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    Josh Reynolds contract?

    Well earned by the sounds of it.. congrats.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    I see no benefit in moving Averillo on early.. give the local kid a chance to prove himself in this new environment.
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    The Kennel Premiere

    C’mon!!!!! Really pumped for this year
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    As we near the start of the season in 2023, i ask you a question

    If you have a Telstra mobile contract it’s cheaper.. I pay $15 per month.
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    Rumour 2024 Halfback

    If true, it would be in Easts interest to release him early and play Manu at 5/8.
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    News ‘It’s a fairytale’: Reynolds ready to become Prince of Belmore again

    Umm no I didn’t.. only bored idiots create different accounts. misunderstanding.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Same mate
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    A thread on why Panther is the worst thing in Australia

    Sunny’s inside.. moron thinks he’s a movie star.
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    News NRL 2023: Speculation growing Mitch Moses could leave Parramatta, sign with Tigers or Bulldogs

    I wouldn’t say infinitely more talented, both have/had different strengths.
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    Your best 3 Sydney take away shops

    Gentleman, do the Greeks still have the best fish and chip shops on the east coast? They did when I was growing up.
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    News NRL 2023: Speculation growing Mitch Moses could leave Parramatta, sign with Tigers or Bulldogs

    And I think he’ll leave because he wants to win a comp.. it’s not going to happen a Parra.. their window has closed.
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    News NRL 2023: Speculation growing Mitch Moses could leave Parramatta, sign with Tigers or Bulldogs

    Keen when he’s on the field.. enthusiastic and always puts in 100%
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    News NRL 2023: Speculation growing Mitch Moses could leave Parramatta, sign with Tigers or Bulldogs

    He’ll be a great signing… good kicking game to take the pressure off Burton and allow him to run more, good running game, he’s quick and keen as fuck. There’ll be no better half available before 2025.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Mate it’s already been reported on zero tackle hours ago.. big Roy onboard
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    Any More BIG NAME signings before season '23?

    Who you signing at halfback for 2024/2025?
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    Any More BIG NAME signings before season '23?

    Played in a few preliminary finals and a grand final.. pretty fucking handy if you ask me.
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    News 2023 Rd 1 Draw

    Sunday?.. ffs
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    Fox Sports Klemmer

    Calm down big fella.. it’s the off season.
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    Official Bulldogs sign Bronson Xerri for 2024 season on two-year deal despite doping ban

    He won’t except a train and trial offer, sign him on 3 year contract.. the bloke is a gun, he just made stupid choices when he was young.. who hasn’t.
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    News Reynolds desperate for Bulldogs homecoming;

    Better than any other 14 we have at the club and his enthusiasm and love for the club will be of value around the team. Needs to be super fit and to work on that ordinary kicking game of his over the next 5 months.
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    Opinion First grade quality

    There’s been plenty of situations in all games for him to take on a line but he passes instead.. hopefully he gets more confidence next year.
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    Josh Addo-Carr is the most talented winger the Bulldogs have ever had

    Once the new coach puts a better defensive structure together so he doesn’t have to come out of the line so much then maybe yes. Matt Utai holds the the number one spot at the minute.
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    Opinion First grade quality

    Is Burton a big cat.. too scared to take the line on.
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    Nsw Cup Round 24

    Toia can stay in reserve grade.. dumb ****
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    News Phil Gould meets with Ben Hunt

    I’d prefer we go for Walker, surely the Roosters can’t have 6 players on $900k-$1.1m in 2024… or can they??
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    Opinion Yesterdays embarrassment

    Mahoney’s service from dummy is outstanding.
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    Official Team List Round 23 v Eels + Match Discussion

    what happen to TPJ?
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    2022 Round 23 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Young Hetherington is a ripper
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Baz kept trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.. we haven’t the ability of of the panthers…….yet!
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    Luai is so overrated, he’d be a no one if he was playing 5/8 for Gold Coast parking maids.
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    Rumour Haas

    Broncos aren’t paying anything for a player they want to keep.
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    Official Team List Round 23 v Eels + Match Discussion

    I agree.. selfish attitudes aren’t welcome
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    Official Team List Round 23 v Eels + Match Discussion

    Can’t believe how dirty Schoup was when JAC swooped in front of him and got the try he didn’t even celebrate with them.
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    News Brent Read.. Stephen Crichton

    Need to keep money available for a quality half when one becomes available and hope to fuck Averillo gets fit as fuck over summer and gets some confidence under the high ball.. he’s definitely got the skill, pace and size to be a quality FB. Hopefully next years strength and conditioning coach...
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    Official Team List Round 23 v Eels + Match Discussion

    TPJ will be good for 22mins
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    Kalyn Ponga and Kurt Mann share a Toilet Cubicle...

    Two straight blokes in the pub toilet cubicle only means one thing.. racking up lines on the toilet seat. Not sure if Kalyn is straight though so it could of been a bit of stink fist.
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    News Brent Read.. Stephen Crichton

    Brent Holland
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    I like it
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    Thommo & TPJ - The front row that never fronts.

    TPJ is unfit and lazy.
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    Opinion Averillo cooked

    No use going to the market and paying big bucks for a fullback, money will be better off spent in other positions.. Averillo will be fine, he definitely has the ability to be a good fullback, he’ll become more consistent in time.
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    Official Team List Round 21 v Cowboys + Match Discussion

    You’re right about their powerful backrowers, their bench is better than our starting back rowers, that’s why they’re running 2nd and we’re almost last. At least Jacko gives 100% each week and he looks like the only forward fit enough for 1st grade.
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    List of possible Salmon indiscretions from 12 years ago …

    Haha Doesn’t mix his words old Sticky.. good on him.
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    Official Team List Round 21 v Cowboys + Match Discussion

    Most run metres and most tackles for the team.. it sounds like you’re done.
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    Official Team List Round 21 v Cowboys + Match Discussion

    We struggled when our starting forwards come on.. TPJ just floats around not knowing what his job is but, new go forward coming next year. NQLD not good enough to win the comp.
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    News David Klemmer show cause notice

    Pack up and leave when we were struggling.. fuck that **** he’s not welcome back.
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    Opinion Jimmy Dimmick

    Did a good job with the Titans ‍♂️
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    Official Team List Round 21 v Cowboys + Match Discussion

    We beat them once, we can do it again.. Carn the Doggies!!
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    You're shit
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    Opinion 2023 Squad

    If Kyle plays 7, he needs to hit the weights and put on a bit of size over the off season.. I don’t think he’s broken a tackle all year
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    Rumour Stephen Crighton

    Fake news!
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    Our attack with Barrett as coach compared to with Potter as coach in 2022

    He can re-post whenever he wants.. you don’t need to concern yourself with it if it’s not something you’re interested in.
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    Opinion Biggest wanker

    Buzz then Kenty. Parker was going for GC today because he’s a QLDer.. Braith and Blocker were clearly supporting the dogs probably because they hate QLD teams.. simple.
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    NRL corruption caught on live tv

    Don’t open the thread and read the comments if you’re offended then precious.
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    2022 Round 19 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Worse decision I’ve ever witnessed.. what was the bunker watching? Clearly was moving towards the ball with his eyes on.
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    Opinion No Ciraldo. Potter2024

    4 tries off kick I think? so defence wasn’t completely bad.. young Declan was out of position for a couple of them.
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    Declan Casey playing fullback on Sunday

    Let’s hope it doesn’t rain :worried:
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    Mitchell Moses

    Ummm not too sure about that one
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    Mitchell Moses

    Yes.. Moses has a great short kicking game, his kicks generally hit the mark which leads to tries. Anything else for me cobba?
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    No Source Hastings swap deal

    He’s had about 5 good games… I think we need to be patient and wait for a better quality half to become available.
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    No Source Hastings swap deal

    Isn’t Hastings on $400k?
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    Mitchell Moses

    Leading try assist for the year.. hardly shit.
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    Mitchell Moses

    Go back to bed mate
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    Rumour Stephen Crighton

    Need a halfback and prop, not a centre and not at the money he would demand.. he’s contracted for 2023 anyway.
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    Opinion Kyle Flanagan

    Backs up well, good enough in defence, always puts in 100%, good short kicking game, game management has improved since Josh Jackson moved from halfback and Kyle moved in, poor long kicking game, poor runner of the ball.. best halfback at the club.
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    Opinion Mick Potter

    He'll find it even harder to captain off the bench next year.
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    Official Team List Round 18 v Rabbitohs + Match Discussion

    No front rowers on the bench a concern.. where’s the $800k prop? Waste of money.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Negi Nancy
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    Opinion How bad a coach is fitler

    Ease up big fella, wouldn’t say ridiculous considering they take a large squad for the World Cup.
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    Opinion How bad a coach is fitler

    Jerome Luai shouldn’t of been selected for 3 reasons 1. Not the best 5/8 available for NSW.. not even the 4th best… Cleary makes him look good at club level. 2. Not making himself available for Australian selection in the World Cup. 3. Carries on like a fuckwitt most of the time with his...
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    2022 State of Origin Game 3 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Great game of footy, unfortunately QLD too good. Cleary is not the GOAT.. yet.
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    Bulldogs vs Rabbits rd18

    He’s the biggest grub in the game
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    Opinion Our Nsw cup side

    Was hoping BBO was getting better.. I think Flanno has been better since Trent left, Jacko moved from half back to back row and Flanno started playing half back again
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    Opinion Our Nsw cup side

    Haha ol knockonbr
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Rubbish clothing and jerseys.. should of went back to Canterbury Clothing… the quality is heaps better.
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    Rd 16 vs Sharks 3-2-1

    Stop sooking, was a good performance apart from a few errors off the young bloke on debut.
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    The only times we will win this season

    Should never of picked a a winger on debut in these conditions, cost us 12 points. Apart from that we could of won the game if a few little things went our way… Sharks are 3rd remember.
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    Official Team List Round 16 v Sharks + Match Discussion

    3 props and a second rower on their bench, I’m guessing they want to beat us through the middle.
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    Rumour New Coach Update Bulldogs

    What did poor old Daryl Halligan do wrong?
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    Upgrade to $800k 2023 $1m 2024-25-26
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    Social Media Jacob Kiraz

    Hardly bagging him out, they were saying how sore you’d pull up after tackling him, how many corks you’d end up with and how you’d need an ice bath after the game.
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    Aaron Schoupp

    He’s a gun mate
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    Fittler really? This a joke?

    They do
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    Fittler really? This a joke?

    Let’s hope he turns our club around with the help of Jim and Gus.
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    Fittler really? This a joke?

    Meaning when coach’s have great player in their team they make the coach look good.
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    Fittler really? This a joke?

    Simply because they all like playing under him
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    Fittler really? This a joke?

    Great move.. he’ll attract great players.. great players make great coach’s.
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    Opinion Paul Alamoti

    Last week might of been his breakout game.. almost ran the length.
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    Sack Fittler

    Give it a rest
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    Phil Gould reveals why Brad Fittler has turned a corner in NRL coaching

    What makes a great coach?.. great players.
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    Rumour Dolphins to Poach Bulldogs Star

    Bulldogs gun?
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    Penrith Panthers Lineup - Round 13, 2022

    Their forwards will kill us