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    2022 Round 22 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    If that pass was called forward, it will still be 6-0 not 18-6
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    News Thursday Afternoon Super Lunch

    At Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre
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    News Thursday Afternoon Super Lunch

    It was called Kingston Corner at South Hurstville. Corner of Connels Point Rd and King Georges Rd. Back in 2003 to 2006 I don't own it anymore. I'm in Brisbane now running a Kebab store
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    News Thursday Afternoon Super Lunch

    This is back in 2003 to 2006 I honestly don't remember what he had
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    News Thursday Afternoon Super Lunch

    Phil Gould loves his KEBABS He use to come to my kebab shop after every Friday night Footy game commentary...
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    Penalty for a headclash?

    Ref calls building up f@#$%^% NRL REFS
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    2022 State of Origin Game 2 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    F#$%#@& former Penrith player, Burto is a Bulldogs player get used to it you F$%@$@# commentators....
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    News Jack Wighton- out of dogs clash

    I have the same problem with Burto but decided to keep him because of the easier teams his facing, don't forget we (Bulldogs)had a tough draw...
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    Official Round 7 v Broncos Match Discussion

    Rained for about 20 minutes at 6pm now it's all dry
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    Absolutely spot on
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    I don't think this is Nrl anyone wants, it's only beneficial to like u said half of the fans and betting.
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    I have watched Rugby league for 35 years AND

    This is the worst post I've seen, even worst than Nasheed. Tim Lafai came off when he came in defence and Warriors scored maybe the coach told him to stay on your man and he's only 19 playing out of position not like we expect miracles from him...
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    Round 14 team and game day discussion

    F$%* I hate Greg Alexander's commentary against us....
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    Napa should be dropped

    Knights players were trying to avoid Napa all game even big Klemmer changed his direction couple of times when he saw Napa coming to him. Let's just enjoy the win Go Dogs
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    Official Official Origin Game 3 Teams and Discussion

    Tedesco and Cook saved our halves from embarrassment
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    Round 15 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Souths need to play Bulldogs to get back inform....
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    Rep Round - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    If our player's played with passion like KUMUL's, I reckon we'll be in top 8
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    RUMOUR: Latrell Mitchell Consolidated Thread

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    Opinion What happened to tackles around legs?

    So what's the B plan, when not tackling around the legs been ineffective? Our coach should have answer for that, that's way he's their...
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    Opinion What happened to tackles around legs?

    Watching the game against Roosters our defence was way off, compare to other clubs. We were giving way too much after contact meters, simply because there was no one tackling around the legs or coming In late to tackle around the legs (e.g noticed JMK during the game, going around legs once and...
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    News Greg Inglis enters rehab after Magic Round bender.

    Reminds me of "solomon haumono"
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    Opinion Who’s going to the game this saturday?

    Even the wogs who support manly become rednecks at the game...[emoji6][emoji38][emoji16]
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    Super Ref

    Agreed, I use to go most of Bulldogs games, last 3 years I haven't been to any NRL games because I believe it's rigged....
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    News Bennet and Kent bitch to media.

    Agree, that's probably why he spoke about ruck...
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    News Bennet and Kent bitch to media.

    WB manipulated the media ... Calls against Bulldogs was all forgotten
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    Official Round 5 - Dogs vs Dragons - Consolidated Match Thread

    Everyone is laughing at us !
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    'What's he supposed to do?': Rare decision divides NRL fans

    Try or noTRY every club should get the same treatment and also captains...
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    Three huge calls that cost us big time

    Mate 12-0 Bulldogs leading rules changed we were never going to win...
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    Official Round 4 - Dogs vs Storm - Consolidated Match Thread

    And this is why I don't go to games anymore....
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    The Slater shoulder charge thread - Update: Now Charged

    They even put count down clock on fox for Slater's hearing...[emoji38]
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    South Sydney players in alleged lewd video chat - Consolidated Thread

    Round 1 NRL 1 vs BULLDOGS 0 Round 2 BULLDOGS vs NRL
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    News Bulldogs deal left CHN with agonising decision

    Yeah right defence is K.Holland's problem a bit and hopefully he fixes it or else he's a good player.. Agreed
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    News Bulldogs deal left CHN with agonising decision

    I think best utility coming of the bench was Kerrod Holland. He was making good meters out of dummy half and also covers backline.
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    Team of Photographers deployed by Telegraph to ambush the Dogs.

    Nrl should worry about Rugby league e.g Crowds, referees, salary cap...... instead of bullying Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs team on and off the field. We should take the assholes to court for killing our game.....
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    Dean Pay on Talkin’ Sport

    Few weeks, must be after finals... 2 players from teams playing finals...
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    NRL Round 24 | Non Bulldogs Team Lists & Discussions

    F%$#@$% shit watching games with no crowds....
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    NRL Round 22 | Non Bulldogs Team Lists & Discussions

    Refs look like Parra player's !
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    NRL Round 21 | Non Bulldogs Team Lists & Discussions

    F%$# Nrl officials and commentators
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    Name a Random NRL Player

    Steve O'Brien
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    Brett Morris signs with Roosters

    Is Bulldogs fielding a team next year ?
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    State of Origin Game 3 - Teams and Game Discussion

    So when it's strong tackle you can lay on player's long as u want "that I haven't heard before"
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    BULLDOGS BITE: Who will Canterbury Bulldogs fans blame now that Des Hasler is gone?

    This one is for u [emoji867][emoji867][emoji867][emoji867][emoji867]
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    BULLDOGS BITE: Who will Canterbury Bulldogs fans blame now that Des Hasler is gone?

    We still blame Des (stubborn) Hasler. Dean pay is blameless, how the f&$# can u blame anyone 2 rounds in to the comp with Haslers playing group, this guy must be desperate and dumb enough to write this..
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    Rhyse Martin

    Stats you provided seems like a unhappy player. I'll give him chance over Elliot any day specially after the world cup when he's confidence was up...
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    Round 3 team vs panthers (opinion not official)

    For a edge player (speed and attack) He's never been trialled their before and I think he will shine as a edge player...
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    Round 3 team vs panthers (opinion not official)

    Morris has got speed,attack and defence to be a edge player just what dogs need. Also he's good to cover any injuries in the backline rotation.
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    Why are people criticising Pay

    Absolutely This is the roster Hasler left him He needs to rebuild the team and long as he's not stubborn like Hasler was give player's deserve a run.
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    Round 3 team vs panthers (opinion not official)

    Move Jackson to lock J.Morris to edge Anderson or Olive to centres Gives us extra speed Bench: faulolo, taulau, Martin, Lewis.
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    UK teachers told to stop calling female students 'girls'

    So which school do they go to if it's all boys school or all girls school?
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    Roosters need Nikorima gone.. Nikorima now facing drugs ban.

    NRL should investigate the obvious
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    The Rugby League World Cup 2017

    It's world cup for god sake.
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    The Rugby League World Cup 2017

    Agree, this is how they f $@# up the game of rugby league.
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    Message to Pay and Tolman

    I think Tolman has good offloads in him, if Dean Pay let's him offload and runs straight and hard, he will be right player to keep.
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    Awards night

    When do we find out if hasler sacked or not?
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    Round 24 - Dogs v Manly - Team List and Discussion Thread

    Why wouldn't Des Hasler pick Josh Cleeland in first grade, that ***** got rocks in his head... He thinks he's not ready for FG....
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    Who would you prefer as a coach : Des or Daley?

    I'll rather have J.Taylor over those two
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    Cameron Smith

    Best captain at all levels....
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    Cameron Smith

    Love or hate Cameron Smith he's the best captain I've seen, he gives his all at club level, SOO or playing for Australia, and he also manages to manipulate the referees , I would love to have a captain like that at the Bulldogs.......
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    State of Origin Discussion

    I've only seen bulldogs get penalised for block's
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    State of Origin Discussion

    Just give the game to QLD why waste time
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    And this is why the crowd's are decreasing, ref calls were one sided and they got what they wanted.
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    Your opinion on why Hasler won't change our game plan....

    It's like gambling, u loose money and want to win back the money So you put more money and you do the same thing over and over again and at the end you don't win, your just stubborn to loose more money. I see Hasler has the same sickness or stubbornness, I think players and supporters had enough...
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    Are we matchfixing?

    I don't think our team is smart enough to matchfix....... All bunch of matchboxes.......
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    Round 13 - Dogs vs Panthers - Team List and Game Discussion Thread

    Commentators love seeing all this, their laughing at us
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    Dib "Hasler will not be sacked over Manly game, club working on his contract"

    We became joke of rugby league And yet they blah blah blah
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    Des Hasler

    Dear des, Now days *when our backs kick return and make over 10 metres, I cheer like we scored a try... *When halves kick and bounces before their backs, I cheer like we got a line drop out... *when forwards play the ball after a tackle, big relief they held the ball... *I feel like I'm watching...
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    Australian Four Nations Squad Announced

    My son was really excited, waiting for the game......
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    Roberts Charged, Parker Free to play.

    P.sterling was talking about the first try broncos scored and he said in the books it was a try and laughed, well in the books it's a head butt by Parker and in the books it was a kick by Roberts for eveyone to see, surely they should get suspended by the books if not their not fooling anyone.....
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    FINALS Week 1

    They should just give the game to broncos it's so fukcing obvious
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    why is the media so focused on us

    Because it's the weakest semifinal, They want big crowd at the game.
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    SOO Game 2 discussion

    I reckon M.Pearce will do a better job having B.Austin next to him, Austin is a great runner with the ball, unlike previous five eights we had.
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    SOO Game 2 discussion

    1.Tedesco 2.T.Trbojevic 3.J.Bird 4.J.Roberts 5.J.Mansour 6.B.Austin 7.M.Pierce This will be my team for game 3 or next year, fck the current backline and the coach:I.Cleary
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    why do we have halves

    Recruitment has been terrible since Des has been with the bulldogs, I'm not saying he should go, but recruitment should be better with speed out wide and kicking game for next year, we have the forwards......
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    why do we have halves

    I think we're just too slow at the backs, our forwards set the platform but our backs don't capitalise, i don't remember our backs taking control of a game, like the opposition backs taking control in the last 2 weeks...
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    Bulldogs coach Des Hasler’s blast after Bulldogs lose Josh Morris ahead of Raiders clash

    Agree, I've been sick of reading the same shit.... 2144 is that Auburn p.c
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    I miss when..

    I miss when bulldogs were called 'the entertainers'
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    Would you - Mal Meninga for coach?

    I think Des is a good coach and ref's kill our momentum evey time we get on a roll.......
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    Penalty analysis

    I haven't seen a obstruction penalty in any game with out a try been scored and we were penalised against gc for that..... Fck talk about gc slowing the play the ball i agree.....
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    Des Hasler hones in on Canterbury Bulldogs' inconsistency

    I don't think so and nothing will be sorted. With the refs not giving 50/50 calls and killing all our momentum each game but 1.
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    Round 7 - Dogs vs Warriors - NRL/NYC Discussion Thread & Team Lists

    What's the fckng game plan? Don't let mbye or backs touch the ball...
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    Hazem el Masri rejects the NRL's offer

    At the end he left as a 1 club man and highest point scorer , so you'll think he deserves something out of this, as for u (duckberts) you sound like one of those cold blooded animals who hates everyone but your self.....
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    Round 5 - Dogs vs Raiders - NRL/NSWRL/NYC Discussion Thread & Team Lists

    I felt sorry for the people that went to the game tonight, they should refund the money and give free tickets to next game in expense of R.castle
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    Round 5 - Dogs vs Raiders - NRL/NSWRL/NYC Discussion Thread & Team Lists

    We get dominated because Des has his favorites tolman williams at the backs parrot, fckng tolman was playing scared he looked like he didn't want to run
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    Round 5 - Dogs vs Raiders - NRL/NSWRL/NYC Discussion Thread & Team Lists

    *U20's don't play with heart *Nsw cup side can't get a win a game *Fg side have no idea of set plays always predictable *SOMEONE HAS TO GO?
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    Round 5 - Dogs vs Raiders - NRL/NSWRL/NYC Discussion Thread & Team Lists

    Fcking shittest game I've watched for a long time
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    Des Hasler...

    You guys are nuts for begging des, he has injury prone year and u guys start begging , i think our halves will combine better next year once des finds the game plan for them, they can't play worst, it will just improve..
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    Now I understand..

    Long time a go (early 2000's), i was with a mate watching bulldogs vs newcastle match at anz and newcastle fans were swearing at hazem elmasri in a real racial manner their was police and security doing nothing about it, they were more concerned lebs would hear what they were saying, instead of...
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    NRL referees' boss Tony Archer backs Sydney Roosters prop Kane Evans' try

    Archer is the puppet, the system failed they just don't admit to it.... F$$$$$$ try my ass, what have we been watching all these years to know that was a try or not they think people are stupid......