NRL players are worth a million dollars a season?

    Tedesco Munster Clearly Manu Latrell-if he plays a full season Turbo-if he plays a full season.
  14. Doggy71

    Craig Laundy Interview - Talks Signing Ciraldo, Burton & More

    Bobcat will be a great addition to the team if true. He knows what it takes to win premierships,train the house down and don't take short cuts,pretty switched on too.IM EXCITED.
  15. Doggy71

    Official Bulldogs and Ciraldo agree to terms

    I'm not sure why so many bang on about Ciraldo being a rookie coach is an issue,Bellamy,Bennett and Robbo were all Rookie coaches at some stage and look at them now. Give the bloke a go. Gus isn't stupid,let's give them the support we should as fans instead of negative bullshit all the time.
  16. Doggy71

    Paul Green passed away

    So so sad,greeny was one of the more affable coaches going around. Hard working family man,just a likeable bloke. Condolences to his family and friends,will be sadly missed.
  17. Doggy71

    List of possible Salmon indiscretions from 12 years ago …

    As I said in a previous post months back,Kent said years ago that MG should go play park footy where he belonged and he got his wish,as it turned out they met in a game up central coast somewhere and MG layer him out bigtime then pursued Kent when they got back in the sheds. Kent reckoned it was...
  18. Doggy71

    Official Bulldogs player given 5 weeks suspension (Corey Waddell)

    You must be drinking too much of your own bathwater if you think Gus is a double agent or something my friend. The club hasn't looked this good in years and we are finally going in the right direction for a change.
  19. Doggy71

    Official Matt Dufty granted early release

    Casey to play fullback,he showed he has the goods last week after the debut from he'll. Showed his real character and determination,hope he plays well.
  20. Doggy71

    Rumour Bulldogs closing in on Cam Cirald

    Gus is much smarter than the average bear,I'm sure he has the clubs best interests at heart and will secure the best possible coach no matter who it is.We all know Gus is the master when it comes to setting smoke screens.
  21. Doggy71

    Opinion How do we overcome referee bias?

    You have hit the nail on the head @alan79,betting agencies should not be sponsoring sports teams or organisations and the NRL is a prime example. Referees bias towards a team is inexplicable act of unprofessionalism of the highest degree. Too much money changing hands to run an honest and open...
  22. Doggy71

    Official Team List Round 18 v Rabbitohs + Match Discussion

    Souffs are a good team,it was great to see us in the contest the whole game and score a couple of ripper try's. More positives to come out of the game than negatives.
  23. Doggy71

    Schoupp Out

    Just give young Casey a tube of Gorilla Grip,he will be just fine....
  24. Doggy71

    Sick of reading this crap

    Not soon enough.
  25. Doggy71

    Official Team List Round 16 v Sharks + Match Discussion

    Unfortunately I think Burton still has his head stuck up Freddy's arse cause it ain't in the game!
  26. Doggy71

    Official Team List Round 16 v Sharks + Match Discussion

    JAC been missing today too
  27. Doggy71

    Official Team List Round 16 v Sharks + Match Discussion

    Jake's positional play is improving out of sight,no one else scores that try for us.
  28. Doggy71

    Official Team List Round 16 v Sharks + Match Discussion

    Flanno must of shanked that kick,way to GOOD!
  29. Doggy71

    Official Team List Round 16 v Sharks + Match Discussion

    Wonder if Ashley Klein's a punter?
  30. Doggy71

    Official Team List Round 16 v Sharks + Match Discussion

    100% mate,mistakes is what killed us in second half of Reggie's.
  31. Doggy71

    Official Team List Round 16 v Sharks + Match Discussion

    They will try and punch holes through our middle 3rd and Brailey will try and carve us up with quick play the balls,but if our boys kick well and turn em around,get them playing out of their own end I think we may be able to finish them off late in the game. I hope so anyway.
  32. Doggy71

    Round 16 Nsw Cup

    Are they using canola oil instead of the sticky spray maybe?
  33. Doggy71

    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    I agree with you @ASSASSIN,I got a feeling he may have already come to terms with the club,and just keeping it on the down low.
  34. Doggy71

    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    Laundy's probably having dinner with Pascoe and his mrs.
  35. Doggy71

    Sydney Protesters

    So what happens when that piece of shit oxygen thief blocks traffic and some poor bastard is stuck in the back of an ambulance having a heart attack and dies because that Traumatised fuckwit is trying to get her point across? Who's fucken Traumatised then?
  36. Doggy71

    News "News" More Burton media dribble

    We all know Gus can spin a good yarn,but we also know he is a very smart operator with his finger on the pulse. Does it seem strange that Burton's dad was wearing a doggies cap and not a NSW cap at state or origin? I honestly think Gus has the situation under control,and the less we listen to...
  37. Doggy71

    Upcoming game @ Commbank VS Sharks - Best place to sit??

    Went to tigers game and we sat in bay 222 just behind posts about 10 rows back and it was great spot.
  38. Doggy71

    Official Team List Round 15 v Tigers + Match Discussion

    I was there with my missus and one of my boys,we sat behind the posts just over from the kennel mate. The best atmosphere I've experienced in years,crowd were on song from the get go,drums were beating and yeah Burton was getting a chant when kicking,it really was electric. Gotta say I've never...
  39. Doggy71

    Round 15 Nsw cup

    Good to see dufty and topine spending plenty of time with fans after the game down here in behind goal posts,lot of other players could learn a thing or two.
  40. Doggy71

    What are some items or places you loved growing up?

    Nice tits,still do.
  41. Doggy71

    Official Ivan Cleary hospitalised with blood clots

    Clots in the legs can be pretty nasty,wish him all the best for a speedy recovery.
  42. Doggy71

    Opinion Captaincy

    Yeah,nothing in defence and nothing in attack!
  43. Doggy71

    Rumour Ciraldo?

    FMD everyones had a terrible record at the tigers,not just potter.
  44. Doggy71

    Your Team vs Tigers?

    Thompson can cut oranges.
  45. Doggy71

    Jacob Kiraz

    When he turned gutho inside out was just GOLD.
  46. Doggy71

    Official Team List Round 14 v Eels + Match Discussion

    Thats the most pride ive seen shown in the blue and white in a long long time. Great to see.
  47. Doggy71

    Official Team List Round 14 v Eels + Match Discussion

  48. Doggy71

    Madge sacked

    Smartest thing you've said on a long time flange lol.
  49. Doggy71

    Madge sacked

    Hang on for the ride everyone,the coaching merry go round is now in full swing...
  50. Doggy71

    Opinion Adam Elliott

    :cry: We'll see.
  51. Doggy71

    Opinion Adam Elliott

    Oh well,at least the WAGS might be safe now. Lets see how long it take for his next indiscretion to surface. The blokes a grub. Who gives a shit about his stats for one lousy game. .
  52. Doggy71

    Opinion Adam Elliott

    Haha,i knew what i meant. All that idiot did was give all the lowlife journos an excuse to drag the club and its fans through the mud at every opportunity,and that tool gave them plenty of ammunition.
  53. Doggy71

    Opinion Adam Elliott

    Why bother with this thread at all? That shitstain is no longer irelevent.
  54. Doggy71

    ‘I leave every door ajar’: Blues coach won’t rule out sensational move to join Gus at Dogs

    We are already a train wreck mate,not sure even Fittler could take us any deeper into the shit. Having said that i think all this talk is a Gus smoke screen.
  55. Doggy71

    Why no ‘rep player with half a clue’ would sign with Dogs

    CREEPEY CRAWLEY= bottom feeding shit dribbler
  56. Doggy71

    Rumour Dolphins to Poach Bulldogs Star

    Shows how desperate old skeletor has become,star my arse!
  57. Doggy71

    New to Kennel

    Welcome mate,you would be around the same vintage as me i'd be guessing,seen the good and the bad and presently the really bad. TK is a great place to vent ur frustrations. Enjoy!
  58. Doggy71

    Opinion Next Coach, New Coach

    Point taken mate,i just dont know why so many people think flanno is the best choice. Won a comp sure,but also guilty of salary cap rorting and systematic doping of his players. Everone deserves another chance i guess but is he the type of person/character that we should be looking for?
  59. Doggy71

    Penrith Panthers Lineup - Round 13, 2022

    We wont win again until we get rid of the i dont give a fuck attitude
  60. Doggy71

    Opinion Next Coach, New Coach

    I think Woolf is a smokey for the job,pretty much mirrors what Trent Robinson did overseas,and he's become an elite NRL coach.
  61. Doggy71


    Anyone but Dufty
  62. Doggy71

    News The Newcastle Knights and the Canterbury Bulldogs are in a four-way battle to sign Parramatta Eels utility forward Ryan Matterson

    We need to stop chasing forwards and lock down a descent 7 and 1 or its gunna be the same old shit over and over.
  63. Doggy71

    Our attack with Barrett as coach compared to with Potter as coach in 2022

    We need to fix every fucking thing.
  64. Doggy71

    Official Team List Round 12 v Dragons + Match Discussion

    Potter must have given Dumpty a rocket at half time.
  65. Doggy71

    Official Team List Round 12 v Dragons + Match Discussion

    Mat Dumpty would have to be the laziest most disinterested player to ever pull on the mighty blue and white jersey ive ever seen,this bloke is an absolute fucken discrace.
  66. Doggy71

    Opinion How good is JAC?!

    Gotta be made captain,said more in ten weeks than jacko has spoken in ten years. I think the refs would listen to JAC with more respect than jacko also,he nevers seems to question them at all,where JAC would be reminding them about their decisions all game. I think he would make a fantastic...
  67. Doggy71

    Potter post match presser

    Yep jacko's pissed that his days of laying on the lounge in his fluffy slippers and dressing gown discussing tactics with baz over a hot chocolate are well and truly over.
  68. Doggy71

    Official Round 11 - Bulldogs v Tigers

    Give it time
  69. Doggy71

    Official Round 11 - Bulldogs v Tigers

    She didnt have a choice
  70. Doggy71

    Official Round 11 - Bulldogs v Tigers

    The whole game has turned into a fucking joke.
  71. Doggy71

    Official Matt dufty

  72. Doggy71

    Official Round 11 - Bulldogs v Tigers

    Your dribbling again.
  73. Doggy71

    News Burton's Future Clouded As Barrett Exit Nears

    Burton needs some help,he cant do it all. Problem is he is surrounded by fuckind muppetts.
  74. Doggy71

    Official Round 11 - Bulldogs v Tigers

    If potters smart he will just go home at half time,wouldnt waste ur breath on these ***** pretending to be footballers.
  75. Doggy71

    Official Round 11 - Bulldogs v Tigers

    What a fucken shitshow,these fucks show no pride in the jersey whatsoever,what the fuck have we become?
  76. Doggy71


    I hope so too,could be up there with Payne Hass as one of the premier forwards going around if we can get his head in the right space on a consistent basis.
  77. Doggy71


    Great footy player but not the smartest tool in the shed,but i think he got his point across mate. He's gunna stay put and good on him.
  78. Doggy71

    Naden signs with Tigers

    @ASSASSIN is spot on,there is a god and his name is GUS!
  79. Doggy71

    NRLol 360

    Yeah 8pm on fox mate
  80. Doggy71

    News Ready Freddy? Fittler in mix for Bulldogs job as Baz walks with $500k: Blog with Hoops

    Fittler would have them running around bare foot,FMD no thanks.
  81. Doggy71

    Official Consolidated Trent Barrett Leaving Bulldogs Thread

    No way should the pricks have been tanking,they get paid extremely well to do a job to the best of their ability,and if they were thats weak as piss and a total cop out.
  82. Doggy71

    News ‘No doubt’: Bulldogs can’t afford to lose to last-placed Knights in Magic Round

    I'm with you mate,I just can't see us winning the way we are playing at the moment. Not sure we have 10 points in us though.
  83. Doggy71

    Official Round 10 v Knights Match Discussion

    Can I have some too,cause we ain't winning.
  84. Doggy71

    News Buzz’s worst buys Bulldogs Top Flop List

    Exactly,prick probably put pen to paper half way through his 3rd gooey bag.
  85. Doggy71

    News Jeremy Marshall-King Bulldog hits open market with writing on wall for Belmore future

    Proven himself to be an NRL quality hooker? FMD.
  86. Doggy71

    Newcastle next week

    We won't win another game this season unless we get our shit together Quick smart!
  87. Doggy71

    Luke Thompson starting at Prop.

    He gets dominated all the time.
  88. Doggy71

    Official Round 9 v Raiders Match Discussion

    He's as weak as piss,can't even get them to the turf.
  89. Doggy71

    Do we go all in for Munster?

    Ur right in one respect Steve he should stay at storm for a legacy but he will go to dolphins for the payday I reckon.
  90. Doggy71

    Do we go all in for Munster?

    No way would Anasta let Munster sign with the dogs,nothing but a pipe dream,end of story.
  91. Doggy71

    Opinion Paul Kent The Mega Flop

    Playing footy,Kent blabbed that geyer should go back and play park footy where he belonged. Got his wish,big MG tried to kill him.