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  1. the12thman

    Bulldogs will have their own Ron Massey Cup team this year.

    Big Gus planting the seeds for our future
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    Official Stephen Crichton signs with the Bulldogs 2024

    Let's hope it's the dolphins
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    Opinion Martin Taupau home coming?

    This post has too much torque for my liking
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    Official Reed Mahoney sees the 'gun (and Jake Averillo) as vital cogs in Bulldogs' wheel

    You can't doubt Flanno's commitment and his defence. But he needs to massively improve his attacking and kicking games if he wants to have a long career in the NRL
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Seriously, how good is it having Gus steering the ship. No more rash or panic decisions. There is a clear plan and Gus and the back office staff are executing it beautifully.
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    Official James Graham Returns

    Imagina Napa was still at the club. Jimmy would have a mental breakdown dealing with his BS
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    Who is the next Bulldogs Captain?

    Just get Carrigan and he is our instant captain for the next 10 years
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Haha. But Gus does get some respect
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    Turbo Time

    Manly would have to chip in money if they release him. Tommy at 750- 800k a year would be great
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    Slowly but surely the Panthers gain a second licence for a NRL team .

    Do you remember when you poached Peter Tunks, Peter Kelly, Chris Mortimer and Phil Gould from us then won the comp in 91? I guess you could say the 91 premiership belongs to The dogs?
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    Combank stadium parking

    You can park at the multi level carpark at Parra Leagues free before 3pm I think. I done it earlier in the year. Better to ring Parra leagues up to double check
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    No Source CROFT

    His defence and effort are excellent and he is fully invested in every game If he could learn to lead a team around and get to a Chad Townsend level in attack then we would have our 7 for a long time. Townsend is a good steady player and that's the level of 7 that we need, especially with all...
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    Fox Sports Dogs sign Patrick Young

    I really like what Gus is doing signing great junior talent. When they all develop to NRL standard hopefully around the same time the improvement in the first grade team will be massive
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    Official Team List Round 24 v Sharks + Match Discussion

    Is Barrett coaching us again? Where have all our points gone?
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    Official Gus on Twitter

  16. the12thman

    Social Media Pangai to be sacked

    If Carrigan came to the dogs he instantly becomes the club captain. He is a true leader
  17. the12thman

    News Brent Read.. Stephen Crichton

    100%. If Ciraldo could turn Jake into our own version of Dylan Edwards then that is perfect, and we could spend big money elsewhere. Jake has the talent to get to that level.
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    Opinion It's going to be a tragedy if we go back to structured footy

    Keep the current attack and just shore up the defense. Structured teams hate playing against teams who throw it around,which is most of the good teams
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    Opinion TPJ

    TPJ is a gun. I would like to see him drop a bit of weight and increase his fitness so we can get more minutes out of him but still keep his physicality and intimidation factor. After game 3 of origin , NSW is begging for a enforcer for game 1 next year and if TPJ cones out next year and carves...
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    2022 Round 19 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Such an empty victory and the cowboy players were celebrating like they earned it
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    2022 Round 19 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    What a load of shit. The NRL hates it when their golden teams get beaten by teams at the bottom of the ladder
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    News Potter wants permanent Bulldogs NRL role

    I like that Mick has come out publically and stated he wants a job here. He is a great bulldogs man and he gets what it means to be a bulldog
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Vossy has always been fair when it comes to the dogs. He has no agenda against the club which is refreshing for a commentator
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    Lebanon vs Malta

    Go Malta.
  25. the12thman

    Opinion Luke Thompson

    Tigez get Thommo and we get Hastings. Do it Gus!!!
  26. the12thman

    Averillo position

    It's good to see him look happy and interested on the field as well. I hope he can keep up the form and enthusiasm. I like having juniors like him and Kiraz in the team
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    Official Team List Round 14 v Eels + Match Discussion

    Let's hope the dogs at least make game of it. Remember the last game in 2019 we beat them at Bankwest. That was a great game.
  28. the12thman

    *Insert Thread about a player thats about to have a cracker during origin*

    100 percent. He would instantly become our captain. See him in the sheds at halftime. It's his first origin game and he was laying down the law like a 30 gamer
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    Opinion Burton

    Imagine we didn't have Burton. What a depressing thought. He is our future. What a star
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    Our DNA is winning. That's all it is
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    News Dufty secures Super League deal; Hetherington eyes Knights

    Will you change your name again once Dufty leaves?
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    News The Bulldogs in danger of losing sponsor

    Can someone post that crying cat photo. It is very called for
  33. the12thman

    News ‘Can’t look anywhere else’: Ennis’ passionate Bulldogs plea in huge Flanagan endorsement

    This is right. Send Kyle to England and let him develop his game like Jackson Hastings did and only bring him back if he has improved massively
  34. the12thman

    News First Casualty of Barrett Resignation

    Hetherington goneeeee
  35. the12thman

    Naden signs with Tigers

    As much as it sucks to lose, the loss to the Knights may well be the most important loss we have ever had. Onwards and upwards doggies!!!!!
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    Opinion Sack Barrett thread

    I know you read this forum Gus. You sacked Griffin when panthers were in 4th position. It's a no brainer for you to get rid of Baz tonight. Baz is making you look like shit Gus and you need to step up and fix this asap. Do what you were hired to do Gus. Make us great again
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    Opinion Adam Elliott

    U been hitting the pipe again today?
  38. the12thman

    Team vs Roosters

    It's good he has is getting closer to some game time.
  39. the12thman

    News Gould confirms Bulldogs close to landing new contract for youngster

    Very true Menteek. Kiraz and Max King are 2 diamonds in the rough he has found on the cheap. Gus has forgotten more about league than most will ever know
  40. the12thman

    Rumour Barrett is walking on thin ice

    This is 100% true. Baz is embarrassing Gus at the moment and making him look bad. Gus has a very healthy ego and he won't cop this crap. Baz is done, it's only a matter of when Gus publically announces it
  41. the12thman

    Opinion Anyone else watching Harper and thinking wtf

    It's scary how poorly coached we are.
  42. the12thman

    Official Round 7 v Broncos Match Discussion

    This is so true. If dogs lose on Thursday or Friday night the NRL is dead to me for the rest of the weekend
  43. the12thman

    Opinion Sack Barrett thread

    This is so true. At Panthers he sacked Griffin when they were in the top 4 . Sacking Barrett when we are in the bottom 4 should be a breeze compared to sacking Griffin
  44. the12thman

    Lets stop blaming the officiating and realize we're a poorly coached team

    Baz is gonna end up in the Seibold category of never coaching an NRL team ever again after he gets the sack. He is a major liability to our rebuild and Gus needs to make the call very soon. Good teams find a way to win regardless of the refs.
  45. the12thman

    Official Gus on Twitter

    I thought Nasheed was Indian? What about his journey to reach the NFL
  46. the12thman

    Opinion Sack Barrett thread

    They better make a call fast. All the momentum and excitement from the pre season is gone. The new recruits already look broken and we are slipping into the same losing patterns from the last 5 years. Gus needs to make the right call here and bring better coaches in. We can't afford to piss...
  47. the12thman

    News Brandon Wakeham passes first test as Bulldogs half

    It's good to see Flanno let his footy do the talking. There is such a big chance to play alongside Burton now and because Burton is the main man the job of the 7 is pretty simple and has a lot less pressure than last year.
  48. the12thman

    Official Bulldogs 2022 Season Launch

    Haha. Burton is so hot right now
  49. the12thman

    Fans particularly Dogs fans

    Sack Barrett. Hire Holland
  50. the12thman

    Opinion Why o why? Do we look no different in attack

    I fear this too Mutt. I hope Baz proves me wrong
  51. the12thman

    Roosters after Haas

    If they get Haas on top of Cheese going in 23 then I think they will win 2 comps by the end of 2027.
  52. the12thman

    Official Gus on Twitter

    So does Ricky Spanish
  53. the12thman

    Why Bulldogs WILL NOT make the Top 8 in 2022 | NRL | Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs

    I hope you are right. I want Barrett to succeed but he is the biggest unknown and risk going into next year. Let's hope Barrett has learned from his past errors and leans on Gould and Hanson for support
  54. the12thman

    No Source Thompson and Cotric to Potentially to Tigers

    This is so true. Supporting a shit team is a sickness but you have to hand around for hopefully the good times
  55. the12thman

    Other News Source Judda Turahui

    He looks like a real tough player and could be our enforcer. Hopefully he can be our own version of Manu Ma'u.
  56. the12thman

    Tigers Confirm Talks With Cotric

    I like Cotric and he helped to make our club more attractive to other players. But he is not a spine player and if Gus is freeing up money to bring Mahoney over next year then it's the correct move to make.
  57. the12thman

    What would you do if we merged?

    The 3 QLD teams are pretty shit and Dolphins are not looking real good ATM. They could merge some QLD teams
  58. the12thman

    Have we forgotten we still need to extend Burton?

    Burton is not gonna leave now. Gus is building this team for him
  59. the12thman

    Official Dogs sign Reed Mahoney (4 year deal)

    Yeah sorry about that. Too many beers tonight
  60. the12thman

    Official Dogs sign Reed Mahoney (4 year deal)

    Great post. The last 2 premierships we won we had a Queenslander at number 9. Let's hope this tradition continues with Reed. Upwards and onwards doggie fans.
  61. the12thman

    News Bulldogs sign Damascus Neemia

    I love that we are getting good Queensland players back at the club. Players like Darren and Jason Smith, Jason Hetherington and Marty Bella have been massive for us in the past. The club as a whole is headed in a very positive direction
  62. the12thman

    Willie Mason back!

    Dogs of war to return now Mase is back
  63. the12thman

    News Bulldogs’ brutal season start; Cowboys (R1), Broncos (R2), Manly (R3), Storm (R4), Panthers (R5), Rabbitohs (R6)

    I like the fact that Baz will be under fire from game 1 and the super tough draw will show us if he has improved or regressed. A pass mark for me is to win 3 of the first 6. That's pretty fair against the teams we are playing
  64. the12thman

    Rumour Brandon smith done deal

    Maybe he is still rattled after South's lost the GF
  65. the12thman

    News Luke Thompson to get double vaxxed now

    What a world we live in where you get bullied into getting a vaccine you don't want and if you don't they threaten your job
  66. the12thman

    News Steven Marsters signs train and trial contract with Bulldogs

    I'm happy that the quality of players signing train and trial contracts is better than the quality most of the blokes who have played first grade for us over the last 5 seasons
  67. the12thman

    Official Shane Millard & Gurpreet Singh to join the Bulldogs’ Pathways Program

    Haha. Maybe this is Nasheeds ticket to first grade
  68. the12thman

    New Pathways Coach

    Looks like Gus is going after the Liverpool to Camden corridor. Its a great area to target
  69. the12thman

    News Boring eels news (Brad Arthur Re-signs)

    1eyedeels blog is always a good laugh after a Parra loss. The extension of Arthur is gonna send them into meltdown
  70. the12thman

    Official The fox

    Nasheed has risen!!!
  71. the12thman

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Storm warning

    It's becoming clear that Cam Smith was the glue that held that club together for so long. The storm will never be the same without him. Munster and Cheese wouldn't have had the balls to do what they did if Smith was still there. Let's get Harry. Our next great QLD hooker after Jason...
  72. the12thman

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Spencer Leniu

    100%. We finally have some good young players at the club. We need to back them and give them every chance to succeed
  73. the12thman

    Should Maguire get the sack?

    Let's hope Gus swoops in and takes over the neglected Liverpool and Campden junior regions. Tigers are too concerned with the Balmain area and playing at Leichardt even though Balmain contribute next to nothing to the joint venture.
  74. the12thman

    Rumour Segeyaro

    It's good to see the club recruiting so much depth at number 9 and putting a bit of a rocket up JMK and letting him know he needs to lift his game. Hopefully it can motivate him to take his game to new heights.
  75. the12thman

    News NRL: Asiata can play major role in Bulldogs resurgence

    Jackson should be in the prop rotation. He is a warrior and gets through his work and is tough as nails.
  76. the12thman

    No Source Ediq Ambrosyev - Gun Hooker/Signed

    Thus guy sounds like a Ukrainian gangster. Let's hope he plays like one
  77. the12thman

    A way of moving Flanagan on diplomaticaly.

    He needs to go play interstate or overseas and be away from his Dad to grow up and become his own man and a better player. If he stays on Sydney I don't think he can be a successful NRL player
  78. the12thman

    Schoupp out for five months

    I love the way Schoupp plays. He gets good metres coming out of our end, rips in and plays with controlled aggression. His defence needs some work but with proper coaching and better players around him he will improve. You can't coach heart and desire which he has in spades. He has all the...
  79. the12thman

    Official Round 24 Bulldogs V Sea Eagles - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Get fucked NRL you corrupt ass clowns
  80. the12thman

    2021 Round 24 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Souths are the biggest flat track bullies ever. Put them under pressure in the finals and they will crumble every time, like last week against Panthers.
  81. the12thman

    Official Lachlan Lewis sacked

    Fair call mate. Better to curse and swear on the course rather than at the TV when the dogs are playing
  82. the12thman

    Rumour Dogs coaching structure

    Thank fuk Gus is at the club and making the hard and ruthless decisions. If he wasn't there would be very little hope for the future
  83. the12thman

    Opinion Attention Trent Barrett

    Hahaha. Nasheed not being here has created a big power vacuum
  84. the12thman

    Official Round 24 Bulldogs V Sea Eagles - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    It's annoying from Baz. What else does he need to see from the players? If he hasn't figured it out by now then help us all.
  85. the12thman

    Official Adam Elliott and Bulldogs part ways

    Elliot to captain/coach an NRLW side. Imagine the bonding sessions
  86. the12thman

    Phil Gould says roster clean out coming to clean salary cap

    Summer of gus. I hope that doesn't mean he will be appearing on TV in his budgie smugglers
  87. the12thman

    Opinion Luke Brooks

    It's scary how average the current crop of halves are. These players are being overcoached structure from a young age and its killing their natural instincts and their ability to play what's in front of them
  88. the12thman

    Dear Gus.....

    Barrett is looking like a massive flight risk atm. If he coaches poorly next year he will go in the Seibold basket of never coaching in NRL again
  89. the12thman

    News Flanagan linked to the Sharks

    When the article says he is linked to the sharks, is that the Terrigal sharks?
  90. the12thman

    Lewis > Averillo and Flanagan

    Is Pearce really a better player than Lachy? If so it's only marginal
  91. the12thman

    2021 bulldogs an absolute shit show

    I love the dogs but I hate watching these filthy freaks play. Bring on 22
  92. the12thman

    2021 Round 23 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    For sure mate. My favourite player in the comp
  93. the12thman

    2021 Round 23 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Yeah its pretty shit. Manly are useless without Tommy Turbo
  94. the12thman

    2021 Round 23 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Cmon. Gus. Get Joey Tapine for next year. Absolute gun. We can trade them Elliot for him.
  95. the12thman

    Adam Elliott’s 100th

    If Elliot does leave will you stick around here Utility? And if so who will be your new man crush at the club?