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    Bulldogs victory song

    Just curious I was watching the boys sing the victory song in the sheds after the game and at the end they did a bit that starts as a whisper and builds, I couldn't work out what it was. Does anybody on here know what they were singing at the end?
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    What decision would you have preferred

    With all this happening at the Sharks at the start of he season. In 2002 what would you have preferred knowing about the salary cap at the beginning of the season ( knowing that we had no chance at all to win the GF) or finding out when we did at virtually the end of the season when we were all...
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    Truthfully did you think this would happen

    At the start of the season what where your expectations? Did you honestly think that we would be one win away from being premiers in 2012? I never expected the season that we've had this year, I would have been happy to make the eight, but to have the winning streak they had, Ben Barba getting...
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    The media want us to lose

    I anybody else as pi**ed off as me!! I am so angry every time I pick up a newspaper, turn on the radio or tv there is somebody from the media or opposition team going on about the Bulldogs. wrestling in the tackle, standing offside, decoy runners etc, it would be ok if the referees weren't...
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    Question For Stats People

    I was wondering if this is Des's longest winning streak, did he win this many in a row when coaching Manly?
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    Teen arrested at Belmore Sports Ground over the murder of Thomas Kelly

    Arrest at Belmore Sports Ground Last Night Not sure if this is the right forum, but I was just watching the Today show and they said an 18 year old has been arrested at BSG last night over the murder of the young man in the Cross the other week, anybody got any more info.
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    Bulldogs v Dragons 2002

    Foxsports showing the 2002 game against Dragons 20mins in 16-6 Dogs.
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    I had a dream...

    Granted it wasn't as inspirational as Martin Luther King's but I dreamt the Sharks won 8-6. What does everyone else think the score will be? P.S. Is it sad I even dream about the Bulldogs?
  9. J

    Bloody Dragons

    Didn't want them to win but a least they could have scored one more converted try, would have put the Dogs into 4th place.........after saying that perfect night of football Dogs thump Eels, Dragons cop a flogging and have a player sent off, what a way to start the weekend.
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    Sixty Minutes at the Dogs v Manly Game

    Not sure if this is the right forum, I was at the game on Friday Night in the Captains Club and James Magnusson ( hope the spelling is correct) the Olympic swimmer was there (he is a Bulldogs supporter) and the Sixty minutes crew were there they are doing a story on him an were filming him at...
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    Chooseday Night Football

    I couldn't see any other thread about this, next week on fox one of the games to choose from is the Bulldogs v Roosters 2003. Is this the game that Utai scored in the dying minutes of the game for the Dogs to win?
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    Ben Barba on Nine Morning News

    Ben Barba was just being interviewed on the nine news about the game on Sunday and playing for the Beyond Blue Cup.........He is so Cute!!!
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    Dumb Dragons Player

    Did anybody watch Channel 7 news and see the Dragons player talking about Benji Marshall he said he is not a one person man.....what the hell does that mean,
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    Tiger in NZ

    Just wondering what would happen if the Tigers can't get back from NZ with the flights cancelled because of the ash cloud from South America.
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    Will the Eels Players get Suspended?

    Will the two Eels players on report be susupended...I say NO they will let them apologise and forgive them and let them play.
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    Papers tomorrow

    Just turned onto 2gb to listen to the call live and just heard the last part of an interview (don't know who it was) but they were saying that things are only going to get worse for the Broncos with an article coming out in tomorrows paper, don't know if it's just the QLD papers or our papers as...
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    Warriors and all that hair

    Don't know if this has been done (delete if it has) but maybe some of our NZ Kennelers can tell me, what is the go with all the facial hair and the Warriors. Is it being done for charity - you know they will shave it off for money or are they not going to shave until they lose.
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    Film about the Bulldogs (The Mighty Bulldogs)

    My husband and I own a business that deals with the entertainment industry and I have just received a magazine called IF (Inside Film) and there is a new 4-part sporting and social history of rugby league, through the life stories of 50 selected players and historians focused on the Canterbury...
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    What Would You Like To See Happen

    Iknow we have had threads about What Can Happen but What Would You Like to happen this weekend. I would love to see Storm, Manly obviously Cowboys and Parramatta get beaten then Cowboys and Parra are out first week, and we have a week off.
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    Sonny- Bill on the Today Show

    Did anybody else see Sonny on the today show this morning it was really early before 7am I didn't catch all of it but he was saying the Dogs need to build on last weeks win and he is confident they can go on from here. Just another note he looked gorgeous he was in a suit the Harbour Bridge was...
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    Russel Crowe on Seven News

    Did anybody else see Russell Crowe saying he would like Renis phone no so he can give him a call and get him back at the Rabbits.
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    Craig Gower to be charged

    Just watching the sunrise program and they said Craig Gower looks like being charged with assault over the incident at a nightclub in Sydney. This man is a serial offender lets see what the NRL do about him this time - I'm guessing nothing!!!
  23. J

    Those going to the G.F.

    I am going to the game on Sunday night and as yet haven't made up my mind who to go for, those Bulldogs supporters that are still going who do you want to win?
  24. J

    Peter Warren

    I don't know if this has been mentioned before but the Bulldogs lost another passionate supporter this week when Peter Warren of Peter Waren Motors passed away. He loved the Bulldogs and at his funeral this week there was a picture of him with the Bulldogs mascot and tributes from his...
  25. J

    Channel 9 call

    I just watched the replay of the Dogs v Dragons game and did anybody else think that Ray Warrens call was so biased towards the Dragons, at one stage he even was yelling at Barrett to do something and when Willie scored his try he barely raised his voice.
  26. J

    Johns Threathens to Quit

    Just watching Sunrise and they were saying Johns is prepared to quit NRL and head overseas if the he thinks the suspension is too harsh (apparently Telegraph is running the story). Do you think the NRL will cave in to this form of blackmail (I think Gutless Gallop will)?
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    Chasers War Guys

    Today I was talking to a young girl who works for us part-time, she attens Sydney Uni doing a Law Degree, she said those Chasers War Peopl (I think thats there title) were at the uni taking to the people doing the Law Degree and they said that they are still going to show the incident involving...
  28. J

    Parramatta aiming for top 4

    Just saw this on the news, talking to Parra players today and they are now claiming that they are aiming for the top 4. My brother who is a very wise man made the comment that for them to even make the 8 the teams already in the 8 have to lose as many games in a row that the eels need to win -...
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    Photos With Players

    Don't know if there is a thread on this yet but, I just got an email from the Bulldogs club saying you can have your photo taken with the Bulldogs Individual player $150.00 Whole Squad $195.00 or both $300.00 Anybody going to take any option
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    Ricky Stuart: Is he the worst loser ever?

    I am sick of picking up the papers every Monday morning and reading about Stuart blaming the refd about the Roosters loosing. This week it's about Finch being put in the sin bin "He had better of thrown the first punch blah! blah! blah!" Why can't he just accept they lost and get over it...
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    Is it Too Early to Give up on Back to Back

    Do you guys think it is too early in the season to give up on the premiership? How many games to you think they can afford to lose and not make the top 8?