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    Repatriation of IS Wives and Children

    Thoughts? Australians in Syrian detention camps to be brought home by federal government - ABC News
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    Opinion Call for tackling ban for under 14's
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    Opinion Today's How Good Is That :)

    Post feel good vids and positive affirmations.
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    News Annesley
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    News In The News

    What a waste :(
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    News US Police

    More to this clip. Guy apparently assaulted one of the cops. All have been stood down under investigation. They sure get stuck into him.
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    Ikea Comedy

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    News Round 14 Potter/Jackson Press Conference
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    News Kafusi: Deliberate Forearm or Not
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    Tonight's Presser V Panfers

    Potter is a straight shooter.
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    News New Government

    Tony Burke with submission for min wage increase.
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    News UK Challenge Cup Live-Jack Cogger playing for Huddersfield Giants.

    Jai Field playing as well for Wigan.
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    Political Humour

    See something funny, put it in here for a laugh about our pollies. Aussie or Others. Right wing/left wing. BoJo/ScoMo/Albo/Puto/Bido.
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    Our NRL coaches are dull by comparison lol
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    Part 2 Gus' Tackle Six
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    Official Bulldogs Reject Sports Betting
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    Turvey Unwell

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    Charlie Pickerings the Year that Was 2021

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    The Chaser Thread

    Put all Chaser stuff in here :)
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    Cost to Australia Holding Each Refugee
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    Booz Roughfield Thread

    He needed his own thread to post all his work. Read the comments lol
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    Australian Political Issues of the Day
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    Fed Govt's new proposed voting legislation

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    Climate Change

    Geez pretty full on from Dan Ilic.
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    Fergo's Book Title Suggestions lol

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    The Pork Barrelling/Rort Thread

    All pork barelling and rorts. All Governments. Don't discriminate. Show us what you got :grinning:
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    Mark O'Meley Big Walk for Little Kids

    Lots of ex-Bulldog team mates helping Ogre reach his target...if you can help out too, it's for a great cause.
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    Penrith Junior System

    No doubt Gus will be overseeing this type of Bulldogs commitment, training and effort into our junior system. (BTW Berala Bears getting $5000 from Telstra for being Api's junior club)...
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    News Penrith Say Gould got Ivan Cleary sacking wrong and he now has the job for life lol

    This Fletcher bloke is a gronk.
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    News $BW-I had so many drugs in my system I could have died-SBW admission in his new book

    Can anyone post this from SMH today. Blaming the Bulldogs for it all tho I guess. "Racism, deep depression and a warning from a doctor he could die from drug use: Sonny Bill Williams has waited 13 years to tell the true story behind his walkout on the Bulldogs. By Danny Weidler"
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    News Bulldogs 2019 Season Review

    Everything old is new again.
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    ABC Foreign Correspondent

    OMG watch this week's episode. Incredible. How Australia's second hand clothes end up in Ghana and then the rubbish heaps of outcast clothing. Just so sad. There's replays or iView.
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    News Gus' Summer League Idea
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    Barnaby Joyce

    Gotta be drunk surely?
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    News Govt votes to keep companies who received jobkeeper secret.

    Why can't taxpayers have some transparency for their taxpayer dollars. Our Govt always votes for secrecy. Why? It should be a mandated law. Companies that received JobKeeper during COVID-19 pandemic to remain secret after federal government rejects bill...
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    News Rooty Hill RSL

    Thought some on here might be interested (West HQ) ABC Investigation on funding grants and shady deals with Arbib. West HQ allegedly gave cash to its own pet projects while ignoring needy local charities
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    Luc Longly-Last Dance Non-Involvement

    Save The Last Dance for me
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    Dogzilla still going ok.
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    News Josh Massoud

    Lost his court case.
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    Four Corners

    For anyone interesred: Another brilliant investigation again by Four Corners tonight on the demise of Greensill Capital and GFC Sanjay Gupta (Whyalla).
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    The New Thread for Paul Vaughan

    For those who only want to talk about Paul Vaughan. PS Sorry CBB I created this before you locked the other one. Block if that's the best way to go.
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    News Murray Cod/Mice yikes!

    If you have a weak stomach...look away.
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    Will Manly Dessie be fined as much as Bulldogs Dessie and the voldemonts :)

    Will we see a media beat up? Different clubs. Different result? Be interesting to see.
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    News Thurston's All Time Great Indigenous Team
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    Australian Story-Associate Professor Michelle Telfer-Transgender Youth Transitioning

    This topic came up recently. Thought some may be interested. This is from tonight's Australian Story.
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    News US policing Controversy

    Out of control law enforcement. This is confronting if you have any human decency. Several Colorado police don't. Just wicked.
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    News Davey Warner

    Of course anyone suggesting India? be#ting? would be way off the mark.
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    News Domestic Violence Thread

    What can be done about this to stop it happening. Absolutely tragic. SA Police reveal identity of man and baby girl who died at Whispering Wall
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    Bulldogs Country U18's Team
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    Anybody watch this last night re virus "late" reporting? Next week its about Chinese trade payback to make an example of Australia.
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    News Govt Milkshake Consent Ad for Teenagers Considered a Fail

    The Govt cant be serious. This is designed for teenagers.
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    L Mitchell Charged

    "The Rubgy League Report Latrell Mitchell has been sighted for THREE separate incidents in last night game against the Wests Tigers Grade two dangerous contact (head/neck) charge on David Nofaluma, 4 weeks if he fights it and loses, 3 for early guilty plea. This one was not even penalised on...
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    American article. Eight years ago I visited the newly built Afghan National Defence university in Qargha, outside Kabul, for a ceremony at which NATO formally handed over military control to Afghan forces. My battered notebook says that Anders Fogh Rasmussen, then NATO’s secretary-general...
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    Murdoch Royal Commission

    Turnbull now calls for Murdoch Royal Commission. Lets get Daily Telucrap held to account.
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    News Blues Fest Cancelled

    Byron Bay Bluesfest cancellation over COVID case angers music industry and fans
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    News NEDS Rate 2021 Jerseys

    Surprisingly they rate Titans No.1 :)
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    News Tallis: Broncos to Implode

    Is this gonna help us, hinder us or no effect bc we need to look after our own game first.
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    Wishing our new look team, players, juniors, coaching and conditioning staff all the very best for a successful 2021 NRL campaign. A new era has begun.
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    Opinion On going list of all good implemented policies and legislation by either party for Australia.

    I'm making 2 posts so we can easily see who has the better record (if any lol) no comments...put those in the Australian Politics thread of you want. This is just lists pls. Make sure it's factual and you can back it up. First for Liberal Party legislation Then 2nd post to list Labor...
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    Todays Issues,14845
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    Opinion Climate Change

    Please keep it respectful and the place for enlightened discussion :)
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    Will JMK get much out of tonight's game? Will he get much game time? Being in this environment should help him put polish on the extra training and coaching he is getting this pre-season. Looking forward to the game to see how he and our other players go.
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    Beau Of The Fifth Column

    I've gotten so into this guy. Looks like the r.. n...word but is a real sensible straight shooter on all things Murika. Always wears a t-shirt appropriate to what he is gonna be talking about. Thought I'd share his views. I believe he is an independent thinker or centrist. Others may...
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    News Murdoch/Fox Funnies

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    News Anything Chinese

    9am-9pm 6 days a week=996!!!! Shocking. Former Chinese Huawei employee speaks out on Shenzhen's '996' culture as city enforces paid leave
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    News Beware of Email Scams

    An email from Simon to Jane took 14 hours to arrive. It cost them $51,000
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    News Panthers Hilarious Response to Rival Club Bulldogs Interest

    Where's the "hilarious" response? Beat up headline.
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    News DT accidently reveal Grand Final Winner :)
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    Beirut Blast on 4 Corners

    4 Corners about the Beirut Blast tonight. Some of the clips of cctv in homes and businesses so shocking.
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    News Storm's Grubby Tactics

    This is the stuff they need to eradicate out of the game. As much as he is a great coach, every dicey, low rent wrestle tactic has come from Bellamy and the Storm...
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    Tui Katoa

    He sounds like his contract has been extended. Anyone hear. Thoughts on how he went?
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    Petition to action EGM

    Just saw this on one of our FB sites? ATTENTION BULLDOGS ARMY If you are a financial football club member and wish to sign a petition to action a EGM , head down to REVESBY WORKERS TOMORROW SUNDAY 21/09/2020 from 6pm - 9pm .
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    Happy Fathers Day guys.

    Sure hope next year's FD sees us in the Top 8 :)
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    News Is a 33-year-old journeyman with a bung knee the answer to the Bulldog’s problems?
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    News Steve Georgalis talks of disappointment in Barrett not retaining him at the Bulldogs

    Steve Georgallis reveals disappointment at not being retained under Trent Barrett Bulldogs interim head coach Steve Georgallis has spoken about his disappointment at being one of several staff members who won't be retained under the reign of Trent Barrett. It was reported earlier this week a...
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    Jimmy's first game back with St Helens

    And check out Walmsley as well. Thommo talk him into coming over.
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    Geez this is hard. The guy was everything good about the game. Talented, fast, a clean player, no malice and a champion player respected as an Australian rep yet still NBD within his club. Just so wrong.!781342
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    Confirmation RFM hasn't been re-signed. Sue is his cousin.
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    Looks the goods in this highlights vid from last year. Worth a chat and cheaper than Gildart?
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    2 negative emoticons gone

    Rainbows and x's gone off my screen. Only me or the whole site? If the whole site...congratulations no one can snipe behind that anymore :)
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    No Source Josh Kerr

    Josh Kerr for some size, cheap with a bit of agility in the forwards for a change.
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    Pay finally listened, put some players in their best positions and we've moved off the bottom of the ladder with a well deserved win...yay. Plus the Prince is back :grinning:
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    News ANZAC DAY

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    Hull Coach Sacked Live on TV
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    Doesn't change the circumstances but it does put a human face to all the controversy and sensationalist press coverage. I'm cheesed off at their dumb decisions and how it has hurt the club but so far as we know, CHN hasn't been quite as foolish as JO?Concerned for them as dumb but not criminals...
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    Gus Gould weighs in
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    Big changes to loitering on field trainers and referee appointment committee Both, if correctly...
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    More on Foxtel's slow death,13629#.XlRQCjqeLia.facebook
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    Luke Thompson Progress Report

    For those of us who hate Murdick, DT and won't get Fox, out of principle, but still want to follow up on Thommo, would you be so kind as to give summations of his game in this thread ;) Be interesting to follow his progress while we wait. No braindead critiscism please as we don't want to...
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    NSW GOVT IN SPORTS FUNDING RORTS AS WELL Canterbury Bankstown Council, the biggest local government area in NSW, along with Blacktown, Liverpool and Campbelltown councils were all overlooked. Those...
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    Merry Christmas from the Bulldogs
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    Banning cash

    so you pay the bank to hold your money is what the IMF wants
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    Bulldogs aim to improve in attack
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    These smoke levels are unreal

    They're saying those cheapy face masks are useless especially any that don't fit snugly. I know a lot of you are in affected areas. All the best. Then we got the White Island tragedy. Sad, worrying times atm. Stay safe all our Kenneler mates.
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    Now for the Brilliant Bulldogs

    Good times will return