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    News Pangai jnr vows to protect Burton if Tino tries it on again

    I think in today’s game TPJ needs to watch Lattrell Mitchell, look what he did to Joseph Manu he’s supposed to be a good friend and he broke his jaw. He’s a thug and I wouldn’t be shocked if he went after Burton.
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    Who is/was your favourite player growing up from the Bulldogs?

    Old lady here: Les Johns Mercy Hicks Ron Raper John Greaves George Taylforth.
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    The Panthers defense

    Melbourne do the same thing.
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    News $BW-I had so many drugs in my system I could have died-SBW admission in his new book

    My husband, son and son-in-law played golf with Steve Reardon and he said that Falzon was beautiful but and absolutely crazy, really high maintenance couldn’t understand why Anasta kept going out with her.
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    Reflections on Dogs v Parra 98

    I still remember the names of the 2 parramatta supporters sitting behind us Pam and Sue. They wanted to buy their GF tickets before the game even started. Kept saying we’ve waited 13years for this, when the game finished I turned around and said looks like you’ll be waiting another 13years.
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    Who Do You think is the Best Goal Kicker Ever?

    Don’t forget our sisters favourite George Taylsforth
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    Official Phil Gould to be the Bulldogs' new General Manager of Football

    I was at that game. One of the best games I’ve been to over the years.
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    News Sam Burgess hit with drug-driving charge after secondary test results

    I’m waiting for the Gus Gould interview that tells the story of why he went off the rails, that it’s so out of character for him and he deserves another chance.
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    Bulldogs Merch at Cotton On

    I want to get one for my husband. He’ll never look like Trent in it but one can fantasise.
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    News Bulldogs on channel 9

    We were having a holiday on Daydream Island and we were at Hamilton Island waiting for our plane home when Trent Barrett and his wife walked into the airport they were on their honeymoon. When it was time to board the plane I grabbed my sons hand and raced across the tarmac and caught up to them...
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    Sam Burgess MEGATHREAD

    I find the timing of this article is done because everyone will be talking about the final series and it will be forgotten by the time the GF is played.
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    News Up to 10 Brisbane Broncos, including embattled player Tevita Pangai Jnr, allegedly breached COVID-19 restrictions by socialising at the Everton Park

    The thing that surprises me is that Bulldogs players haven’t been followed to try and get photos of them breaking the rules. I thought that would have been done for sure.
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    Why do you follow the Bulldogs?

    Unlike Chris I wasn’t born in that hospital and I was born in 1953 but Chris is my brother and following The Bulldogs or Berries as we grew up calling them is very strong in our family.
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    News Josh Addo-Carr and Latrell Mitchell caught breaking COVID-19 rules (now with added Nathan Cleary)

    Adding-Carr said they took the boys out to do some things about their culture. I’m not sure how shooting and riding motor bikes qualifies as Aboriginal culture.
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    Do we only have 2 pool games?

    Aren’t the roosters main team going to England to play over there.
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    NRL Preliminary Final, 1998 - Canterbury Bulldogs vs Parramatta Eels

    We had Eels supporters sitting behind us, I still remember their names Pam and Sue. They went and bought their grand final tickets that day before the game even started they were so convinced Parramatta was going to win. Kept saying we’ve waited 13years for this. When the game finished I turned...
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    Official NRL hand down full list of sanctions after off season from hell.

    Why didn’t they have points deducted?
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    Dragons star faces court over gang rape allegations

    I think unless you’ve been in the situation this girl was you can’t really say what you would do. It’s a tough thing to judge.
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    Favourite regular season try

    Sorry I’m for an old one. 1975 Dogs v Manly at Belmore. Norm Thomas does a great run then the ball goes through about 13 sets of hand before Keith Harris finishes off with what Rex Mossop called try of the year. Still is the best try ever ( my opinion).
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    Official Cronulla release Valentine Holmes to pursue NFL dream

    Gallen having a whinge saying you sign a contract you should honour it. Bet he wouldn’t be saying that if they signed Klemmer
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    20 years today since classic prelim final v eels.

    I was trying to be polite.
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    20 years today since classic prelim final v eels.

    We were at the game as well, even made it to the tv when Pollamounter kicked the field goal in extra time. The parramatta supporters behind us ( still remember their names.. Pam and Sue) wanted to buy their GF tickets before the game even started. They said we’ve waited 13years for this, after...
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    South Sydney players in alleged lewd video chat - Consolidated Thread

    I’m starting to think the old “my account was hacked” is going to be used tomorrow at the press conference. They’ll probably have a nobody that can be sacked without it interfering with the team to take the fall for the incident.
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    South Sydney players in alleged lewd video chat - Consolidated Thread

    It’s ok his brother has come out and said Sam made a mistake, so it will be fine now he’s admitted he was wrong and the NRL will accept he’s sorry all will be right with the world again.
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    South Sydney players in alleged lewd video chat - Consolidated Thread

    I don’t normally weigh in on these issues but after reading all the comments I have to say, it should never have gotten to the stage that he was taking photos of his penis and sending them to her. As soon as she got in touch with him he should have BLOCKED her. He’s a married man with a child...
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    The Board have undone all the good work.

    I had lunch with a former board member on Wednesday, and they said if the old board was still there the players involved would have had their contracts torn up. Don’t shoot me I’m only the messenger.
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    2 Tigers in drug investigation

    An ex- bulldog player Reynolds so they can still make an association with the Bulldogs by saying “former Bulldogs player, Josh Reynolds”. That’s probably the only reason it made the news because he was one of the players.
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    Darius Boyd Complaining

    He’s the player I hate most in the game, I just want to slap him.
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    We have lost 8 games this season by 6 or less points

    How many of those games did they lose because they didn’t have a decent goal kicker? If Martin was playing would it have made a difference?
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    Bulldog Legends #4: Les Johns

    Ah!! Les Johns my favourite Bulldog player.
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    Consolidated Refs Thread

    I’m starting to think the Sharks are becoming the new Roosters, they seem to have an unlimited salary cap and get all the good calls by the referees.
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    Lets change it up... Top 3 greatest moments?

    1967 stopping St George from winning 12 straight.
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    2018 Top 5 Fav / Hated players

    Darius Boyd. Every time I see him I just want them slap him.
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    NRL Round 7 | Non Bulldogs Team Lists & Discussions

    Absolutely appalling, he should have been sent off and then to stand a cheer him, he could have broken that players jaw.
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    I’d be mad to reject superstar role: Mbye

    My son was talking to David Klemmer on the weekend and Klemmer said Mybe is going to be a superstar at fullback.
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    1999 Round 1 v Souths

    Love watching that game, we were there and when they kick the first field goal in extra time the camera pans to the crowd and you see my 2 daughters, and the atmosphere leaving the ground was amazing.
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    Mitchell Pearce spits the dummy

    That's funny. If you try to stir crap at least get the date correct.
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    Which Steve Price, the one that used to coach Dragons or ex-bulldog Steve Price?
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    Interest in Michael Maguire

    Don't forget leaving Sam Burgess on the field in the GF after breaking his jaw and then Maguire bitching about Graham not going off for a concussion test when they played Souths.
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    We Knock the Drags Out Again

    I was at that game as well. We might have seen each other.........only kidding you my dear brother. I remember a young Saints supporter sitting behind us crying.
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    Going to be a good game this week (vs Dragons)

    Maybe not but it sure as hell made me feel better and I didn't touch her like she did to my daughter.
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    Dugan misses Team Bus

    Apparently he missed the flight back from Brisbane. Why haven't we heard more about these indiscretions?
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    Going to be a good game this week (vs Dragons)

    We were at a game at Kogarah and a Dragons supporter ( an elderly woman) grab my daughter and told her to sit down and not to stand up when the Bulldogs scored I was so annoyed when they scored I turned around and told her to sit her old fat arse down because the people behind her couldn't see.
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    Round 24 - Dogs v Manly - Team List and Discussion Thread

    They played The Bledisloe Cup there last night.
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    NRL LURKER: Manly building war chest for Origin star

    I was in the grandstand yesterday and can confirm there was booing, it wasn't at half time, it was when the ground announcer said lets make some noise for the Bulldogs just after the Knights scored their 3rd try.
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    Round 16 Dogs v Warriors - Team List and Game Discussion Thread

    I wish they were free, I got 8 in the grandstand cost me a fortune.
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    Des Hasler accuses referees of ‘panicking’ in loss to Sydney Roosters

    I was going to win a big multi if they had of scored with six to go.
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    Bulldogs Culture Change For 2018

    I understand everyone's concern over how Hasler has been a monumental failure in delivery us not only a premiership but a football team we love to watch play every week. When Reynolds announced he was leaving some were saying Foran must have already agreed to terms or why else would they let...
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    Round 11 - non bulldogs games

    How does Fafita not get penalised for not playing the ball properly. He makes no attempt to put his foot anywhere near the ball.
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    Matthew Johns analyses Kieran Foran’s arrival at Canterbury Bulldogs

    I know I'm a lot older than many here (alzheimers hasn't set it yet) , but where is all of this talk on Graham leaving coming from? Has some journo just made it all up to try and tear the Bulldogs apart or is it true?
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    woods to cut his hair????

    He could donate the hair to wigs for kids, they make wigs for children going through cancer treatments.
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    The Price is Right (Reynold/Foran Edition)

    I'm excited that Foran has been signed, but it comes with a little bit of sadness that Reynolds has gone.
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    Kieran Foran signs with the Bulldogs for 3 years

    You made me laugh. My mother's 91 lives in a nursing home and she has a shandy. . Unless it means something else to you youngsters.
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    Bulldog supporters. Where are you from?

    I'm a lot older than you the people I know have probably all moved on (or died). But I'm sure there was a guy there that ended up have a high profile job with Canberra Raiders.
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    Bulldog supporters. Where are you from?

    I know Patonga, my husbands Aunty lived there.
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    Bulldog supporters. Where are you from?

    Had cousins lived in Whitfield Crescent, Narwee.
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    Bulldog supporters. Where are you from?

    Born and Breed in Belmore. Now call Mount Annan home. You can take the girl our of Belmore but you can never take Belmore out of the girl.
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    Foran's Bulldogs deal one step closer

    Foran just on channel 9 denying he's made a deal with the Bulldogs.
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    Foran's Bulldogs deal one step closer

    Absolutely it still sits badly with me, I'm convinced they were handed that premiership because they've done nothing since.
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    Hasler - "Really Proud" + Match Highlights

    Me too. I won $200.00. I'm not a gambling person (would prefer to buy shoes than place a bet) but just had a feeling about the game today so took the punt (pun intended) and won. Woo Hoo!!!
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    Round nine discussion non bulldogs games

    Oscar winning Paul. Been taking acting lessons from Soward.
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    Yeeeww!! Hope you're going to have a shower now.... and don't forget to clean the bath for the poor bugger that uses it after you.
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    Round 9 - Dogs vs Raiders - Team List and Game Discussion thread.

    Looks that way, if they win and keep on winning I'll happily stay in exile for the rest of the season.
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    Round 9 - Dogs vs Raiders - Team List and Game Discussion thread.

    Same here I just messaged my son downstairs and said I'm staying up here I don't want to jinx them.
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    Do you ever see red when you see a certain players head on tv

    Yep, Darius Boyd every time I see him I just want to do a Klemmer to him and slap his smug face.
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    Aaron Woods??

    Have you seen Fifita from the Sharks he has to be the worst in the NRL at that.
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    Sharks superstar Ben Barba in cocaine crisis just days after 2016 NRL Premiership win

    I thought they said last night on the news that his first game banned was the Challenge Cup game, so does that mean he only has 11 NRL games to miss.
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    Me too, still get nervous even though I know they won and still crack up laughing at the girl crying at the end.
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    Turvey resigned

    I'm as gutted as the rest of you I love Steve Mortimer, but in saying that I can't turn my back on the bulldogs, I've been following them for a long, long time (the first GF I went to was in '67). Like the rest of you I've stayed loyal through salary cap issues and Coffs Harbour scandal and...
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    Des Hasler arrives at Bulldogs HQ for board meeting

    Channel 7 said the meeting lasted 15minutes. They've got no idea.
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    Rebecca Wilson dies aged 54...

    Like the rest of you I wasn't a fan but my thoughts and prayers are with her family today. RIP.
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    Corey Parker Prove's He's NRL's Biggest Hypocrite/Whinger

    I think we can all remember the game against Parramatta a few years ago when Hindmarsh ran over and had an altercation with Ennis after he said something to him, I'm sure he wasn't saying I respect you.
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    Bulldogs to make bid for foran...

    Channel 9 news break saying Hayson admits putting $30,000.00 into Forans account.
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    Which Bangwagon are you currently on?

    Yep, It's difficult probably Cows because of JT. Sharks piss me off (don't know why) after yesterday don't think I want Panthers to win, don't like Ricky Stuart and after Friday night fiasco no way want the Broncos there.
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    Josh Morris' potential try ?

    Both those decision were at crucial times of the game and were absolutely game changes.
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    He's a criminal in the making.
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    FINALS Week 1

    Thats my hope.
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    We were there as well and the 2 women (parra supporters) behind us (still remember their names...Pam and Sue) were going to get their GF tickets that day, they were so confident of winning, going on and on about not winning a GF for 13 years and this was their year. When the game finished I...
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    Jack Wighton

    Have to agree I think The Sharks are the glory, glory team this year.
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    Hasler, tell us what more do you want?

    I don't think he has the passion for the Bulldogs like he had for Manly and it shows in his attitude at the press conferences and his behaviour in the dressing rooms and coaches box, no doors being ripped off, no throwing things or yelling at referees.
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    Round 25- General discussion thread

    Exactly. Chooks will play as badly as they did at the beginning of the year, but I'm sure they'll be well compensated for it. My brother calls me cynical but I just call it as I see it.
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    Round 25 - Dogs vs Cowboys - NRL/NSWRL/NYC Discussion Thread & Team Lists

    My husband isn't into the football as much as me, but being the good husband he is he watches all Bulldogs games with me, and every game this year that Hopoate played in he comments about how bad he is and every game he lets in a soft try.
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    Round 24 - General Discussion Thread

    Listening to it in the car and the commentators were even saying everything was going the Raiders way in the second half.
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    Round 24 - General Discussion Thread

    I might be looking through rose coloured glasses , but I keep thinking they must be doing something right to be in 4th position, it's not pretty but it's getting the job far.
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    Round 22 - General Discussion

    Come on Wolfie, I'm in hospital and need some cheering up, Sharks not being in the finals would do it for me.
  86. J

    Round 22 - General Discussion

    Are any of us close with our theories Wolfie???
  87. J

    Round 22 - General Discussion

    Ok my thought is they are over the salary cap and are going to lose 37 points and be fined a $250.000.00.
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    Bulldogs mourn stalwart Lloyd White but his son Sean will continue to shine at club

    So touching, I was crying reading this beautiful story. RIP Lloyd a true Bulldog. My condolences to Sean.
  89. J

    Hayne snubs eels and signs with Titans!

    Obviously his manager is more interested in his commission than what Hayne might have wanted, maybe he would have been happy with the offer from Parramatta but wasn't given the choice
  90. J

    Round 21 general discussion.

    I think the NRL have decided it's the year of the Shark. They are going to ride them to the GF like they did for Souths.
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    Round 21 - Dogs vs Dragons - NRL/NSWRL/NYC Discussion Thread & Team Lists

    Teaches them how to throw a forward pass.
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    1995 semi vs Dragons on Fox Sports 1

    Watching the game, can't get over what a dirty player Tallis was. He polaxed Robert Relf should have been sent off, then he deliberately stands on Dean Pays hand and wouldn't get off.
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    Rd20 other games

  94. J

    36 to nothing why is it whenever we NEED to win we lose brilliantly?

    After last nights performance I think they will struggle against Dragons and Knights and both those teams are abysmal.
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    Round 14 - Dogs vs Dragons - NRL/NSWRL/NYC Discussion Thread & Team Lists

    Didn't Valentine Holmes score one like that in the first half? Looks like he knocked the ball forward and collected it and ran the length of the field.
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    Round 14 non Bulldogs discussion

    Went on to the Silvertails forum, and they are blowing up big time about it. Want him out of the club ASAP!!
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    Round 14 - Dogs vs Dragons - NRL/NSWRL/NYC Discussion Thread & Team Lists

    That's what Dragons supporters are saying of FB.
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    Darius "Lockyer" Boyd

    Yes he did the poor kid was in the dressing room say Gordy hurt me he was being too rough. I remember it because I thought how awful it was.
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    Darius "Lockyer" Boyd

    I saw that episode and I had a change of heart about Wayne Bennett especially when he said the one thing in life that upsets him is his son can't say that he's proud of him and the things he's achieved. Also didn't like Gordon Tallis after it he would tease the boy and make him cry.