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  1. finchie

    No Source Hastings swap deal

    Look out for a possible swap deal with Hastings and Luke thompson Early stages at the moment But Hastings definitely doesn’t want to play lock He sees himself as a half Also tigers going all in for Mitch Moses isn’t good news for Hastings. lunch meeting between sheens and Gould today will...
  2. finchie

    Other News Source Dogs in talks with Willis Meehan

    Very early days but the bulldogs have sounded out the availability and desire of Willis Meehan to return back to footy. At the moment he has been boxing and trading the house down concentrating on that but a return to league might appeal depending on the price. Stay tuned
  3. finchie

    Averillo stood down for covid

    More great news Avos family had a meal at the Liverpool hotel on July 3 and is now stood down from all duties
  4. finchie

    Other News Source Alex Glenn

    Alex Glenn has an offer on the table from us and another club I believe to be titans or cows. Just what we need another second rower. He is being sought out for experience (official word). I’d rather go after Jayden Su’A and Flegler but sua is all but signed with souffssss
  5. finchie

    Opinion Adam O’Brien

    If I was on the board I’d be sounding out this guy for a potential head coaching role. Served an apprenticeship under one of the best and not Ricky flop Stuart. Smart young coach and definitely one to watch going forward. Just a suggestion coz I can’t see the team improving from 40 point...
  6. finchie

    Woods and jacko out of origin

    Hey guys, Was informed by a party close to the blues camp that only Klemmer is any chance of being selected for origin this series. Most of us couldn’t give a fudge about origin but I just thought I’d share some news. Woods and jacko definitely out and Klemmer holding on by a thread depending...
  7. finchie

    The Value and power of the attacking kick!!!

    Titans just beat the prem favs with attacking kicks on the last. We got destroyed on thurs night from tries from kicks With teams so even these days the value and power of the attacking kick (grubber, torpedo bomb, cross field kick to winger, banana kick) etc is massive. Work and hours on...
  8. finchie

    Crowd figure for tomorrow

    Very curious as to see how many people show up to tomorrow's game. Particularly because it's shown on both channel nine and fox sports. Will they toss up a fabricated number to cover their arses or will they blame the Thursday night time slot and non Sydney based team. Or better yet it's...
  9. finchie

    Last tackle attacking kicks/grabbers???

    The lack of creativity and last tackle kicking options is not even reserve grade level. It can't be hard to put in an attacking kick or cross field bomb to brett Morris from 20-25 metres out Surely in today's day and age that should be a priority. Rorters scored 3 tries from pin point kicks...
  10. finchie

    Storms grubby tactics

    Sorry to start a new thread but it was irking me up the wall of how grubby these pricks were. Forget the dog shot on kas by chambers and vinivalu throwing them when kas had his hands pinned, did anyone also notice munsters trip??? Why wasn't that a pro foul and sin bin. Furthermore in the second...
  11. finchie

    Are box tickets for sale and where can I get some

    Hello guys Does anyone know if box tix are avail for Sunday's game and if so where do I purchase them from. Thanks in advance
  12. finchie

    Can we pleaseeeeee

    Can we please sign a player, any player with one attacking bone in his body? Anybody with a bit of flair and vision please? Can we please sign or play a halfback in his actual position? Can we ever sign a fullback and play him there, not a centre or winger Can we please move she Rex on ASAP Can...
  13. finchie

    The centre merry go round

    I'll cut straight to the point because this has been peeing me off all day. The gronkos got James roberts the rorters got dale copely the parrascum got Michael Jennings Womanly got Dylan walker the merge got Timmy lafai and we got; drum roll please william floppoate its the first time I think...
  14. finchie

    3,2,1 vs Broncos

    3. Josh jackson ( animal player future captain 100%) 2. Frank p ( I miss him already all heart and courage played big mins injured) 1. Brett Morris ( freak, looks dangerous every time he touches the ball)
  15. finchie

    I started the Reynolds chant in the grandstand.

    Just was so proud to be a bulldog fan and the unity in the grandstand was spine tingling. I'm not the biggest Reynolds suporter but I know how much this area and club mean to him and I hoped he got more game time. Even when that boom boom boom song let me here u say weyo we were chanting boom...
  16. finchie

    3,2,1 vs dragons.

    3. Frank Pritchard. (Was awesome in attack and defence, saved two tries and made massive metres with every run). 2. Moses Mbye. (The kid is building nicely some wonderful touches and always a threat plus that awesome sideline conversion). 1. Michael lichaa. Great runs from dummy half and huge in...
  17. finchie

    Possible injuries to Jmoz and Jacko

    Guys watching the game I clearly saw jmoz injure himself and jacko got a knock late in the second half from nate myles. Bloody origin 1 and josh dont see eye to eye. i believe it was a leg or ankle injury. did anyone else notice this.
  18. finchie

    Scrap the "no ****head policy ASAP

    I'm so over this no dickhead policy bullshit. The last time we had dheads we won the Comp and every team feared us. I appreciate the fact that the club has an image to uphold but surely the main business goal and aim is to win conpetitions. Im sick of the club being run as a "business" and only...
  19. finchie

    Round 4, 3,2,1 vs Tigers

    3. Moses (was in everything, all class) 2. Lichaa (another 40 odd tackles and debut try) 1. Frankie Pritchard ( very strong runs and superb offload for rona try) special mention to rona just missed out on the 1
  20. finchie

    Injuries our #1 season killer

    Hey guys in all honesty i believe injuries and the amount of them have crueled our season more than any other aspect. We have quiete simply been ripped a new one with constant injuries to key personel. The succesful clubs of last year and this season have had a relatively inj free season barring...
  21. finchie

    3.2.1 vs raiders

    3. Eastwood 2. Trent 1 lafai
  22. finchie

    Klemmer the Wrecking Ball!!!

    Watching this young guy come along this year has been a highlight for me. During games I cannot wait til his on the field and his charges really inspire the whole team. What impressed me more tonyt was his offloads, i think he got 3 or 4 pearlers away which created some second phase and got the...
  23. finchie

    Rule Changes and the Dogs

    Some significant rule changes to come in to season 2014 namely the 7 tackle rule if the ball goes dead in goal and the quick tap at penalties. I really hope our halves/kickers have been putting in some extra work on their kicks during offseason and ensuring they pull up before dead ball line. I...
  24. finchie

    Home game in 2014 moved to perth

    Just saw on foxsports and heard on radio that raelene castle just confirmed that we would shift a home gome to perth this coming season. Your thoughts. Likes or dislike.?
  25. finchie

    If T-rex is injured?

    If tony williams is injured, id love to see lachie burr debut this week vs the broncos. He deserves his chance. Id start with halatau and bring lachlan off the bench.
  26. finchie

    Dogs vs Sea Eagles - Match Discussion Thread

    AM radio reports greg eastwood and klemmer out of tonights game.
  27. finchie

    Bulldogs first division live on foxsports 1pm

    Just checked the foxsports guide and our first division side is playing live on 501 at 1pm. Lets hope trent is playing and has a blinder! Also would love to ser how john sila is going on the left wing.
  28. finchie

    Klemmer signed up for 3 year

    Great news guys klemmer just signed for 3 more years in a deal reported to be worth 1 million dollars.
  29. finchie


    If Benny misses round 1,2,3?? God forbid if benny is still facing his personal issues and not fit for round one; should we play inu at fullback and lafai in centres or turner at the back with brown, sila or drury low on the wing. My third option is a direct swap with mitch brown???
  30. finchie

    Trent Hodkinson or Kris Keating to the Panthers???

    Big NRL rumour going around is that either trent or kris keating has sought an early release from the dogs to take up a 4 year option with the panthers. Its all over the nrl rumour mill pages and other sites. I hope this means that penrith have missed out on jt and that we are making way for jt...
  31. finchie

    Bulldog Diehard

    Hello My name is finchie, been a die hard dogs supporter for over 20 years now. I bleed blue and white and im happy i have been accepted on this site. Up the bulldogs