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    Off contract middles

    Big Nelson or Flegler
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    News Introducing the possible Bulldogs fullback, Hayze Perham

    Exactly right Gus is building depth in the squad and CC has come in with a clean slate on every player and position so each player has to earn their spot and every player in the squad is in with a chance if they perform. With more good players fighting for positions the cream will rise to the...
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    Official Stephen Crichton signs with the Bulldogs 2024

    If I remember right, when he made his NRL debut it was as a fullback and I thought he looked extremely good I trust CC who has worked with him for years, and if he thinks he can be our fullback, I back his and Gus' judgement
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    News NRL 2023: Speculation growing Mitch Moses could leave Parramatta, sign with Tigers or Bulldogs

    All the rumoured signing news has gone quiet....Moses, Chrichton, Leinu, Douehie
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    Official Bulldogs sign Bronson Xerri for 2024 season on two-year deal despite doping ban

    There really is only a major upside to the Xerri signing. I imagine he would be on average money and if he can get back to the player he was with unlimited potential then we have struck gold I'd say Gus would have spelt it out in no uncertain terms that this is the lifeline for his career and...
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    2022-2023 Bulldogs Pre Season Thread

    Can anyone put names to the faces? I only recognise Declan Casey and Kurtis Morrin
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    Moses/Doueihi rumours in full throttle

    I could live with that kicking game in the NRL
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    News Brisbane Broncos England International Herbie Farnsworth On Bulldogs Radar

    Any names that haven't been mentioned on here before as possible recruits?
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    Rumour Nu Brown

    Fair enough, Gus and CC must think the price is right for what he will add to the squad
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    Rumour Nu Brown

    I think the Nu Brown signing (if it happens) is more an insurance policy signing in case Mahoney gets injured and is out for any length of time (heaven forbid) The only backup we have are young untried hookers with no NRL experience At least Brown has NRL experience and Gus and CC must think...
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    Give us your best 3 or 4 signing predictions

    Hastings Lenui Xerri
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    Aaron Schoupp Released Effective Immediately

    Which country does he play for?
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    29 of the Bulldogs' Top 30 have been announced as the Club kicks off preseason training.

    I could be wrong but I think Ciraldo coached both Waddell and Burns at Penrith in lower grades so I wouldn't be surprised if they both play a lot of NRL this season. If so, hopefully CC can get the best out of them
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    Opinion Hastings might be available for 23?

    Agree 100%. Like you mentioned, Hastings will give us a lot of things that we currently lack, organisation and a voice How many times over the last 5 years have we looked unorganised, especially in the oppositions 20 Don't underestimate the importance of someone directing players 1 or 2...
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    News Dogs enter race for $1m Moses signature as Gus pulls off Sydney raid: Jimmy Brings

    I really like the look of Khaled as well, he has shown some really good signs at the WC , but he is still raw and we aren't going anywhere with a rookie halfback over the next couple of years I don't think we are much of a chance for Moses I'd take Hastings for a couple of years, let Khaled...
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    Opinion Hastings might be available for 23?

    Looks like the stars are aligning IF Gus and CC want him I'd take him. There is a major shortage of quality 7's available and I have major doubts about us getting Moses. He would be a major upgrade on Flanno I'll trust Gus and CC's call on this one
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    News ‘Sack me’: Bulldogs star’s shock promise as enforcer opens up on brutal Gus ‘wake-up call’

    Well, I guess he has put it out there now so it's up to him come good on his promise Maybe it's a way of keeping him on track, who knows It's now his make or break season If he commits and follows through on his promise and finally reaches his potential consistently, we have got ourselves an...
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    First signing for 2024 will be ?

    Wilson looks the goods....heres hoping:)
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Absolutely.....his highlights look awesome. He looks like the total package. Obviously a great ball runner with plenty of pace but also showed some passing skills and definitely wasn't afraid of the physical collision. Fingers crossed he kicks on and if he does we might just have found...
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    Most underrated dogs player ever

    Darren Britt. Maybe not so underrated but probably didn't get the wraps or rep jerseys he deserved in my opinion Tough as teak frontrower with ball skills and a great leader
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    Gus and his youth signings

    I love what Gus is doing by signing all these youngsters. Stack the lower grades and let the cream rise to the top Not everyone will make it but a steady influx of these bright young prospects each year will get our production line of NRL talent back in motion I especially like the look of...
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    News NRL 2022: Josh Jackson retirement leaves Bulldogs with room to move in salary cap

    I think I know what you mean and I hope it happens:grinning:. I've been hoping for this signing for the last couple of years and although going against popular opinion I think he can fill a couple of major roles for us Fingers crossed
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    News “I’ve just been taking the p—-‘Pangai’s lament spurred by training with SBW

    Yep, players like to talk it up in the off season. I'll wait for the consistent results on the field IF....he backs it up on the field and finally realises his potential, our team improves dramatically....fingers crossed
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    Rumour Jayden Sullivan

    Such a shame BBO injured his knee and looks like missing a major chunk of next season I think he would make a good 14, can cover both halves and hooker and gives us some attack and spark off the bench The other side of the coin is would he be better served spending more time primarily in NSW...
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    Rumour Jayden Sullivan

    Yeah I am still hoping Hastings might be in the picture and Sullivan to replace Wakeham and BBO (whilst out injured). I just think Hastings has the experience, he seems confident and is coming into the prime age for a playmaker. He also seems like a loud voice and organiser on the field...
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    Round 25 Team list + discussion

    Hopefully we put in a big performance like last years thrashing of the Tigers in our last game At least give us something positive to go into the off season with
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    Bulldogs sign the son of Wallaby forward Bill Young, Patrick Young.

    I love how Gus is handpicking junior talent from all over the place and bringing these young guys into our system which will hopefully turn into our production line of 1st grade talent in years to come Of course they all aren't going to make it but you need to keep feeding juniors into the...
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    Opinion Scott Drinkwater

    I'm not a huge fan. He looks ok sometimes but doesn't look anything special I'd definitely take Jayden Campbell over Laurie even though he is a lightweight as well. Campbell is just a natural footballer who knows how not to get physically dominated in every tackle for a smaller guy His...
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    Social Media Franklin Pele

    Where did you read that?
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    Gus targets 1 + 7?

    I'd go Hastings over Hunt Hastings is coming into his prime and I have no doubt would fill the role for us that we need. Yes he hasn't looked like a world beater at the Tigers but nobody has. In a better team with better players around him I think he will go to the next level. He would cost...
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    Ok, that would definitely free up alot of cap space Can't say I would be dissappointed if we moved both on, purely for the value we are getting from them. Neither of them has come close to justifying what we are paying them Both are good players, but need to be contributing much more to the team
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    Absolutely I'd take Mitch Moses in a heart beat....and with Gus in charge of recruitment you just never know:) I was more talking about who is "possibly" available for next year (that we know of) and Hastings although contracted, is rumoured to be on the outer at the Tigers The reality is...
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    I think he needs a 7 that can take some pressure off him. We need another threat on our other side. Flanagan doesn't offer any threat be it running, creating or putting runners into holes That's why against popular opinion Im hoping we get Hastings. Burton is far from the finished product at...
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    Opinion Royce Hunt and Franklin Pele

    Patolo hasn't improved at all from this time last season. He had a decent last game against the Tigers when we thrashed them last year but hasn't really aimed up this year Whether it's the head knocks that zapped his confidence, we need more from him. If he is coming off the bench we need...
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    News Bulldogs boss Phil Gould defends mysterious handling of coach hunt

    I think Sorenson would be a really good player for us. Is definitely better than most of our backrowers at the moment Spencer?....not so sure. We need an experienced starting prop who can consistently churn out the metres and keep it nice and tight in the middle like Vaughan. Problem is finding...
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    Paul Green passed away

    What.. wow
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    Social Media Andrew Davey

    I think his signing is just another piece in the puzzle of balancing the salary cap. He can replace Stimson who was probably paid overs to join us ($350 - 400, 000) and I'd think we wouldn't be paying anything near that for Davey, but we will get equal if not better value for money than we get...
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    Rd 20 vs Knights 3-2-1

    3- JMK 2-Burns 1- Burton
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    Official Harrison Edwards

    Good luck to him. It's always great to see a young guy debut and hopefully surprise us all
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    Opinion Kyle Flanagan

    Flanno's defence has been really good, he scrambles well and he is part of a tighter defensive combination on our right edge now compared to when our defence was pathetic down that side He has been involved in some of our great tries this year but more through backing up rather than creating...
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    Opinion Schoupp passing to Fox

    I'm loving how we are now starting to have some quality options in the backs. Gone are the days of Holland, Hopoate, DWZ etc. The cream always rises to the top and Alamoti has been marked as a NRL player for the last couple of years so it's just a matter of when, not if, he will make it...
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    NRL corruption caught on live tv

    Absolute shocker.....Tigers were robbed
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    No Source Hastings swap deal

    I agree. I wanted Hastings before he signed with the Tigers but the TBaz connection canned that Now that he is rumoured to be a "possibility", I'm all for it He was the Man of Steel in England, agreed it is a weaker comp, but you can't do much more than win the highest award Seems to be a...
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    Declan Casey named in the squad again??

    Well done to Declan. Put his horror debut behind him and really contributed tonight
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    Official Mavoni tuifua signed

    he is in jail
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Tuifua is in jail
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    Opinion Aaron Schoupp

    I think he has come on leaps and bounds this year He admitted on that podcast he had a bad attitude when he got dropped at the start of the year but since he came back into the team against the Broncos and defensively shut down Staggs and then Manu the next week I think he has been gradually...
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    Why I think we badly need a decent half.

    The last 2 games I have seen BBO play he looked really good and would add another attacking threat on the other side of the ruck to Burton. Flanno has been going ok but we would be so much more dangerous in attack if we had a halfback that can take the line on and put runners into gaps. I hope...
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    Who should be our coach in 2023?

    I've been thinking the same thing. Has Potter just released shackles off the players from the Panther style play that Tbaz was so obsessed with, that the same players can finally show that they are good footballers without worrying about sticking solid with attacking shapes etc? Whatever Potter...
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    Aaron Schoupp

    Regardless of who our next coaching staff is, I'd love to see the club really invest in the development of these players and get Josh Morris in as a specialist coach , even a couple of hours a week and teach Schoupp, Kiraz, Alamoti etc the finer points of centre play, especially defence. Jmoz...
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Good luck young man.....I hope he goes well
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    News Jacob Kiraz, Corey Allen verbal altercation that ignited Bulldogs,

    Who knows what Barrett was or wasn't telling sure didn't work I just like the fact that the kid gives a damn
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    Official Team List Round 15 v Tigers + Match Discussion

    Yeah I had been harping on about the simple disciplinary things that Baz could surely get out of our game like the hands on the ball, holding down too long etc that gave away 6 agains and penalties and constantly put us on the back foot. These things killed me that we did them every week. Not to...
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    News Jacob Kiraz, Corey Allen verbal altercation that ignited Bulldogs,

    Absolutely, love that passion and telling these idiots it's not acceptable to lose. This is how you start to change the culture
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    Jacob Kiraz

    Yeah our backline is definitely starting to take shape and I do like Kiraz in the centres but if Alamoti develops like everyone expects, I could live with Kiraz on the wing. It's a nice selection problem to have:) Schoupp is also getting better, he is defensively very strong and has that bit of...
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    Jacob Kiraz

    He has shown from that first half against the Broncos on his debut that he is a NRL player. Every game he has played he has been one of our best Nobody saw him coming and he is now a permanent fixture in our backline and has all the potential in the world to turn into an absolute gun Love his...
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    Official Team List Round 14 v Eels + Match Discussion

    What a great team effort, with everyone contributing Shows how players with a touch of class win you games. Something we have lacked in the last few years In Burton and Fox we have 2 matchwinners. Both were outstanding today I thought the whole forward pack aimed up led by TPJ from the start...
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    How good is max king?

    He has been very impressive and had a great game today Now that he is stringing together some games after a terrible run of injuries he is showing signs of how good he could actually become He could make a great number 13 for us and a possible leader down the track in a few years time if he...
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    Official Team List Round 14 v Eels + Match Discussion

    BBO outstanding today I thought. Played with great shape, looked dangerous on the ball, put players into half gaps, good kicking game, he looked sharp Basically did everything we want from a halfback. He has so much more to offer than Flanno I'd have him in our NRL team at 7 from next week and...
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    We could certainly do with his passion and will to win around the club in any capacity. Something our current players certainly lack
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    Official Jack Hetherington signs with the Knights on a 3 year-deal from 2023

    Yep, Gus is slowly fixing the ridiculous recruitments we have made over the past years. Paying overs for bog average players was I guess was both an indication of how much of an unattractive option we were but also a sign of mismanagement of the salary cap as well as no foresight into the...
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    News 100% footy with Gus

    Hastings and Doueihi....I'd absolutely take that with Maguire. Hastings at 7 , Douehi at fullback, both are big talkers on the field (which we lack), both are very good attacking players With a spine of Douehi, Burton, Hastings , Mahoney we would be hitting the top 8 for sure If there was...
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    Judda Turahui, Mavoni Tuifua,

    Geez that fizzed out quickly I guess you win some and lose some
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    Rumour Charlie Staines x Burton?

    Maybe.....but if we were to throw marquee money at them I think we would be in with a chance Manu, although on pretty good money now I imagine, I think we could aim at $900000 - $1m, the promise of playing fullback, he is a matchwinner Drinkwater at a guess wouldn't be on huge money at the...
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    Rumour Charlie Staines x Burton?

    Agree. Enough of buying stronger clubs rejects. We need class in those positions and pay marquee money if that's what it takes. I'd be looking at Manu, Walsh, Drink water....players that can create points for us
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    ‘I leave every door ajar’: Blues coach won’t rule out sensational move to join Gus at Dogs

    For me I want Flanno....but Crystal ball prediction if Madge gets sacked from the Tigers......Flanno to the Tigers, Maguire to the Raiders, Stuart to the Bulldogs
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    Dufty Dropped Panthers Clash

    Agree. He looked great in his debut in the centres but he has also been terrific in his 2 games on the wing. I'd be inclined to leave him on the wing for now as I can see a possible backline next year of Addo Carr, Shoupp, Alamoti, Kiraz. But in saying that if we was to play in the centres I...
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Without being disrespectful to Geoff Toovey, if you listen to him on tv he sounds like he might have had a few too many knocks to the head. Great player, one of the toughest for his size, but I don't think he is the coach we are looking for
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    Rumour New Coach and Assistant anyones guess - here's one

    We have fallen so far off the pace our main talking point over the past 18 months has been when are we going to sack the coach....and now, who will be our next coach. We have long given up on actually thinking we can win a game, we expect to's a sad state of affairs The next coach...
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    News Wakeham Suspended for Gouging

    Grub....the sooner he is out of the club the better. Has been in the top 30 for a few years now and doesn't deserve another contract His place can easily be filled with Hayward or Rajeb or an up and coming young halfback from another club
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    Wakeham SUSPENDED

    Slowly but surely we seem to be weeding out the crap
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    Rumour James Graham

    Jeez, I'd be happy with that
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    Rumour Dolphins to Poach Bulldogs Star

    ohh...ahmmm.....damn it:tearsofjoy:
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    Opinion Michael Maguire

    Without any inside knowledge I have a funny feeling that Gus has definitely had "talks" with Ricky Stuart. I know he is contracted to the Raiders but he has been there for 9 years and could be open to a change I think Ricky has sucked all the juice that he can out of the Raiders and had his...
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    Dragons summary

    It's interesting to read your observations from being at the game as you see things that we don't see on tv like Dufty waiting around with hands on hips as opposed to the Dragons fullback who was always sniffing around I thought Corey Allen looked ok in reserves and I would bring him in next...
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    News Potter issues challenge to Dogs

    I like the fact that he is publicly coming out saying he wants the job. It makes a refreshing change from the media putting a negative spin on our coaching position like it is the kiss of death for whoever is the next coach I think Flanno sees similarities between us and where Cronulla were...
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    Official Team List Round 12 v Dragons + Match Discussion

    I think our options at fullback for this game is limited, that's probably why Dufty is still there Toia is injured, Allen has only been back for a week and wouldnt have the fitness, Averillo i dont think was ever a chance and the only possible change would be Fox In the next couple of weeks...
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    News Potter issues challenge to Dogs

    Absolutely. For the life of me I don't understand how Barrett and his "coaching staff" let this go on and didn't address it for the last year. Every game it was the same. Jacko, Waddell and JMK are the worst offenders It took Potter 1 session to address it....thank god That's why we need a...
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    Joe Stimson and Corey Waddell

    In a quality NRL squad like Penrith or the Storm, Stimson and Waddell are players 22 - 30 in the squad on minimal wage and are only called on when injury and/or suspension hits and you bring them onto the bench to play minimal minutes with a very specific job Unfortunately for us, we have these...
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    Averillo hasn't got the mental toughness, physicality or intensity needed for NRL and I'm not sure he ever will. He doesn't enjoy the collision and doesn't go looking for it Kiraz on the other hand has shown in 2 games he has got all the right attributes to be an NRL player. He was one of our...
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    Okunbur, just like Averillo, don't have the mental toughness or intensity to succeed in NRL. They are both too timid and get dominated way too easily in NRL Okunbur at least has the physical attributes but doesn't use them. I don't know why he doesn't make hitups EVERY time we are coming out...
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    Who is our number 1 for next year?

    Scott Drinkwater. We need a fullback that can create in attack rather than just a finisher. Our attack has been atrocious for years, we need attacking flair and he has it. Plus he can play in the halves if need be
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    Naden signs with Tigers

    Pfft, they can have him
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    News ‘He’s telling lies’: Gus Gould can’t escape past deception

    Absolutely agree, well said Gus said he doesn't give a damn what the media say about him, he knows they have an agenda against him. I truly believe he will do whatever is needed that is in the best interests of the club and to hell with anyone that tries to get in his way. Exactly what we need
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    100% Footy summary

    Also said we have a tough 18 months ahead and the new coach needs to be aware of exactly what he is in for But.....we only have 5 contracted players for 2024 so we have a real opportunity to build a strong roster
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    POLL : Available Coaches and Coaching Records - Choose your poison.

    Shane Flanagan for me Experienced, premiership winner, hard edged coach who won't be afraid to rattle the cage and tell certain players some home truths...exactly what we need. Unlike some others, I think his commentary is pretty insightful and I think he could really "coach" our team to...
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    Absolutely, I would. One of the better attacking players in the game, always a threat with the ball. God knows we need all the help we can get to score points Equally good at 1 or 6
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    I fear Baz won't get sacked.

    Well said If we were winning and/or showing gradual improvement I'm sure Gus' direct involvement with the NRL side and coaching would be minimal, and he would focus on the pathways development and negotiating new recruits etc. Unfortunately we are now in a position that is so bad, Gus has had...
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    Official Jacob Kiraz signs with the bulldogs until the end of 2024

    Great stuff:) I see Kiraz being a regular at either centre or wing after round 11 and in the coming years The kid showed more guts, determination, desire and talent in his debut game than all our other backline duds have shown over the last year (except for Addo Carr)
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Yep we definitely have that loser mentality firmly entrenched and while I'm sure (well....hope) that every player runs onto the field confident that we can win, as soon as we start to make our mistakes and give away undisciplined penalties they must feel like "here we go again" and from then it...
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Yep, that sums it up perfectly....we are a total mess at the moment
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    How the hell can Waddell justify a "slow down the play the ball" in the 2nd minute? Why is Schoupp offside in the 3rd minute? Why is TPJ using a forearm when he has got the ball All of this in the first 7 minutes as well as Naden dropping the ball on play 2 Total lack of discipline, just...
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    Opinion Matt Dufty

    Yeah he is definitely not the answer at fullback. Surely we won't re-sign him Both Dufty and Averillo are showing they don't have the required physicality for NRL. When you compare how Kiraz in his first NRL game competed and fought hard in tackles and still got offloads away with 3 defenders...
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    Its another bad year isn't it? Confirmed tonight

    Yeah I'm the same, emotionally detached when watching our games's better for the health. I used to be on the edge of my seat , riding every play but I don't get remotely close to those emotions any more, I just stay subdued for the whole game, knowing we will eventually do something...