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    Addo Carr OUT of All Stars

    I think this just shows how serious he and the other players are about our club this year and moving forward. Fucking love it!
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    Official Stephen Crichton signs with the Bulldogs 2024

    What’s this mean for Joash Papalii? I see him coming into first grade in the next few years and killing it, that’s it another club doesn’t now take him off us.
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    Twitter Thread- Non Gus

    I gotta be honest it looks like JJ isn’t happy.. kinda looks bitter or as if he misses actually being in the team.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Maybe Skelton can be our own Nanai. Similar build and skill set from what I’ve seen!
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    2022-2023 Bulldogs Pre Season Thread

    Not sure who it is but I know 100% it’s not Rob Toia
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    Official Josh Jackson Retired Immediately

    There’s Burtos top up
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    Bulldogs sign giant Titans forward

    He plays like a bloke who hasn’t realised his own potential. I think he could be something special. Maybe Willie can take him under his wing and make him realise the damage he’s possible of doing.
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    Round 25 Team list + discussion

    Does flank look across field first Hahahha
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    Opinion Jock Madden

    The Mole must hang around the Kennel a lot
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    Dogs V Parra NSW CUP

    If that was NRL the bloke would get 6-8 weeks regardless if it didn’t touch his head. The lateness and force was terrible watch the replay again. It clearly rocked his head 10x worse compared to if he had the ball and was prepared and taking a hitup
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    Burton x JAC - Combination

    The crazy thing is this combo didn’t even pickup until barrett left. The stats since midway through the season show that. Exciting times!
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    Rumour Josh Reynolds

    Everyone needs to relax FFS. Let’s just ride the wave..
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    Official Team List Round 20 v Knights + Match Discussion

    Get off the fucking pipe!
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    Official Team List Round 20 v Knights + Match Discussion

    He hit him in the fucking head with a swinging arm ffs!!!!
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    Official Team List Round 20 v Knights + Match Discussion

    Honestly I cannot stand BRANDY!!! He goes against anything that may favour the dogs!
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    Official Team List Round 20 v Knights + Match Discussion

    They need a wild card option in the NRL I swear we wouldn’t look out of place in the finals
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    Official Team List Round 20 v Knights + Match Discussion

    Just imagine if we had no Barrett from the beginning of the season. As good as it is seeing this it’s also frustrating. We are too 8 worthy!
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    Official Team List Round 20 v Knights + Match Discussion

    HOLY COUNTRY!! Best combo in the game bruvehhh
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    Official Team List Round 20 v Knights + Match Discussion

    Vaughn is the best $400k we’ve ever spent honestly and I wish he was here just for one more year!
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    Yeah nah
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    News How Dogs found, lost and refound Jacob Kiraz.

    His running style is what makes him hard to tackle because he’s all over the place. The kid has decent speed and actually runs into the opposite like a forward!
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    Opinion Reserve grade on kayo/fox today

    The fact that Skelton has came straight from union and hit the ground running is scary. Imagine a pre season under his belt!
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    Who drops out for Thompson?

    Even if the concussion talk is all crap it’s probably even worse for Gus to be talking about it the way he has because now no club will be too scared to go near him. Who’d want to sign a bloke who’s been out for 2 months with lingering concussion symptoms. Gus ain’t helping us by mentioning this.
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    Who drops out for Thompson?

    Tbh I don’t even think he warrants selections. The team all round has been playing well and I wouldn’t take anyone out to put him im in at this stage.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Gus said it perfectly. “They just fire guns out hoping they’ll hit something”.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Gus said it perfectly. “They just fire guns out hoping they’ll hit something”.
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    Schoupp Out

    Hopefully Skelton can be that Jeremiah Nanai type he’s a gun!
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    Round 19 TPJ against Tino

    Poly mates? He goes after more poly’s on the field than anyone else. He doesn’t need an excuse like the Burton situation but I’m sure he will remember and wont hold back that’s for sure.
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    JAC micd up

    My point is times have changed. All fox is doing is trying to rev his mates up. He’s brought alot of energy since coming to the club and given players extra confidence.
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    JAC micd up

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with fox as a winger saying everything he said. Graham can say that about a winger but it seems to me Fox is doing more revving up to the players on the wing than Jackson as our captain is or has been doing in the middle.
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    Opinion Please no Okunbor

    Casey 100% deserves another shot. Yes he was terrible but what’s the point taking him straight out after playing a game in one of the worst conditions I’ve seen a field in. Give him a go again and see how he performs.
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    Gus hints at possible new signing.

    Taniela Tupou = Tongan Thor [emoji102]
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    Rothfield is the only person who’s saying he can command 1 mill a season and yet he’d be the first bloke to throw the club in the dirt if we signed him for a mill and he didn’t perform. He literally had 2 great games and all of a sudden they think he’s worth a mill FFS!
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    News Doggies boys on Jordan Simi’s Poddy

    Schoupp & King come on from the 40 min mark..
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    Opinion Paul Alamoti

    Rob Toia is still 17. Youngest on the field tonight. Huge unit too for a centre.
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    Opinion Paul Alamoti

    Watch for Rob Toia #4 for QLD. My brother in-laws nephew, I think he has a huge future. Unfortunately he’s with the Chooks. Would be nice if Gus is watching all these boys closely!
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    Opinion For everyone who doesn’t buy the Thompson injury

    He may have a few good hit ups here and there but he’s been costly several times in defence and also with errors. He doesn’t really have them effort plays in defence and seems lazy sometimes. Not to mention the huge salary he is on which could be used a lot better somewhere else.
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    Official Team List Round 15 v Tigers + Match Discussion

    Would really loved to know what is actually going on with Thompson. That’s 2 games now we have killed it without him and barely noticed his absence. Would be handy to free up another 800K .
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    Averillo - Finally Found His Spot

    Shows Barrett had NFI about anything. Had almost 2 seasons with us and never once thought about giving him a shot at fullback. His stubbornness was the end of him.
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    Opinion Luke Thompson

    What about Luciano for the rest of the year. Seems to be in abit of a situation
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    News super talented teen Joash Papalii has re-signed for futher 3 years

    That shimmy and step and very RTS-like
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Hopefully he starts wearing a headgear.
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    Official Team List Round 15 v Tigers + Match Discussion

    We need to put Nu Brown back in his place this weekend after what he did to us last time.
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    News Jacob Kiraz, Corey Allen verbal altercation that ignited Bulldogs,

    He is so unorthodox but that’s what makes him so good. The opposition don’t know what to make of him. You just gotta see how Gutho had no idea when he was coming towards him. Then the split second Kiraz knew Gutho commited to the wing he pinned his ears back and it was lights out!
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Probably NSW CUP MOM. Makatoa next to him was doing the “make it rain” sign so they probably get a nice little bonus when they get it.
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    Burton owns Moses

    I can’t believe the overreaction from Ennis. Players do that all the time when grabbing each other, it’s not a headbutt. Seems to me he’s upset about not being considered to be an assistant or anything to do with the club. You can 100% count that out!
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    burton 10 year deal

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    Aaron Schoupp on how Matt Burton, Josh Addo Carr have Belmore ‘buzzing’

    Yeah it wasn’t the best look. He was spewing haha
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    2022 PREMIERS

    Threads like this is why we will lose to the Tigers next week Fmd lol
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    Official Team List Round 14 v Eels + Match Discussion

    Honestly fuck Freddy. I don’t want him picking neither Fox or Burton. They should remain playing with us not for NSW this year
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    Official Team List Round 14 v Eels + Match Discussion

    Okunbor is honestly pathetic.. he is 1m from sideline and players still managing to get past him. Toia showing great signs though
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    Team List Round 13 v Panthers + Match Discussion

    They didn’t even stop the fucking clock that whole time!!!
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    Wakeham SUSPENDED

    Sister of Kurtis
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    Official Team List Round 12 v Dragons + Match Discussion

    Whoever made that thread about winning next 5 games after the roosters win jinxed the fuck out of us and need to be shot!
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    Official Team List Round 12 v Dragons + Match Discussion

    This is like the 3rd time TPJ has been ruled out very late. Doesn’t seem right.
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    Payne Haas requests immediate release from Broncos

    What was nadens wage? Might have been a reason we let him go.. will be able to squeeze Haas in for the rest of the year
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    Honestly I hope Pangai was being legit but to me it seemed like he could’ve just said it to get the media off his back and to shut them up for abit. We’ve heard these things said in the past so I still wouldn’t be surprised if he leaves.
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    News First Casualty of Barrett Resignation

    I remember 360 last year carrying on about Hetheringtons tackle technique and how it’s going to be a massive problem for us always having him suspended. Now they’re saying he’s a bulldog type player through and through hahaha perfect example of a clear agenda against the club.
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    Official Round 10 v Knights Match Discussion

    I can’t believe people are continually talking about Okunbors meters out of our half. What fucking meters!?
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    NRL360 hidden agenda

    It’s funny how even Hooper said to Kent he would’ve been death riding us and Kent just gave a smirk. Its 100% true.. oh boy if we make the 8 I would be so insanely happy!
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    News Dogs of war to bank on gritty NRL defence

    I wouldn’t call talakai a real defender.. especially in centre. He killed it in attack for a few games but Staggs exposed him.. and so will players like Holmes and others when he comes up against them.
  62. J

    Gerard Sutton

    I’m not buying this “we were warned” bullshit. I watched both teams in defence and when we were defending Sutton was telling us to get up so quickly, yet when we were getting tackled he was calling our OWN players to get up. Nothing was said to their defenders countless times that I witnessed...
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    Opinion Why does this always happen?

    We actually had quicker play the ball speed against Penrith
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    Official Round 4 v Storm Match Discussion

    Fox didn’t even bother to chase.. he has been a real worry
  65. J

    Official Round 4 v Storm Match Discussion

    JMK takes so fucking long to get the footy out of dummy half they are already up on our forwards before they get the ball
  66. J

    Opinion Explanation

    Simple - He’s reading the kennel suggestions.
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    News ‘You can’t do that’: Barrett demands answers over ‘contentious’ Broncos tries

    I can’t believe he used a “feel for the game” or “common sense” as a valid reason to award a try. When has that ever been used? Okunbor had to come in to cover both Isaako and the winger because Averillo was impeded. It changes everything.
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    Official Round 2 vs Broncos Match Discussion

    Is RFM back round 3 still?
  69. J

    Scruffy but some good signs

    I’m concerned that if we happen to have Burto and Fox play origin, that could potentially cost us a top 8 spot. Not saying it will happen but it id much rather them not get picked but I guess most other teams have the same problem
  70. J

    Knockonbur vs Feldt

    What’s Okunbors stats for metres gained? Everyone keeps talking it up but i don’t really see it.
  71. J

    Relax - The Stats Tell The Story

    Burns, Casey, Lumelume.. either of them will be better than Okunbor and they need to decide quickly. If Barrett picks him it’ll cost us the first 6 games and that’s no stretch of the truth!
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    The thing is though, Gus is responsible for the re-signing of Okunbor. It’s one of the first things he done when he arrived.
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    News 20 stars for 2022 Paul Alamoti

    I remember kotoni staggs getting shown up by Morgan Harper in NSW cup. Took him a while but then he just exploded out of nowhere. Alamoti only turned 18 last month so he’s got so much time. He’s going to be a huge talent once he gets some experience.
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    Opinion Jake v Kyle

    You’d almost consider credence. Whag sort of ball playing does he have.. even Dufty at 7 would be better ffs
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    Tamworth Training Open To Public 3/2/22

    They actually beat Melbourne in his first game at 5/8 last year off the back of his huge boot.
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    Official Creedence Toia signs for season 2022

    Looks to have abit of Joey Manu about him. Hopefully he can put on abit more muscle
  77. J

    Cotric to raiders in 2022

    Yeah I just thought that since he hadn’t been at Panthers training as yet there might be more to it considering everyone is still training.. or maybe I’m looking to much into it aha!
  78. J

    Cotric to raiders in 2022

    So I’m not sure if this is public knowledge but a girl I work with was on a plane heading to Fiji yesterday and sitting next to her was Kikau.. go figure
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    Preseason watch: pictures, videos, info for the 2022 preseason

    It was actually within the last few days man. Lumelume started following us about a week or so ago? Pele was well after. But yeah still probably nothing in it who knows.
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    Preseason watch: pictures, videos, info for the 2022 preseason

    Big Franklin Pele from sharks recently started following bulldogs on insta.. not sure if it means anything [emoji57]
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    Preseason watch: pictures, videos, info for the 2022 preseason

    Fuck I can’t wait to watch Alamoti debut!
  82. J

    Pangai Boxing?

    Hahahahaha ur not wrong!
  83. J

    Tigers Confirm Talks With Cotric

    That last try was personal. He ran straight at 12 and through him to score. The same wanker who threw him on the ground around the 20 sec mark.
  84. J

    Train and trial players

    I like him a lot, got abit of Joey Manu about him. Nice crisp passing too!
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    Official Dogs sign Reed Mahoney (4 year deal)

    Quick someone get Dufty & Avo a headgear ASAP!
  86. J

    Official Dogs sign Reed Mahoney (4 year deal)

    I certainly hope we ain’t thinking about breaking the bank for this bloke. What about if one of our hookers kill it this season? Even cook? I don’t think this guy is our answer if he is asking $700k+
  87. J

    Official November 1

    They actually signed Ben Teo as their first signing lmao
  88. J

    Preseason watch: pictures, videos, info for the 2022 preseason

    It’s as if he told Zap to shut up for 5 minutes and he’ll do all the talking LOL
  89. J

    Preseason watch: pictures, videos, info for the 2022 preseason

    Would be nice to see more than 4 pictures every training session FMD
  90. J

    News Brandon Smith breaks silence on Melbourne Storm future

    I’m so off this guy, it’s not worth breaking the bank for Smith, we’ll have upgrade several players soon we need to work with what we have for now and sort out a decent halfback.
  91. J

    Your Opinion on the 1-17 next season

    The fact that Averillo wasn’t even given 1 shot all season at fullback shows he isn’t going to be selected there.
  92. J

    Joshua Reynolds

    I've got a really bad feeling about Josh coming back with these new strict shoulder charge changes, I can just see him running out of the line to put a hit on resulting in being charged and missing the whole finals.. Hope im wrong!
  93. J

    Fundraising Bets for Assassin

    Not sure what's going on but put me down for $20 :)
  94. J

    Luke v Sandow

    For those wanting to know, the altercation had nothing to do with the game, its about Sandow rocking up to Luke's house drunk while he was away for the 4 nations and trying to root his Mrs..
  95. J

    Dogs nines squad

    I got $50 on dogs to win the 9's plus the premiership in a multi at $147-1 how bout them for odds..