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    Luke thompson captain

    What do you guys think? A real enforcer, we need a change,a new voice Thommo bulldogs captain 2022 !!
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    Paps re-signs with storm

    News doing the rounds tonight Length deal new millionaire with the storm
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    Offer Gould chairmanship

    Maybe this is what needs to happen to get him over here. He is definitely a mover and shaker and if John khoury is all about the bulldogs first as many have mentioned here, the he should step aside( still stay on the board) but deary me we need something. They say success starts from the top, so...
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    Cali Beach club opening in surfers

    This venue will be interesting,opening in surfers paradise in August.... Boostie coming out of retirement?
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    Disclosure of recent Board spill

    Whilst we are all waiting for some exciting news in respect to player signings, and of course would like to keep things positive, I was just wondering if any information will be given to football members ( re next Agm) or any further details of the big 3 standing down recently. Where there any...
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    Groomed as next bulldogs captain?

    What are your thoughts ? Make Flanagan vice captain for next 3 years then take over from Jacko? He will be calling thr shots now.
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    Broncos not a developmemt club

    Kevin walters was interviewed recently and made in quite clear that the broncos are not a development club. So the bulldogs as gus says the biggest Sydney club, why does lyn say we are a development club??
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    Social Media Sam kasiano

    Someone just asked buzz on Twitter if rumours true back to dogs by June 30