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  1. habs

    Opinion Fastest, Toughest, Smartest, Most Talent, MVP, Bulldogs Ever.

    Fastest: Barba Toughest: Shrek Smartest: Sherwin Most talented: SBW MVP: El Masri
  2. habs


    More work for the mods!
  3. habs

    'Simmering tensions': Bulldogs players' group unhappy after club tells departing stars to 'clean out their lockers'

    Good riddance. To the player who kicked up a stink, find another club.
  4. habs

    Barrett is not the man

    It remains to be seen how he goes with us. A cleanout is about 3 years overdue and it has only started now. This will take another 2-3 years. One thing I know for certain is that Baz wants to turn things around and is going all in.
  5. habs

    News Manly sign Kieran Foran on a one year deal + one year option to club.

    Won’t see out his contract and medically retire.
  6. habs

    Wakeham ?

    Deer in headlights.
  7. habs


    We can’t carry flop signings like this anymore.
  8. habs


    He was a yard faster before his injury and he was slow then. Will probably find himself in the centres or on the bench. We just need to start thinking outside the box for points.
  9. habs

    Recycled Rubber

  10. habs

    Aiden Tolman

    He’s a horrible defender
  11. habs

    Official Discussion Thread - Round 20 - Bulldogs v Panthers

    Dwz another rubbish pay signing
  12. habs

    Official Discussion Thread - Round 20 - Bulldogs v Panthers

    Wakeham is fucking terrible.
  13. habs


    Those stats are bullshit.
  14. habs

    Other News Source Good Oil on Reimis and JAC

  15. habs

    Other News Source Good Oil on Reimis and JAC

    Jac has signed with the tigers
  16. habs

    Social Media Sailor Oil

    @Nasheed are you going to weigh in on this? What’s the latest from the janitor’s nanny cams at headquarters. Any inside goss?
  17. habs

    Can we use Crichton to get Crichton?

    Nice kicks bro
  18. habs


    We still need a few more solid signings. The club pumping up the signatures of highly esteemed assistant coaches is just puffery. Let’s see what happens in the coming months. I’m surprised they let go of Cogger. Out of all the players they re-signed or let go he got dicked around the most.
  19. habs

    Other News Source Lafai oil

    @Nasheed you got this one wrong. Discuss.
  20. habs

    News Pokies, politics and a pen: Inside the dogfight for power at Canterbury

    Inbox running hot lmfao. Hotter than an indian curry house?
  21. habs

    News Moylan on outer at Sharks,

    Moylan is 29? Fk.
  22. habs

    Cotric FB?

    Hopoate is solid but too slow to be our fullback. He's not a top 8 fullback. I'd like to see him in the centres. Meaney hasn't really kicked on either. I think it's too hard for Cotric to play fullback in one season.
  23. habs

    Opinion Okunbor

    I feel that he has more than made up for his mistake by taking responsibility and working his way back into the squad. Really happy for him.
  24. habs

    Averillo & Wakeham

    Averillo and Wakeham haven’t kicked on yet. They don’t look like regular first graders yet. Deer in headlights stuff. But they’ll get better but they have to do the work.
  25. habs

    Rd 19 Dogs vs Rabbitohs 3-2-1

    3. Okunbor 2. RFM 1. JMK Special mentions to hoppa and jj for try savers. I thought Reimis played his best game all year.
  26. habs

    Official Round 19 - Bulldogs vs South Sydney Discussion Thread

    Still in the mix. Fuck how many line breaks has ok made.
  27. habs

    Official Round 19 - Bulldogs vs South Sydney Discussion Thread

    We just look dumbfounded when we’re ahead or behind. JMK splitting them up with regularity up the middle only to find the slug in support. Jeez.
  28. habs

    Opinion Joseph Suaalii

    Next Daniel Tupou. Lol.
  29. habs

    News Blue blood flowed from early age for Lynne Anderson

    Feel good story. Straight out of the Rae Rae playbook. What’s next? Blog with the boss?
  30. habs

    Board Report Card

    Big F for Fail. But forget about the goals. What they set out to achieve takes decades. It’s the small things that count for now. Fan and community engagement is abysmal. The perception of the club is poor. Our junior development is the weakest in the competition. Pathetic roster management...
  31. habs

    Opinion Hoppa looks like he has gelled with the current side.

    Pretty sure he came over here on massive money when parra were paying part of his contract. There is no way he took a pay cut. He’s on north of 600k for sure.
  32. habs

    Other News Source Insider Oil. Andrew Hill wants out

    Our juniors were shit years before greenberg arrived.
  33. habs


    Has the Tolman disease. Not a threat until he can offload or pass.
  34. habs

    2021 Captain

    Go outside and sign a leader. There isn’t a single player in our squad deserving of the captaincy.
  35. habs

    Opinion Hoppa looks like he has gelled with the current side.

    Just another overpaid squad player regularly outplayed and outpaced by rookies. Rae Rae, Des and Lyn special.
  36. habs

    Please return 'Agree' & 'Best Post'

    Just a mod. Very possible
  37. habs

    Will the clean up finally happen?

    I would give Barrett the challenge of keeping 6 from the current crop of 30 and put the rest on the market. First player that needs to go is our captain followed by the cream puff soft forwards next and those woeful pretenders in our backline. I’m sick of watching these donkeys who can’t catch...
  38. habs

    News Long-time Bulldogs man George Coorey overthrown as chairman at Canterbury Leagues Club

    It doesn’t sound like a police matter anyway.
  39. habs

    No Source Tom Starling

    I think the club won’t sign a hooker and will stick with JMK. I think that would be awful decision. I see JMK as a handy utility off the bench as he can slot in most of the backline positions and his spark out of dummy half is most useful when he is fresh.
  40. habs

    News Monday Buzz: Behind the scenes feud at the Dogs tearing the club apart

    Just clean out the dysfunctional football club board. They haven't delivered in the three years they have been here. We never had this incredible instability during Dib's tenure as Chairman. Forget about Dib, go back even further. We've always marketed ourselves as a stable and strong club. Not...
  41. habs

    Official Napa out for the rest of season

    Soft forward. One of the worst signings ever.
  42. habs

    Opinion Stop the inhouse fighting and start recruiting.

    An EGM should be held not to toss out the board but to confirm they still have the support of the members. If they don’t then have fresh nominations. This will put all the infighting to bed.
  43. habs

    A game. Who are the halfbacks YOU want?

    Brett Oliver @Nasheed. Who would you sign of you were in charge naanbread?
  44. habs

    Montoya lazy C

    5 mins into a match he needs an oxygen mask and a brain transplant. Why can’t we get big, fast, fit and thick wingers like every other club? We always settle for the guy that used to get picked last to play footy in the yard.
  45. habs

    No Source Big Hooker News. Inside info

    Who knows. But mongoose was funnier lol.
  46. habs


    Harper 93 Run Metres 45 post contact metres 7 tackle breaks 2 line breaks 13 tackles 2 tries Floptoya 89 metres 22 post contact metres 0 tackle breaks 0 line breaks 8 tackles 0 tries Holland 47 run metres 19 post contact metres 0 tackle breaks 0 line breaks 18 tackles 0 tries
  47. habs

    Movie Discussion

    Up to 2020
  48. habs

    Canterbury Bulldogs internal review into horror 2020 NRL season

    You don’t need an internal review to learn that our club is completely fucked from coaching, skills to basic conditioning. Maybe we need an external review of the internal review team to have them sacked.
  49. habs

    No Source Big Hooker News. Inside info

    Looks like a refugee lmfao. The security guard?
  50. habs

    Rumour Corey Waddell signed with us for 2021

    We need bench bending guts type forwards. Not weak plodders on the edge.
  51. habs

    Players in Motion

    Even our shape for a set play is 10 years old.
  52. habs


    I think the problem was that foran was not prepared to accept a 1 year deal.
  53. habs

    Confirmed 2020

    Something we deserve and needed.
  54. habs

    Official Round 17 - Bulldogs vs Titans - Discussion Thread

    Yeah dean pay [emoji23]
  55. habs

    Official Round 17 - Bulldogs vs Titans - Discussion Thread

    Why do we have bog average players in this side. Lets just forget about our shit halves. Kerrod holland and montoya as centre pairing. What the fuck man?
  56. habs

    Sonny Bill Williams’ Bulldogs exit: Khoder Nasser reveals why NRL star defected

    There’s no way this story is true lol.
  57. habs

    News Bronson Xerri fails drug test

    If he was late 20s I can accept that - career over Mullen style. These kids coming through now even up to mid 20s have no idea.
  58. habs

    News Bronson Xerri fails drug test

    Didn’t realise how young this guy was. 4 years is a little harsh, would have thought 1 season is more than enough.
  59. habs

    EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Hill Town Hall

    Lol i know the video. Good one DD
  60. habs

    News NRL: Former Bulldog reveals Sonny Bill Williams was an “apologetic kid” when he walked out on the Bulldogs

    Might aswell ask Adam Brideson for his opinion. What is this shit?
  61. habs


    There are young halves at the club that are in desperate need of development. Benji may not be a bad option for that purpose. Throw in a post footy coaching role and it will seal the deal.
  62. habs

    Kerrod Holland to quit NRL

    Still think he has plenty to offer as part of a squad. Yeah he’s played terrible in some diabolical sides, but at some stage in his career he was putting slug jmoz on show. Good luck dutchy.
  63. habs

    BSMITH should come to us from the storm regardless of Cam, here's why

    5 wides @Nasheed. You’re 0-176. Harbhajan style.
  64. habs

    Social Media Josh addo car down to 2 horse race

    JAC off to the Tigers
  65. habs

    Bulldogs in Crisis (Worst period in History)

    Not doing any damage in 2003 made 2002 much easier. Yes we were the best side in 2002 (and weren't in 2003), but it wasn't a given that we would have won the comp that year.
  66. habs

    WWOS MOLE Albert Hopoate

    If he’s anything like his brother I’d prefer to pass.
  67. habs

    Josh Jackson is to us what Darius Boyd is to the Broncoc

    Weak player. Been garbage for years now.
  68. habs

    Anyone see Georgallis laughing?

    Not sure why this guy was an assistant to start with.
  69. habs

    Foran’s second halves

    Watch every player and every game after the 50th minute mark. Unfit and deconditioned. Plodders.
  70. habs

    Official Round 16 - Bulldogs vs Raiders Discussion Thread

    Has dwz won a 1 on 1 contest when carting the ball up. What a soft cock
  71. habs

    Official Round 16 - Bulldogs vs Raiders Discussion Thread

    Cream puff forwards. Not a single one wants to put their body on the line with a big shot or a good wrestle. Soft cocks
  72. habs

    Official Round 16 - Bulldogs vs Raiders Discussion Thread

    Fucken piss weak defence
  73. habs

    A magical team

    That’s a crap side Naseem. Try again.
  74. habs

    Opinion I want to share this

    Solid watch. Thanks for the link
  75. habs

    Opinion Can we throw AJ Brimson a bone

    Guy is highly rated down there
  76. habs

    The target was always 2022

    You’re kidding right. This board has spruiked terrible signings like Napa, DWZ, Stimson and Britt. That cap space they claim was going to be made available is gone. They also resigned so many players on huge money.
  77. habs

    Opinion What happened to Bulldogs junior development?

    Leave junior development to one side. What about when they hit the grade? They either regress or stall in their development.
  78. habs

    News Brandon Smith

    What about now. We have blake green lol
  79. habs

    Official Blake Green signs with Bulldogs

    Sad signing
  80. habs

    Opinion Lucky to win Again in 2020

    We need to finish last.
  81. habs

    News Happiest day of my life

    Did you just reply to your own post??
  82. habs

    TripleM Bevan French

    Wasnt corey thompson a man of steel over there? Look at Luke thompson. Outright plodder in the nrl.
  83. habs

    Opinion Has Foran earnt a new contract

    no chance
  84. habs


    He’ll repay the club by charging out of the line and conceding half a dozen tries. But that’s ok because that’s acceptable at our club.
  85. habs

    WANTED - "1st Grade Standard Half-back"

    Anyone better than jack bogger
  86. habs

    Spinal Adjustment

    Chad Townsend... no thank you. Another Shane Perry. All other suggestions are excellent though.
  87. habs

    I have watched Rugby league for 35 years AND

    Blame the coaching. No wonder Barrett wants to clean out the coaching and conditioning staff. The kid is about 10kg light.
  88. habs

    Official Round 15 - Bulldogs vs Warriors - Discussion Thread

    What about his horrible play the ball speed. Its just such a handicap to deal with.