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    Rumour Jayden Okunbor News

    Biggest non improvement would probably be John (Sione) Kite
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    Barrett's Assistant Coach

    Steve Turner is also an assistant coach this year. Does anyone know what are Zap's coaching specialties?
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    Bulldogs games this Saturday

    PL - Bears 42 Dogs 32 JF - Dogs 50 Bears 4
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    Apology to other NRL teams

    I thought we have already apologised in a bang with the 2005 season :)
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    Room for Hughes

    It doesn't matter what we (80% of fans I reckon) thinks, Corey is a favorites of Folks. Folksie and Garry Hughes are best mates. I thinks it sucks when Folks signed Corey while Noad was overseas. The Hughes clan (esp Graeme) constantly bad mouth the club's administration, why can't Corey support...
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    Corey Hughes 06

    Corey did not win us the semi against Panthers 04. The best 3 players for that game were Mason, SBW, and Matuia. He did 2 good things that game and I was cheering him on like crazy, however there is a hugh element of luck with what he did. Firstly the 40/20 was a couple of inches from out on the...
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    Luke Bailey

    Noad has been quoted in the papers today that we are not interested in Crocker.