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  1. Dingo

    'Simmering tensions': Bulldogs players' group unhappy after club tells departing stars to 'clean out their lockers'

    ...and don't let the door hit your arse on the way out.
  2. Dingo

    Thomo eye gouge

    Fuck his eyes. More of a grab than a gouge.
  3. Dingo

    Wakeham ?

    Wakeham has had so many opportunities to nail down halfback but simply hasn't come through. Not writing him off yet see if Baz can help him.
  4. Dingo

    Official Discussion Thread - Round 20 - Bulldogs v Panthers

    At least we didn't come last. Looking forward to next season.
  5. Dingo

    Official Discussion Thread - Round 20 - Bulldogs v Panthers

    So many shit c***. Barrett has alot of work to do here.
  6. Dingo

    Official Discussion Thread - Round 20 - Bulldogs v Panthers

    Wakeham has lost me. Averillo is our only decent half.
  7. Dingo

    Social Media Sailor Oil

    Pity he is nowhwere near as big as his dad.
  8. Dingo

    Switch up a dog?

    No Nashi pit bulls are like the bulldog's dumb yank cousin. Pitties have terrier and bulldog blood.
  9. Dingo

    Switch up a dog?

  10. Dingo

    Switch up a dog?

    You do realise pit bulls are descendants from bulldogs right Nashi?
  11. Dingo

    Switch up a dog?

    My poodle is not impressed.
  12. Dingo

    Switch up a dog?

    Give it a rest Souths fan. Nobody wants us to move out of Belmore or change the Bulldog except you. I would like you to change your head if you could.
  13. Dingo

    News Six jersey holds appeal: Averillo targets starting halves role in 2021

    I really like Avo at 6 will develop nicely under Barrett.
  14. Dingo

    Sam Burgesss out of medical retirement.

    Fucken dodgy.
  15. Dingo

    Manly Fans

    Feels good.
  16. Dingo

    Opinion Beat Panthers And let’s show beating Souths wasn’t a fluke

    Halting their unbeaten run would be a miracle. I hope so.
  17. Dingo

    The "R U OK ?" Thread

    Thanks mate I appreciate it and likewise.
  18. Dingo

    The "R U OK ?" Thread

    Hey thanks mate that's nice of you to say.
  19. Dingo

    The "R U OK ?" Thread

    Thanks mate @Psycho Doggie . Medication wise I'm on Lithium and Seroquel. Funny thing is I served in the Army for 12 years and wasn't till I got PTSD from service that later on the BP came. Managing meds, sleep, exercise and lowering sress helps. Did a course on PTSD. Mindfulness is okay but...
  20. Dingo

    The "R U OK ?" Thread

    Anyone else got the dreaded PTSD-Bipolar combo. Can be really difficult to manage at times.
  21. Dingo

    Sione katoa

    I really like his ability to play 9 and 13.
  22. Dingo

    QLD Border

    Better test that spoon for virus bullshit.
  23. Dingo

    Phil Gould

    Gus lost me the moment he recommended Baz not come. Done with him.
  24. Dingo

    Opinion Okunbor

    Glad to have him back onboard.
  25. Dingo

    Opinion Thompson is a front rower !!

    Still adjusting to NRL but best game yet. Will be better next year.
  26. Dingo

    Official Round 19 - Bulldogs vs South Sydney Discussion Thread

    To watch the white line.
  27. Dingo

    Official Round 19 - Bulldogs vs South Sydney Discussion Thread

    Main fuckwit right here. EAD Souths fan.
  28. Dingo

    Chris Smith

    Yep he put his body on the line. Good performance.
  29. Dingo

    Feels nice.

    Yep big win and a lesson for all those supporters out there who write us off at halftime when we are in front.
  30. Dingo

    Official Round 19 - Bulldogs vs South Sydney Discussion Thread

    Easy to see the refs are playing catch up with set restarts
  31. Dingo

    Official Round 19 - Bulldogs vs South Sydney Discussion Thread

    Fuck if I was at that game the touchie would be getting a relentless gobful. They would have to throw me out.
  32. Dingo

    Official Round 19 - Bulldogs vs South Sydney Discussion Thread

    I tell ya we better raise hell about that touch judge debacle. Absolute incompetence.
  33. Dingo

    Official Round 19 - Bulldogs vs South Sydney Discussion Thread

    Fucken genius having Katia and Wakeham on bench lol
  34. Dingo

    Official Round 19 - Bulldogs vs South Sydney Discussion Thread

    I think all you prematures should start laying off Thommo.
  35. Dingo

    Rumour Some Oil on Doorey

    Oil pipeline straight from his arsehole.
  36. Dingo

    Opinion Joseph Suaalii

    Money hungry like $BW. Someone tell the kid to pull his head in.
  37. Dingo

    Potential early releases

    How does us moving on contracted players early entice other players to come to our club. Wouldn't it actually deter players from coming for fear of getting moved on early themselves?
  38. Dingo

    Opinion Cobra Kai Bulldogs Stress Relief

    Waiting for season 3. Cobra Kai Never Dies.
  39. Dingo

    Opinion Worst signing last 10 years? (Poll)

    Tony fucking Williams.
  40. Dingo

    2 wins for the entire season. Is that a club record?

    Not making excuses but the absence of midseason Origin has definitely had an impact.
  41. Dingo

    Official Round 19 - Bulldogs vs South Sydney Discussion Thread

    Someone needs to snipe Lewis in the parking lot. It's the only way the useless c*** will be dropped.
  42. Dingo

    Flanagan available

    Barrett wouldn't want this guy looking over his shoulder I don't think.
  43. Dingo

    Broncos Chasing Foran

    The medical bills will surely cost more than his actual contract.
  44. Dingo


    No I don't think so. He would only last a year before he finds another head coach job.
  45. Dingo

    News Craig Sandercock

    Sandercock. Rough on the vagina.
  46. Dingo

    News I'm all in': Barrett won't back out of Bulldogs deal

    That's what I like to hear. 100% committed.
  47. Dingo

    Terry Lamb on big sports breakfast

    Was more of a talk about Terry's career didn't really talk about next year. He did say he thinks Trent will do well for our club, is a footballer, knows what he's doing, and has connections everywhere in the rugby league community.
  48. Dingo

    Terry Lamb on big sports breakfast

    Thanks for the heads up Howie. Great interview with Baa, very thorough. Make yourself a coffee and have a listen. 20 mins, link below. http://media.skyracing.com.au/POD/1/EBBx6A.mp3
  49. Dingo

    Best of SBW

    Nasser used extortion.
  50. Dingo

    Trent Barrett is half Lebanese

    Barrett could be half lebanese cucumber and I wouldn't give a shit. He just needs to be a brilliant coach.
  51. Dingo

    Opinion Averillo to Hooker, Lewis also to hooker. Must read!

    Hate it when people think you can chuck anybody into a specialist position like hooker.
  52. Dingo

    Foran’s second halves

    He's a 40 minute player haven't seen him close out a game for ages.
  53. Dingo

    The target was always 2022

    We won't come near to solving our problems in 2021.
  54. Dingo

    Official Blake Green signs with Bulldogs

    Yeah I just got off the phone with him. He wasn't impressed.
  55. Dingo

    TripleM Bevan French

    Hell to the no
  56. Dingo

    Opinion Averillo??

    Needs time.
  57. Dingo

    Dogs pull offer to Addo-Carr

  58. Dingo

    Official Round 15 - Bulldogs vs Warriors - Discussion Thread

    Looking for a big game from Jacko at 13. Doorey too.
  59. Dingo

    Andrew Johns urges Bulldogs to sign Panthers young gun Charlie Staines

    https://wwos.nine.com.au/videos/nrl/joeys-call-on-staines-future/cke3sti1e001p0hoghuxmz7tw EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Johns urges Bulldogs to sign Panthers young gun Charlie Staines League legend Andrew Johns has urged the Bulldogs to sign boom Panthers rookie Charlie Staines as their next long term...
  60. Dingo

    News Foran. Canterbury bulldogs withdraw offer.

    Time to flick the scab.
  61. Dingo

    News Trent Barrett is interested in bringing Manese Fainu to Belmore

    All the Manly links are grossing me out.
  62. Dingo

    Opinion Thompson is a fraud

    At the moment it looks like we've gone and bought another Jackson/Elliot type player. Needs time to adapt and adjust to the NRL.
  63. Dingo


    If we mashed Lewis, Cogger and Wakeham together they would make a decent half.
  64. Dingo

    Is Stevie G up to it as a first grade coach!

    Haha Neville - haven't heard that for a while
  65. Dingo

    Social Media Pangai to be sacked

    We have no one with any sort of c*** in them. We don't intimidate no c*** anymore, bulldogs need to bully. Maybe he's the c*** we need.
  66. Dingo

    Disgruntled Broncos fan dumps jersey at Broncos HQ

    Good job, also should've left a giant nard on it.
  67. Dingo

    Josh Jackson needs to be dropped

    Does Barrett see Jacko as a lock or second rower? If he wants to play him at lock move him there now. I still think lock is his true position.
  68. Dingo

    Official Round 13 - Bulldogs vs Storm - Discussion Thread

    Meaney doesn't like contact
  69. Dingo

    News Foran wants future sorted soon

    Gould said if he was at the Bulldogs he would not be offering Foran more than $300,000, and was unapologetic in his assessment of the No.6's value.
  70. Dingo

    Opinion Nathan Brown

    No don't want him anywhere near our club
  71. Dingo

    Share a Favourite Song

    New Slick Shoes 2020
  72. Dingo

    Official Round 12 - Bulldogs vs Eels - Discussion Thread

    Would like to see both centres get some good early ball today.
  73. Dingo

    News Corey backs Barrett (Brent Read)

    Media trying extra hard to restore CHNs image for some reason.
  74. Dingo

    Defence Force

    Hit me up if you have any questions along the way glad to help any way I can. It would be a massive thing if you get in, you will change your life forever.
  75. Dingo

    Defence Force

    Firstly good on you for considering this career path, I wish you well. I had no idea where I was going in life and if I hadn't joined God knows where I would be right now. It is great to be part of a cause bigger than yourself and the mates you serve with are lifelong. Pilots are trained as...
  76. Dingo

    Opinion Assistants

    I'd think about Mick Ennis as a specialist dummy half coach.
  77. Dingo

    CHN has disrespected the club

    Totally over it but he is still a shit human being.
  78. Dingo

    Dogs teams strategy 2021 - 2022

    Wouldn't be surprised if we don't get the hooker/half we need until 2022.
  79. Dingo

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Bulldogs reportedly chasing SBW for 2021

    The only reason Sonny would ever come back is to take up all our money and fuck us over for years to follow.
  80. Dingo

    Defence Force

    Yes mate I was in the Army (Infantry) for 12 yrs. Be happy to chat.
  81. Dingo

    Social Media Adam Elliot

    He can go
  82. Dingo

    No Source Bryce Cartwright

    Soft c***
  83. Dingo

    Opinion Okunbor

    I'm sure we'll see him towards the end of this season
  84. Dingo

    News NRL Rich 100: Top salaries for the highest paid players in 2020

    Getting nothing out of Napa the big cat
  85. Dingo

    Opinion Reimis Smith is the Worst

    Looks half asleep out there at times. Needs to realise he is better on the wing.
  86. Dingo

    Replacements for CHN ?

    Let's hope Stimson gets really fit this offseason under Barrett.
  87. Dingo

    News Harawira-Naera reportedly released

    He never really liked the club and didn't want to be here. Plus he's a kiddie fiddler so fuck him we can get someone better.
  88. Dingo

    Official Lafai signs for rest of 2020

    B kind of nice to see him in blue and white again.
  89. Dingo

    Gus urges caution with the Bulldogs' salary cap

    "Biggest club in Sydney, always has been always will be" Gus.
  90. Dingo

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    1st half I could kiss em 2nd half I could kill em